Jack Childs with Tim Dyson


Emerald Heart Practitioner Jack Child sat down with principle of the school Tim Dyson to discuss how to progress on the spiritual path in his latest YouTube interview. His channel is dedicated to producing inspiring interviews on holistic healing and spiritual development, with a particular focus on spreading the Emerald Heart Light through interviews with elders and practitioners.

In the interview Tim shares his own challenges he had to work through from a difficult childhood and how he resolved these problems. We then talk about what a spiritual path really means, drawing on what Tim sees as a necessity to focus on both the evolutionary and unchanging nature aspects of the spiritual path. As principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment Tim has experienced what spiritual evolution really means first hand for a number of years from his work with the Light. Combined with his 30 year long practice of meditation he has a unique insight to both aspects of the path, which are rarely understand deeply in combination. Tim shares some fantastic stories and is amazing at conveying deep spiritual principles in a down to earth practical way.  What follows is a fantastic conversation that can only help deepen your spiritual development and inspire you to keep progressing on your own path.

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One Response to Jack Childs with Tim Dyson

  1. Annette Vance says:

    Thank you Jack and Tim. Simple yet very powerful. As it progressed you could feel the connection. Feel the love. Brought tears to my eyes

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