Tim Dyson and Jack Childs – Transform Your Life

A new programme given from Guidance to help people transform their lives…

Transform Your Life With a Unique 4 Month Programme (16th Apr-16th Aug) Guided By The Power Of The Emerald Heart Light…

A Unique 4 Month Programme given from Guidance to help transform the lives of people willing to step into their potential. So many of us make choices in life that leave us far behind the Universe’s plan for our individual expansion, but this programme helps you back to the place you should be. The place where everything will unfold perfectly for you, the place in alignment with your own unique divine plan and the place where any true spiritual seeker would want to be…

Led by Emerald Heart Practitioners Tim Dyson and Jack Childs.  Their combined energies give the programme a unique feel and quality for participants. Tim brings the experience of a long spiritual path and a strong grounded energy, whilst Jack brings the enthusiasm and power of youth in pushing new boundaries. Tim is the principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and Jack is the youngest practitioner by over 15 years, who has developed spiritually in a unique way for someone in their 20s. 

The Emerald Heart Light is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation on the deepest of levels. Having been brought down to Earth in 2005 by the English Spiritual Master David Ashworth thousands of people have gone on to work with it for healing and spiritual development. 

The light works by unlocking the truth in the heart, helping illuminate sub-conscious fears that stop us reaching our potential in life. As you learn to grow and develop through the release of limiting issues, beliefs, fears, energy patterning, self sabotage, social programming, and so on – you will begin to understand the hidden side of the ego-self, which fights hard to prevent your transformation. By using High Vibrational Essences to dissolve the difficult energies that the light brings into our awareness, you immediately feel the shift in consciousness that allows you to grow and evolve. Quite simply, more light floods your consciousness where the darkness of fear and limitation once resided.  

Each month participants in the programme receive the following…

A high vibrational liquid light essence- specifically selected to work best with the energies of the group and the energies of the Universe at that time. Each essence connects you to the Emerald Heart Light and unfolds over a 7 week period.

A Guided Meditation- on the focus of transformation for the month, with a subtle transmission from the teachers of the programme to help you transform.  

A Teaching- to help you understand the focus of transformation for that month, drawing on Guidance and the teachers experience from their own transformations.  


Early Bird Price (if booked before 1st Mar): £180
​Normal Price: £200

Email Jack at jack@liveyourdivinity.net to book

Practical Details:

How do I make a payment to secure my place on the programme?
Please email Jack and he will forward bank details, so you can secure your place. You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?
Due to the nature of the Emerald Heart Light it is possible to join this programme from anywhere in the world. If you are in a location other than the UK please include where you live in your email, so we can work out the best method for you to receive your essence.

What happens when I secure my place?
You will receive the first essence in the post w/c 16th Apr and the first teachings/meditation will be posted on this website on Mon 16th Apr. 

When do I receive the teaching, meditation and essence each month?
Teachings/meditations will be released on the 16th of each month and the essence will arrive in the post shortly after.  

How does the Audio Meditation Work?
There is a subtle transmission from the heart of the teacher to you within the meditation. This enables your consciousness to receive the teaching at a deep level. The meditation will work deeper the more you experience it. We would hope that you would use this meditation as many times as possible during the month it was given.    

​What is the role of Tim/Jack in overseeing my experience in the programme?
They are here to help with any practical details and can provide short email advice on anything that comes up for you. Please note, however, that anything that needs to be looked at in more detail should be addressed in an individual consultation to give it the due respect it deserves. Tim and Jack have prices for individual consultations on their respective websites.

What is the balance between the group and individual experience?
Because everyone receives the same meditation, teaching and essence each month there is a powerful group feel to the programme. On an individual level what comes up for people will be unique to their own karma, life circumstances and ability to move their life forward with courage. So you get a tailored individual experience within a subtle supporting group context.

Email Jack at jack@liveyourdivinity.net with any further questions and to book your place

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