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Lynne Shaw – Freedom through Truth

Emerald Heart Teacher, Lynne Shaw shares with the Blog that now maybe a good time for us all to have an honest self-appraisal.  Uncertain about who you really are? Read on and find out how Lynne begins this process. Freedom … Continue reading

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Tim Dyson – Nowhere Else to Go

Emerald Heart School Principal Tim Dyson, continues with the theme started in Ian Mills’s article ‘Being-ness’, published on 15th November 2017 and shares his insights regarding the more elusive layers associated with these issues.    Nowhere Else to Go The … Continue reading

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Ian Mills – ‘Being-ness’

Being-ness Is there such a word?  .. I doubt it, but if there is, I feel it would encompass everything we need to know. We spend so much time dwelling on the past and fearing the future, we rarely have … Continue reading

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Tim Dyson – Moving Beyond Self-Help to a True Spiritual Path

Emerald Heart School principal, Tim Dyson, pens a powerful clarion call to those waking up to the realisation that the direction society steers the individual into, can be one of selfishness, whereas a true spiritual path, as with the Emerald … Continue reading

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Lynne Shaw – Release the Warrior from your Heart

Release the Warrior from Your Heart  Let down your guard to really let the love in Release the Warrior from your heart. The protector, the one that keeps you safe. The one that reminds you of all your previous battles. … Continue reading

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Ian Mills – Change is Upon Us

Is Change Frightening? For most of us change is a tricky thing to handle. From our microcosmic view, anything we can not foresee the result of, quantify the impact of or not understand from a planning perspective is a contentious … Continue reading

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Sephora McElroy – When You Feel Attacked

Emerald Heart School Elder from Germany, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog her experiences involving emotional triggering arising from clashes with others and shares her strategies for how she changes state to a balanced, centred mindset  when these situations arise. When … Continue reading

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