Welcome new Practitioners

emeraldheartlight.comThe Emerald Heart Blog has great pleasure in adding to our ever growing list of Practitioners. Key people have been drawn to the European ‘Being in the Light’ sessions held by David Ashworth and the Practitioners and these key people felt compelled to work with the Emerald Heart Light.

Welcome one and all.

Check out the full list of Emerald Heart Practitioners HERE

If you feel drawn to work with any of our listed Practioners, contact them and ask them what they can do for you. Reaching out for help is the first true step to empowerment.

(Please, spread the word. Share the Practitioner listing using the different share options at the foot of the Practioner List page.)

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1 Response to Welcome new Practitioners

  1. Susan Allen says:

    Hi Dear new Emerald Heart Practitioners…..lovely to see the List growing again…….welcome – and may people be drawn to your beautiful consciousnesses to help them on their evolutionary journey.
    Blessings & Love

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