Jack Childs with Ian Mills

Jack Childs sat down with Ian Mills, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, in the latest interview for his youtube channel. 

His channel is dedicated to producing inspiring interviews on holistic healing and spiritual development, with a particular focus on spreading the Emerald Heart Light through interviews with elders and practitioners of the School. 

After a new questioning arose in his life Ian met a number of successful healers and personal development teachers, before he met David Ashworth and became familiar with his work with the Emerald Heart Light. Since then Ian has graduated through the Emerald Heart School, becoming an elder and combining his spiritual search with working in a normal full-time job. In the interview we discuss Ian’s own journey with the Emerald Heart Light, how to have the courage to face the fears that hold you back, the importance of finding deep contentment within and the balancing of the worldly and spiritual elements of life. Ian is able to communicate deep spiritual truths in the most grounded and practical way, demonstrating through his own life how it is completely possible to integrate spirituality effectively into the modern world. 

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