The Mary Line language options.

emeraldheartlight.comYou can now read David Ashworth’s powerful and revelatory Guidance of the Period, The Mary Line, in four languages.

Welcome to transformation at an individual and Planetary level.

Go HERE to read THE MARY LINE Guidance in English

Go HERE to read THE MARY LINE Guidance in German

Go HERE to read THE MARY LINE Guidance in Swedish

Go HERE to read THE MARY LINE Guidance in Spanish


Start date for THE MARY LINE Essence is from Tuesday 8th October

Purchase the Essence by following the Paypal links below.

Or… you can order from the Practitioner in the following countries to save time in the post. Contact them directly by email link below – DON’T use the paypal buttons for this service.

GERMANY  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:

SWEDEN  –  Order through Rosa Hultmann:

THE NETHERLANDS  –  Order through Harriët Kroon:

SWITZERLAND  –  Order through Florence Zumbihl:

THE MARY LINE (Start date from Tuesday 8th October) £17 – a saving of £3 off usual retail price.

THE MARY LINE                                            (UK customers) £19.50 incl.p&p
THE MARY LINE                                         (European customers) £20.00 incl. p&p
THE MARY LINE                                        (USA / rest of the world customers) £21.00 incl. p&p


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