30th November, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Emerald Heart Workshop with David Ashworth

emeraldheartlight.comEmerald Heart Practitioner Harriet Kroon sends us details of an exciting event taking place at the end of November, when David Ashworth hosts an Emerald Heart Workshop in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


30 November, The Netherlands, Emerald Heart workshop by David Ashworth

On Saturday night 30 November, David Ashworth will give a workshop in Amsterdam from 19 – 22 PM.

The evening will contain a teaching and experiencing the Emerald Heart Light. As usual David’s Guidance will decide on the spot what will be the contents of the event. In any case Dave will talk about opening the heart. How do you open your heart? How do you notice that your heart becomes more open? Until which extent can the Heart be opened? Also, Dave will explain what is meant by consciousness. How does Universal Consciousness and individual consciousness relate? How can you expand your consciousness?

Q&A: There will also be a question and answer session, concerning everything you want to know about the Light, spirituality, David, etc. For David’s preparation, please forward the questions you wish to ask to event organiser Harriët Kroon, contact details below.

Who can attend: No previous knowledge required. The workshop is for everybody. Also those who have previously participated in sessions with David are most welcome. Personal attention is guaranteed.

Price: € 79,00 including VAT and a personal essence to the value of € 25,00

INFORMATION & PARTICIPATION: please contact Harriët Kroon.

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1 Response to 30th November, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Emerald Heart Workshop with David Ashworth

  1. Maud says:

    How do you open your heart???
    you start loving what you reject, what you hate in you and others.

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