The Light Transmission portal is now closed.

EHThe portal for the Light Transmission during the Autumn Equinox is now closed. Thank you for those who registered this quarter. The next Light transmission will be during the Winter Solstice over the period of 20th to 22th December 2014.

I’ll leave you with the words of Emerald Heart Elder Tim Dyson on how to move forward  your interest with the Emerald Heart:

Tim DysonMaybe you have taken advantage of the Free Equinox Light Transmission and feel that you have had a good or even profound experience of this beautiful loving Light. Maybe you felt it touch your heart and you might be wondering what now?  How can I take this connection with the Emerald Heart Light further?  How can I use it to further my journey of self discovery and to go deeper into the reasons for my being here. How can I use it to stay with the flow of my own life?

We offer this and much more. We offer the opportunity to align with the Universal Flow through our Essence of the Period which you simply order through the Blog when it is periodically announced. We offer a huge range of Essences and the opportunity to have them programed for your particular issues and fears by our Practitioners.   

The Emerald Heart is a true spiritual Path with steps that will lead you further into your own awakening through personal appointments with Practitioners, attending Gatherings, receiving healing through our own healing system the Divine Plan or attending Being in the Light sessions.

You may want to use the Emerald Heart Light as a tool to help uplift others and we help and guide those that want to take this step because we have walked this Path before them and can see the best way to help them take the steps that enable them to carry and work with more and more Light. To help them develop into the person that they were born to be.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Dyson,
Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment


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