June 2013 – Latest Guidance.

emeraldheartlight.comDavid Ashworth has just released the latest Guidance for the period June 2013 entitled ‘Dichotomy’.

Once again an essential ‘must read’ from David, written from the depths of his heart to illuminate your own heart with Light.

What has the Universe got in store for us this Period? 


                            Read the full Guidance in English for Free …  HERE 

Read the full Guidance in German for free … HERE

                 Read the full Guidance in Swedish for free … HERE


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1 Response to June 2013 – Latest Guidance.

  1. As soon as I started to read this, I had a resounding sense of ‘yes’. In the latter part of last year, I decided to leave a well paid job and rent out my home, as I didn’t want to be tied down with finances and felt the urge to just be able to pack a bag and be where I needed to be. It hasn’t been an easy time but I have been very lucky with the opportunities which have opened up and most of all, this allowed me to be exactly where I needed to be, even though to some people this did not appear to be the case, I knew my intuition was right and I had to do what I felt.

    Thank you.

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