Loraine Mitchell shares her 4 Month Transformation Journey


4 Month Transformation Journey

Working with The Emerald Heart Light has awakened me to many things. Only last year, I participated in a life-changing 4-month course facilitated by Tim, and Jack named – A 4 Month Transformational Journey. Each month we received – a teaching an essence and an audio meditation, this course was powerful and profoundly transformational.

Letting Go of The Story

The second paragraph of our first teaching ‘letting go’ caught my eye inviting us to look at our life experiences as a ‘story’. I had never thought of my life experiences as a story before yet the more I explored this idea it started to make sense. When I felt deeper into my story, rather than viewing my life experiences as circumstantial it took on meaning and purpose. It became visual, vivid and animated, I started to imagine the situations, and characters as teachers.  I knew these stories were my creation or version of events that had happened long ago, but here they were alive and kicking and still powerful.  I tried to remain like an observer which wasn’t easy, because there was so much hurt and pain that I did not want to feel. Some of these stories were graphic, and l could see they were wrapped in beliefs, patterns, conditioning, grounded in fears, and entangled in deep emotions. Over the years I had explored ways of letting go through, affirmations, positive thinking etc, none of them offered long-lasting benefit, most of these processes focused on the mind/thoughts. I realised early on we are only touching the surface when working with the – “change your thoughts change your life model” it goes way deeper than the thoughts. Working with the Light has invited me to get out my thoughts and into my heart to feel and discover the root of the chaotic thinking that the mind produces.

Before our course began, I noticed I was thinking a lot about my past intimate relationships, I knew this was my higher self-inviting me to look at these relationships again, which I didn’t particularly want to do. Around two weeks before the course started a man called me, I had exchanged numbers with a while back, I didn’t know much about him, so I thought it would be nice opportunity to get to know him. The first phone call was brief, and he didn’t share that much about himself. We arranged to talk later in the week when we both had more time. He was chattier this time, I learned we shared similar interests, like me he enjoyed the outdoors, he was creative, and he was an environmentalist so, he was a pretty interesting guy and he had a good sense humour which always helps. He shared he had experienced quite a bit of loss in his life, he had lost a young child, and another child he didn’t see much of. He said he liked solitude as he found it quite difficult to be with people. To deal with his pain, he had used cocaine, he expressed he wanted to change he just didn’t know where to start. He said had stopped the cocaine but here was other dark stuff he was into (which I didn’t want to hear about). There was something charismatic and inviting about him; vulnerable even.


I started to wonder why had he appeared in my life now after having had my number for a about 6 months? After talking for a while, it turned out he was looking for committed relationship that was a wee bit dark for me. We wished each other well and parted ways. The days that followed left me feeling unsettled as he had shared quite deep stuff about his life and our conversations had also triggered emotions and memories from my past relationships. I started to see this was my higher self-bringing up what I needed to look at to allow me to understand things from a higher level without blame or judgement. I didn’t expect to I hear from him again, then he called me the day before our course started, (11:55 pm to be precise) asking me to meet him, saying he felt my Light could balance his darkness, (I hadn’t heard that one before) I thought to myself why is this happening now? Why is he saying things that felt familiar yet uncomfortable? I thought of his offer, and briefly considered it, thinking maybe he could change, I could help him to change, and we do have things in common, and he did say he likes me a lot, and feels connected to me, (it was crazy). In those few moments, I felt needed, wanted, important and good enough for someone.  Then I started to see the bigger picture, this was how a few of my relationships started out and lasted many years. I started to see that the subconscious was trying to hold fear in place through bringing up familiar feelings through nostalgic memories, feelings, and patterns It was fascinating as it all played out, the energetic pull I felt towards this man started to weaken. I realised that I had a choice to make, to either go back into old familiar dark patterns that seemed safe or stay in my Light. It wasn’t a difficult decision; I knew I had to say ‘no’ to something I had said ‘yes’ to in the past, within 10 minutes my mysterious dark stranger was gone. If I had chosen to enter into a relationship with him, I most likely would not be sharing this today.  In those moments to answer my earlier question I started to understand why he had appeared at this time– it was the perfect time for me to reflect on those parts of my story, and he was the perfect messenger that triggered that process.

So, everything my mysterious stranger brought to me wrapped up in thorns was a gift, and as I cut through the thorns and darkness there was Light.

Letting go with help from Mother Earth

Over the next four months through the Emerald Heart infused essences, teachings and meditations I experienced subtle shifts taking place within me. This letting go business is not automatic, I didn’t all of a sudden let go of all the stories, I learned it was an inner journey that needed a lot patience, understanding and the importance of entering into a place gratitude for the many people involved in my stories. Our course meditations were powerful and supported the inner journey. The second month into the course I started to feel a gentle loving presence with me. After meditation one morning this presence was very strong and It started to communicate with me, this is a process I’m familiar with, so it wasn’t scary for me. I kept quiet within, and I knew then it was the Earth Mother Consciousness and she had something to share, to help with this letting go process. It was a beautiful humbling experience. She was so loving, nurturing and gentle. I wrote everything down as if taking dictation and I was also given an illustration. I was guided to open my heart and feel the words and the colours which would raise my vibration or the vibration of anyone who I used this process. I shared earlier letting go is not automatic for sure – but if are we willing to allow ourselves to explore different processes that may work for us, then transformation, and evolution will be our reward.

Below is a what was given from the Earth Mother as a means to support me in my letting go. Connecting with the illustration has been a beautiful, moving experience, it offers deep insight and you feel her gentle loving presence supporting you. Through this I feel she is guiding us home to her, not only to let go of our personal stories, we have to look at our story with her. She is a living being who gives everything to all of us like any mother does for her child.  As she wrote through me, I could feel her sadness and longing for all us to recognise her as our Mother and share the same respect and Love she shares with all of us.

Below offers instruction of how to use them together, which works for me. You may find other ways of working with it that supports you.

When you allow yourself to let go and see past the illusion of the stories you have created, you enter into a place of truth, where you discover a different reality, one where you see past the deception of the many stories you have perpetuated. When your stories are playing out, the energy it takes to do that, plays havoc within all areas of your life – emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually. Yes, it can appear to be unsettling when you are in this process of letting go, and you may feel separated from anything familiar. Yet it lifts the restrictiveness you feel, freeing you from layers of darkness and offers you – flexibility and lightness liberating you on so many levels.  It is in this space you can create a new cycle. I share with you a process that when used regularly will uplift and connect you with Love and Balance. I reach out to all of you offering you a new yet ancient way of letting go.  It is through your intention you can connect me. I invite you to merge with my being through looking into the illustration, and words that are infused with love, – feel the love that I share with all of life. Connect through the words and colours – like daydreaming or meditating, falling into it and absorbing it into your being, in these prompts in the form of your human language you will connect with your true nature and become One with your Mother.

I am Home, I am Planet Earth, I am Your Mother, look upon your beautiful mother. Yes, I am home, yes, I am also known as – Mother Earth, Gia, The Goddess and many other names. When you look and feel deeper, I am so much more, I am the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You are also these elements all coexisting, with me your Mother. I am stable, grounded, loving, nurturing, I am creation. From my body the Earth I offers shelter in a storm comfort from my core, I share my warmth like a flickering fire. Coolness is, my breath the Air, and Love flows freely from my Spirit, my water – the Elixir of Life. So, look again at Mother not with your eyes but with your Heart – it is from here I call to you. Feel My heartbeat, my rhythm, my eternal song.  I invite you to come, and step into my flow, come be with me, for all of you are my children. Come, lay down your burdens, and be with your Mother, lay down your many stories let them go. I invite you to journey a new path where you can play, and pray, and create a new story with me your Mother”.









Love and Blessings

Loraine Mitchell (Emerald Heart Practitioner)

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

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Fiona Day shares her experience with the Emerald Heart Light

Fiona shares with us the moving story of how her upbringing caused her to reject God and how connecting with the Light of the Emerald Heart helped her to open her heart again to the God without and the God within.

I have never been particularly ambitious, but from an early age, I always had a desire to be wise. Growing up as a child in the only family I knew that didn’t have a television, reading became an obsession to me and I would always use up my book quota at the library every Saturday morning. I loved to be transported into other worlds and remember being particularly fascinated by characters that were ‘wise’, such as the owls in Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter. I could never work out how this mysterious wisdom was achieved because, even at that young age, I knew it was more than just knowledge and experience.

I was born to missionary parents who had both been ‘saved’ at University and who had become Bible translators in Vietnam (until the war) and Nepal. I was 18 months old when they returned to England with four children under the age of six. We arrived with no money or home to live in, but at the very last minute someone connected to their mission offered a house in West Dulwich, London, and the local church rallied round with gifts of food and clothing. Our living conditions gradually improved after my dad found a good job, and when I was four my parents had saved enough for a deposit on a house round the corner.

My dad was (and is) obsessive – everything he did had to be taken to extremes (such as his compost heap…but that’s another story!) and this included his faith. Grace before every meal (much to my embarrassment when friends were round), evening bible reading and prayers (I could never have had sleepovers), church twice on Sunday, and Sunday school before church. This was an ‘Evangelical Free Church’ and the pastor would always spend half an hour during the service preaching hellfire and damnation to us all. The tone of this, and of my parents’ instruction to me and my brothers was that God was always watching in judgement, and nothing could be hidden from him; not even your thoughts. Added to that, there was the constant fear that Christ might come at any time to ‘judge the living and the dead’ and I might be left behind when he took away all those who were so much more worthy than me.

Unfortunately I was too young to understand that my dad’s dislike of children (in particular, those who weren’t perfect) and his constant criticism, bullying, and even violence was nothing to do with Christianity; nor was my mum’s obedience and subservience to him. Their obsessive lifestyle meant we were not allowed the things that many children take for granted, and this would lead to deeper, long-term issues for me and my brothers. In particular, sweets and crisps were so severely restricted that they became (for all of us, I found out much later) the forbidden fruits that I would do anything to buy and gorge on secretly; using my dinner money or even stealing from a drawer where change was kept. This habit of comfort eating has continued into adulthood (with the addition of alcohol) and is something that (with the help of the Light) I have only just begun to truly understand.

Inevitably, upon reaching my teens and realising that it was impossible to live by my parents’ uncompromising view of Christianity, I rebelled completely by refusing to go to church, cutting my multi coloured hair into spikes, smoking and drinking and generally doing everything I knew my parents would disapprove of. This also included dating the most inappropriate boys (such as an older, tattooed skinhead I met at a Crystal Palace football match who was part of a violent gang of troublemakers). I was off the rails and completely out of control, but I felt I had no option because my parents would not allow me to be myself and join in with the things that my friends were doing. Eventually, when I was 15 I ran away from home and lived on the streets of London with a friend (for two days!) because I was so desperate about the situation. When I returned home, I made it clear to my parents that I was sorry for worrying them, but I was not sorry I did it because they had to come to some agreement with me on how things should be changed. They finally relented and allowed me to go out to places that had previously been forbidden, such as the cinema and parties.

Although our relationship improved, I completely rejected the notion of God and Christianity; thinking that the only way to eradicate the brainwashing was to go completely in the opposite direction and not believe in anything. This was difficult, as there was always a nagging concern that I could be wrong, and occasionally I would have nightmares about rejecting God and being forever condemned to the fires of hell. Looking back on this later made me feel quite angry, as I felt that what my parents had fed us verged on child abuse.

I married young, and had two daughters by the time I was 24. My husband was ultimately a good man but we were very different and he spent a lot of time at work or absorbed in his own obsessions such as gaming. He was raised in a devout Catholic family and although he wasn’t religious when we met, he felt strongly that the girls should be baptised as Catholics. This surprised me, but I was secretly pleased as the way my dad talked about Catholicism, you would think he was talking about Satanism! I am ashamed to admit now that the satisfaction in annoying my dad was a major contributing factor to the fact that I became a Catholic – that and the fact that the girls would be able to get into a good school!

However, if I do anything, I tend to do it wholeheartedly and over the years I did attend classes to learn more about the Catholic faith. I enjoyed the community aspect of taking the girls to church and the church school nearby. By this time we had moved from our flat in Streatham to a house in Teddington to be nearer to my husband’s family. I threw myself into the church activities but there were various aspects of the Catholic faith that didn’t sit well with me, such as the Pope and the Vatican with all its riches, and his view on contraception. For a long while I had been drawn to Buddhism, and the more I read about it, the more I identified with its principles.

My marriage had been very rocky for several years before I finally plucked up the courage to end it. It took a long time to recover from the break-up, and I turned to Buddhism in earnest, with daily yoga and meditation. I only had books to learn from, and toyed with the idea of attending a temple in the hope of finding the right teacher. This seemed to go against the grain, as I felt that a teacher was someone who should come to me by some sort of divine intervention. I didn’t realise that at that time I wasn’t ready, and that I was to endure the most challenging time of my life before that teacher was sent.

Three years after my marriage ended, I met a man who I should never have brought into my life; let alone have allowed him to damage my children and our relationship in the way that he did. He was a violent, negative and manipulative alcoholic, but funny, exciting and exhilarating in equal measure. After years of having to be the good girl/mother/wife, I entered another phase of rebellion and became a selfish, hedonistic, drink-dependent, co-dependent and manipulated half of a couple who only had eyes for themselves. In my most forgiving moments, I can see that I tried to fix the severely damaged person that he was; in my most unforgiving moments I am utterly disgusted that I could have allowed the havoc that was wreaked on me and the girls. I can only take the blame squarely on my shoulders because I knew what he was when I met him, and I put having fun before the children that I should have been protecting the most.

The relationship ended when he finally took the verbal abuse too far and turned it into physical abuse by attacking my youngest daughter. The lowest point of my life was the fact that, even when it was happening, I was trying to reason with him rather than calling the police. Even afterwards, I didn’t throw him out – I felt sorry for him as he attempted suicide a few times, and felt obliged to support him if he gave up drinking (which he promised he would do). It was only when my daughter found out that I was trying to sort things out and put her foot down that I knew I had to get away from him once and for all.

By this time, as the girls had been to University and subsequently moved out, I had sold my house in West London to downsize, and bought a place near the sea in Suffolk. We were staying at my partner’s flat in London during the week, so this was really intended to be a weekend place, but the shock split meant that I was now cut adrift and living miles away from my friends and family. Thankfully, my job as an Area Manager covering the South East of England meant I could either stay in hotels, or drive from home to most of my accounts. Strangely enough, circumstances had led to my girls eventually moving from West London to South East London and they were now living in West Dulwich, round the corner from where I grew up (you may think this is irrelevant, but bear with me). I was able to stay with them as it was easy to get into central London.

You would think that by now I had learnt all the lessons necessary to make me a well-balanced individual, but no, not yet! Once I had licked my wounds and begun to repair the damaged relationships with family and friends, I embarked on various light-hearted sexual flings, often with completely inappropriate men. Having realised I was making the same mistakes again, and feeling hollow and empty, I thought that perhaps an online dating site would be the way to choose more carefully. I could pick someone based on common interests, rather than meeting random men in bars when I was drunk.

My friend recommended a particular dating site that you had to pay for (surely this would mean a better class of men was to be had?) which offered a 14 day free trial. I thought I had nothing to lose, so I signed up and quickly found that I learned far more about myself than I did about anyone I conversed with. I only made it to 10 days (including one date) before cancelling – I couldn’t bear the objectiveness of it all. Just because you match on paper, doesn’t mean you have any chemistry between you, and that’s aside from the fact that anyone can make up a fake persona to project. However, I felt that the process had taught me that I needed to find myself first before I found a partner. After so many years of existing for others and/or rebelling, I felt I had lost my identity. I deleted all the guys I had been in contact with, apart from one whose profile had caught my eye – partly because his spiritual interests were similar and intriguing, but also because he lived down the road from where I grew up and where the girls were living (now you see the relevance).

That was Tim Dyson, and that was how my teacher came to me. We met up and walked in the Dulwich parks that I had walked in as a child, and astonishingly we found that our childhoods had been very similar. He understood the pain of that brainwashing; the embarrassment of being different; the feeling that your parents would never be proud unless you were like them. During our conversation, I asked him about the type of spiritual work that he did, and he mentioned something about light, but didn’t go into detail thankfully, as the little he said made me think it was all a bit weird. We talked for hours, and by the time we said our goodbyes, I felt as if he was a brother to me.

Tim invited me to the next gathering at his house, so I went despite much fear and trepidation regarding what I was going to encounter. Although there are many of my parents’ ingrained beliefs that I have managed to dispel, the idea that some aspects of a spiritual nature could be evil or dangerous still rings alarm bells, so I was somewhat guarded when I arrived. The group of people were a very mixed selection of characters, but everyone was friendly and welcoming. My first experience of the Light was a very strong, heavy feeling which almost took my breath away. I had to resist the urge to panic and as Tim talked me through it, because of our connection, I knew I could trust him and that this Light was something pure and true. One thing that did unsettle me however, was that he occasionally referred to ‘God’, and given my utter rejection of the idea of God, I found this hard to swallow. However, by thinking of God as ‘the Universe’ instead, I was able to accept the deeper message he was conveying.

That was last summer, and I can’t believe how much the Light has changed me since. Or should I say, how much it has shown that the ‘me’ I despised and couldn’t forgive, is the product of my life and past lives, but the ‘me’ that is my Higher Self is full of compassion and love for everyone and everything; including that ‘despicable me’. Continuing to attend the gatherings as often as possible, and using the essences that Tim prescribed, I have gradually worked through so many of my old habits and fears, such as my relationship with my parents and children, my relationship with food and alcohol, and ultimately my relationship with myself. It has not been easy, as I have gone through periods of utter darkness and despair, but just when I have felt at my lowest, the Light shines through and another revelation clicks into place.

Having recently reached the point of feeling that I had hit a brick wall, I approached Tim for help and he put me on a program. The message he gave (which hit the nail on the head) was that I was struggling with guilt and shame, and a deep sense of unworthiness. In particular, I had a disconnection with my identity. This made me realise that, in spending most of my life trying to create a new identity that was different from the one my parents inflicted on me, I had completely lost myself. Following a one-to one Skype session with Tim, in my next meditation I was filled with an amazingly powerful surge of love and acceptance and the words that came to me were: ‘Be still and know that I am God’. I was profoundly moved as I realised that, by rejecting God, I had rejected myself! My parents’ version of a Christian life was what I should have been rejecting; not throwing the baby out with the bath water and rejecting God in the process. I finally knew that it was ok to accept and talk about God, and this incredible feeling I experienced was the same as being touched by what Christians would call ‘The Spirit’. It doesn’t matter how you label it, this is ‘All That Is’ – full of Truth, Love, Compassion and the path to Enlightenment. You could even call it ‘Wisdom’.

Fiona Day



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Emerald Heart Practitioner Irene Timm shares a very moving account of her journey into self love

Irene Timm Emerald Heart

The last time the Emerald Heart Light hit me full-on was in August 2017 right after I had served it in Tim Dyson’s Mount Retreat in Wales as the cook for the participants. In return it endowed me with truth and destroyed my illusions about love.

The very first day after the retreat I had to learn that my husband, although he still loved me, had fallen in love with another woman.  First I couldn’t believe what was happening. But every time I tried to deny it I got punched right in the face. During the following months my marriage fell to pieces. My biggest fear, to be left by the most loved person in my life, had come true. Still there was this inner knowing that true love was at work.

I went through a deeply transformative process and so did our marriage. Slowly I realized that I had put the relationship to my husband always above my relationship to myself and so above my relationship to God/the Light/ the Divine – not out of true love but of deepest neediness. Letting go of this pattern was the first step. Learning to love myself from the bottom of my heart the second. After weeks of deep mourning  and raging anger I got aware of a new part in me that wanted to live. A part that was quite powerful and so fed up with making myself smaller – especially towards my husband (the crazy thing was, that he had never expected me to behave like that, quite the opposite, it always had irritated him).

As soon as I gave this part enough space inside myself I had wonderful days of flow experiences. On one of these days I woke up with a voice inside my head telling me “I love you.” When I opened my email-account that very morning I found an email by David Ashworth in which he advertised the Mary Magdalene´s Magical Months – a program in Self-Love given through Mary Magdalene to Harriet Kroon. It just took me a few seconds  to decide to enroll for this program.

It was interesting to discover over the months that there was still a part in me that was totally against this development, a part that was convinced that someone else could do the job of loving me much better than I ever could. In other words – I was confronted with the fact that despite all my independence (financially and socially) I still felt emotionally  addicted. It was the unbearable tension through the pending decision either to split up ultimately with my husband because the pain of having been hurt wouldn’t disappear or to continue our marriage on a deeper level of love that opened me for the unknown.  I didn’t want to just think deeper love, but feel it. It happened on a rainy November evening while I was walking along a very busy road. I felt that familiar old pain in my heart of not being loved, of being left alone and having no choice than running away from it all. But instead of running away a motherly energy inside myself  became tangible and this inner mother took a deep look at that pain, at the little girl that was connected to it and embraced her so warmly, that after a few minutes the little girl inside myself felt so at home like she had never felt before. Since this deep and true experience something inside myself has changed completely. I feel loved like I have never felt before – independently from the love of my husband.  He has been undergoing his own process during the last one and a half years. We are still together and we both feel that we have brought our marriage to the next level.

I am so grateful for all the guidance through my teachers  Upchar Levi (who is not connected to the Emerald Heart Light but also very enlightening in his Chakra work), Brigitte Lämmle (the most confronting and loving couples therapist I can imagine), Christina Achter (a brilliant music-therapist, who went on very healing music journeys into my inner world with me ), Yvonne Hrdy (who brought the Emerald Heart Light into my life),  Sephora McElroy (practitioner and my mentor in the Emerald Heart  work), Tim Dyson (for his wonderful Mountain Retreats in the Light of the Emerald Heart), Harriet Kroon  (my  mentor in the Divine Plan Healing System and in my new work with Mary Magdalene´s Light) and of course David Ashworth, who brought the Emerald Heart Light into the world.

Working with the Emerald Heart Light has helped me to become aware of my deepest fears. It gave me always enough courage and trust that I can face them. It seems to me that dissolving all those fears that had come up over the last eight years made way for Mary Magdalene´s Light. The last four months in her Light have been extremely soothing. I have the feeling of being at home –finally (at least for the moment).

Irene Timm – Emerald Heart Practitioner

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Thank you and Seasons Greetings

We trust that you enjoyed and benefited from the Winter Solstice Light Transmission and we thank all those of you who took part by opening yourselves to the Emerald Heart Light and allowing it to touch your deeper consciousness in this way.

From all of us here, we wish all of you, the Emerald Heart family, a very joyous and peaceful Christmas period and a New Year full of growth and a softening of your own heart.

Much love and joy to you all.

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Reminder – December Light Transmission 2018

Its not too late to sign up for the December Solstice Emerald Heart Light Transmission, between 20th and 22nd December. 

For more information go HERE 


Tips on how to Receive the Light Transmission

A good period to receive the Light is about an hour at a time and once per day will be enough.

1.  Set your Intent for the time you wish to receive the Light.

2.  Make yourself comfortable and cover yourself with a blanket.

3.  Relax and just be in the moment, calming your mind and listening to your breath.

4.  Trust the Process and you will find that within a few moments you begin to feel the peaceful Light of The Emerald Heart.

5.  Post some feedback on the BLOG for others to share in.

You may share this opportunity with those you feel would benefit from this amazing three day experience. Forward them this page using the buttons below.



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Light Transmission – December Solstice 2018

(For other languages see links at the end of this post.)

During the December Solstice 2018, the Emerald Heart Light will be made  available across the world .

No exchange required.


What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens the heart to the truth within you, helping you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:

From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd December at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, you will need to register at the Light Transmission Registration Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG.

Guidelines on how to receive the Light are provided on the Registration page below


  Register for the Light Transmission



Why seek the help of The Emerald Heart Light?

Thousands of people have worked with the Emerald Heart Light over the years for many and varied reasons. Some people absolutely know they are on their spiritual path and are determined to constantly grow spiritually, whilst others are seeking help with all kinds of general life issues.

HEALING,  for example:

Recovery from an illness or operation by rebalancing the physical body

Resolving difficulties with a loved one through guidance and understanding

Moving on from a relationship by dissolving emotional ties

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks through cleansing and repair

Breaking out of the same repeating patterns through dissolving limitations

General cleansing and balancing of the energy system


Feeling stuck in your life and work

Knowing that you can’t go on in the same way any longer

Working with a Teacher to help you find the answers

Discovering the deeper issues that prevent your growth

Finding the Prime Limiting Factor that prevents a conscious shift

Learning how to constantly move forward on your path

Discovering your hidden potential

Discovering your true inner power

Seeking your Truth through a deeper spiritual life path

Experiencing True Evolutionary Shifts

Connecting to the God Consciousness and Unity


The Knowing!  When Universal Light begins to work on you, you get a sense of ‘knowing’ in your heart. This feeling is impossible to describe as it is different for everyone, but it is just a perfect sense that you know something to be absolutely true at the core of your being. That sense of knowing is the God-consciousness awakening and communicating with you in your heart.

With Love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

For the German page https://wp.me/P1TEQN-4aw

For Swedish https://wp.me/P1TEQN-4ay

For Netherlands https://wp.me/P1TEQN-4aA

For French https://wp.me/P1TEQN-4aD

For Spanish https://wp.me/P1TEQN-4aF

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Podcast 4 November 2018 – Ian Mills and Tim Dyson



Ian Mills and Tim team up again for podcast 4. Tim shares about his struggles and journey in life and how he became Principal of the Emerald Heart School.

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