Gatherings and Events

Experience The Emerald Heart Light at a Gathering near you.

Here is a listing of  not to be missed  Events over the next 2 weeks.

You can see when and where a Gathering is taking place at the Gatherings and Events Page, listed in the Menu tabs at the top of the Emerald Heart Blog.

Gatherings and Events

Up and coming events by Emerald Heart Practitioners and Hosts of Gatherings.

Emerald Heart Spiritual Gatherings are meetings where you can experience the Light of the Emerald Heart first hand and work with The Teachings to bring about personal change and spiritual transformation.

10th January 2012, Gathering in Chorlton, Manchester                                          with Sarah Swinglehurst

11th January 2012, Gathering at Tulse Hill, South London                                     with Tim Dyson at 7pm.

17th January 2012 – Gathering at Witham on the Hill, Bourne, Lincs.       Emerald Heart Gathering at 2.00pm Tuesday 17th January, with Susan Allen

21st January 2012 – Energy Secrets Workshop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire     with Louise Allen  and Tim Dyson

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