Jack Childs – What is the most Spiritual Diet?

Emerald Heart practitioner Jack Childs shares with the Blog his understanding of how food can inadvertently be used as a way of blocking fear as opposed to bringing it forward to deal with.

As Jack discovers, strict dietary regimes on the spiritual path can be both restrictive and counter productive.

What is the most spiritual diet?

I was convinced for a long time that diet was a huge part of my spiritual path, as I transitioned from a standard Western Diet, to vegan and then going all the way to raw vegan. I was certainly right in feeling that it was a part of my spiritual path, but completely wrong in my understanding of the lesson that it was presenting me.

Slowly I went back to eating what could only be described as a standard Western Diet, as I realised a piece of meat or some ice cream wasn’t going to kill me or destroy my health. I even went really crazy and occasionally had some alcohol when I went out with friends!! From being the most rigid and fixed person you could ever hope to meet in terms of diet, I became completely flexible and above all more free. This freedom didn’t come from what I was eating, but came from a change in my mind into how I viewed and approached food.

I was convinced for a long time that diet was a huge part of my spiritual path, as I transitioned from a standard Western Diet, to vegan and then going all the way to raw vegan. I was certainly right in feeling that it was a part of my spiritual path, but completely wrong in my understanding of the lesson that it was presenting me.

Throughout my childhood I had played sport to a high level, with this being a large part of my identity. This all changed when I hit 18, as I went through a period of chronic fatigue for several months. From being a sporting star who was active everyday, I became a person who struggled to muster the energy to go for a 5 mins walk. To me this was death- the end of my sporting dreams, the end of a normal healthy life and worst of all the end of “Jack”.

Now a truly spiritual perspective at this point would have been to delve into the intense emotions and fears coming up to see if there was anything beyond them. Yet my 18 year old self thought he knew a better way to peace- perhaps if I just get my health and fitness back all will be fine and I will never ever had to confront these horrible feelings again. Very sneaky and a path I was committed to following for the next few years.

Diets can be used to avoid the real issue

My main path to salvation was diet, as I seemingly made a link between what I was eating and how I was feeling. I remember the intense feelings of relief and hope as I read about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. This was the answer!! This was the truth!! This was my way out of hell!!

Over the next few years diet and natural health became the focus of my life, as I transitioned to a raw vegan diet. Now it is fair to say my health on a physical level was very good during this point- I was never ill and even ran an ultramarathon as a confirmation of my new found energy levels. Yet on a deeper level I still never really felt any sense of peace and my first resort to any upset to my peace was to stuff my face with fruit or look to improve my diet to make me feel better. I was running away from my true problems- not just by running an ultramarathon, but by running away from ever experiencing the sheer depth of emotion and pain that had been released when I had chronic fatigue.

This all revealed itself when I started to work with the Emerald Heart Light, which opens up the heart to the limiting ego-based fears we hold. Intense feelings of not being good enough, not feeling safe and the fear of feeling emotional pain came to my conscious awareness as I started to understand that my real salvation rested in working through these fears as barriers I put on my complete inner peace.After some months working with the Emerald Heart Light my mentor challenged me on my approach to diet. He admitted he was scared to challenge me on it, as he knew how attached I was to it and up until this point I had continued with my raw vegan diet when working with the light. My first response was anger!! Intense anger!! Not another person challenging me on diet? Telling me I need more protein? Telling me fruit has too much sugar in it? Not exactly…his real challenge was that my dependence on diet was a huge limiting factor in my spiritual growth and appeared like an emotional dependence to him. 

Perhaps the new dietary guidelines should be eat what the hell you want, but be aware of the fears behind them. Can’t see it catching on…

After some really deep reflection and a lot of putting aside of ego, I was brave enough to admit I had a problem. Now rather than giving me any advice on what to eat, my mentor merely encouraged me to experiment with my dependence on having to eat raw vegan all the time. What followed was an incredible transformation on both the outside and inside.

 After some really deep reflection and a lot of putting aside of ego, I was brave enough to admit I had a problem. Now rather than giving me any advice on what to eat, my mentor merely encouraged me to experiment with my dependence on having to eat raw vegan all the time. What followed was an incredible transformation on both the outside and inside.

Slowly I went back to eating what could only be described as a standard Western Diet, as I realised a piece of meat or some ice cream wasn’t going to kill me or destroy my health. I even went really crazy and occasionally had some alcohol when I went out with friends!! From being the most rigid and fixed person you could ever hope to meet in terms of diet, I became completely flexible and above all more free. This freedom didn’t come from what I was eating, but came from a change in my mind into how I viewed and approached food.Previously it had been my everything, but relatively quickly as I worked hard internally on my fears it became a nothing to me. It was food and I enjoyed eating when I was hungry, but nothing more than that. Best of all my energy levels stayed the same and perhaps even increased, as the draining fears I had always associated with food no longer dragged me down.

Guidance speaks…
“Food food glorious food or should we really say nothing at all. What Jack is describing here goes way beyond food, which although appearing important to you in earthly bodies is actually not at all important when viewed from a higher spiritual perspective. For some food can appear to be their salvation, for others it is some particular relationship, for others it is their favourite spiritual book and for others it is changing the world. They all miss the point. Real salvation will only ever be found by working through your perceived fears.”

So lets try and answer the question in the title of what the most spiritual diet is. Is it vegan, raw vegan, a yogi diet, the dukan diet, the atkins diet, the 5:2 diet, paleo diet or even a standard Western diet?  The answer is no diet is more spiritual than any other diet, as food in itself is a meaningless focus on the spiritual path. The only answer could be that it doesn’t matter what you eat, but the fears behind your reasons for eating the way you do. Of course it is sensible to eat in a way that supports our physical health, as there is no need to make life unnecessarily difficult for ourselves. It just really shouldn’t be a focus for us if we have intent to follow a serious spiritual path.

This focus can manifest in a number of ways from an obsession with eating “healthily”, to an obsession in losing weight or an obsession with following a particular dietary regime. All tend to be blocks to the real fears coming to the surface, which would allow us more inner freedom once acknowledged and worked through. As such perhaps a true spiritual diet is one where we allow our limiting ego-based fears to rise to our conscious awareness and patiently see through them as the nothingness they really are.

Love and Blessings,

​Jack Childs    
Emerald Heart Practitioner


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Ian Mills – Anger

Anger as a tool

There is without doubt, thousands of situations that can provoke anger within ourselves. To write an article to hopefully nail the cause of anger would be a lengthy diatribe and not one I wish to attempt here. A more effective tack I believe would be to offer a solution to the anger epidemic that people are currently facing now.

Anger can be an amazingly transformative emotion. It can force change into our lives. It can help us identify and to break painfully repetitive cycles or negative situations. Anger can be a marker for us to realise we have allowed ourselves to accept something in our lives that is in ultimate discord with our true desires.

Why are we feeling anger now?

The Earth and us as her tenants are currently going through a process of deep change. The darkness that has bathed this planet for millennia is lifting.  The great seers of this time are calling this cycle we are entering ‘the Age of truth.’

Consequently, all the darker techniques that have been used to control the human-race and the planet during this cycle are breaking down and the machinations are being revealed to all.

Now this darkness worked on many levels and has generally effected most areas of human life, but particularly in areas where power and fear has been used to suppress and control others and to force through an agenda that is purposely damaging to us and the planet.

Individual and Collective Releases

The shift in planetary frequency will be helping us collectively and individually, to release ancient negative emotions locked deeply within our subconscious.

During this period of change it would be expected to experience some level of confusion and anger as we shift to finer vibrations. In fact, as the tools of subjugation are becoming obvious to the masses and the hidden history of the human-race is revealed, it would be totally normal to be enraged at how we as a race have been misled. Furthermore, it will be imperative to identify these feelings and find a way to deal with them.

Emerald Heart Essences

The releases caused by this new higher level of truth may cause stress and imbalance within ourselves. The release of these dark, locked in emotions, creates turmoil as they hit the aura. With the Emerald Heart High Vibrational essences, this frequency can be targeted once you’re aware that something is going on. The wide range of Divinely Sourced Essences can target this frequency deep in your subconscious for release, then when it comes up to the light, it can be hit again by the Emerald Heart Bach essences to negate much of the in-aura trauma generally associated by such releases.

Self-help and more..

If you can intuit, muscle test or dowse, it will be straight forward to select the essences you need for your individual situation. If you are uncertain of what is going on and you have a level of unexplained stress and tension, or you feel like things are getting on top of you, just know that help is at hand. As well as practicing your own personal first line of defence, such as good diet, meditation, grounding, relaxation and being in nature etc,  you may wish to look up your Emerald Heart Practitioner of choice, for a deeper view of what you are up against.

As Emerald Heart Practitioners are trained to view things multi-dimensionally you will have a unique perspective of your situation.  Along with their insights, they will use the Emerald Heart Light, which has been called the Light that reveals Truth. This can be offered as an infused key of liquid light, a Light program or both depending on the issue at hand.

Check out the keys of transformation … the wide range of Essences available.


All the Emerald Heart Practitioners are listed below.


You now have a one-stop first aid kit for evolutionary symptoms. As the wise ones have said so many times, “Don’t suffer in silence, reach out for help”

.. and as the human-race will soon say … “Suffering is so last millennia.”

With love

Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment




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Lynne Shaw – Release the Warrior from your Heart

Release the Warrior from Your Heart 

Let down your guard to really let the love in

Release the Warrior from your heart. The protector, the one that keeps you safe. The one that reminds you of all your previous battles.

Let the warrior create and maintain healthy boundaries, but release old resentments so you can look your fellow human being in the eye and be open hearted.

It is a new day. Register in your heart that each day is an opportunity to start anew, not only in your life and your relationship with yourself but with all those around you. For how often have you said, “I’m fine”, when really part of you was dying inside? How many of you have jumped to forgiving others before allowing your true emotions to unfold so nothing remains in the body. The stuckness, the defensiveness that is created when our minds and mouths maybe saying one thing whilst our bodies and hearts are saying something else?

The armour we carry has been taken on to protect us. It is only when we allow the emotions; the reasons as to why we put the armour on in the first place to unwind, that we really can come from an openhearted place.

Talking about our experiences may help us to rationalise things; to analyse, to recognise to name and express things, but it is also absolutely necessary to speak to your deepest part of your heart and to face yourself squarely in the mirror and say:

“Did I give myself away?” 

Did I allow myself to express all that I needed to heal or did I jump to forgiveness because I believed it is the right thing to do? And surely that is the desired outcome, yet were all the stages of release experienced so the release truly happened in the heart or was it purely an intellectual release where the heart is still waiting to be heard and it’s needs still need to be recognised? Did you silence that small scream within because hearing it, exploring it, embracing it was too uncomfortable, painful even?

Or was it because you felt it was not spiritual enough if you allowed yourself to move through your different difficult emotions, to really feel them?

Do you give yourself permission to really feel to the core of your being – or do you skirt over your emotions reducing them to mere folly?

I am asking for the truth here. The absolute utter truth. Do you give your truth away for your perceived betterment of others?

Because that is a slow deathly punishment of the self. Like a deathwatch beetle the rot sets in and soon it spreads to undermine your entire sense of self.

You absolutely have to go through the darkness to get to the light and sometimes the darkest places are the lies we tell ourselves.

You may tell yourself: “It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. I’m making a big deal out of nothing.” But through doing this you are slowly dying to yourself for if you do not give yourself the respect you deserve to heal, then that is the very message you are sending to others.

“I am of no importance. I do not trust or value my emotions so you should not either.”

The Guides speak:

There is no nobility in sacrificing your well-being for others, it is a mistaken path that reflects your lack of self worth. You have this one life, this one gift, do not squander it. Dive into every emotion every experience. Welcome every chance you have to explore life and then become the Master that you truly are and work with those places of discomfort. Look them in the eye with the heart of the Spiritual Warrior that you are, for that is what you are here to do, to vanquish those demons that lie within so that they become old friends that are easily recognisable. Put down any misguided aspirations for Sainthood and grab the truth of what you feel with both hands for that it what truly allows you to embrace life. To truly become the Master that you are meant to be.

I had spent years and years doing forgiveness practices. Writing and burning letters, doing mantras and ceremonies to name and release hurts and resentments from others to me and myself to others. Yet the truth remained that my Warrior was still on guard.

It did not release when I said I had forgiven, it stood firm and kept count of the misdemeanours committed both by others and myself.

Your Warrior will only step aside when you truly trust your heart. When you truly trust yourself with your emotions. Your energy in motion. When you are ready, willing and able to welcome every feeling as an old friend. When you can welcome shame, jealousy, envy, greed, hatred, pride etc., as much as joy, contentment and other uplifting emotions.

So often you give your heart to others before you have fully explored it’s terrain first. But if you do not know what is there then how can you trust it?

Sometimes we confuse the way in which others treat us as a measure of how well our heart functions. Especially in our romantic encounters.

I remember as a young woman I was asked out by a really handsome guy that I did not know so well. He showed me great affection but instead of stepping into a sexual relationship with him early on I decided to hold back. (Which was very unusual for me J) A couple of weeks into the relationship he disappeared and I heard nothing more from him. This was quite unexpected and I was perplexed. I asked myself what I had done wrong, how had I misjudged him and the relationship? I heard months later that the reason he had initiated a relationship with me was to make someone else jealous so they would consent to having a sexual relationship with him.

If I were to assess the intelligence of my heart through this experience I could say that I had a foolish heart. Yet I know that my heart did what it was meant to – it opened to him. It created an opportunity for growth. Whether he took this opportunity or not was up to him. But my heart had opened potentially for love to come in.

Loving with the innocence of a child

It is time for us to release our Warriors of the Heart and learn to love again beyond what we believe is possible. To love with the innocence of a child and cast aside cynicism and self-doubt. For we are here to remember that no human can fully give to us the love that we desire. Humans are meant to disappoint, to challenge us, for then we are able to explore those places of neediness, the places where our brokenness resides. It is time to relish those times when we are brought these challenges on a platter of disappointment, hurt, anger, and jealousy. It is time to delve within. Not to re-experience these events over and over again but to ask your heart “What do you need?” For the emotions you feel are to highlight you to a need that has not yet been met.

As you extricate yourself from the story and dig to the heart of the matter, so you can soothe your own heart. When you start to function in this way little by little the Warrior protecting your heart will begin to trust you. It will begin to feel your wisdom and intent. Trust yourself. Remind yourself that all previous hurts and pains were part of your rich tapestry of lessons. At the end of each day spend a couple of minutes reflecting upon what your heart experienced that day. Feel into your heart and ask if there is anything it needs.

The amount of time you do this will directly reflect your capacity for self-love. Make no mistake, only you can do this for yourself. The more you do this for yourself then the more the Universe will support you in your endeavours.

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter

With Love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

“MOON GAZING HARE” by Joanna May
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If We Dare to Believe – Tim Dyson

If We Dare to Believe 

Working with an Evolutionary Light such as the Emerald Heart can be viewed as a journey through darkness into more and more Light. As some of the old darkness we carry starts to fall away we literally feel lighter, more connected, more open to others, to ourselves and to life generally. Ready and eager to engage with life in more creative ways with increased awareness of our gifts and talents and our potentials both spiritual and practical.

Without this uplift from the Light, we tend to spend our lives going round and round in small circles being led by our issues and subconscious patterning. At times consumed by our inner darkness, at other times feeling that things are a little more okay but with very little awareness of how wide the horizons actually are. We need the Light to start to reveal to us how great the possibilities are for our lives and our inner development.

Having experienced a much greater sense of our own expansiveness we find it excruciating when we then experience the contraction of ego. We go from being genuinely interested in others and in life, engaged, present, aware and connected, to feeling separate again, contracted and tormented. We reject this state of being preferring to feel good, to feeling connected spiritually. Of course it makes sense to use the tools at our disposal to reconnect, to balance and align ourselves with the Flow of Life again. If taking an essence, walking in nature, sharing with a friend etc. brings us back into this sense of being a connected being again why wouldn’t we do these things to help ourselves?

This can lead to a problem though, for if we are choosing to focus our identity on the connected state of feeling and are rejecting the contracted state as not really being us, we are falling into grasping and rejection. Our sense of self is based merely on our fragile state of feeling. We are basing our identity on something that will always be fleeting in nature. Our feelings, emotions and mental states are ever changing, they are like the weather and just as rejecting one kind of weather leads to unhappiness so does rejecting ourselves for feeling certain ways that we frame as non spiritual or unpleasant. Sometimes the ego has its grip on us more than at other times, sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to experience strong and difficult emotional and mental states. The worst thing we can do in these situations is to go into rejection for it only leads to more misery. The idea that there is some end point of bliss and happiness in which this is all we will ever feel is the spiritual equivalent of trying to find the end of a rainbow.

So how do we get beyond this dualistic game of desire for only positive states and our need to place our identification of self with these particular states, rejecting and running away from all those states we see as negative? It seems clear the answer must lie in a deeper understanding of who we are that is based on something far beyond that which is fleeting. What if we were to dare to believe that the Divine Creative Force, that evolutionary aspect of God Consciousness that runs through everything in creation, of which we ourselves are most definitely a part, is a large aspect of who we already are and have always been? As a part of creation am I not already an aspect of the Evolutionary Principle? What if we take this one step further and ask what if I am the Evolutionary Impulse itself? What does this imply? Surely it must imply that we are a part of a co-creation process with God, that essentially we are God.

From a place of understanding that an important aspect of who I am is Evolution in Action, it then becomes easy to see that I am far from a victim of certain hidden or unseen forces that I’m constantly trying to decipher. I can be the Creator of the Evolution I want to see in the world. I can work not just to align myself with the profound and sacred aspects of God Consciousness but that actually I can work to align the collective consciousness of humanity with them also. It’s a big task for sure but it doesn’t feel nearly as daunting if we can begin to grasp that we are already the Evolutionary Principle of God Consciousness. Rather than trying endlessly to connect with something beyond ourselves we could start to see that we are already ‘it’. From this deeper truth, spiritual light sources become something that we connect with in order to reveal the truth of who we already are, have always been and will always be. We just couldn’t see it, we were in ignorance of our true nature and we needed the Light to help us start to grasp this essential truth of who we are.

If we can allow the magnetic attraction of the vast river of evolution that flows through everything to draw our awareness into its waters, then our awareness is no longer separate but can flow with it creating as we go. If we can dare to step into this radical, even revolutionary understanding of self we will start to experience the vast array of spiritual forces that we become aligned with. As some of you will I am sure already know from your own experiences, as we aid humanity in the growth of their awareness, so we will be aided in this undertaking more than we can maybe currently believe is possible.

Perhaps then, the last mention in this Teaching belongs to Charles Darwin, the father of modern biological evolutionary science who had the courage and the audacity to believe that the church’s teachings of superstition and ignorance were wrong. That human evolution as a species was completely different than that which was accepted for his time and that he had to bring this truth to human awareness no matter the personal cost.

Tim Dyson

Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Harriët Kroon – Three Year Anniversary of Divine Plan Trainings

Three Year anniversary of Divine Plan trainings

Today, the Divine Plan Healing School celebrates 3 years of initiating students. Did you know that Mary Magdalene plays an important role in this ultra-modern healing modality and that she is here to serve you too?

Today, the 29th of March 2017, is a very special day. It is exactly three years ago that the very first Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healers were trained. Since then a lot has happened, we have an international Divine Plan Healing School now, an official bilingual website and every Sunday evening you can receive a Distant Healing for only 9.99 euro.

I remember picking up Lynne Shaw, the Birth Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light at Schiphol, the airport of Amsterdam. We were all very excited to train the very first pioneers in The Divine Plan. At that time we had no clue that 5 months later Lynne would hand over ‘The Divine Plan’ to me, so she could have her hands free to step into a new phase in her life.

Distant healing AND training

Initially I was in total shock of having to step into the role of Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System, but my soul knew it was meant to be. The last 2.5 years I have dedicated my time to make this Emerald Heart healing modality available for everyone on the planet. We offer healings and trainings on location, and, probably more important, we offer distant healings AND trainings. Recently we have initiated people in England, Germany, Ireland, the USA and even people in my own country, the Netherlands via Skype or Zoom.

It is very exciting that distant healing and initiation are always received in an extremely deep way. I have found that in their own home, recipients are more relaxed and therefore their systems are very receptive to taking in the Light in a more profound way.

What is the difference between The Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing?

People often ask what the difference is between The Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing. There is no difference. In Divine Plan Healing it is the Emerald Heart Light that does the work. The healer invites the Light for the client and is the Witness of the start of their transformational process.

Mary Magdalene

However, in Divine Plan Healing you receive more than the Emerald Heart Light. The Divine Feminine plays an important role in this ultra-modern healing modality. It is Mary Magdalene who gifted this holy healing system to Lynne, with the help of Yeshua. In every Divine Plan Healing you will also receive Her Light and help. In this era of the rising of the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene has come to help balance and heal your feminine aspects and wounding. That is THE DIVINE PLAN. And guess what, she is there for everyone, male, female or any gender expression.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to step into your blueprint, on your path and into your power with the help of the Emerald Heart Light and Mary Magdalene? We have a good offer for you. My normal price for a Divine Plan Healer Training is 469.- Euro. If you register before Easter* I will give you the training for 399.- Euro. This includes your personal attunement, the updated and extended manual, 3 essences (value 85.95 Euro) and VAT. We will choose your training dates together with you, so they will suit your diary. The training takes 3 slots of about 2 hours, or 1 day in Amsterdam.

Please contact welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org.

Distant Healing for a bargain price

Would you like to try a Divine Plan Healing? EVERY Sunday evening we offer a Distant Healing. The only thing you need to do is register via the web shop of the Divine Plan Healing School. For only 9.99 Euro you will receive a Divine Plan Healing, every Sunday evening at 8pm your time (anywhere in the world). It is that easy! After your transfer you will get instructions in your mailbox about how to receive your healing. Every week again you may participate, the only thing you need to do is register per healing.


Treat yourself, the money can’t be the excuse!

I am looking forward to serving you,








Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Check the website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Contact us: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org

Like us and win a healing: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

* Our discount is only valid until Sunday the 16th of April. The quicker you register the sooner you can be trained.

The website of the Divine Plan Healing School offers testimonials, charged jewellery and information on the Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan healing. www.divineplanhealingschool.org



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Light Transmission Feedback – Jeffery USA

Feedback is a powerful way to get the word out there.  Jeffery from the US shares his amazing experiences during this March Equinox’s Emerald Heart Light Transmission.  He wrote the following to his Emerald Heart Practitioner, Lynne Shaw and wished to pass on these experiences.

Yesterday, I had a Light Transmission at 1pm in the afternoon.
As I settled into quietude about 10 mins before 1 pm, I quietly went into my heart and brought my attention there.
After some time had passed, I was transported to a field of chamomile where a white Pegasus beckoned for me to mount him.
There was large beam of light streaming down from the skies, we flew up into this light leaving the Earth behind us.
Our destination was a planet in the galaxies of the arrowhead of Sagittarius.  This felt as if it was home to my higher Self.
I entered a vast dark room where there were frequencies of light forming distinct horizontal layers.  It felt that my chakras were being cleaned, adjusted and re-attuned.
I woke up from my Light Transmission an hour and a half after 1pm, my body was buzzing and humming with energy (pulsating and constant).
My second Light Transmission was at 9pm last night.
I quietly focused my attention on my heart.  This time I was transported down beyond the roots of trees in Mother Earth.  I arrived within a vast cave filled with gigantic quartz crystals and the cave was lit as if a candle flickered reflections on these gigantic iridescent mirrored surfaces of the quartz crystals.  I felt that I was receiving grounded energies from the heart of Mother Earth.  I awakened about a 1/2 hour after 9pm.
Today’s Light Transmission was at 2pm and I went completely blacked out for about an hour.
Thank you Lynne, the Elders and the Guides of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment for this Light Transmission.
It has been a tremendous support for my journey.  I am supplementing all of this with positive affirmations, brain wave technology and mindful meditation practice.
Big hugz and much love,


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