Florence Zumbihl – La Gomera Retreat, May 2019 – Dolphins and Whales


Emerald Heart Elder Florence Zumbihl, shares with the Blog her exciting new Retreat planned for May 2019

There will be a limited number of places for this wonderful event, so book soon to avoid disappointment.


La Gomera Retreat May 17 – 23, 2019 “Dolphins and Whales in the Emerald Heart Light” – Connecting with the Oceanic Consciousness – New Emerald Heart Essence “Pilot Whale”

Dear Reader,

Have you always wanted to meet dolphins and whales in the wild? Do you want to consciously immerse yourself in the world of dolphins and whales and connect with them?

Many people dream of this and I offer you a wonderful opportunity to meet these enchanting beings. In an intensive week we connect with the Oceanic Consciousness and learn to receive messages. The sea dwellers have asked for help and it is important that we all do something to protect them, so that they will remain with us for a very long time.

In May 2019 the retreat “Dolphins and Whales in the Emerald Heart Light”will take place on La Gomera. During this week we go 3 times with a small boat with a maximum of 10 people out to the Atlantic. We visit the sea animals in their very personal living room and watch them from the boat.

La Gomera is a true natural paradise with an incredible transformation potential. During the seminar week we immerse ourselves in the various elements and the focus is on personal development and send healing for Mother Earth and the oceans.

Retreat program:

  • 3 trips of 3-4 hours to the sea (not included in the seminar price, to be paid on site)
  • Island tour and easy hike through the magic forest with local guide and bus
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Meditations, conscious breathing, mindfulness exercises
  • Gentle physical exercises
  • Perceptions and exercises on the elements water, earth, fire, air
  • Group Healing and Group Sessions
  • Emerald Heart® Light Essences for Personal Transformation
  • Being in the Light sessions to dissolve blockages and fears
  • Awareness and contact with the Oceanic Consciousness

The sea trips are to be paid directly on site at Oceano Whale Watching, Euro 120 per person for all 3 trips (price as of May 2018, prices subject to change). So you can decide locally whether you want to be on the water with the group or rather stay on the land and enjoy the beach. If you are attracted to the sea, but are still afraid of going out to sea, we can work specifically to resolve these fears.


The sighting rate at La Gomera is about 90% and you never know if and what you will encounter on the tour in the Atlantic. In May 2018 I was blessed with many wonderful encounters, including about 100 dolphins, more than 60 pilot whales, Blainville beaked whales, a Bryde whale and a breaching Humpback Whale. During the trip there is always a guide with you, who explains a lot of interesting facts about the sighted animals.

Retreat costs:CHF 680.00 (includes all meditations & lessons, several Emerald Heart® Light essences, hiking trip with local guide and bus, exclusive trips to the sea).

During the retreat there are always free times so that you can withdraw and let what you have experienced work.

Not included in the price:
– Flight and transfer-
– Accommodation-
– Meals
– Trips to the sea

Individual arrival in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Canary Islands. Latest arrival Thursday, 16 May 2019, earliest departure from Thursday, 23 May 2019.

Accommodation without board from 28 Euro in a wonderful quiet pension or holiday apartments with pool from 62 Euro or directly at the sea from 75 Euro per night.

New Emerald Heart Light Essence “Pilot Whale”
From my last La Gomera trip I brought the newEmerald Heart® Light Essence “Pilot Whale“. It carries the vibration of the pilot whales and helps you to regenerate and integrate the new energies into your system. At the same time, it helps to open your heart more to the consciousness of the oceans and marine life. You will learn to feel the irrepressible joy of the pilot whales and perceive the endless expanse of the oceans. If you use the Emerald Heart® essence for yourself and your development, take three drops of it three times a day in a glass of water. The “Pilot Whale” essence has another very special mode of action. It helps to increase the vibration of the seas and supports the healing of the oceans. So you can consciously do something for the oceans.

If you live by the sea or soon go on holiday to the sea, this Emerald Heart® Light Essence would be a good way to become active. In a ritual 3 drops of the essence are given to the sea as a gift. A detailed description of how you can do this is included with the essence. Read more about the essence: https://florence-zumbihl-en.com/2018/06/23/call-of-the-sea-new-emerald-heart-light-essence-pilot-whale/


On my website you can find more information as well as photos of the encounters before La Gomera:https://florence-zumbihl-en.com/la-gomera-retreat-dolphins-and-whales/

If you are interested in the retreat, do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer your questions and send you detailed information about the accommodation.

Florence Zumbihl
Elder & Teacher of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Mail: mail@florence-zumbihl.com
Skype: florence 868

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Harriët Kroon – Invitation for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

A unique opportunity to experience a New Light

Harriët Kroon

Working with the Emerald Heart Light can change our lives tremendously. I find this transformational Light a great ‘tool’ for overcoming my fears and challenges and over the years it has guided me to my talents, gifts and life mission. I had an extreme burnout which was also classified as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), when I found out about the Emerald Heart Light. At that time I had endured all kinds of therapies and I had come to the conclusion that regular health care did not have a solid solution for my health problems. On the other hand, homeopathy and all kinds of healing modalities did bring positive changes.

Skeptical about the Emerald Heart Light

It was the summer of 2011 when I tried my first Emerald Heart essence. I was very skeptical and had a lot of resistance against the Light, but to my surprise it opened my heart for healing and – more important – for myself. My True Self. Because of all kinds of fears and traumas, this True Self was so deeply hidden away inside of me, that I had completely lost contact with it. I thought I knew who I was, but I didn’t.

As I was extremely depleted and out of balance, it took many years to find balance again. With the support of my Emerald Heart Light Practitioner my energy system was repaired (chakras, auric levels, Earth Links), I found self-confidence again and I overcame the challenge to show my healing gifts to the world. At times it was an intense process, but always very rewarding.

Hundreds of essences

I have come to the conclusion that the more time and energy we dedicate to our development in the Light, the more we become Light. Since about 2012 I feel such a deep longing, call it urge inside of myself to release all that I do not longer need in this lifetime, that I constantly sweep all negative thoughts, fears and patterns out of my system with Emerald Heart essences and Light Programs. I must have taken hundreds of essences and dozens of Light Programs since my very first bottle. As a result, my life (self-esteem, friendships, work, etc.) has changed tremendously and still is changing in a way I could have never predicted.

A New Light was gifted

As a consequence of working intensively with the Emerald Heart Light for six years, to my own surprise I was opened up in the direction of the Divine Feminine. Suddenly I was gifted a New Light to bring into the world. In the spring of 2017 The Light of Mary Magdalene started to pour through my heart… Now, more than a year later, my channel is ready to serve others with this balming, feminine Light. At the bottom of this blog you will find an invitation to experience this New Light free of charge. But first I want to explain a bit more about this Light and its purpose.

Era of the Feminine Rebirth

As you might have noticed, we are living in the Era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Feminine power is on its return. You could call our time and age the Era of the Feminine Rebirth. The world we live in is craving for balance. More and more people are realizing that we can bring Mother Earth – including our individual lives – back to balance by bringing more feminine energies (yin) into our lives. Let me explain this first before I share more about the Light of Mary Magdalene.

Carte blanche for the yang forces

In the past millennia, humanity has looked down upon and neglected the receptive and inwards directed force of yin and thereby it allowed itself to be overtaken by the exploring and outwards directed force of yang. This attitude has given the yang forces carte blanche to become too extreme, even negative. Our planet is overtaken by an ego-driven way of life, based on an a craving for power and money – by men and women. Of course the yang force is not per-se negative. There is nothing wrong with exploration, power or money in itself, but the way in which it used is crucial. In general we see that exploration and power is used to manipulate, to expand aggressively, and that the greed for money is to fulfill egocentric needs.

Mother Earth’s burnout

Our extreme expansive, yang way of living has led to the end of healthy resources, the pure elements of which nature consist. The element of water is polluted (e.g. the invisible radiation of the Fukushima nuclear disaster); the wood element is rapidly facing its end (ancient forests, the lungs of our world are being destroyed); the element of earth is polluted (chemicals) and depleted (extreme mining); the element of air is facing its death by all pollution we constantly pour into it by smoking, driving, flying etc. Our extreme yang way of living not only leads to the end of the healthy resources, but also undermines our own physical balance. Mother Earth’s burnout is reflected by the increase of burnout as a human “disease”. In The Netherlands for example, the country where I live, nature is almost completely overtaken and employees are requested to be 100% productive during all their working hours, which has led to one of the highest rates of burnouts worldwide.

How do you nurture yourself, others and Mother Earth?

Time has come to embrace our yin aspects. We need to calm our yang lifestyle with our inward directed forces. How much self-care do you give yourself? How do you nurture yourself? How much quality time/love do you give yourself? You can ask these same questions in regard to your family, friends, the society you live in and last but not least, Mother Earth.

Mary Magdalene represents the Yin Force

Time has come to embrace a life-style in which we do not focus on the highest income and most expensive fashionable clothes, furniture and holidays anymore. Time has come to invite more love, care and compassion into our lives and this is where the Light of Mary Magdalene comes in. Mary represents the Yin Force. At one hand she represents the caring and the nurturing feminine qualities (She anointed Yeshua’s feet) and at the other hand she represents the feminine power (manifesting the life she wished to live in a severe patriarchal society). Mary’s Light is an important aspect of the Divine Feminine Force. Her Light coming through now is part of the Rise of the Divine Feminine, the Era of the Feminine Rebirth, of the “Divine Plan.”

Mary Magdalene Revival

I have noticed that since some decades ,all over the world books are appearing about Mary’s life. More and more people feel called to find the truth about her background and life path. This is of course not an easy task as most of the history left is oral tradition. I sense a Mary Magdalene Revival, not in a fashionista way, but as a true Rebirth. Some people publish channelings of Mary. Recently the movie “Mary Magdalene” reached the cinema –  it is the story of the last part of Jesus’ life, witnessed through the eyes of Yeshua’s closest disciple, and gives a good feel for what the life of this woman must have been like. Even the Vatican felt the call of the Divine Feminine. In 2016 pope Francis raised in a decree the liturgical celebration honouring St. Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast, and she is now hailed as The Apostle to The Apostles.

No relation with any church

I am not related to any church and my personal connection with Mary does not have a religious background. The opening of my heart for Her Light to come through was at first a complete shock for me. In the first half year, when I started to realise what was happening I struggled quite a bit, because I knew about the negative connotations around her name. The inner knowing that one day I would have to share with the world that She had picked my heart to offer Her Light to humanity, felt like a huge burden.

Channel David Ashworth

Of course I spoke with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, about what was happening inside of me. He understood and explained many of physical sensations I was and am still going through – Her beam of Light has no intention at all to cease growing.

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Enough about my life and observations. What about yours?

Are you ready to live your life in a more gentle way? Are you ready to bring more ease and grace into your life? Would you like to balance your masculine and feminine qualities? If so, you are very welcome to participate in the upcoming Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. There are no costs involved. (And if you feel called to offer an exchange, I would be delighted to receive an email with your experience.)

Participating is very easy

Participating is very easy, it works just like the Emerald Heart Light Transmissions that you may have participate in:

  • Register at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org;
  • On Sunday the 22nd of July you pick a moment to receive Mary’s Light;
  • You may want to lay down or meditate, please do take your time;
  • The moment you set your intention to receive, Her Light will start to pour into your heart;
  • This day you may receive as often as you wish;
  • We have set up our Light Transmission in such a way that you don’t need to worry about the time zone from where it is transmitted. Mary’s Light will be available for you for 24 hours, from 00.00hrs early morning – 24hrs midnight, YOUR LOCAL TIME, wherever you are in the world;
  • Our Light Transmissions are open for all genders.


On Solstice Day, the 21st of June I offered the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. People from 25 countries participated and it was great to see this free event being shared on Facebook again and again. I will share a few amazing testimonial with you.

“Felt very strongly a feeling of being in the womb. Protected, peaceful & actually surrounded by a reddish, pink hue of light. Not ready to be thrown in to the maelstrom of life! So happy there!”

“I was seeing and feeling the pure love of Christ from a feminine aspect and am very humbled by it.”

“I had 2 sessions with Mary Magdalene. I could feel her energy very strongly in my heart. It was very peaceful.”

FYI, you can read extensive sharings about the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on Facebook.

Any questions?

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to ask, you can reach me at


Download the event information

You can download the event information here and of course you may share this event with as many people as you like.


You can register now at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org or by clicking on the event on Facebook.

Please do let us know the place and country where you are based, so we know exactly to whom and where to send the Light to.

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to “meeting” you in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. Let’s bathe the whole world in Divine Feminine Light!

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/279889115889660

Email: MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org



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Harriët Kroon – The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

Retreat leader Harriët Kroon shares her own experiences and feedback from the 14 participants who joined her for this amazing event. Harriët is planning to offer this retreat again in 2019 – don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part!  

Harriët (right) with Alexandra Meyn

The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

The Emerald Heart Light opened our hearts profoundly during the recent Divine Plan Retreat in the South of France. Many of the participants had life changing experiences. The Guides offered teaching after teaching. Also, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene was present and ‘The Mother of the Mother of All that Is’ gave us many insights about the power of the Divine Feminine. 

I am incredibly grateful for all that happened and unfolded during our very first Divine Plan Retreat. To be honest, it went far beyond my possible imagination. “It changed my life completely,” wrote a young male participant. “You made a life changing experience able for me. Words are not enough to thank you,” added a lovely lady. I must admit, it changed my life completely too.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene

Last summer the Light started to push me to organize a Divine Plan Retreat, which took place a few weeks ago. The theme was “Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene” and for this purpose I found a fantastic location in the South of France. At the start of the retreat I was a bit uncertain about the venue, as it is very basic and in the middle of nowhere. But after the first hours all possible worries had disappeared. Our host and cook Patricia provided us with excellent vegetarian three course meals full of love; the cats and dogs on the compound were all competing in welcoming friendliness; and Mother Nature did her magic.

“Great location. Never change this place for more comfort.”

 “A wonderful peaceful spot. Perfect for spiritual experiences. I loved the fact that camping is possible and that there is hardly Wi-Fi available. And the food was amongst the best I ever had.”







Even though the weather was a bit too fertile for us (it rained quite a bit), we were able to have some outdoor meals with stunning views, we had early morning chi kung in the warmth of the rising sun and we were treated with several rainbows.

“Its remoteness and fine views assist the concentration required for a retreat.”

Experientials in nature

Mother Nature supported us in her in various fabulous ways on the days that we did our trips to sacred sites. Every time we left for experientials in nature, the rain stopped and the warm sun opened the blanket of clouds, and as soon as we were ready to return to the venue, the clouds continued doing their fertilizing job. The pure and salty river Sals cleansed our auras, each of us received powerful healing in the ancient megalithic throne of the Goddess, and Mount Bugarach, situated opposite to our seminar room, supported us with her feminine energies.

 “I liked the gentle way in which you brought us to the Light, and how you built up the four days. The first two days with classes and excursions, which also brought the group together.”

The very best guide of the region

We visited two sacred villages where the Divine Feminine energies are very tangible. To be able to offer extra historical information about these sites, we had hired the very best guide of the region. She did a fantastic job, her tours were full of wisdom and details of interest. I could see the Emerald Heart Light inspire Anneke’s heart to step into her full potential. At the end she shared: “I felt I had to reach each individual with the historical details that they particularly needed to know.”

 “I loved the excursions and the priceless guide. She is the perfect link between the purpose of the retreat and the area it took place in.”







 The blessing of the Holy Womb Chakra

It was an intensive intensive. Each day again the Light pushed me to keep the breaks short, for the participants to receive far more than value for money. I totally understand that some participants would have loved to have a bit extra time for a walk in nature or a meditation, but the Light was persistent. It wanted to honour the very first participants of a Divine Plan Retreat with endless gifts. Mary Magdalene offered channelings; the feminine power of The Mother of the Mother of All that Is blessed our holy womb chakras; and the Guides of the Emerald Heart opened each heart to such a deep extent that each individual was able to share their deepest feminine woundings. As a result an incredible amount of darkness, fear and pain was transformed into Light.

 “Harriët enables growth and development in a very natural and supporting manner. She invites you to share and shares herself as well, honest, subtle and very inspiring. Harriët truly walks and lives her talk!”

Divine Plan Healing Training included

On the third and fourth day of the retreat I offered the Divine Plan Healing Training with the loving support of Alexandra Meyn (Divine Plan Teacher and Emerald Heart Program Practitioner) and Daniela Hörath (Advanced Divine Plan Healer). It was wonderful to bring seven new people into the Path of Light and an honour to give the attunements together with Alexandra. The new students now can give healings to themselves and others with the transformative Emerald Heart Light and the supportive Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Amongst the retreat participants were five women and one man who had already received the first Divine Plan attunement before. It was very rewarding to reinforce their attunement and to provide them with a deeper connection and understanding of the Emerald Heart Light. I am looking forward to hearing what unfolds for all recipients. This training and the practice of self-healings usually open so many unexpected new pathways and possibilities in life that it leaves us speechless J.

 “Very straight-forward and easy healing method. Easy to apply, steps are simple and well documented. After the training you go home with an effective way to heal yourself and others.”

The Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is

For me personally the Divine Plan Retreat was also very transformative. In the weeks before, the Emerald Heart Light and the Light of Mary Magdalene prepared me strongly. I was taken through deep healing processes to be able to support all participants. When I visited one of the sacred sites to connect with the Divine Feminine and ask permission to bring a group of people for inspiration and healing, the Divine Feminine asked for an exchange. The Mother of the Mother of All that Is asked permission to speak through me whenever that is needed. The love that came with these words was so immense, that this new life task was easy to accept. Next I was offered an essence vibration with the name “the Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is”. The moment I took the first drops I knew I had changed forever.

A few days later Alexandra Meyn arrived. Without the support and reliability of my cheerful assistant, I could not have entered the deep states of relaxation I needed to bring forth the deepest teachings that have ever come through me. I am very excited about our developing friendship and working relation and hope that she is willing to support more retreats, workshops and other events that need extra hands.

“During this beautiful retreat we visited ancient places where magical things happened. The teachings were full of wisdom and Harriët and Alexandra were wonderful nurturing, loving (and funny) guides. Thank you so much for organizing this retreat.”

Our Becoming

I thank Alexandra and all the other participants for allowing my Guidance and myself to support them in their Becoming and I thank all participants for witnessing the start of a new phase of my Becoming.

I will offer this retreat in the South of France again next year. Please inform me if you are interested, welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org. Places are limited.


Thank you David Ashworth and Lynne Shaw, for bringing the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Plan Healing System into my life. Without you I would have never been able to grow into my potential.

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

 Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Channel of the Light of Mary Magdalene


Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

Email: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org

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Now Closed – The Emerald Heart June 2018 Light Transmission

The June Solstice Emerald Heart Light Transmission is now closed.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the event and acknowledge your willingness to bring Light to your corner of the World and in so doing, help raise the vibration of the Planet and humanity as a whole. 

Thank you!

Check your inbox for information regarding the September Equinox Light transmission on the next quarter. 

With love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Emerald Heart Light Transmission – June 2018

The Emerald Heart Light Transmission 

(See below for German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and French translations.)

UK1 Registration for English speakers

During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens the heart to the truth within you, helping you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:

From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd June at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

We hope that you enjoy it.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:

REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG, here:



Registration for German speakers

Emerald Heart Licht-Übertragung

Während jeder Tagundnachtgleiche und Sonnenwende ist das Emerald Heart Licht weltweit für alle verfügbar, die dieses unglaubliche, transformative Licht erfahren möchten.

Was ist das Emerald Heart Licht?

Es ist ein Licht, dass das Herz für die Wahrheit in deinem Inneren öffnet und dir hilft, dass du mehr in Kontakt mit dir selbst kommst, mit mehr Klarheit und Fokus für dein Leben.

Zeiten für diese ÜBERTRAGUNG:

Von 1.00 morgens in der Nacht zum 20. Juni bis Mitternacht am 22. Juni

Das Licht wird dir für Drei Volle Tage kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.

Wir hoffen, dass es dir gefällt.

Um das Emerald Heart Licht zu empfangen musst du nur Folgendes tun:

REGISTRIERE dich auf der Seite zur Lichtübertragung auf dem Emerald Heart Blog hier:



Registration for Spanish speakers

La transmisión de la Luz del Emerald Heart

Durante las estaciones de Equinoccio e Solsticio la Luz del Emerald Heart está disponible en todo el mundo para todos aquellos que desean experimentar esta asombrada y transformadora Luz del Emerald Heart.

¿Qué es la Luz de Emerald Heart?

Es la luz que abre el corazón para descubrir la verdad que hay en ti, prestándote ayuda en establecer el contacto contigo mismo con más claridad y concentración para tu vida.

Horario de Esta TRANSMISIÓN:

Desde la una de la madrugada del 20. hasta la medianoche del 22. de junio

Según hora local tuya.

En este tiempo la Luz estará disponible para ti gratuitamente durante los tres días enteros.

Esperamos que lo disfrutes.

Para poder recibir la Luz del Emerald Heart lo único que necesitas hacer es:

REGISTRARTE en la Página de la Transmisión de la Luz del Blog del Emerald Heart here:



Registration for Swedish speakers

Emerald Heart Ljusöverföring  

Under varje höst- och vårdagjämning samt sommar- och vintersolståndet är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart tillgängligt över hela världen för alla som önskar en upplevelse av detta fantastiska transformerande Ljus.

Vad är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart?

Det är ett Ljus som öppnar ditt hjärta för den sanning du bär inom dig. Det hjälper dig att komma i mer kontakt med dig själv, ge dig större klarhet och fokus i ditt liv. 

Tider för denna Ljus ÖVERFÖRING:

Från 01,00 den 20 till midnatt den 22 juni lokal tid.

Ljuset kommer att vara tillgängligt för dig under tre hela dagar utan kostnad.

Allt du behöver göra för att ta emot Ljuset från the Emerald Heart är att

REGISTERA dig på sidan för Ljus överföring på the Emerald Heart BLOG här:



Registration for Dutch speakers

Hart van Smaragd Lichtoverdracht

Tijdens elke equinox en zonnewende is het Hart van Smaragd Licht beschikbaar voor iedereen die dit bijzonder transformerende Licht wil ervaren.

Wat is het Hart van Smaragd Licht?

Het is een Licht dat je hart opent waardoor je de waarheid in jezelf ziet. Hierdoor wordt je meer verbonden met jezelf, en krijg je meer helderheid over en focus op je eigen leven.

Wanneer is de Lichtoverdracht:

Van zaterdag 20 juni om 01.00 ’s ochtends tot 22 juni middernacht.

Het Licht is er voor jou. Drie dagen lang zonder enige kosten.

We hopen dat je ervan zult genieten.

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen om het Licht te ontvangen, is het volgende:

Registreer je e-mailadres op de Licht Transmissie Pagina van de Emerald Heart BLOG hier:



Registration for French speakers

La Transmission de la Lumière d’Emerald Heart

Pendant chaque équinoxe et solstice, la Lumière d’Emerald Heart est disponible à travers le monde entier pour tous ceux qui aimeraient connaître cette Lumière magnifique et transformationnelle.

Qu’est-ce que cette Lumière d’Emerald Heart?

C’est une lumière qui ouvre le coeur pour vivre la vérité en vous. Elle vous aide à être plus connecté avec vous-même, avec plus de clarté et vous aide à être plus centré sur votre vie.

Les horaires pour cette TRANSMISSION:

De 1 h du matin du 20 juin 2016 jusqu’à minuit au 22 juin 2016
(à votre heure locale)

La Lumière sera disponible pendant 3 journées entières sans frais.

Nous espérons que vous l’apprécierez.

Pour recevoir la Lumière d’Emerald Heart, il vous suffit de faire la chose suivante:

Enregistrez-vous à la page Transmission de Lumière dans notre blog:



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Ian Mills – Power Places

Power places

From an early age, I have been drawn to ‘sacred sites’ and areas of natural beauty, but have only recently felt it necessary to understand why that is. My interpretation of the term ‘sacred site’ would be a place where one can palpably feel the connection to nature and the Divine. Often these sites were used in the past as areas where priests/esses would connect to the wisdom of Mother Earth and the Ancestors of the land, for guidance and understanding. Ceremonies and rituals were often held at these power places where a ceremonial leader would ask for clarity and wisdom in dealing with day-to-day matters of the community, for assistance with crops, weather, protection for the tribe etc.

Nowadays most of these sites have been neglected and fallen into disrepair, as the once hallowed and revered landscape has been turned into a commodity and we appear largely to have lost that special connection we once had to nature and the divine.

These power places often have an other-worldly feel to them, a special timelessness that it’s difficult to feel elsewhere. Even if modern-day life has encroached on these sites, they generally still retain that special vibe.


These places are still used today by the few for both good and bad intent, but as the frequencies continue to ramp up, more and more people journey to these sites to pay homage and experience the special health giving properties of these areas. Spending time at these places can open one up to experience the more sensitive vibrations of nature. 

Earths Energetic Aspect

The Earth is an incredible living being, with a physical tangibility and a less obvious energetic aspect. We often hear about the metaphysical aspects of Ley lines, womb chakras, chakra points and nodes and these hidden aspects of our planet are as vitally
important to us and Mother Earth as the very rock we walk on. These special places were known to our ancestors and used by the shaman and ceremonial leaders of the time as access points or gateways to understand higher wisdom and co-create with nature. One may often find alternative health shops or creative schools located in these areas. If you are lucky enough to live in or close to these areas, your household may benefit from enhanced creativity and enlightened thought processes as you unknowingly tune in to the planetary wisdom. Mount Shasta in US and Glastonbury in UK are examples of power places that have spawned creative communities around them. 

Visiting a Site

Whenever I visit a site, I often feel into the place before I enter and show reverence to the place by not running into it initially. I sit or stand away on the outskirts and see what you can sense. After some minutes and if it feels right, I approach the site and maybe try to mentally communicate with any guardians there. Most active or slumbering sites have one of more guardians looking over the place. I also usually leave a little offering before entering as a way of saying thank you.

These sites always seem to have an echo from the past and I try to tune in to that history, feeling what went on there and the connection that was used for accessing the differing levels of consciousness each site offers.

Generally I leave the sites with a relaxed state of mind and part of me hopes that these areas will rub off on me, aiding my own creativity and connection to the planet.  

The Spring

This weekend I went for a forest walk and first lake swim of the season with my daughter and girlfriend. On the walk around the lake to find a good spot to swim, we visited a spring. Surrounded by trees and running into the lake some 100 meters away it’s a really magical spot and many people are drawn to go there, drink the waters and sit in the cool quiet glade contemplating life. Maybe that’s why we like to swim there, knowing the lake is fed by such a magical source. Sitting in that leafy glade, it’s almost as though time is standing still and it feels so relaxing as the centuries slip away and one begins to feel that deep connection to nature.

We all left the lake that day feeling more supported and both energized and relaxed. In this time of every increasing technology and modernization, these places have become so very important to help us not lose touch with nature’s synchronization and hidden wisdom.


Ian Mills

Teacher at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment



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Loraine Mitchell – Journeying with the Emerald Heart Light

Divine Plan Healer Loraine Mitchell, shares with the Blog how she was drawn to work with the Emerald heart Light and a little of her healing journey since first contact. 


Journeying with the Emerald Heart Light

My journey with The Emerald Heart Light began in October 2016. I knew I had to find a way of understanding what was happening in my life at a deeper level. I had come to a point where I was going around in circles and had been for a very long time. I felt dead inside and disconnected from life – I basically did not want to be here, not that I wanted to lose my life rather I wanted to live a more authentic life, that reflected what was in my heart.  I had faith that this was possible and to enable me to achieve my goal I knew I needed a teacher that could offer tools to help me to understand why I felt so disconnected. The Emerald Heart Light has not only helped me recover parts of myself, but also offered me a glimpse into the inner world of the heart that I had closed down so long ago – the place where magic happens.

Reaching Out To The Emerald Heart Light

I was made aware of The Emerald Heart Light and the work they did by a family member. I was given The Ocean of Emotion book in Dec 2015, I recognised Dave’s photo from his YouTube video series ‘The Cycles of Time’, which I really enjoyed and certainly one I understood in comparison to others have viewed or read. My sister who gave me the book suggested I read it as it may help me understand what was going on with me at a deeper level.  I said I would think about it although I have to admit I was not convinced and – I was thinking not another one of her spiritual teachers ha. But there are so many now professing they can do all sorts of magical things. What I basically wanted and indeed needed was straight answers, not some new age mumbo jumbo! I wanted to connect with others who knew what they were talking about – someone who had experienced real stuff and that I could resonate with and most importantly who offered solutions that worked. So I explored The Emerald Heart Light School of Enlightenment website quite extensively – I was fascinated and inspired by what I was reading about David and his experiences. Here was a man – a seemingly ordinary man who had without a doubt a profound awakening and had respond to his inner calling that must have been terrifying in parts by the way, but something was calling to me – and I knew what I was reading about was of a high vibration as I could feel the light. I was particularly keen also to find out about The Emerald Heart Light essences – I had used essences in the past so I had an idea of how they worked. There is so much valuable information on the website to explore and study.  From there forward I knew I had to take it to the next level and connect with an Emerald Heart Light practitioner and that this would enable me to explore my deeper self and possibly unravel what I was seeking to understand.

When choosing to work with someone on a spiritual level I allow myself to be guided to the person I feel is right for me at the time. After looking through all the practitioners and what they offered I was drawn to get in touch with Tim Dyson – one thing of the many things that I resonated was ‘the stepping stone approach’ to working with clients for me this is very important, little did I know I was about to embark upon the most fascinating, exhilarating but also the most important journey that I will ever embark upon, a journey with no real end – the journey into the depths of consciousness of the heart.

Journey into my heart

My belief is that there is a time we have set within us like an alarm to awaken to who we truly are – for example 26:10:2016. How and when that happens is different for all of us and is our responsibility. It’s like we have a time here for doing our own thing before the real work begins, before we wake up to why we are we are here and indeed the purpose of why we are here. (I think I had hit the snooze button for quite some time ha ha).These are questions that most of us have asked at sometime – the why’s and what’s the purpose to our lives here on planet earth. I have been questioning since childhood – but no one could give me an answer. I will not go into all of my life experiences as this blog is not the correct forum for that and would not be of use to the reader of this article – and it is a lengthy one although I will refer to relevant parts which in turn will hopefully explain how The Emerald Heart Light has not only helped me recover parts of myself it has also offered me a glimpse into the inner world of the heart that I had closed down and a deeper understanding into self – if there is such a thing as self!

Who Am I?

I’m Loraine Mitchell I live in Scotland. I am the second youngest of 5 siblings – 3 brothers and 1 sister. From the outside we most likely looked like an ordinary family, however it was less than ordinary from the inside. I had chosen to incarnate into a very challenging family shall we say! This is all very relevant to how I developed personally. Within this construct I was offered the ideal environment that reflected the fears that I had chosen to work on in this lifetime. These same fears I would later start to explore with the help of Tim and The Emerald Heart Light, essences and Light Programmes.

The younger years

Reflecting on my childhood I came into this lifetime with the ability to – sense others energy in that I could feel their emotions and sometimes it was like I could read their thoughts I knew when others were being less than authentic. Another gift I had and still have is the ability to channel spiritual insights/guidance although at a young age I was not aware of these references – it is normal to me to be this way. For example I would be offering guidance to my parents, siblings and friends, looking back at this now this wisdom that came through was so practical and loving always offering a positive alternative narrative to the person who they wanted me to offer guidance to. This information would always come spontaneously with no effort on my part – for me it was just like having a conversation with someone. Because there was so much conflict within our family and extended family, guidance was channelling through me solutions to these conflicts – I always felt there was a balanced loving way to resolve things. However that guidance did not filter through to the adults in question and I was told constantly I had “too much to say and to keep quite”. As much as there were challenges I always found solace in nature – being fortunate enough to live close to hills and beautiful countryside that was one of my sanctuaries the other being books and music where I would go into another world. So I guess I started escaping from this reality as no one was paying attention here and I didn’t feel any real love or connection here as a child. I remember having feelings of dread and panic like bad things were going to happen all the time. I didn’t really feel part of this family. I often wondered if they even liked me (the thoughts of the child). I also remember looking up to the sky because that is where I thought God lived and calling out to him to come to take me home, because deep inside I knew this place wasn’t home. I had forgotten about these feelings – but as I write the memory of that time is offering me the opportunity to look at it objectively and either release it or hold on!  Before discovering The Emerald Heart Light, connecting with such memories could be traumatic!

Fast forward in time

By the time I was 20, I had so much suppressed emotion it was scary. Yes I had the outward appearance of the fun-loving, compassionate and loving person, with a passion for helping others – but inside I had such rage it scared me. Well the passion to help others was more or less an addiction, an obsession even – which lead me into taking on the role of the caretaker and peace maker, born from something much deeper that I would later discover to be ‘self-hatred’ and it would seem what I encountered in my life is really reflecting self-hatred back to me.

I will share this experience as for me it was the most profound life changing one to date and has been a catalyst of so much.  Aged 21 I was privileged to become a mother – I would say this was the start of a connection so powerful words fail me. He was perfect, it was the happiest day of my life so far – nothing compares.  –The room radiated Love, love I never knew existed as we looked at each other for the first time – it was a magical moment in time. Jonathan brought with him many gifts to many people. He was full of love, life, joy and innocence like all new born’s. As he grew he was a very creative active and adventurous child with no real fear he had such a zest for life and so much to share with all who crossed his path. Gradually he changed when he became addicted to drugs as a teenager – our life together changed.  It was a challenging time for us. There was a part me that new I wouldn’t have him for long so I decided to appreciate the good and everything in between. In so many ways what challenged us deepened our love – we could be open and honest and explore life in all its facets not all was doom and gloom for there was so much learning to be done at a deep level and we always found laughter and always the love. We had around 4 years when he was free of drugs and he achieved a lot of his dreams and goals. Then on the 28thMay 2015 he passed away of a cardiac arrest – he laid down the earthy body and he left this lifetime behind and went home. Leaving so many memories behind but also in his passing I was free somehow – although it takes time to realise that in his passing there was a gift. In reflection of this experience I could have given up on life, many people would have, but deep within I knew there was deeper meaning in all that had just played out and that all would be revealed in time.

I could share many examples of awakening opportunities here– work I’ve been involved in and the many creative projects I have done, spiritual disciplines and teachers I have and do revere the list goes on. My many academic achievements are of no importance either as they have served their purpose. It was always my vision to encourage others to wake up to a peaceful way of being in this world which lead me down a path of many twists and turns for in truth we must first wake up to ourselves and embrace our own peace – which is the peace within. Life is but a teacher that offers us many challenges it can be in these challenges we can find who we truly are. I would say the many challenges I have encountered were so difficult I lost my true identity, I felt like a navigator without a compass or map – I was without direction – all sorts of diversions led me further from myself and deeper into emotional turmoil. That led to complete despair and isolation and burn out. A perfect place to start a new! At the end of the day what is most important is where I’ am now and what has reconnected me to my truth and light.

Previously I had explored different healing modalities and trained in a few, I had engaged with spiritual teachers, read spiritual books, meditation etc – all offered a temporary refuge offering varying frequencies of light and energy. As we progress and evolve along the spiritual path, these modalities become less effective, why? As we evolve and unfold spiritually we are guided to a higher vibration of light that matches our enfoldment, the journey of the evolving soul needs a teacher that can offer deeper understanding, guidance and tools that empower.

Transformation with The Emerald Heart Light

For me The Emerald Heart Light is offering me all of the above and more. Here I have found understanding guidance with compassion at a pace that resonates with my soul. When I first consulted with Tim I wasn’t sure what to expect I went into it with an open mind as I had nothing to lose.  I felt at ease almost immediately any anxieties quickly dissolved. We explored the many struggles I was experiencing – feelings of isolation feeling stuck in life unsure of what was happening or indeed what had led me to this stage in my life! Why did I feel the need to be all things to others yet leave me emotionally bankrupt? Why was life so difficult? And how could I really change? So many whys! In some way I thought all of this was my fault and that I was so damaged that there was no way back from this place I was stuck in. I knew in my heart there was purpose to all of this. Tim highlighted ‘I had created many meaningful ways of being useful in this world – what he helped me realise was although meaningful they no longer served me and that who I am was hidden from sight. This was true, as it reflected deep fears of not only my gifts but also feeling of unworthy of these gifts.  So the fears that were highlighted were ‘fear of not being good enough, fear of believing in myself and fear of loving myself. This was validation for me that this man knew what he was talking about as this revelation made total sense to me. It was in this moment also I knew how powerful The Emerald Heart Light is – The Light was revealing the truth from deep with my heart and I could relate to all of it. So the first essence that was offered to enable me to start to dissolve these fears was ‘Extreme Hate’ The reading for the essence gave offered such profound  clarity into life – it reflected back to me the truth of why I had arrived at my current destination – it is all part of the soul journey. If I had not chosen the emotions of complete abandonment, desolation, despair, anger, fear and sorrow – because I had felt these emotions deeply for a long time without understanding why I was starting to understand more fully why I had a longing to be an advocate for humanity and engaged in professions that I thought would support that. I now also realise that these professions helped me disguise my true light. In further consultations with Tim we uncovered other fears – Fear of being me, Fear of being here, Fear of standing in my power and Fear of not being free. Each time we uncovered a new fear we worked with and essences guidance and also Light Programmes – (I thought the light programme sounded like something from star wars ha but hey it certainly works) all have contributed to this journey into consciousness and each time also offering so much insight and personal development at deep soul level . This is a beautiful process in parts it’s scary when I’m working through stuff but I know it’s all part of a process. I am glad I reached out to connect with you Tim – you have been the light in the darkness and I appreciate all your support and encouragement.

Divine Plan Healing

I was very drawn to doing The Divine Plan Healing Training with Harriet – I did the training in beautiful Amsterdam 29thJuly 2017.  It has been a deeply profound spiritual experience to say the least. As we know The Divine Plan Healing System was gifted to us from Mary Magdalene. Since doing this attunement Mary has been offering insights/guidance – I thought at first it was due to me being opened up to the Light and that it would fade. In the first instance when doing the training she came through with Jesus saying “I am Mary of Magda”. It was a surprise to me as I had never herad her before; I have had many experiences however with Jesus since childhood and when I practiced healing. It was a surreal experience and questioned even the authenticity!  She next appeared when I returned home from Amsterdam while I was doing a self-healing, again with Jesus – she said “please do not doubt that you are receiving my guidance and yes you are worthy of this communion (they use old worldly language in parts) she continues to say “yes, of course some will doubt but you will overcome this doubt,  as you share my story” which story  I question – how can I share your story there is not a lot written about you – she says “fear not we will guide you”. She is indeed guiding me leading me to ancient texts of all sorts that she calls the “her hidden story”. I have researched others who channel her some authentic some not. She also talks about divine union and divine marriage the merging of the divine feminine and divine masculine and that she will offer guidance on how we can achieve such things. Mary clearly has a message she wants to share. Part of that message was about a training retreat in the Languedoc region of France which Harriet is now hosting this coming June. 9th– 14th These insights continue to come through in part she is offering me guidance for my own development in addition she is offering teachings that she would like to become a book and workshops etc. This may change as things develop and unfold. I continue to share with Harriet and Tim has also offered support with development of this – which is all amazing. So in space of one and half years with help of The Emerald Heart Light I have gone from being in place of being directionless and virtually burnt out to this place of feeling. I have more understanding and connection with life than I ever thought possible. I would go through it all again to be where I am now, I feel a stronger connection with God than I have ever known – at the end of the day this beautiful Light that Dave Ashworth had the courage to birth into this reality is God Consciousness in its purest form, it is so pristine – powerful yet gentle and nurturing, it brings me to my knees in awe. It’s hard to find words to explain how much I appreciate all that The Emerald Heart Light is and also the dedication that it’s taken to bring this beautiful light into the world.

Before starting this article I had a plan/structure of what I would cover and how long it would be – but I should have known better as when writing anything of a spiritual nature it does not flow in linear way – It is just not how guidance rolls I’m afraid. So, gone is the most of the original text yet again and taking its place is something that’s apparently evolving organically 🙂

Much Love

Loraine Mitchell  (Divine Plan Healer)



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