Emerald Heart Light – FREELY available over Spring Equinox

emeraldheartlight.comThe Spring Equinox is very soon with us and to celebrate such an auspicious time of the year, David Ashworth will be transmitting the Emerald Heart Light to all those wishing to receive it. The only requirements are pre registration and an intent to receive.

Spring into Spring with the Emerald Heart Light.

See below for instructions.


Spring Equinox 2013 –  The Distant ‘BEING IN THE LIGHT’  Transmission

David will be Transmitting The Light of The Emerald Heart for three days over the Spring Equinox.

The Light will be made FREELY available for three days, to everyone who registers.

The Light Transmits from:                          1.00am 19th March – Local Time.

The Transmission concludes at:                   Midnight 21st March  – Local Time


How Do I Register to Receive the Light Transmission?

1.  Register by email with David at dave@davidashworth.com

2.  In the subject of your email put the following:  I want to receive the Light  Transmission.

3.  Put the following in the Email.  I Request a Connection to the Light of The Emerald Heart during the Spring Equinox

Light Transmission between  19th and 21st March 2013.

Also add your name.

4.  Important:  Don’t add anything else to your email. Also, you may not receive a response, but you will receive the Light.

How Do I Receive the Light?

Once you have registered, The Light will be watching your Intent for when you wish to receive it. So, all you have to do is make your intent clear to yourself.

The best way to receive the Light is by lying down in a comfortable or meditative space for about an hour at a time. So, just ask to receive the Light at whatever time you wish to receive it during the three days. If it helps, write the time on a piece of paper.

You only need to register and send your email once and you can then ask for the Light as many times as you like during the three days of transmission.

Then, just lie back at the appropriate time and the Light will be delivered to you. It will help you to keep a few notes of what you experience in your Spiritual Journal.

Essence and Guidance of the Period:  Dragon Fire Essence

You can read the current Guidance of the Period at our BLOG at:  www.emeraldheartlight.com

To enhance your experience of The Emerald Heart Light, you can also order the Essence of Dragon Fire from the BLOG also.

With Love and Blessings,

Dave Ashworth

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5 Responses to Emerald Heart Light – FREELY available over Spring Equinox

  1. Melinda says:

    Tuesday 19th March
    Didn’t realise the date. So with an hour remaining, just managed to register in time.
    When I finally relaxed just after 1am, a round bolt of bright light ‘shot’ into my brow chakra. Then I fell into a deep sleep.

    Wednesday 20th March
    Woke up early feeling refreshed. Switched the radio off when I heard the news and felt angry.
    Later, the energy from the Emerald Heart felt like a chill wind blowing on my face and through me as if I were outside. Became gentler and warm ‘immersing’ myself within the light.

    Before I fell asleep, I seemed to ‘bask’ within the Emerald Heart Light. Initially very chilly but soon became warm and gentle as it flowed through my crown chakra.

    Thursday 21st March
    Very soft and light as if it was fading. A warm, loving feeling enveloped me in a bubble, penetrating every cell. Then, as suddenly as it came, the light seemed no longer. Felt very relaxed and fell asleep.

    After the three days I feel calmer, more understanding and outspoken. Definitely need a clear out of not only clutter but of myself.

    Thank you Dave for the Emerald Heart Light.

  2. Neale Daniel says:

    Wow, thanks for facilitating the light Dave, that was full on with very little sleep, surprisingly I didn’t feel tired for the duration. A whole new opportunity has opened out for me.
    Much Love,

  3. Thomas Sherom says:

    Thank you very much for this exiting time and energy which was very helpful for me. I have used it at least 8 times and different topics was handled for me. Finally I can feel a higher concentration and easier access to myself. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  4. Mary Gibson says:

    Thank you for sending me the Light of the Emerald Heart. I found it very helpful. I worked through a couple of issues and my concentration is now better. Much appreciated.

  5. steve smith says:

    thanks for being here

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