Emerald Heart Light Transmission – September 2018

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During the September Equinox 2018, the Emerald Heart Light will be made  available across the world . No exchange required.


What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens the heart to the truth within you, helping you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:

From 1.00am on the 22nd to midnight on the 24th September at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, you will need to register at the Light Transmission Registration Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG.

Guidelines on how to receive the Light are provided on the Registration page below


  Register for the Light Transmission


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Why seek the help of The Emerald Heart Light?

Thousands of people have worked with the Emerald Heart Light over the years for many and varied reasons. Some people absolutely know they are on their spiritual path and are determined to constantly grow spiritually, whilst others are seeking help with all kinds of general life issues.

HEALING,  for example:

Recovery from an illness or operation by rebalancing the physical body

Resolving difficulties with a loved one through guidance and understanding

Moving on from a relationship by dissolving emotional ties

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks through cleansing and repair

Breaking out of the same repeating patterns through dissolving limitations

General cleansing and balancing of the energy system


Feeling stuck in your life and work

Knowing that you can’t go on in the same way any longer

Working with a Teacher to help you find the answers

Discovering the deeper issues that prevent your growth

Finding the Prime Limiting Factor that prevents a conscious shift

Learning how to constantly move forward on your path

Discovering your hidden potential

Discovering your true inner power

Seeking your Truth through a deeper spiritual life path

Experiencing True Evolutionary Shifts

Connecting to the God Consciousness and Unity


The Knowing!  When Universal Light begins to work on you, you get a sense of ‘knowing’ in your heart. This feeling is impossible to describe as it is different for everyone, but it is just a perfect sense that you know something to be absolutely true at the core of your being. That sense of knowing is the God-consciousness awakening and communicating with you in your heart.

With Love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment


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Lynne Shaw – A Reminder of The Importance of Your Thoughts, Words and Deeds

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog a slightly painful reminder that if life isn’t quite working out, we may well benefit by being aware of where our focus is, stepping back from drama and taking responsibility for our stuff.

As you are the size of a spec of dust in the Universe, you can be mistaken in thinking or believing that your thoughts, words and deeds have little impact. Remember that everything you think, say and do reverberates across the whole of creation. Everything you think, say or do matters.

Environmental disharmony

Environmental disharmony is created by Mental, Emotional and Spiritual disharmony, so it behooves you to clean up your act. You may say you act consciously with regard to your footprint on the Earth, yet if you are withholding love from your heart for yourself or others due to feelings of worthlessness, past hurts or fears, then your attempts to lessen your carbon footprint has little effect.

Contributing to peace on earth

When you can truly say that you love your sisters and brothers unconditionally and that you love yourself as Creator loves you, then you are truly contributing to peace on Earth. Until that time you have a responsibility to clean up your act. To find and purge those places in your heart where you continue to judge, criticize, limit, withhold, from yourself or others.

Spiritual correctness

You may know all of the Spiritually correct things to say, but does that match what is in your heart? For if you believe yourself to be elevated above anyone or thing in this Universe then the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are yet to open to you and you will continue on this wheel of birth and rebirth until you learn humility and the truth of where you are in creation. We are all equal in the eyes of God, all are as important as each other. We are all one where every thought, word and deed registers in the heart of every other creature. Therefore you matter, your choices matter and the life you create matters.

How to make a difference

It is time to put an end to your running away from the truth and any blaming, or projecting onto others in order for you to cope. Only you are responsible for the life you are creating. Only you are responsible for your personal heaven or hell that registers across the entire Universe.

Be kind, be clear, and search for the truth in your heart. Live a simple life with honesty, integrity and equanimity with your fellow woman and man and all beings in this Universe.

May peace reign in and around you.

Many blessings,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

New York, USA

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Jon Gauntlett – Who I Am

Emerald heart Practitioner Jon Gauntlett, bares his soul and shares his life journey with the Blog.

Want to know more about Jon?   …  read on.

I first wrote this for my own blog and then Tim, the Principle of the Emerald Heart School, asked me to post it on the Emerald Heart blog too.

Some of you may know me but a lot of you probably wont. So I will start by telling you who I am, what I do and why I am writing this.

In a nutshell!

My name is Jon; I’m an Emerald Heart practitioner, geomancer, meditation teacher and card reader with over ten years experience. I’m also a partner in my wife’s crystal and suncatcher business.

I decided to write a blog to give you my view on spirituality, energy work, mysticism, the metaphysical and all areas related to the Divine. This is what the blog will focus on so if you’ve come for how to make a decent cup of tea this is not the place for you. Well, unless you want to hear about my encounter with a poltergeist over a cup of tea, which I will write about in a later post. Stay tuned as they say.

That’s it in a nutshell. Well it would be if I was writing it in a hazelnut size nutshell, but I’m going for a coco de mer size nutshell so there’s more. Oh and you can look up coco de mer as apparently it’s the worlds largest nut. Just make sure you do that after reading my blog first. Thank you.

Who am I?

I was born in 1966. I’m a Libran and a Fire Horse. I became interested in the mysteries of the Earth and the Universe at a young age, whilst living in Birmingham, England.

I loved books like ‘Lord of the Rings’, fell in love with the movie ‘Star Wars’, wanted to be Doctor Who & Johnny Rotten, had a crush on Suzi Quatro, played Dungeons & Dragons and had a great fascination with stone circles. I was brought up in a run of the mill Christian household, which involved church on Sunday but nothing too heavy. I also became involved with the other English religion called football and, for my crimes, became a Leeds United supporter at a very young age.

I started life as a nomad. Mainly due to my father being a career man and moving constantly for his promotions.

 It was during the early nomadic years of my life that I was taken to see a stone circle and the energy and impact of it lodged itself somewhere within me. It is something that has stayed with me ever since and whenever I’m home in England I always take the opportunity to visit at least one stone circle. They fascinate me and so do the earth energies that run under them. I shall write about them later, including when the sky turned blood red above Stone Henge.

Merry Maidens, Cornwall, England

As a child I was quite open to my spiritual side, believed in God, the pagan Celtic mythology of the land I lived in, and had some powerful intuitive dreams. Some of the dreams were fantastic like flying with dragons and some were very scary including having a repetitive dream about witches in my ceiling. I’d like to tell you about them one day and their spiritual connotations.

At the age of twelve dad got another promotion and we moved to Worthing on the south coast of England. Moving to Worthing allowed me to explore Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring on a regular basis. Two prehistoric hill forts that are well worth investigating and dowsing for earth energies. There were also trips to Devils Dyke and the Longman of Wilmington.

                     Cissbury Ring, West Sussex,

If you have an interest in the ancient landscape of southern England these are all places you should visit.

At the age of fourteen my parents got divorced. Mum, my sister and myself moved back to Birmingham.

In my older teen years I started to shut down to my spirituality. Instead I gravitated towards the football terraces. It gave me an outlet for the anger and anguish that comes from parents separating. Half my football life was given to following my beloved Leeds United when they played any of the local teams in and around Birmingham. The other half was going with my Aston Villa supporting mates to watch their team. Either which way there was a flirtation with the football hooliganism of the early 1980’s. Which is nothing to be proud of but it’s important to be honest.

When you are a practitioner of any sort your clients need to trust you and to have trust you need to have honesty, including the mistakes and misdemeanours of youth. It is part of your human journey and your souls journey. It’s what makes you who you are.

I left school and moved back to Worthing where I acquired a little brother from my dad’s second marriage. I then moved on to Eastbourne where I went to college and formed some amazing lifelong friendships. During this time I had two frightening supernatural experiences. But I’ll tell you about them another time. 

I emerged in my early 20’s as a punk rocker and anarchist trying determinedly to change the world for the better through whatever it took. I was forever looking outwards and never inwards in my desire for human and animal welfare. I denied the existence of God and most spirituality, although I did always feel a connection to the Celtic roots of England. That aspect of my spirituality never changed.

In the early 1990’s I moved to Australia with all my anarchist punk views. I got married to my first wife, but was separated by the mid 1990’s. I still wanted to change the world and I was still looking outwards and never inwards.

This changed in the late 90’s when my courageous father went through and died of cancer. He was 61. This was one of the saddest moments in my life and was a massive shock to the system. I left Australia and returned to England to help nurse him through the last few months of his life. A heart breaking time for all those involved.

This caused the start of a break down within me and led to overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Ironically it was the start of my spiritual re-awakening, although I was not aware of this yet.

I ran away from the emotion and moved to Brisbane, Australia. I met and fell in love with Danielle who I eventually married. Over the next few years we lived and worked in Australia and England, did a lot of travelling and led a fairly hedonistic lifestyle. There is something to be said for life experience if you can learn from it and grow.

With the help of Danielle I broke my drug addiction. I was beginning to realise that to change the world on the outside you need to look inwards and change yourself on the inside.

To grow spirituality as a human being you have to face up to yourself. You have to be honest about all your faults and all your issues. You have to conquer your demons. Then your soul can grow and you can start to change. It’s not easy though. Confronting yourself is bloody hard work but you take the first step and then the next step and…

One of those steps for me came in 2004 when Danielle introduced me to my first teacher, Beverly, Earth Stone Mother Woman. It was the beginning of a shamanic journey. This amazing lady took me into deep meditative states. Through the soul journeying I went on I received much needed healing whilst the Universe opened me up to the beginnings of my Spiritual Journey.

It was my first knowing encounter with some of my Guides. I’m sure some had been there my whole life but this was the first time I had an understanding of them. They took me on some incredible journeys in to the Devic Realms and gave me much needed knowledge.

In 2005 we relocated to Adelaide. Danielle joined a meditation group, which was based around guided angelic meditations. At first I held back as at the time I still equated angels with Christianity. I was still rebelling against religion and I can be stubborn. Still I missed meditation and decided to give it a go. Danielle had also told me that the group had nothing to do with religion. I’m glad I went because it turned out to be another huge step in my spiritual journey.

Roxeen, the angel lady, ran the group. I became connected to my Angelic Guides and started to gain a deeper understanding of the Angelic Realm. My consciousness expanded and I learnt a lot. I was taught how to run meditation groups and became a meditation teacher. I practiced being an angel card reader as I discovered that I had the ability to read cards.

Running meditation groups was a huge learning curve with how spiritual energy works, both good and bad, light and dark. It was a good lesson in realising that we don’t know as much as we think we do and that we need to show humility and respect for the energetic process. What happened in Adelaide, while running meditation groups, is a whole story unto itself so I will save that for another time.

Roxeen recommended that I read a book called ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light’ by David Ashworth. So I did. It opened my eyes up and gave me a new perspective about energy work.

Towards the end of our time in Adelaide Danielle gave birth to our beautiful daughter. It was the most magical moment in my life to see that precious life form arrive in to the world. On the flip side Danielle may disagree about the moment, as it was a very difficult birth. Us men need to be honest and accept that we will never ever know what that feels like.

We returned to live in England in 2007. First in Spalding, with my mum, before getting our own place in Brighton. After my experiences in Adelaide I decided to give teaching meditation a miss. I was a little damaged in that area. However I did get a job, in Brighton, as the resident angel card reader in a shop. I found this very fulfilling and certainly had some interesting clients.

Then the Emerald Heart Light came along. Life changed again. At this point you may start to see a pattern emerge. Danielle contacted David Ashworth for an appointment. Danielle went first and I followed. That’s the pattern. I owe Danielle a lot for this with her leaps of faith. Like I said I can be stubborn and I like to put barriers up. It’s not just with the spiritual stuff either. I can huff and puff about a lot of things. I’m getting better at it though, having these leaps of faith.

I followed and had an appointment with Dave too. Well several actually. I stepped in to the Emerald Heart Light, which forced me to look closely at myself. A little way down the track I got an email inviting me to study to become an Emerald Heart practitioner. I knew I couldn’t turn the opportunity down. Thanks to my mum, who leant me the money, I jumped in feet first.


In 2009 I met my third teacher, spiritual visionary David Ashworth, at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. I studied and qualified to become an Emerald Heart Practitioner. Stepping into this amazing Light has challenged me but in so doing has pushed my Spiritual Evolution to new levels. I have learnt more about the complexities of energy work and have also grown in my role as healer and teacher.

My own challenges and lessons certainly help me to work with my clients as they grow on their spiritual journeys. This growth never stops and I am constantly evolving on my journey. Experiencing moments of enlightenment and trying to learn from my mistakes.

This growth led me to my next teacher Sig Lonegren. This brought back in the shamanic side to my life. Sig is one of the world’s top dowsers and practitioners of geomancy. He builds amazing labyrinths too. Through his teaching I learnt how to dowse the earth energies and heal sick houses. I simply and safely learnt how to clear houses, and people, of all the nasty energetic stuff that can fly around. He also taught me how to draw labyrinths big and small. We often have fun as a family drawing them in the sand at the beach.

 Ancient Labyrinth Carving, Cornwall, England 

At the end of 2010 we decided to move back to Australia. Where we still live to this day on the Gold Coast. Not long after we got back my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was the other saddest moment in my life. I never got to see my amazing beautiful mum again. For one reason or another I couldn’t get back to England before she passed away at the start of 2011. I will be forever grateful to my sister who nursed her through the last few months of her life. Many phone calls were made though and I was on the phone with her as she passed away. Mum was 83 and I still miss her.

There is a positive I can take from this though. I had an incredible experience just before I received the phone call from my sister letting me know mum was slipping away. I was in a deep meditation and I walked down the tunnel of light with my mum. I was only able to go so far but I watched the start of her crossing over. I wont go in to all the details here now but I am blessed to have had such an experience to see and feel this.

So here I am on the Gold Coast with Danielle and our daughter. My main focus energetically is the work that I do. I am an Emerald Heart practitioner with clients all around Australia. I also do house clearings for people as and when they need it.

I am learning that you have to be open to all possibilities. That sometimes you have to end things, no matter how passionate you are about them, and other times you have to start things, no matter how apprehensive you are. To stay on the cutting edge of spirituality and energy work you have to constantly be open to the ever-changing Universal energies. As Universal energy evolves you need to as well.

Which is probably why I have decided to start writing a blog. My guidance has been banging on the door for a long time to get me to do this and I’m finally taking the plunge. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Done and dusted.

Thank you for reading my first post. Now you know a little bit about me.

Back in the mists of time someone said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

I do like that quote as I feel the journey is never ending. I am constantly evolving, as the Spiritual Path continues for a whole lifetime. Through the challenges I face and the lessons I learn I have gained much experience and understanding as to how spiritual energy works and how I can help others with their healing and journeys.

Clients come to me for various reasons on this path. Healing for their energy systems, guidance, spiritual evolution, a teacher, entity removal, balancing the energy in their homes to name but a few. Some clients are new to this spiritual journey, some are old hands at it and some are teachers in their own right but all get the help they need.

Oh and for the record, in case you were wandering? I still love stone circles and Star Wars. I don’t have a crush on Suzi Quatro anymore. I don’t want to be Johnny Rotten either. But I would still love to be Doctor Who. And I still support Leeds United. God bless ‘em.

Travel safe and be blessed,



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Florence Zumbihl – La Gomera Retreat, May 2019 – Dolphins and Whales


Emerald Heart Elder Florence Zumbihl, shares with the Blog her exciting new Retreat planned for May 2019

There will be a limited number of places for this wonderful event, so book soon to avoid disappointment.


La Gomera Retreat May 17 – 23, 2019 “Dolphins and Whales in the Emerald Heart Light” – Connecting with the Oceanic Consciousness – New Emerald Heart Essence “Pilot Whale”

Dear Reader,

Have you always wanted to meet dolphins and whales in the wild? Do you want to consciously immerse yourself in the world of dolphins and whales and connect with them?

Many people dream of this and I offer you a wonderful opportunity to meet these enchanting beings. In an intensive week we connect with the Oceanic Consciousness and learn to receive messages. The sea dwellers have asked for help and it is important that we all do something to protect them, so that they will remain with us for a very long time.

In May 2019 the retreat “Dolphins and Whales in the Emerald Heart Light”will take place on La Gomera. During this week we go 3 times with a small boat with a maximum of 10 people out to the Atlantic. We visit the sea animals in their very personal living room and watch them from the boat.

La Gomera is a true natural paradise with an incredible transformation potential. During the seminar week we immerse ourselves in the various elements and the focus is on personal development and send healing for Mother Earth and the oceans.

Retreat program:

  • 3 trips of 3-4 hours to the sea (not included in the seminar price, to be paid on site)
  • Island tour and easy hike through the magic forest with local guide and bus
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Meditations, conscious breathing, mindfulness exercises
  • Gentle physical exercises
  • Perceptions and exercises on the elements water, earth, fire, air
  • Group Healing and Group Sessions
  • Emerald Heart® Light Essences for Personal Transformation
  • Being in the Light sessions to dissolve blockages and fears
  • Awareness and contact with the Oceanic Consciousness

The sea trips are to be paid directly on site at Oceano Whale Watching, Euro 120 per person for all 3 trips (price as of May 2018, prices subject to change). So you can decide locally whether you want to be on the water with the group or rather stay on the land and enjoy the beach. If you are attracted to the sea, but are still afraid of going out to sea, we can work specifically to resolve these fears.


The sighting rate at La Gomera is about 90% and you never know if and what you will encounter on the tour in the Atlantic. In May 2018 I was blessed with many wonderful encounters, including about 100 dolphins, more than 60 pilot whales, Blainville beaked whales, a Bryde whale and a breaching Humpback Whale. During the trip there is always a guide with you, who explains a lot of interesting facts about the sighted animals.

Retreat costs:CHF 680.00 (includes all meditations & lessons, several Emerald Heart® Light essences, hiking trip with local guide and bus, exclusive trips to the sea).

During the retreat there are always free times so that you can withdraw and let what you have experienced work.

Not included in the price:
– Flight and transfer-
– Accommodation-
– Meals
– Trips to the sea

Individual arrival in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Canary Islands. Latest arrival Thursday, 16 May 2019, earliest departure from Thursday, 23 May 2019.

Accommodation without board from 28 Euro in a wonderful quiet pension or holiday apartments with pool from 62 Euro or directly at the sea from 75 Euro per night.

New Emerald Heart Light Essence “Pilot Whale”
From my last La Gomera trip I brought the newEmerald Heart® Light Essence “Pilot Whale“. It carries the vibration of the pilot whales and helps you to regenerate and integrate the new energies into your system. At the same time, it helps to open your heart more to the consciousness of the oceans and marine life. You will learn to feel the irrepressible joy of the pilot whales and perceive the endless expanse of the oceans. If you use the Emerald Heart® essence for yourself and your development, take three drops of it three times a day in a glass of water. The “Pilot Whale” essence has another very special mode of action. It helps to increase the vibration of the seas and supports the healing of the oceans. So you can consciously do something for the oceans.

If you live by the sea or soon go on holiday to the sea, this Emerald Heart® Light Essence would be a good way to become active. In a ritual 3 drops of the essence are given to the sea as a gift. A detailed description of how you can do this is included with the essence. Read more about the essence: https://florence-zumbihl-en.com/2018/06/23/call-of-the-sea-new-emerald-heart-light-essence-pilot-whale/


On my website you can find more information as well as photos of the encounters before La Gomera:https://florence-zumbihl-en.com/la-gomera-retreat-dolphins-and-whales/

If you are interested in the retreat, do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer your questions and send you detailed information about the accommodation.

Florence Zumbihl
Elder & Teacher of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Mail: mail@florence-zumbihl.com
Skype: florence 868

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Harriët Kroon – Invitation for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

A unique opportunity to experience a New Light

Harriët Kroon

Working with the Emerald Heart Light can change our lives tremendously. I find this transformational Light a great ‘tool’ for overcoming my fears and challenges and over the years it has guided me to my talents, gifts and life mission. I had an extreme burnout which was also classified as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), when I found out about the Emerald Heart Light. At that time I had endured all kinds of therapies and I had come to the conclusion that regular health care did not have a solid solution for my health problems. On the other hand, homeopathy and all kinds of healing modalities did bring positive changes.

Skeptical about the Emerald Heart Light

It was the summer of 2011 when I tried my first Emerald Heart essence. I was very skeptical and had a lot of resistance against the Light, but to my surprise it opened my heart for healing and – more important – for myself. My True Self. Because of all kinds of fears and traumas, this True Self was so deeply hidden away inside of me, that I had completely lost contact with it. I thought I knew who I was, but I didn’t.

As I was extremely depleted and out of balance, it took many years to find balance again. With the support of my Emerald Heart Light Practitioner my energy system was repaired (chakras, auric levels, Earth Links), I found self-confidence again and I overcame the challenge to show my healing gifts to the world. At times it was an intense process, but always very rewarding.

Hundreds of essences

I have come to the conclusion that the more time and energy we dedicate to our development in the Light, the more we become Light. Since about 2012 I feel such a deep longing, call it urge inside of myself to release all that I do not longer need in this lifetime, that I constantly sweep all negative thoughts, fears and patterns out of my system with Emerald Heart essences and Light Programs. I must have taken hundreds of essences and dozens of Light Programs since my very first bottle. As a result, my life (self-esteem, friendships, work, etc.) has changed tremendously and still is changing in a way I could have never predicted.

A New Light was gifted

As a consequence of working intensively with the Emerald Heart Light for six years, to my own surprise I was opened up in the direction of the Divine Feminine. Suddenly I was gifted a New Light to bring into the world. In the spring of 2017 The Light of Mary Magdalene started to pour through my heart… Now, more than a year later, my channel is ready to serve others with this balming, feminine Light. At the bottom of this blog you will find an invitation to experience this New Light free of charge. But first I want to explain a bit more about this Light and its purpose.

Era of the Feminine Rebirth

As you might have noticed, we are living in the Era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Feminine power is on its return. You could call our time and age the Era of the Feminine Rebirth. The world we live in is craving for balance. More and more people are realizing that we can bring Mother Earth – including our individual lives – back to balance by bringing more feminine energies (yin) into our lives. Let me explain this first before I share more about the Light of Mary Magdalene.

Carte blanche for the yang forces

In the past millennia, humanity has looked down upon and neglected the receptive and inwards directed force of yin and thereby it allowed itself to be overtaken by the exploring and outwards directed force of yang. This attitude has given the yang forces carte blanche to become too extreme, even negative. Our planet is overtaken by an ego-driven way of life, based on an a craving for power and money – by men and women. Of course the yang force is not per-se negative. There is nothing wrong with exploration, power or money in itself, but the way in which it used is crucial. In general we see that exploration and power is used to manipulate, to expand aggressively, and that the greed for money is to fulfill egocentric needs.

Mother Earth’s burnout

Our extreme expansive, yang way of living has led to the end of healthy resources, the pure elements of which nature consist. The element of water is polluted (e.g. the invisible radiation of the Fukushima nuclear disaster); the wood element is rapidly facing its end (ancient forests, the lungs of our world are being destroyed); the element of earth is polluted (chemicals) and depleted (extreme mining); the element of air is facing its death by all pollution we constantly pour into it by smoking, driving, flying etc. Our extreme yang way of living not only leads to the end of the healthy resources, but also undermines our own physical balance. Mother Earth’s burnout is reflected by the increase of burnout as a human “disease”. In The Netherlands for example, the country where I live, nature is almost completely overtaken and employees are requested to be 100% productive during all their working hours, which has led to one of the highest rates of burnouts worldwide.

How do you nurture yourself, others and Mother Earth?

Time has come to embrace our yin aspects. We need to calm our yang lifestyle with our inward directed forces. How much self-care do you give yourself? How do you nurture yourself? How much quality time/love do you give yourself? You can ask these same questions in regard to your family, friends, the society you live in and last but not least, Mother Earth.

Mary Magdalene represents the Yin Force

Time has come to embrace a life-style in which we do not focus on the highest income and most expensive fashionable clothes, furniture and holidays anymore. Time has come to invite more love, care and compassion into our lives and this is where the Light of Mary Magdalene comes in. Mary represents the Yin Force. At one hand she represents the caring and the nurturing feminine qualities (She anointed Yeshua’s feet) and at the other hand she represents the feminine power (manifesting the life she wished to live in a severe patriarchal society). Mary’s Light is an important aspect of the Divine Feminine Force. Her Light coming through now is part of the Rise of the Divine Feminine, the Era of the Feminine Rebirth, of the “Divine Plan.”

Mary Magdalene Revival

I have noticed that since some decades ,all over the world books are appearing about Mary’s life. More and more people feel called to find the truth about her background and life path. This is of course not an easy task as most of the history left is oral tradition. I sense a Mary Magdalene Revival, not in a fashionista way, but as a true Rebirth. Some people publish channelings of Mary. Recently the movie “Mary Magdalene” reached the cinema –  it is the story of the last part of Jesus’ life, witnessed through the eyes of Yeshua’s closest disciple, and gives a good feel for what the life of this woman must have been like. Even the Vatican felt the call of the Divine Feminine. In 2016 pope Francis raised in a decree the liturgical celebration honouring St. Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast, and she is now hailed as The Apostle to The Apostles.

No relation with any church

I am not related to any church and my personal connection with Mary does not have a religious background. The opening of my heart for Her Light to come through was at first a complete shock for me. In the first half year, when I started to realise what was happening I struggled quite a bit, because I knew about the negative connotations around her name. The inner knowing that one day I would have to share with the world that She had picked my heart to offer Her Light to humanity, felt like a huge burden.

Channel David Ashworth

Of course I spoke with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, about what was happening inside of me. He understood and explained many of physical sensations I was and am still going through – Her beam of Light has no intention at all to cease growing.

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Enough about my life and observations. What about yours?

Are you ready to live your life in a more gentle way? Are you ready to bring more ease and grace into your life? Would you like to balance your masculine and feminine qualities? If so, you are very welcome to participate in the upcoming Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. There are no costs involved. (And if you feel called to offer an exchange, I would be delighted to receive an email with your experience.)

Participating is very easy

Participating is very easy, it works just like the Emerald Heart Light Transmissions that you may have participate in:

  • Register at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org;
  • On Sunday the 22nd of July you pick a moment to receive Mary’s Light;
  • You may want to lay down or meditate, please do take your time;
  • The moment you set your intention to receive, Her Light will start to pour into your heart;
  • This day you may receive as often as you wish;
  • We have set up our Light Transmission in such a way that you don’t need to worry about the time zone from where it is transmitted. Mary’s Light will be available for you for 24 hours, from 00.00hrs early morning – 24hrs midnight, YOUR LOCAL TIME, wherever you are in the world;
  • Our Light Transmissions are open for all genders.


On Solstice Day, the 21st of June I offered the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. People from 25 countries participated and it was great to see this free event being shared on Facebook again and again. I will share a few amazing testimonial with you.

“Felt very strongly a feeling of being in the womb. Protected, peaceful & actually surrounded by a reddish, pink hue of light. Not ready to be thrown in to the maelstrom of life! So happy there!”

“I was seeing and feeling the pure love of Christ from a feminine aspect and am very humbled by it.”

“I had 2 sessions with Mary Magdalene. I could feel her energy very strongly in my heart. It was very peaceful.”

FYI, you can read extensive sharings about the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on Facebook.

Any questions?

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to ask, you can reach me at


Download the event information

You can download the event information here and of course you may share this event with as many people as you like.


You can register now at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org or by clicking on the event on Facebook.

Please do let us know the place and country where you are based, so we know exactly to whom and where to send the Light to.

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to “meeting” you in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. Let’s bathe the whole world in Divine Feminine Light!

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/279889115889660

Email: MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org



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Harriët Kroon – The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

Retreat leader Harriët Kroon shares her own experiences and feedback from the 14 participants who joined her for this amazing event. Harriët is planning to offer this retreat again in 2019 – don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part!  

Harriët (right) with Alexandra Meyn

The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

The Emerald Heart Light opened our hearts profoundly during the recent Divine Plan Retreat in the South of France. Many of the participants had life changing experiences. The Guides offered teaching after teaching. Also, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene was present and ‘The Mother of the Mother of All that Is’ gave us many insights about the power of the Divine Feminine. 

I am incredibly grateful for all that happened and unfolded during our very first Divine Plan Retreat. To be honest, it went far beyond my possible imagination. “It changed my life completely,” wrote a young male participant. “You made a life changing experience able for me. Words are not enough to thank you,” added a lovely lady. I must admit, it changed my life completely too.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene

Last summer the Light started to push me to organize a Divine Plan Retreat, which took place a few weeks ago. The theme was “Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene” and for this purpose I found a fantastic location in the South of France. At the start of the retreat I was a bit uncertain about the venue, as it is very basic and in the middle of nowhere. But after the first hours all possible worries had disappeared. Our host and cook Patricia provided us with excellent vegetarian three course meals full of love; the cats and dogs on the compound were all competing in welcoming friendliness; and Mother Nature did her magic.

“Great location. Never change this place for more comfort.”

 “A wonderful peaceful spot. Perfect for spiritual experiences. I loved the fact that camping is possible and that there is hardly Wi-Fi available. And the food was amongst the best I ever had.”







Even though the weather was a bit too fertile for us (it rained quite a bit), we were able to have some outdoor meals with stunning views, we had early morning chi kung in the warmth of the rising sun and we were treated with several rainbows.

“Its remoteness and fine views assist the concentration required for a retreat.”

Experientials in nature

Mother Nature supported us in her in various fabulous ways on the days that we did our trips to sacred sites. Every time we left for experientials in nature, the rain stopped and the warm sun opened the blanket of clouds, and as soon as we were ready to return to the venue, the clouds continued doing their fertilizing job. The pure and salty river Sals cleansed our auras, each of us received powerful healing in the ancient megalithic throne of the Goddess, and Mount Bugarach, situated opposite to our seminar room, supported us with her feminine energies.

 “I liked the gentle way in which you brought us to the Light, and how you built up the four days. The first two days with classes and excursions, which also brought the group together.”

The very best guide of the region

We visited two sacred villages where the Divine Feminine energies are very tangible. To be able to offer extra historical information about these sites, we had hired the very best guide of the region. She did a fantastic job, her tours were full of wisdom and details of interest. I could see the Emerald Heart Light inspire Anneke’s heart to step into her full potential. At the end she shared: “I felt I had to reach each individual with the historical details that they particularly needed to know.”

 “I loved the excursions and the priceless guide. She is the perfect link between the purpose of the retreat and the area it took place in.”







 The blessing of the Holy Womb Chakra

It was an intensive intensive. Each day again the Light pushed me to keep the breaks short, for the participants to receive far more than value for money. I totally understand that some participants would have loved to have a bit extra time for a walk in nature or a meditation, but the Light was persistent. It wanted to honour the very first participants of a Divine Plan Retreat with endless gifts. Mary Magdalene offered channelings; the feminine power of The Mother of the Mother of All that Is blessed our holy womb chakras; and the Guides of the Emerald Heart opened each heart to such a deep extent that each individual was able to share their deepest feminine woundings. As a result an incredible amount of darkness, fear and pain was transformed into Light.

 “Harriët enables growth and development in a very natural and supporting manner. She invites you to share and shares herself as well, honest, subtle and very inspiring. Harriët truly walks and lives her talk!”

Divine Plan Healing Training included

On the third and fourth day of the retreat I offered the Divine Plan Healing Training with the loving support of Alexandra Meyn (Divine Plan Teacher and Emerald Heart Program Practitioner) and Daniela Hörath (Advanced Divine Plan Healer). It was wonderful to bring seven new people into the Path of Light and an honour to give the attunements together with Alexandra. The new students now can give healings to themselves and others with the transformative Emerald Heart Light and the supportive Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Amongst the retreat participants were five women and one man who had already received the first Divine Plan attunement before. It was very rewarding to reinforce their attunement and to provide them with a deeper connection and understanding of the Emerald Heart Light. I am looking forward to hearing what unfolds for all recipients. This training and the practice of self-healings usually open so many unexpected new pathways and possibilities in life that it leaves us speechless J.

 “Very straight-forward and easy healing method. Easy to apply, steps are simple and well documented. After the training you go home with an effective way to heal yourself and others.”

The Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is

For me personally the Divine Plan Retreat was also very transformative. In the weeks before, the Emerald Heart Light and the Light of Mary Magdalene prepared me strongly. I was taken through deep healing processes to be able to support all participants. When I visited one of the sacred sites to connect with the Divine Feminine and ask permission to bring a group of people for inspiration and healing, the Divine Feminine asked for an exchange. The Mother of the Mother of All that Is asked permission to speak through me whenever that is needed. The love that came with these words was so immense, that this new life task was easy to accept. Next I was offered an essence vibration with the name “the Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is”. The moment I took the first drops I knew I had changed forever.

A few days later Alexandra Meyn arrived. Without the support and reliability of my cheerful assistant, I could not have entered the deep states of relaxation I needed to bring forth the deepest teachings that have ever come through me. I am very excited about our developing friendship and working relation and hope that she is willing to support more retreats, workshops and other events that need extra hands.

“During this beautiful retreat we visited ancient places where magical things happened. The teachings were full of wisdom and Harriët and Alexandra were wonderful nurturing, loving (and funny) guides. Thank you so much for organizing this retreat.”

Our Becoming

I thank Alexandra and all the other participants for allowing my Guidance and myself to support them in their Becoming and I thank all participants for witnessing the start of a new phase of my Becoming.

I will offer this retreat in the South of France again next year. Please inform me if you are interested, welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org. Places are limited.


Thank you David Ashworth and Lynne Shaw, for bringing the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Plan Healing System into my life. Without you I would have never been able to grow into my potential.

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

 Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Channel of the Light of Mary Magdalene


Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

Email: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org

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Now Closed – The Emerald Heart June 2018 Light Transmission

The June Solstice Emerald Heart Light Transmission is now closed.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the event and acknowledge your willingness to bring Light to your corner of the World and in so doing, help raise the vibration of the Planet and humanity as a whole. 

Thank you!

Check your inbox for information regarding the September Equinox Light transmission on the next quarter. 

With love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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