Australia – Early bird Offer

Harriet Kroon 0019 bEmerald Heart Elder, Harriet Kroon, shares further information about the Emerald Heart and -Divine Plan- events in Australia and reminds those who are are thinking of attending that the Early Bird offers are soon to close.


Today and tomorrow: last Early Bird Fee days!

Australia, here we come…

In four weeks’ time, on 20th and 21st September, David Ashworth and Elder Harriët Kroon will root the Emerald Heart Light in to the Gold Coast, Australia. Thursday 21st August is the last day that you can make use of the special Early Bird Fees for these events. If you don’t want to miss out on this one time opportunity you’ll need to sign up latest by tomorrow.

More people are registering for the Being in the Light session and the – Divine Plan – Healing training, at the sun’s equinox in September. The news about both events is being spread in all kinds of ways. Of course the digital world has been of great use. But also the good old fashioned press is still being useful. Living Now, Australia’s largest holistic magazine which already exists for 25 years, has published details of the Emerald Heart events in the July and August issues and the September issue will feature them once again.

Emerald Heart Practitioner Jon Gauntlett and his wife Danielle, who live in Australia have printed wonderful flyers and are spreading them in the Gold Coast area. Every Saturday Danielle sells Crystal sun catchers and gem stones on a local market and also offers the Emerald Heart flyers on her table.

How can you help?

Even if you don’t live in Australia you can help promoting these Emerald Heart events. Facebook and LinkedIn are of course ideal to make friends and family members Down Under aware of the Emerald Heart opportunities in their country.

And what about your contacts in Asia and New Zealand? For these people flying to Australia is a lot easier than to Europe or the UK. For them too it is a one-time opportunity to experience the powerful and beautiful Emerald Heart Light at the Being in the Light sessions with David Ashworth himself. Or maybe they will feel called to attend the Divine Plan Healing training so they can work with the Emerald Heart Light for themselves or others.

If you would like to give a hand in promoting the Emerald Heart events in Australia, please contact me for flyers, digital documentation or other information at

Early Bird Fees

To be able to make use of the Early Bird Fee option you need to contact me ultimately tomorrow by phone +31 203 201 162, by What’s App or text at +31 646 45 87 63 or by email at Of course you can still attend if you decide to sign up later.

Being in the Light and Body Consciousness Session

When: Saturday 20th September from 2 to 4.30pm.

Venue: Time4Yoga, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

Exchange: Early Birds $120.-. After 21st August $135.-. This includes one personal Emerald Heart Essence.

The – Divine Plan – Healing training

When: Sunday 21st September from 9.45 to around 6pm at the latest.

Venue: Time4Yoga, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

Exchange: Early Birds $800.-. After 21st August $890.-. This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 3 Essences.

Discount on both events

The exchange for both events is $999.-. The Early Bird fee is $900.-.

That’s all about the Australia events up till now. Wishing you a lovely day!


Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Healing Mentor & Teacher



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1 Response to Australia – Early bird Offer

  1. Jon says:

    These events will be well worth attending and it’s very exciting that this is happening on the Gold Coast.

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