TODAY – 29th January – Connecting to Mother Earth


Today, Sunday 29th

Between Sunrise to Sunset.

“Mother, I do this for you, For I have seen how important you are. You are the life of everything on this planet. You are the love of everything that grows and lives in this tiny part of space. I do this for you, I offer you my heart.”

Dont forget to take your  ‘Light of My Heart’  Essence with you, to make an offering.

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5 Responses to TODAY – 29th January – Connecting to Mother Earth

  1. Ganeshbhai says:

    God is with us he knows everything. God loves us he is the only way, and the life just in his Faith and grace we can trust

  2. Sylvia Morton says:

    Thank for lettihg us know about tthe Earth Celebraion
    Took my essence with me into the garden this afternoon
    and put three drops under my favourite Cedar tree,
    Then took three myself, Felt a deep and loving connection between
    us as always when ever I connect with Earth Mother, Always a wonderful feeling
    and a blessing
    With love and blessings. Sylvia

  3. Susan Allen says:

    I loved your poem today Dave……….it moved me. As the morning wore on I felt the build up of Mother Earth looking forward to receiving the Light of my Heart Essence. At 13.15 hours I took the bottle with me to the Healing Sacred Circle in the garden and gave our Mother Earth 3 drops before taking 3 myself. After I had said the special words I closed my eyes and listened to sounds of nature. There was a wood pigeon cooing, a rook cawing, blue-tits and coal tits twittering happily feeding on the fat balls and peanuts. The brook babbling away over the little weirs……… felt like a summer’s day. As I walked over the little bridge back to the house, I paused and gave 3 drops to the brook with a prayer that this was for all the rivers and oceans of the world. I picked up a lantern from the house and lit the little candle inside.
    Retracing my steps I put it in the middle of the Sacred Circle on the wet grass and sodden leaves.
    I could see the light shining from the house and recalled the moment when I felt quite tangibly the fairies, elves, pixies and other little visitors dancing round the lantern and celebrating in their own way. The candle went out a few minutes before sunset.

    A special Day it certainly was…………our Earth Mother loves us all so much.
    Blessings – Susan

  4. Melinda says:

    Thank you Dave for letting me know about the celebration, connecting to Mother Earth today.
    I took Light of My Heart Essence with me to my allotment today. I said the offering and put a few drops of the essence into the Earth,
    Immediately, I felt ‘joy’, a ‘smile’. Despite the cloudy, cold afternoon, the soil seemed to light up.
    I sensed much love.


  5. Thank you, this was a deeply mystical experience in a mystical ancient wood with a beautiful light which illuminated so much.
    Many blessings Dave
    Jacqueline and Paul

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