Recent Retreats

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

Emerald Heart Retreats encompass a number of facets. There is nearly always experiential sessions where you work to experience the light in some way and these sessions are often quite profound when you realise how you are experiencing a deeper level of consciousness. Also, there may be teachings in a session, always to help you understand the spiritual path and   how to open yourself up to it.

We may undertake Shamanic Journeys, where your consciousness is expanded in some way to experience a deeper sense of the self or a deeper connection with nature.

Then their are sharing sessions where you are taught how the Universe uses each of us to trigger responses in others.

Also Being in the Light sessions, where we are often taken so deeply inwards that you can actually leave the body when experienced   at this.

There is something for everyone and the overall result of any retreat is transformation of consciousness, and you experience   this in an absolute ‘knowing’ way. The retreat usually has a theme or even two and the whole process is guided from a higher level and as Guidance always knows exactly what you need, then you will receive it.

Mount Omberg 2013

Continuity Retreat 2012

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