Light Transmission Feedback

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11 Responses to Light Transmission Feedback

  1. Susan Allen says:

    On return from holiday I realised I could still sign up for the Light Transmission for the 2nd & 3rd day. As soon as I did this I could feel a change come over me. It was a kind of light headedness and I felt unsteady on my feet for the rest of that day. The two days turned out to be emotional ones and I was having to ‘surrender’ and ask for help many times. The actual act of sitting/lying to receive the Light was insignificant during those periods.

  2. Melinda Bennet says:

    Dear Dave

    I hope you are well?

    I signed up for the Equinox light transmission.

    Unfortunately, because of working long hours and being so tired, I didn’t do it properly.

    However, when in my bed, the light shone very strongly through my crown chakra. I could actually see it.

    A poem came to mind: As soon as I woke up, I wrote it down.

    Perhaps, it’s the state of the world at the moment as to why the words came to me.

    Why all the cruelty?

    Why all the pain?

    Why all the fear?

    What will we gain?

    Why all the control?

    Why all the greed?

    Why all the madness?

    Is this what we need?

    Why all the selfishness?

    Why all the destruction?

    Why all the anger?

    Is this how we function?

    Man should not act,

    In a way like this,

    Causing such grief,

    Rather than peace

    We are here on earth,

    For a short time only,

    Respect what we have,

    And do not destroy


    22nd September 2013

    Love Melinda

  3. Kirk Mottershead says:

    As soon as I had requested the light I could feel the energy surge. For me I see the light manifest itself in opportunities and connections in my daily life. If there is something that I need help with, help arrives the right people walk into my shop or I receive the right email. The combination of the full moon, equinox and light transmission is an incredible gift.
    I give great thanks for all the help I am given from the universe and its many realms.

  4. alyss says:

    it is hard to find words, I received a sense of turbulence like a vortex of energy moving in and shifting everything round. Since then – a sense of renewal in the most ordinary way. Thank you.

  5. Kate Diamond says:

    I feel so very blessed to partake of such a unique and special opportunity. I feel as though I just threw off a very heavy coat that I have been wearing for a long time. Thank you so much Dave and The Emerald Heart Light.

  6. Hi This one was very different for me. Usually I experience the light as others have described it above, but this time it was very physical. Each time I asked to connect to the light transmission, I became very very hot. I can’t explain why this was and then afterwards I went into a very deep sleep where I have had some very symbolic and healing dreams.

    Thanks love

  7. I always anticipate the equinox light transmissions, and when I try to explain to others what it’s like, receiving the light, it somehow misses the mark. My belief is it has to be seen to be believed, so to speak! As unique as we all are, our experiences will also mirror this. For me, I seem to feel intense digging in my brain, it’s like small needles are working their way into me, and gradually, the light filters throughout my body.
    On several occasions, I have ‘lost time’, where an hour simply condenses to a perceived few minutes.
    I’m so grateful for this light, and for the commitment by Dave, and The Guides, helping humanity move its’ conscience forward.

    BIG Blessings, with love and gratitude. Kahren ♡

  8. Christa from Switzerland, asked me to publish her feedback:
    Ich fühlte mich in wunderschönem, warmen Licht eingehüllt. Es fühlte sich für mich an, wie wenn ein Kind liebevoll von seiner Mutter in die Arme genommen wird. Die bedingungslose, vollkommene Liebe war spürbar, welche eine Mutter für ihr Kind empfindet, um ihm mitzuteilen – alles ist richtig, alles ist gut.
    In Liebe, Christa

  9. Deborah MacDonald says:

    I sensed I was held in a space with a collection of souls and we were waiting for something.

  10. Ian Mills says:

    I asked the light to be with me at 01.00 for an hour this morning. Turned the lights off and let the full moon light bathe the room. I took up my position on the sofa, headphones on with meditative friendly music and opened to the experience. Not one who can meditate easily, a deep calm came over me almost immediately as I felt my head emptying of the day to day.

    I came round about 02.05 with the most amazing feeling of being connected to Love, simplicity and clarity.

    I felt at home in these feelings and will certainly ask for more sessions over this Light transmission Equinox.



  11. Diana Wilks says:

    Last night a bright green light entered my mind-body-awareness field and placed itself at the top of my head, I felt stretched upwards and looked around me with a sense of newness and wonder. Who or what was communicating with me I wondered. The green light is a love-filled light so I let it stay and went to bed. Tonight I realise there is an Emerald Heart Light Transmission, I have quickly signed up, although it appears I had already signed up somehow and the light knew it! :-)))

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