Registration Light  Transmission September 2018

Registration for

The  Emerald  Heart  Light  Transmission

September Equinox 2018


From 1.00am on the 22nd September until midnight on the 24th September

(At your Local time.)


How to Receive the Light Transmission

A good period to receive the Light is about an hour at a time and once per day will be enough.

1.  Set your Intent for the time you wish to receive the Light.

2.  Make yourself comfortable and cover yourself with a blanket.

3.  Relax and just be in the moment, calming your mind and listening to your breath.

4.  Trust the Process and you will find that within a few moments you begin to feel the peaceful Light of The Emerald Heart.

5.  Post some feedback on the BLOG for others to share in.

You may share this opportunity with those you feel would benefit from this amazing three day experience. Forward them this page using the buttons below.

With Love and Blessings.

The Elders of The Emerald Heart

By entering your name, email address and country of residence in the form below, you will, by intent, receive the Emerald Heart Light for the duration of three days.

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 The Emerald Heart

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