Light Transmission – 22nd to 24th September


*Event now closed*

During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens your heart.

It illuminates the truth within you.

It helps you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life mission.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:
From 1.00am on the 22nd to midnight on the 24th September at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

For more information and to receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:

REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG in one of 5 language options HERE

On Registration you will automatically be subscribed for Blog email update notifications so you will not miss any information.

(If you are not already registered with us, you will need to confirm the automatically generated email notification request to receive the Light transmission.)

FinlandA special welcome to the large number of new Finnish Subscribers. Its great to see you here at the home of the Emerald Heart Light and the -Divine Plan- Healing system. 

This quarter’s musical offering is from Kuusumun Profeetta. Enjoy! 

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