11.11.11 A Gathering from Roisin Kenny with Paul Kennedy

11am 11.11.11 Emerald Heart Gathering at Hook Head Lighthouse, Co Wexford, Ireland.

The Hook Peninsula in Southwest Wexford, containing The 800 yr old Hook Lighthouse at Hook Head, the oldest intact operational lighthouse in the world. Tintern Abbey (sister abbey of Tintern Abbey, Wye Valley, Wales.) Norman landing and fortifications dating to 1170. The Knights Templar church and castle. Duncannon Fort where both King James and King Billy left after the Battle of the Boyne. Humpback Whales.

However it is the ancient energy of the land itself, with it’s mesmeric mix of water, rock and wind that earmarks this location as a very special place indeed. Chosen by Roisin Kenny, Emerald Heart Practitioner as an ideal place to celebrate the energy of 11.11.’11. Joined by Paul, Caroline, Jacqueline and Roisin’s daughter Kaylagh; the gathering was held at 11am.

In relentless torrential rain the Earth Angel of Water purified the Emerald Isle, the weather service announced it would pour down till mid afternoon. After two hours of windscreen wipers on full Paul met Roisin and Kaylagh and they pointed the car to Hook Head. As they wound their way to eleven o’ clock the rain went from deluge to drizzle, from mist to missed. Dark clouds gave way to a sheen of light as the roads narrowed and the car was drawn to its place.

They met Caroline and Jacqueline in the café attached to the lighthouse where they read the mantra of the Emerald Heart and sipped its essence. Then they took to the elements. It was wild. Feral. The Earth Angels of Air and Water were suddenly joined by that of Sun, the noise was amazing as wave after wave of cascading white water leapt into the air and crashed down onto the rocks and against the cliffs in a display of pure celebration by Mother Earth. It was time to be humble and very present.

As we belted out the Emerald Heart Mantra it was hard to hear ourselves over the raging waters, gales and excited heartbeats. Roisin’s copy was whipped away in a gust to be perfectly claimed by the elements. We opened our root chakras to Mother Earth and dived into her magnetic core for sustenance and grounding. It was hard enough to stay on one’s feet! We sounded the note of our Earth Mother in our lower chakras and then sounded the Emerald Heart in our hearts as we linked to the Land, to the Sea, to the Air and to our Mother, Mother Earth. We continued to sound into our Throats to celebrate and communicate with all the other conscious beings linking at this time and carried on to our crowns to make the link between Heaven and Earth and our role as carriers of light.

What actually occurred, though immensely profound, is still a mystery. We were all aware of something transformational having taken place but none were able to identify or articulate it. Perhaps it simply wasn’t time or it’s beyond our ken. Our intentions were simple, we strove to integrate the Emerald Heart within us and into the land and sea, the sudden blistering sun on the lighthouse and on the breaking waves as we began and as we finished left us in no doubt as to the power of what we had participated in. We were five beings in human form but a great many other beings surrounded and sounded with us. In fact during the sounding there rang a deep humming sound from the confluence of water sea and land that harmonically linked to our humble sounds.

Jeez it was great! As they’d say in Ireland, “Mighty Altogether.”

Thank you.

Paul Kennedy

11.11.11 Roisin Kenny

What an experience it was to stand on the rock of Hook Head and to sound out the love in our hearts as we took up our places in the grounding of Light for our Mother Earth. How we soared with the Angels as our voices were carried across ocean and land, standing boldly as we sang. And the ocean made her presence felt, with her glorious waves rolling in and the wind howling around us. It was a tremendous gift to spend this time with such wonderful people, and my daughter Kaylagh, knowing that she will always remember this special place and time. And with Paul, a King of Sounding, who brought this opportunity of Sacred Sound to let our voices ring out at this special moment and throughout time, bringing us through our chakras with sound, connecting us deeply with our Mother Earth and making us laugh with his unique and splendid humour and joy.

As Paul lead us into a crescendo of sound, we joined together, harmonizing, connecting with each other, connecting with the Spirit of the land and letting our Light radiate. As Jacqueline and Caroline sounded their voices, I asked myself, are these angels by my side? It certainly sounded so. As we moved up into the Heart Chakra, the Sun came out as if in acknowledgement of our presence there. How wonderful it was to sound out The Emerald Heart Light.

My sincere thanks to all who were present for these wonderful moments and my sincere thanks to Mila and Dave.

Glorious Hook Head, a very special place at a very special time.

With Love and Emerald Heart Light,

Roisin Kenny.


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2 Responses to 11.11.11 A Gathering from Roisin Kenny with Paul Kennedy

  1. Denise Marie says:

    A question. The irridescent cloud in the first photo, is that real or photo shopped?

    Wonderful writing, thanks,

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