Well here it is … The Gateway!!

emeraldheartlight.comWith the 21st December 2012  very nearly upon us, speculation is rife as to what will happen.

The BLOG is once again proud to present the words of David Ashworth as he unveils the Current Guidance for this auspicious period.

As this Gateway is such a unique and important event, David Ashworth is offering a FREE 3 day transmission of  the Emerald Heart Light via a Distant Being in the Light Session. Join seekers across the World for this unique event. Distant Being in the Light Transmissions, pioneered by Diana Jaritz and supported by David Ashworth have proved an amazing success and tested World wide with great results.

Experience the Power and the Beauty of the Emerald Heart Light from the comfort of your own living space.

Kick start your entry to the New Age!

Read more about The Gateway and how to register for your Free Being in the Light Transmission HERE

German translation HERE

Swedish translation HERE


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3 Responses to Well here it is … The Gateway!!

  1. logan2012 says:

    I have really found the regular essences so helpful and supportive this year, like having little allies by my side 24/7! Also got a lot out of the recent meeting in Kensington and being an occasional visitor to Tim’s group. Thank you for the Solstice connection, David. Much love and gratitude to you and the Emerald Heart xx 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you for everything… Your generosity and endless commitment to us all.
    Love Vanessa x

  3. Pia Helmersson says:

    Thank you David! Much love Pia

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