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Return to the Divine Self – David Ashworth

  Return of the Divine Self  by David Ashworth     There is a lot of noise on the planet at the moment. In our world there is a lot of change. People are changing their mindsets and other people … Continue reading

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Sephora McElroy – When You Feel Attacked

Emerald Heart School Elder from Germany, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog her experiences involving emotional triggering arising from clashes with others and shares her strategies for how she changes state to a balanced, centred mindset  when these situations arise. When … Continue reading

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Tim Dyson – Spiritual Enlightenment or Limiting Beliefs

Emerald Heart School Principal Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog his ideas concerning enlightenment, the perception around belief and how it impacts on the spiritual aspirant.   Spiritual Enlightenment or Limiting Beliefs? I have been contemplating the nature of Enlightenment recently … Continue reading

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