Energy Secrets Workshop in Derbyshire

January 21st, 2012

Start 2012 off in the right direction at this Energy Secrets Workshop with Emerald Heart Practitioner, Louise Allen and Chi Gong Master, Tim Dyson in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Contact Louise:

or Tim:

Your Body is the most sacred space of pilgimage you’ll ever come to. It is the dwelling place of the Divine Spirit. The true temple of God.

Go within and experience the sacred Divine within you.

Happy 2012 New Year – New You

Start the new Year from your sacred place.

Book Now for The Energy Secrets Workshop – January 21st 2012.

With Love and Blessings, Louise and Tim.


About Dave Ashworth

Visionary and Spiritual Teacher. The source of The Emerald Heart Light. Founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. Author of five spiritual books. After an awakening in the early 90s, Dave has continued to pass through deep transformations, bringing forth many original and powerful spiritual tools and practises to enable the evolution of consciousness of the serious spiritual seeker.
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1 Response to Energy Secrets Workshop in Derbyshire

  1. Mary Gibson says:

    “Your body is the most sacred space of pilgrimage you’ll ever come to.” Thank you for these words – they are very helpful for me.

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