Harriët Kroon – The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

Retreat leader Harriët Kroon shares her own experiences and feedback from the 14 participants who joined her for this amazing event. Harriët is planning to offer this retreat again in 2019 – don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part!  

Harriët (right) with Alexandra Meyn

The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

The Emerald Heart Light opened our hearts profoundly during the recent Divine Plan Retreat in the South of France. Many of the participants had life changing experiences. The Guides offered teaching after teaching. Also, the consciousness of Mary Magdalene was present and ‘The Mother of the Mother of All that Is’ gave us many insights about the power of the Divine Feminine. 

I am incredibly grateful for all that happened and unfolded during our very first Divine Plan Retreat. To be honest, it went far beyond my possible imagination. “It changed my life completely,” wrote a young male participant. “You made a life changing experience able for me. Words are not enough to thank you,” added a lovely lady. I must admit, it changed my life completely too.

Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene

Last summer the Light started to push me to organize a Divine Plan Retreat, which took place a few weeks ago. The theme was “Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene” and for this purpose I found a fantastic location in the South of France. At the start of the retreat I was a bit uncertain about the venue, as it is very basic and in the middle of nowhere. But after the first hours all possible worries had disappeared. Our host and cook Patricia provided us with excellent vegetarian three course meals full of love; the cats and dogs on the compound were all competing in welcoming friendliness; and Mother Nature did her magic.

“Great location. Never change this place for more comfort.”

 “A wonderful peaceful spot. Perfect for spiritual experiences. I loved the fact that camping is possible and that there is hardly Wi-Fi available. And the food was amongst the best I ever had.”

Even though the weather was a bit too fertile for us (it rained quite a bit), we were able to have some outdoor meals with stunning views, we had early morning chi kung in the warmth of the rising sun and we were treated with several rainbows.

“Its remoteness and fine views assist the concentration required for a retreat.”

Experientials in nature

Mother Nature supported us in her in various fabulous ways on the days that we did our trips to sacred sites. Every time we left for experientials in nature, the rain stopped and the warm sun opened the blanket of clouds, and as soon as we were ready to return to the venue, the clouds continued doing their fertilizing job. The pure and salty river Sals cleansed our auras, each of us received powerful healing in the ancient megalithic throne of the Goddess, and Mount Bugarach, situated opposite to our seminar room, supported us with her feminine energies.

 “I liked the gentle way in which you brought us to the Light, and how you built up the four days. The first two days with classes and excursions, which also brought the group together.”

The very best guide of the region

We visited two sacred villages where the Divine Feminine energies are very tangible. To be able to offer extra historical information about these sites, we had hired the very best guide of the region. She did a fantastic job, her tours were full of wisdom and details of interest. I could see the Emerald Heart Light inspire Anneke’s heart to step into her full potential. At the end she shared: “I felt I had to reach each individual with the historical details that they particularly needed to know.”

 “I loved the excursions and the priceless guide. She is the perfect link between the purpose of the retreat and the area it took place in.”

 The blessing of the Holy Womb Chakra

It was an intensive intensive. Each day again the Light pushed me to keep the breaks short, for the participants to receive far more than value for money. I totally understand that some participants would have loved to have a bit extra time for a walk in nature or a meditation, but the Light was persistent. It wanted to honour the very first participants of a Divine Plan Retreat with endless gifts. Mary Magdalene offered channelings; the feminine power of The Mother of the Mother of All that Is blessed our holy womb chakras; and the Guides of the Emerald Heart opened each heart to such a deep extent that each individual was able to share their deepest feminine woundings. As a result an incredible amount of darkness, fear and pain was transformed into Light.

 “Harriët enables growth and development in a very natural and supporting manner. She invites you to share and shares herself as well, honest, subtle and very inspiring. Harriët truly walks and lives her talk!”

Divine Plan Healing Training included

On the third and fourth day of the retreat I offered the Divine Plan Healing Training with the loving support of Alexandra Meyn (Divine Plan Teacher and Emerald Heart Program Practitioner) and Daniela Hörath (Advanced Divine Plan Healer). It was wonderful to bring seven new people into the Path of Light and an honour to give the attunements together with Alexandra. The new students now can give healings to themselves and others with the transformative Emerald Heart Light and the supportive Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

Amongst the retreat participants were five women and one man who had already received the first Divine Plan attunement before. It was very rewarding to reinforce their attunement and to provide them with a deeper connection and understanding of the Emerald Heart Light. I am looking forward to hearing what unfolds for all recipients. This training and the practice of self-healings usually open so many unexpected new pathways and possibilities in life that it leaves us speechless J.

 “Very straight-forward and easy healing method. Easy to apply, steps are simple and well documented. After the training you go home with an effective way to heal yourself and others.”

The Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is

For me personally the Divine Plan Retreat was also very transformative. In the weeks before, the Emerald Heart Light and the Light of Mary Magdalene prepared me strongly. I was taken through deep healing processes to be able to support all participants. When I visited one of the sacred sites to connect with the Divine Feminine and ask permission to bring a group of people for inspiration and healing, the Divine Feminine asked for an exchange. The Mother of the Mother of All that Is asked permission to speak through me whenever that is needed. The love that came with these words was so immense, that this new life task was easy to accept. Next I was offered an essence vibration with the name “the Essence of the Essence of the Mother of the Mother of All that Is”. The moment I took the first drops I knew I had changed forever.

A few days later Alexandra Meyn arrived. Without the support and reliability of my cheerful assistant, I could not have entered the deep states of relaxation I needed to bring forth the deepest teachings that have ever come through me. I am very excited about our developing friendship and working relation and hope that she is willing to support more retreats, workshops and other events that need extra hands.

“During this beautiful retreat we visited ancient places where magical things happened. The teachings were full of wisdom and Harriët and Alexandra were wonderful nurturing, loving (and funny) guides. Thank you so much for organizing this retreat.”

Our Becoming

I thank Alexandra and all the other participants for allowing my Guidance and myself to support them in their Becoming and I thank all participants for witnessing the start of a new phase of my Becoming.

I will offer this retreat in the South of France again next year. Please inform me if you are interested, Places are limited.

Thank you David Ashworth and Lynne Shaw, for bringing the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Plan Healing System into my life. Without you I would have never been able to grow into my potential.

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

 Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Channel of the Light of Mary Magdalene


Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

Email: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org

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6 Responses to Harriët Kroon – The Divine Plan Retreat changed our lives completely

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for posting this Harriet. The journey you are on and the Light you are bringing is evolving so quickly. It’s a great inspiration.

  2. Anke Weymann says:

    En este Retiro que se celebró en el sur de Francia, he conseguido por fin mi meta: saber cuál es mi misión de vida aquí en la Tierra.
    El primer día del retiro sentí una gran presión en el pecho que me dificultó bastante poder respirar con facilidad. Era para mí como una señal de que algo importante estaba a punto de ocurrir durante el retiro.
    En el segundo día, al estar sentada en la pequeña iglesia del Pueblo Rennes- le Chateau, enfrente de la estatua de María Magdalena, empecé a sentir movimientos en mi bajo vientre. Estos movimientos yo ya había sentido en profundas meditaciones, sin embargo eran ahora algo diferentes. Estos movimientos o vibraciones estaban cambiando en variedad y ritmos. Me parecía como si María Magdalena quisiera hablar conmigo a través de estas suaves, pero también fuertes energías vibracionales.
    Y entonces de repente algo estaba subiendo desde el interior de mi cuerpo, era como si se tratara de un saber interior, un mensaje llegando desde lo profundo de mi ser que decía que yo sería la persona que traería la Luz de María Magdalena a España. Todas las mujeres podrían beneficiarse de esta luz que sanaría las heridas en el abdomen, heridas que en general eran consecuencias de una falta de amor propio, el cual evita que las mujeres puedan asumir su propio verdadero poder. Todas las mujeres, especialmente aquellas que sostienen memorias de abusos sexuales o emocionales, podrían fácilmente identificarse con ella. Estas energías, que son la Luz de María Magdalena les ayudarán en su camino de recuperar su propio balance interior, armonía, libertad, y una mucho más profunda conexión con su alma, demostrándoles como poder confiar de nuevo en la fuerza y el poder de la energía masculina escondida en su abdomen.
    A la hora de la cena sentí que debería comunicar este – mi saber interior – al grupo, pero lo que me retenía era un gran temor de desmerecimiento, de pensar que me haría más grande de lo que era en realidad, etc. etc. No sé cómo o qué pasó realmente, solo puedo decir que de repente me veía llorar y gritar al mimo tiempo de que por fin después de cinco años de búsqueda haciendo talleres tras talleres, había descubierto la razón de mi vida que estaba buscando. Después de haberlo soltado me sentía muy relajada, como si el obstáculo más grande ya había superado: la comunicación de mis sentimientos y emociones.
    El día siguiente muy temprano, he tenido que poner en papel las siguientes percepciones:
    6.15 horas
    Solo quedan 15 minutos para levantarme. Tengo la impresión de que estoy a punto de empezar una nueva vida. Pero el paso más importante ya está dado: He podido comunicar mis sentimientos y percepciones. Es como haber comprado el primer blog de dibujo para reflejar en él las ideas y diseño de una obra de arte, a pesar de que mi mente todavía está completamente en blanco.
    Pero las páginas blancas serán llenadas cuando y con lo qué María Magdalena decida rellenarlas. Yo solo soy el vehículo que ella ha elegido, no tengo que tener más miedo. Ella hará todo el trabajo, yo solamente tengo que estar dispuesto a cumplir todos sus deseos, en la mejor forma que me sea posible, esto es todo.
    Todavía me parece muy extraño de que María Magdalena pueda haber elegido una señora tan mayor como yo – 71 años – para empezar una aventura que pueda durar toda una vida entera. Todavía no conozco la razón. Pero el compromiso está dado. No hay vuelta atrás.
    En estos momentos me vienen a la mente las palabras de mi madre: “Nunca es demasiado tarde para aprender”
    Con estas palabras quisiera expresar mis más grandes agradecimientos a Harriët y a Alex que me ayudaron con sus apoyos en esta experiencia que cambiará mi vida .
    Anke Weymann Siegel

  3. Anke Weymann says:

    This retreat , in the South of France ,where I have participated is the one in which I finally reached my goal,: to know what´s my life mission here on earth.
    The first day we started I felt a big pressure in my breast, making it difficult for me to breathe. For me it was a sign that something important was due to happen during the retreat.
    On the second day sitting in the little church of Rennes le Chateau, in front of the statue of María Magdalena, I felt a lot of movements in my lower body. They were the same as the ones I had fallen into deep meditations before, but still a bit different. These movements or vibrations were changing in variety and rhythm. For me it seemed as if María Magdalena wanted to speak to me through these soft, but also strong vibrational energies.
    And then suddenly something raised up in my interior body, it was like a soft inner knowing, a message coming through from the inside of myself, that I would be the person who would bring the Light of María Magdalena to Spain. All women could take advantage of this Light healing the wounds in the abdomen, in general a lack of basic self-esteem, which preventing them to step into their own true power. All women, specially the ones who have memories of sexual or emocional abuse, could easily identify with her. These energies ,and the light of María Magdalena will support them on the way to their own inner balance, harmony, freedom and a much deeper connection with their soul, showing the women how to trust again in the strength and power of the male energy in their abdomen.
    At diner time I felt that I had to communicate this” inner knowing” to the group, but what held me back were great fears of unworthiness, making me bigger than I was, etc, etc. . I don´t know how it happened really, but suddenly I saw myself shouting and crying out at the same time, that finally, after five years of searching doing different types of workshops, I had discovered the purpose of my life I was looking for. After that I felt very relaxed, as if the biggest obstacle had been overcome: For the first time in many, many years, I did communicate my feelings and emotions!
    The next day, very early, I had to put on paper the following insights:
    6.15 am
    Just 15 minutes left to get up! Have the impression that I´m on the footstep of a new life. But the first and most important step is done:
    I did communicate my feelings/knowing. It´s like having bought the first drawing blog for bringing down on paper the ideas of design and development of an art work, which still has not got any shape in my mind.
    But the white sheets of paper will be filled with whatever, whenever María Magdalena will decide. I´m just the vehicle she has choosen, don´t have to be afraid anymore.
    She will do all the work, just have to be ready to fulfil all her wishes as good as I can, that´s all.

    It still feels very strange to me how María Magdalena could have chosen an old lady like me -71 years old – to start a whole life lasting adventure like this? Still don´t know. But the committment is done, there is no way to return.
    The words of my mother come into my mind at this moment: “It´s never too late to learn”!
    With these words I want to express my biggest gratitude to Harriët, and Alex supplying me with their encouragement for this life changing experience.
    Anke Weymann Siegel

    • Jon says:

      What a fantastic experience for you Anke. Thank you for sharing this.

    • loraine1 says:

      Dearest Anke thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience with us. I think when we first experience Mary – it is so surreal and yes we question our worthiness to receive her message, Dear Anke you are more than worthy we all are we just have to move in accepting our worthiness I think. 💗

      Wishing you many loving communications with Mary.

      Loraine 💗

  4. loraine1 says:

    Looks and feels the perfect location Harriet, thank you for sharing your experiences with us 💗

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