Jack Childs – Leaving a Job on the Spiritual Path

Emerald Heart Practitioner Jack Childs, pens another thought-provoking article for the blog. Have you ever felt out of sync with where you are and what you are working with after beginning to work with the Light?

Read on and find out how Jack is dealing with it.

Leaving a Job on the Spiritual Path

Leaving a job can be hard. Really hard. The practicalities of moving from an area, the awkwardness of the leaving conversation with your boss, or the worry about where you are going to go with your career can be difficult and time-consuming. Yet on a deeper level what really makes it tough are the fears associated with moving on and the willingness to learn the lessons being presented to you. Let me explain…

Leaving a job behind

Despite being in my early 20s, I had left a few jobs before. There was the job at KMPG, the one at Holland & Barrett and a couple of sporting roles that I had moved on from, but the job-coaching hockey at Exeter University was different. It was personal. It meant a huge amount to me. And it was a large part of my identity.

During my time studying at Exeter I was lucky enough to have been a high performance sports coaching scholar. Upon graduation I became a full-time professional hockey coach, with my role at the University and coaching some local junior sides. For anyone who has been involved in the world of professional sports coaching they will know it is full-on during the season, you live, eat and breathe it. Yet I absolutely loved the challenge of managing a wide range of characters, the thrill of leading training sessions and the intensity of game-day. Secretly I was also bloody competitive and loved winning, despite my insistence that I was “a forward thinking coach who prioritized the development of his players as people”, and wow did we win a lot. In my 3 years coaching, I was involved in 8 national finals, winning 2 silvers and a gold medal. I was looked upon as one of the best young coaches in the country, with a seemingly bright future in the hockey world ahead of me. But inside things were changing…

Since starting to work with the Emerald Heart light, I had become more and more aware of the fears that were driving this obsession with hockey and the need to win. Doing well at hockey covered the deep feelings of not being good enough and it also gave me an excuse not to develop some of the other aspects of my life. I could just be “a super spiritual high performance hockey coach”, which was a hard act to maintain because I just couldn’t take hockey so darn seriously anymore as I worked through my fears with the support of the Light. As my perception expanded it also became obvious that although playing sport at a higher level could bring lots of great lessons, it was also commonly used to cover deep fears inside. It broke my heart when I could see at a deep level what was wrong with girls who had problems in the team, yet I couldn’t say anything because of the professional position I was in. It felt like a massive lie performing actions in my role that kept people in their fear, when all I really wanted to do with my life was help people get to a place of greater love.

So eventually I listened to my heart and moved on. But only after a hell of a lot of resistance and some valuable lessons learnt…

Fears and lessons

I stayed in the role at Exeter a few months too long, as I tried to cling on to what I thought was my life. During this period I closed down to such a point that my heart-auric link had completely gone. In short you feel like a zombie who is devoid of any emotion and dead on the inside, but luckily I eventually found the courage to leave, as I hit one of the lowest points of my life.

After leaving I did some work with my Emerald Heart mentor to help get me back on track and to understand the fears behind the way I was feeling. Above anything else the biggest fear I struggled with was “the fear of letting go”. I wanted to be the victim for what had happened to me, I wanted to cling on to the glory days and above anything else I was scared to leave the safety of the hockey at Exeter behind. Although I knew deep down it would lead to much better things, my self-sabotage and sub-conscious resistance to that was massive, because it would inevitably bring up other fears and challenges in my life.

Now just over a month after leaving the role, I am starting to get to a place of acceptance and one of gratitude for the lessons learnt. Above anything else one of self-worth, as I realised I had a lot more to offer than coaching hockey and could do a lot better than what I was getting in that role. Secondly one of letting go on many levels. Letting go of the previous role, letting go of the need to have a firm plan in place on what to do next and above all letting go of the need to understand why that was the decision I felt in my heart.

So the next time you are thinking of leaving a job behind, tap into the fears and the lessons you are trying to learn from your present circumstances. If you are able to do this on your own then that is fantastic, but often reaching out for help at difficult times can bring a lot more clarity to a situation. Emerald Heart Practitioners can help illuminate these types of situations by looking into your sub-conscious fears and giving you an appropriate liquid light essence to dissolve them, so you can see the decision to make more clearly. Ultimately the decision may or may not be to leave your job, but if you are serious about developing spiritually and leading your best life then it is imperative you are taking action that will drive your evolution forward by listening to your heart.

Love and Blessings,

Jack Childs

Emerald Heart Practitioner
Cheltenham, UK


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4 Responses to Jack Childs – Leaving a Job on the Spiritual Path

  1. Jane Madell says:

    Hi Jack, really interesting to read this and sorry you had such a hard time prior to your courageous actions. Very timely for me too as my work is drying up in the area where I am and I have just tried for a new job elsewhere today! All the best, Jane 🙂

  2. sue henry says:

    Thank you Jack for your word were very timely for me.
    Congratulations for making such a shift and may 2018 be an exceptionally happy and exciting year for you.
    sue . xx

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