The Free Equinox Light Transmission portal has now closed.

emeraldheartlight.comWe do hope you took advantage of the Free Emerald Heart Light Transmission during this Equinox. The portal is now closed until the next quarter.

We would be most obliged if those who asked for the Light over this period could leave feedback of their experiences during this time.

You can find the Global Feedback page HERE

The World is your stage .. tell them how it is.

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3 Responses to The Free Equinox Light Transmission portal has now closed.

  1. Maud says:

    In this current time I am challenged to make deeper changes in my life and I am guided through. Gratitude to the Light at the equinox transmission who deepened my connection to mother Earth, opened a portal to receive blessings from ancesters and guides me through my life issue that I have come to heal.
    I enjoyed the Light coming from above and opening up blocked parts in my body, so that I enjoy the energy flowing from the connection with Earth through my body. Life force joy!!!!!!! and Gratitude.

  2. As soon as I had requested the light I could feel the energy surge. For me I see the light manifest itself in opportunities and connections in my daily life. If there is something that I need help with, help arrives the right people walk into my shop or I receive the right email. The combination of the full moon, equinox and light transmission is an incredible gift.
    I give great thanks for all the help I am given from the universe and its many realms.

  3. victor613 says:

    The evening meal was substantially enlivened by a conversation about the benefits of spiritual healing from David Ashworth.”The Guides” were present and fabulous….Sincerely grateful for the reminder…

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