Latest Guidance – November 2012 – Reflection

David Ashworth has just released his Latest Guidance for November 2012.

Stay ahead of the game … by resting, relaxing and looking after yourself.

Find out more … read HERE for the English version

German version HERE and Swedish HERE.


Purchase REFLECTION, the Essence of the Month  by following the Paypal links below.

A Note on Ordering Your Essences:

GERMANY and EUROPE  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:

SWEDEN  –  Order through Rosa Hultmann:

REFLECTION (Start date from 1st November 2012) £17 – a saving of £3 off usual retail price.

REFLECTION                                                         (UK customers) £18.50 incl.p&p
REFLECTION                                           (European customers) £19 incl. p&p
REFLECTION                                                             (USA / rest of the world customers) £20 incl. p&p


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