Harriët Kroon – 1 Day Trainings to become a Divine Plan Healer

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Learn to work with the Emerald Heart Light

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As the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System, Harriët Kroon is delighted to invite you to a one day training of The Divine Plan Healing system, to be held in Amsterdam on the 25th June and in Whitchurch, Shropshire on the 5th July. The training in The Netherlands will be in Dutch and the training in the UK in English.


These are wonderful opportunities to learn how to work with the Emerald Heart Light and the Divine Plan Healing System, and see how this New Paradigm in Healing takes you into the realms of unlimited growth. You will learn how to do:
• Divine Plan Self-Healings
• Divine Plan Healings for others

Also, you will learn about:
• The Emerald Heart Light
• The Path of Light
• The amazing Attunement into the Heart of our Earth Mother

You will receive:
1. The Divine Plan Healing Method for Self-Healings and Healings on Others
2. The Divine Plan Healing Manual
3. The Attunement into the Heart of the Earth Mother
4. Three Emerald Heart Essences
5. A Full Day of Bathing in the Emerald Heart Light

The Divine Plan Healing System is not comparable with other healing modalities. In this document you will find its characteristics.

The Attunement
The Attunement is a personal initiation. Your heart will be connected with the Core of Mother Earth, which will enable you to work with the Emerald Heart Light. This initiation will unfold in the period after the Training Day as you work with the Light.

If you choose to become a professional Divine Plan Healer, you are invited to enter a three months’ Growth Period in which you will receive a minimum of three Mentoring Sessions. These are for any questions that may arise and to support you in overcoming possible challenges, as the Light begins to show you your deeper truth. The Mentoring Sessions are charged at my normal hourly rate.

Further options
After becoming a professional Divine Plan Healer, you have the opportunity to develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System. In the second Training you will learn how to give:
Divine Plan Distant Healings
• Group Healings
• Distant Group Healings
• Event Healings
In the third Training you will reach the level of Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healing Teacher.

The Details of our Divine Plan Healing Days

Dates: Thursday 25th June – Amsterdam, Netherlands and Sunday 5th July – Whitchurch, UK

Netherlands Location: in the centre of Amsterdam, easily accessible by your own and public transport.

UK Location: the most beautiful glasshouse on the Combermere Abbey Estate, http://www.combermereabbey.co.uk/weddings/ceremonies.
This is just over an hour from Manchester and Birmingham airports and 30 minutes from Crewe Mainline Railway Station and the M6 Motorway, Junction 16.

Staying overnight: B&B and hotel rooms are available locally. I can send you recommendations.

The Fee for the day (excluding the Gastro Pub lunch) is 564.- UK Pounds or EURO. This includes the Attunement, the Manual, 3 Emerald Heart essences of £20.- UK Pounds or 28,65 EURO each, and VAT.

Registration: To reserve your place you can register now, hello@harrietkroon.com.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you are interested in training, but can’t make these dates, hello@harrietkroon.com.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at these very special events.

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

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2 Responses to Harriët Kroon – 1 Day Trainings to become a Divine Plan Healer

  1. Harriët says:

    Dear Edna, thank you for your response. If you feel called to be trained by me personally, you are most welcome in Amsterdam, and I will translate the Teachings in English and/or German. Please know that we have an excellent Divine Plan Teacher in Sweden, Stockholm. His name is Ian Mills and you can reach him via ianmills61@gmail.com. I hope this helps in making your decision.
    With love and blessings, Harriët

  2. Edna Hinnerson says:

    Dear Angel, I feel a strong calling to come to your Healing workshop on June 25 in spite of all the obstacles : money, travelling, old age aches and pains… And I don’t speek a word of Dutch, would that be an obstacle? I speak German if necesserary.
    Love, Edna

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