Jack Childs – The Joy and Pain of Meditation

 Emerald Heart Practitioner Jack Childs, shares with the Blog his understanding and use of meditation and offers some tips that may well make this important process more relaxed and inviting for others.

The Joy and Pain of Meditation 

            Meditation is now common in the Western World and recognised as an important component of a spiritual path. Yet for the majority meditation is misunderstood, limited and blocking real spiritual growth. This is because we approach meditation through the confines of mind when meditation is really all about going beyond mind. Going into the unknown, going into the infinite and going into a deeper connection with God-consciousness.

            The first step in implementing an authentic meditation practice is to allow everything in. Meditation can be commonly conceptualised into being trying to achieve some sort of idealised peaceful or blissful state, as people meditate to a story that their mind has created about meditation. Rather than creating a space that allows them to go beyond mind, they stick rigidly to a story that keeps them completely rooted in a unmeditative state. However, from the outside this can look very convincing to people unless one is lucky enough to have the inner vision to see what is truly going on. 

I always remember going to a Buddhist centre for a meditation practice and talk on anger. During a group discussion, a women commented on whether the resident teacher ever felt any anger, as she always looked so peaceful and lectured a lot on the evilness of anger. Although those with no inner vision may have bought into her story of no anger and profound inner peace when guidance took me into her heart during the meditation there was a huge amount of anger there. In fact guidance kept repeating the words “suppression, suppression, suppression” to me to further emphasise the point. She wasn’t really meditating (defined as creating an opening to go beyond mind), she was just stuck in a story that may have felt like meditation to her and looked like meditation to her followers. What a waste of time!!

The beauty of working with the Emerald Heart Light is that it pushes all these unconscious games we play into our conscious awareness, as it illuminates the truth in our heart. The light is like a fire sparking all the unhealed flames within our system and meditation is a perfect container to let them lightly burn out. Rather than trying to be in any sort of state in meditation, it is much better to take an inner posture of allowing everything in. Allowing the anger to be there, allowing the hatred to be there, allowing the murderous thoughts to be there, allowing the happiness to be there, allowing the bliss to be there and allowing the peace to be there. We reject nothing because we don’t have a story on what our meditation should look like. This makes meditation a joyous and painful activity.

Now the clever and well read spiritual people among you may speak up in horror of the fact that meditation can be both joyous and painful. Doesn’t that mean a duality? Doesn’t that make it un-spiritual? That doesn’t sound like the bliss all those enlightened masters have promised me if I practice my meditation each day!? No, no and no because it is only by being totally with all the joyous moments in meditation and totally with all the most horrifically painful moments in meditation that are true transformation is possible. True transformation can take you beyond duality, allow you to discover real spirituality and give a tangible experiential feel to the words of the masters.  This is because by being totally with it, you recognise that the joyous moments are emanating from a true nature that the mind doesn’t have a clue about and all the painful moments are really rooted in fear that are keeping you stuck in the confines of the mind. By being totally with all the joy and pain you don’t create a story around any of it and from this no-story we can really start to touch the essence of meditation.

An essence that can’t be described, an essence that can’t be taught and an essence that has love at its core. An essence that can’t be bottled up, labelled and infused with the Emerald Heart Light, but an essence whose nature you may touch if you keep working with the Emerald Heart vibrational essences for a while. What a release to be able to approach your meditation with a willingness to allow everything to be there, rather than all that pressure and expectation of trying to fit into your stories.

Far from being a serious thing, meditation becomes a light and dynamic practice that has a gentle laugh at the heart of it. Now this is a meditation practice that you can fall in love with!! How simple, yet how incredibly difficult at the same time as well. This is because deep down the unconscious resistance to letting go of our stories is huge and this is where working with the beautiful Emerald Heart Light is so useful. It makes these difficult energies and fears that hold all the stories in place easier to manage, easier to embrace and most of all easier to love. And it is only through love of every aspect that arises in ones new dynamic meditation practice that one will truly start to learn what meditation is all about. Then one discovers the joy and pain of meditation dissolve into a single one-pointed aspect, which emanates with the love of life at it’s core.

Love and Blessings,



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  1. philg729 says:

    A beautiful article Jack. Love, Phil

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