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Lynne Shaw – Dearest Children

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog an important message she recieved from Guidance recently. An uplifting reminder to cherish every breath we take. Dearest Children of the Light, I am all around round you and … Continue reading

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Tim Dyson – A Problem Shared

Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog the importance of sharing with others and why it becomes so vital as we progress on our spiritual path. ‘A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved’ As … Continue reading

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Ian Mills – Unwelcome Guests

Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart, Ian Mills, shares with the Blog an experience he had recently that quite literally woke him up from a long sleep … This then begs the question “Is your life experience really yours?” … Continue reading

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Meet the Elders

The Emerald Heart Blog proudly presents The Elders. Find out a little more about the eight Emerald Heart Elders, a brief synopsis of who they are, the work they are drawn too, their website details and contact information. Introduction by … Continue reading

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