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Jon Gauntlett – A Chat With God

A Chat With God The early hours of the morning is usually the time that God calls you if he needs to have a chat with you. It is often this way so that you absolutely know that someone has … Continue reading

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Lynne Shaw – Victory!

Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart School, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog how she overcame an unexplainable need for excessive eating.  Maybe someone you know has an issue that is seriously impacting their life. If so, check out … Continue reading

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Tim Dyson – Emerald Heart Essences are Spiritual Food

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Tim Dyson, certainly gives us food for thought in his latest Blog contribution. If you have ever wondered what an Essence actually is or have never quite understood what goes into these little bottles of … Continue reading

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Florence Zumbihl – Creating Your Own Power Place

Florence Zumbihl shares how she found an amazingly peaceful location where she has created her personal place to connect deeply with nature. _________________________________________________ Since walking my spiritual path I am more and more connected with nature and love walking and … Continue reading

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Phil Grant – Hosting my first Emerald Heart workshop

Phil Grant from Great Britain only trained as an Essence Practitioner in February of this year and has shown immense courage in putting together his first Emerald Heart day long workshop. He didn’t allow his unworthiness issues to deflect from … Continue reading

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