Tim Dyson – My Place in the World

timdyson[1]Emerald Heart Elder Tim Dyson, comments on the fear based view of the mass media and stresses that the good news that isn’t presented, far outweighs the massively reported, sensationalist bad news.

The innate goodness of most people and the little things that we take for granted should not be overlooked in our world view.

As Tim explains, goodness is always there and you don’t have to look too hard to find it.


My Place in the World

Mostly, I tend to not watch or read too much news as it is largely very depressing and from a completely biased and slanted perspective.  It just reminds me of how dark a place the world is and how those with the power love to use it to control and keep everyone else down.  When I watch the news now or read a paper it reminds me of those feelings. The injustice of it all. The sense of powerlessness to change something terrible happening right then and there in some part of the world. Over the years I have learned to read about it or watch it with a certain amount of detachment, as I can’t bear to feel the full awfulness of it. It can knock me so off balance that I simply can’t afford to let the feelings in. I simply try my best to get on with bringing a little bit more light into the world through the work I do with the Emerald Heart. I absolutely know it brings real and lasting benefit and change to those whose lives it touches.

Sometimes though, I can’t help but connect with how dark the world is and everything I do just feels like such a drop in the ocean. It is difficult when I feel this to see the good that there is in the world, but it is there, I know it is. I see it in the pleasant little exchanges that we have in queues, with the person on the checkout counter, with the old lady you end up talking to on the bus. I see it in the nature as I walk in it and look at its beauty and marvel at the intelligence of how it all works. I see it in little acts of kindness between human beings. In the courage of individuals to stand up for what is right. To expose the truth in dark places no matter the personal cost to themselves.  These things inspire me and remind me that many of us in our own ways are working for a better world to live in. Whether we are activists working to protect and organise the poor and downtrodden or whether we are healers or spiritual workers using our skills and knowledge to bring help and guidance to those in need, we are on the side of good. Yes, we have our own darkness and issues to work through, but we are all in our own ways working to uplift and inspire humanity. 

Sometimes, it seems that those in control have so much power at their disposal we can never change things, but the truth is that we do all of the time.  What we do, what we contribute, what we bring to the table is important and it does make a difference.  We could say that most of human existence has been a battle between different forces.  Between the urge to own, control and suppress others on the one side and the urge to be free and to have self respect and real meaning in our lives on the other.  Us humans, for the most part, we handle power badly.  When we have it we tend not to use it wisely but instead use it to shore up our fears and insecurities by oppressing others.  It is not just the rich and powerful that do this; we all tend to in various ways.  Men over women, women over other women, it is never ending because we won’t deal with the fears and issues inside of ourselves.  One of the reasons I stepped away from the world of political activism that consumed my youth was because I felt how I needed to address my own issues. To take responsibility for them and to work through them rather than simply blaming the elites for all of my own shortcomings.  My good fortune was in finding powerful and wise teachers to help me on this journey and it really has felt like a journey.  From the angry teenager to the activist, to the spiritual teacher. It has not been an easy journey and it is far from over, but I do feel that I am in the right place to equip me for it.  The Emerald Heart is my spiritual home and from there I approach the world with all it contains, the darkness and the Light and I try to make my small mark upon it in the best way that I can.


Tim Dyson

Elder of The Emerald Heart


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5 Responses to Tim Dyson – My Place in the World

  1. Van says:

    I read your words Tim and they resonate .. I was also lead to read the words of David from July’s post about accepting where we are in life – – moving out of our own way and just simply letting go of the reins – something I have been tussling with in a big way just recently. Having just been laid low by a really bad virus (took two long weeks to get over) – which hit me like no other – bringing me to my knees, mentally, physically and spiritually .. to the point I just did not want to be here .. no job – no self-respect – questioning whether I had actually arrived in my own personal hell – left me in the aftermath of looking to see if I was ‘still here ‘ .. whow .. when God wants to make his presence felt.. make you sit up and take notice – he sure has a way of shining his Light into you one way or another!

    Here I am sitting here on the foreshore of the rest of my life .. feeling like I lost a mountain of ego and got run over by it in the passing just for good measure .. and yet somehow found some spare sanity knocking about – really plays with your mind .. Oh yes! Well, I guess I must be a Light Worker then?? Thanks big guy – over to you !

    Van X

  2. Alyss says:

    This is something I have often wondered about. As it appears as if darkness, danger, indifference and violence are greatly increasing in our world, it can be very tempting to feel powerless and insignificant, because we cannot really act a part in the ongoing struggles for power, and control. However this is part of the delusion, too, for the light, courage and comfort we bring ourselves and others make all the difference in the world! None of the bad stuff that happens can ever change our essential nature, though it can confuse us for a while.

  3. Melinda Bennett says:

    Your words are so true. Like Jon, I totally emphathise with you. The media, at the moment are really making use of the terrible events. Stirring people up with so much anger, trying to ensure that revenge is called for. For a moment I was one of these people, thinking of the unjust of it all, what an awful world. Then I stepped back, realised that what I was creating was feeding negative energy. This is not what is needed right now. Instead I send love and light especially to the dark places. With help from higher planes, I genuinely believe that light will conquer darkness.
    And it is a beautiful world.

    With love

  4. yvonnehrdy says:

    Great article, Tim, with which I resonate deeply. Thanks, Yvonne

  5. Well said Tim. I very much empathise with what you had to say.

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