Karen Thriscutt – Essences


Emerald Heart Host Karen Thriscutt from New Zealand, shares how she feels about the Emerald Heart Essence ranges, created by David Ashworth.


When I first became aware of The Emerald Heart, I did not immediately realise that there was an essence being offered that was ‘of the moment’ so to speak. And for many who have never taken remedies, the distinction between the many choices out there and David’s, may well be lost. But, as a seasoned user of flower remedies etc, I can assure you that there is a huge DISTINCTION, when comparing those of other brands, to those that fall under the Emerald Heart banner.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a place for any and all vibrational essences, and that we, as unique energetic beings will suit some more than others. Perhaps the thing that I have found more so with the Emerald Heart remedies, is the dynamic way in which they work. For me, with no exceptions, I literally feel the energy of the remedy work through my brain and body, in some instances, it feels as though small needles are working into the brain, (I hasten to add, everyone will experience the essence in their “way”). The Inner Silence essence from the Wheel of Light range was especially powerful for me. I found myself go completely still on the inside, become very aware of my being, and all that is. I was made to just be and it brought to mind how a tree or rock would feel, a very peaceful solid, still place. I could quite happily have stayed in the meditations forever during the Inner Silence regime.

I am also in no doubt that it is the essence I experience, as these feelings only happen whilst taking the remedy. These tools are beautiful, and powerful, and they will move you along your souls path, and help you in unknown ways. This World needs our serious dedication to soul growth, and these essences are second to none.  We are led to all things in our lives, and if you have found these vibrational gems, then you are a  truly blessed person. If you have not yet tried them, my advice would be, wait no longer, new experiences are there for the taking, all from out of a little bottle, full of vibrations !

Kahren Thriscutt
New Zealand

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3 Responses to Karen Thriscutt – Essences

  1. Maud says:

    “The world needs our serious dedication to soul growth ” and I admire the clear words Karen found to express what the Essences of the Emerald Heart do to us on a deeper soul level. I confirm my experience about feeling the” work” of these Essences, how I feel them as little needle stiches in the head, distinguishing where they can clear and where there is still more to be done, layer after layer, yet steadily I feel the progress how it feels in my head and body.
    the Essences work there were our issues are: for me it has to do with reaching out from my inner Essence, find my words and express my truth.
    there are times of silence, which may seem unproductive, yet they are not, I recognise how more Beeingness is created and then like water that arises from the ground strarts flowing as a little creek, becoming stronger….
    love to all of you

  2. Susan Allen says:

    I so wholeheartedly agree with you Kahren. These transformational essences are a beautiful gift to us from the Universe, channelled for our benefit by David Ashworth. Those of us who have experienced the changes they can make in our lives are left in no doubt about their power.
    I can only re-iterate what Karen says by saying “wait no longer.” So those of you who have not yet tried these high vibrational bottles of magic, seize the moment!

  3. Caroline Moss says:

    Very well said. These essences work like magic…

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