If We Dare to Believe – Tim Dyson

If We Dare to Believe 

Working with an Evolutionary Light such as the Emerald Heart can be viewed as a journey through darkness into more and more Light. As some of the old darkness we carry starts to fall away we literally feel lighter, more connected, more open to others, to ourselves and to life generally. Ready and eager to engage with life in more creative ways with increased awareness of our gifts and talents and our potentials both spiritual and practical.

Without this uplift from the Light, we tend to spend our lives going round and round in small circles being led by our issues and subconscious patterning. At times consumed by our inner darkness, at other times feeling that things are a little more okay but with very little awareness of how wide the horizons actually are. We need the Light to start to reveal to us how great the possibilities are for our lives and our inner development.

Having experienced a much greater sense of our own expansiveness we find it excruciating when we then experience the contraction of ego. We go from being genuinely interested in others and in life, engaged, present, aware and connected, to feeling separate again, contracted and tormented. We reject this state of being preferring to feel good, to feeling connected spiritually. Of course it makes sense to use the tools at our disposal to reconnect, to balance and align ourselves with the Flow of Life again. If taking an essence, walking in nature, sharing with a friend etc. brings us back into this sense of being a connected being again why wouldn’t we do these things to help ourselves?

This can lead to a problem though, for if we are choosing to focus our identity on the connected state of feeling and are rejecting the contracted state as not really being us, we are falling into grasping and rejection. Our sense of self is based merely on our fragile state of feeling. We are basing our identity on something that will always be fleeting in nature. Our feelings, emotions and mental states are ever changing, they are like the weather and just as rejecting one kind of weather leads to unhappiness so does rejecting ourselves for feeling certain ways that we frame as non spiritual or unpleasant. Sometimes the ego has its grip on us more than at other times, sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to experience strong and difficult emotional and mental states. The worst thing we can do in these situations is to go into rejection for it only leads to more misery. The idea that there is some end point of bliss and happiness in which this is all we will ever feel is the spiritual equivalent of trying to find the end of a rainbow.

So how do we get beyond this dualistic game of desire for only positive states and our need to place our identification of self with these particular states, rejecting and running away from all those states we see as negative? It seems clear the answer must lie in a deeper understanding of who we are that is based on something far beyond that which is fleeting. What if we were to dare to believe that the Divine Creative Force, that evolutionary aspect of God Consciousness that runs through everything in creation, of which we ourselves are most definitely a part, is a large aspect of who we already are and have always been? As a part of creation am I not already an aspect of the Evolutionary Principle? What if we take this one step further and ask what if I am the Evolutionary Impulse itself? What does this imply? Surely it must imply that we are a part of a co-creation process with God, that essentially we are God.

From a place of understanding that an important aspect of who I am is Evolution in Action, it then becomes easy to see that I am far from a victim of certain hidden or unseen forces that I’m constantly trying to decipher. I can be the Creator of the Evolution I want to see in the world. I can work not just to align myself with the profound and sacred aspects of God Consciousness but that actually I can work to align the collective consciousness of humanity with them also. It’s a big task for sure but it doesn’t feel nearly as daunting if we can begin to grasp that we are already the Evolutionary Principle of God Consciousness. Rather than trying endlessly to connect with something beyond ourselves we could start to see that we are already ‘it’. From this deeper truth, spiritual light sources become something that we connect with in order to reveal the truth of who we already are, have always been and will always be. We just couldn’t see it, we were in ignorance of our true nature and we needed the Light to help us start to grasp this essential truth of who we are.

If we can allow the magnetic attraction of the vast river of evolution that flows through everything to draw our awareness into its waters, then our awareness is no longer separate but can flow with it creating as we go. If we can dare to step into this radical, even revolutionary understanding of self we will start to experience the vast array of spiritual forces that we become aligned with. As some of you will I am sure already know from your own experiences, as we aid humanity in the growth of their awareness, so we will be aided in this undertaking more than we can maybe currently believe is possible.

Perhaps then, the last mention in this Teaching belongs to Charles Darwin, the father of modern biological evolutionary science who had the courage and the audacity to believe that the church’s teachings of superstition and ignorance were wrong. That human evolution as a species was completely different than that which was accepted for his time and that he had to bring this truth to human awareness no matter the personal cost.

Tim Dyson

Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter

With Love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

“MOON GAZING HARE” by Joanna May
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Harriët Kroon – Three Year Anniversary of Divine Plan Trainings

Three Year anniversary of Divine Plan trainings

Today, the Divine Plan Healing School celebrates 3 years of initiating students. Did you know that Mary Magdalene plays an important role in this ultra-modern healing modality and that she is here to serve you too?

Today, the 29th of March 2017, is a very special day. It is exactly three years ago that the very first Emerald Heart Divine Plan Healers were trained. Since then a lot has happened, we have an international Divine Plan Healing School now, an official bilingual website and every Sunday evening you can receive a Distant Healing for only 9.99 euro.

I remember picking up Lynne Shaw, the Birth Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light at Schiphol, the airport of Amsterdam. We were all very excited to train the very first pioneers in The Divine Plan. At that time we had no clue that 5 months later Lynne would hand over ‘The Divine Plan’ to me, so she could have her hands free to step into a new phase in her life.

Distant healing AND training

Initially I was in total shock of having to step into the role of Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System, but my soul knew it was meant to be. The last 2.5 years I have dedicated my time to make this Emerald Heart healing modality available for everyone on the planet. We offer healings and trainings on location, and, probably more important, we offer distant healings AND trainings. Recently we have initiated people in England, Germany, Ireland, the USA and even people in my own country, the Netherlands via Skype or Zoom.

It is very exciting that distant healing and initiation are always received in an extremely deep way. I have found that in their own home, recipients are more relaxed and therefore their systems are very receptive to taking in the Light in a more profound way.

What is the difference between The Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing?

People often ask what the difference is between The Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing. There is no difference. In Divine Plan Healing it is the Emerald Heart Light that does the work. The healer invites the Light for the client and is the Witness of the start of their transformational process.

Mary Magdalene

However, in Divine Plan Healing you receive more than the Emerald Heart Light. The Divine Feminine plays an important role in this ultra-modern healing modality. It is Mary Magdalene who gifted this holy healing system to Lynne, with the help of Yeshua. In every Divine Plan Healing you will also receive Her Light and help. In this era of the rising of the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene has come to help balance and heal your feminine aspects and wounding. That is THE DIVINE PLAN. And guess what, she is there for everyone, male, female or any gender expression.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to step into your blueprint, on your path and into your power with the help of the Emerald Heart Light and Mary Magdalene? We have a good offer for you. My normal price for a Divine Plan Healer Training is 469.- Euro. If you register before Easter* I will give you the training for 399.- Euro. This includes your personal attunement, the updated and extended manual, 3 essences (value 85.95 Euro) and VAT. We will choose your training dates together with you, so they will suit your diary. The training takes 3 slots of about 2 hours, or 1 day in Amsterdam.

Please contact welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org.

Distant Healing for a bargain price

Would you like to try a Divine Plan Healing? EVERY Sunday evening we offer a Distant Healing. The only thing you need to do is register via the web shop of the Divine Plan Healing School. For only 9.99 Euro you will receive a Divine Plan Healing, every Sunday evening at 8pm your time (anywhere in the world). It is that easy! After your transfer you will get instructions in your mailbox about how to receive your healing. Every week again you may participate, the only thing you need to do is register per healing.


Treat yourself, the money can’t be the excuse!

I am looking forward to serving you,








Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Check the website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Contact us: welcome@divineplanhealingschool.org

Like us and win a healing: https://www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing

* Our discount is only valid until Sunday the 16th of April. The quicker you register the sooner you can be trained.

The website of the Divine Plan Healing School offers testimonials, charged jewellery and information on the Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan healing. www.divineplanhealingschool.org



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Light Transmission Feedback – Jeffery USA

Feedback is a powerful way to get the word out there.  Jeffery from the US shares his amazing experiences during this March Equinox’s Emerald Heart Light Transmission.  He wrote the following to his Emerald Heart Practitioner, Lynne Shaw and wished to pass on these experiences.

Yesterday, I had a Light Transmission at 1pm in the afternoon.
As I settled into quietude about 10 mins before 1 pm, I quietly went into my heart and brought my attention there.
After some time had passed, I was transported to a field of chamomile where a white Pegasus beckoned for me to mount him.
There was large beam of light streaming down from the skies, we flew up into this light leaving the Earth behind us.
Our destination was a planet in the galaxies of the arrowhead of Sagittarius.  This felt as if it was home to my higher Self.
I entered a vast dark room where there were frequencies of light forming distinct horizontal layers.  It felt that my chakras were being cleaned, adjusted and re-attuned.
I woke up from my Light Transmission an hour and a half after 1pm, my body was buzzing and humming with energy (pulsating and constant).
My second Light Transmission was at 9pm last night.
I quietly focused my attention on my heart.  This time I was transported down beyond the roots of trees in Mother Earth.  I arrived within a vast cave filled with gigantic quartz crystals and the cave was lit as if a candle flickered reflections on these gigantic iridescent mirrored surfaces of the quartz crystals.  I felt that I was receiving grounded energies from the heart of Mother Earth.  I awakened about a 1/2 hour after 9pm.
Today’s Light Transmission was at 2pm and I went completely blacked out for about an hour.
Thank you Lynne, the Elders and the Guides of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment for this Light Transmission.
It has been a tremendous support for my journey.  I am supplementing all of this with positive affirmations, brain wave technology and mindful meditation practice.
Big hugz and much love,


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Emerald Heart Light Transmission – March Equinox 2017

Our Gift to You

The Emerald Heart Light Transmission

March Equinox 2017  

(See below for German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and French translations.)


During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens the heart to the truth within you, helping you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:

From 1.00am on the 19th to midnight on the 21st March at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

We hope that you enjoy it.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:

REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG, here: 



Emerald Heart Licht-Übertragung

Während jeder Tagundnachtgleiche und Sonnenwende ist das Emerald Heart Licht weltweit für alle verfügbar, die dieses unglaubliche, transformative Licht erfahren möchten. 

Was ist das Emerald Heart Licht?

Es ist ein Licht, dass das Herz für die Wahrheit in deinem Inneren öffnet und dir hilft, dass du mehr in Kontakt mit dir selbst kommst, mit mehr Klarheit und Fokus für dein Leben.

Zeiten für diese ÜBERTRAGUNG:

Von 1.00 morgens in der Nacht zum 19. März bis Mitternacht am 21. März

Das Licht wird dir für Drei Volle Tage kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen. 

Wir hoffen, dass es dir gefällt. 

Um das Emerald Heart Licht zu empfangen musst du nur Folgendes tun: 

REGISTRIERE dich auf der Seite zur Lichtübertragung auf dem Emerald Heart Blog hier:



La transmisión de la Luz del Emerald Heart

Durante las estaciones de Equinoccio e Solsticio la Luz del Emerald Heart está disponible en todo el mundo para todos aquellos que desean experimentar esta asombrada y transformadora Luz del Emerald Heart.

¿Qué es la Luz de Emerald Heart?

Es la luz que abre el corazón para descubrir la verdad que hay en ti, prestándote ayuda en establecer el contacto contigo mismo con más claridad y concentración para tu vida.

Horario de Esta TRANSMISIÓN:

Desde la una de la madrugada del 19. hasta la medianoche del 21. de marzo

Según hora local tuya.

En este tiempo la Luz estará disponible para ti gratuitamente durante los tres días enteros.

Esperamos que lo disfrutes.

Para poder recibir la Luz del Emerald Heart lo único que necesitas hacer es:

REGISTRARTE en la Página de la Transmisión de la Luz del Blog del Emerald Heart here:



Emerald Heart Ljusöverföring  

Under varje höst- och vårdagjämning samt sommar- och vintersolståndet är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart tillgängligt över hela världen för alla som önskar en upplevelse av detta fantastiska transformerande Ljus.

Vad är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart?

Det är ett Ljus som öppnar ditt hjärta för den sanning du bär inom dig. Det hjälper dig att komma i mer kontakt med dig själv, ge dig större klarhet och fokus i ditt liv. 

Tider för denna Ljus ÖVERFÖRING:

Från 01,00 den 19 till midnatt den 21 mars lokal tid.

Ljuset kommer att vara tillgängligt för dig under tre hela dagar utan kostnad.

Allt du behöver göra för att ta emot Ljuset från the Emerald Heart är att

REGISTERA dig på sidan för Ljus överföring på the Emerald Heart BLOG här:



Hart van Smaragd Lichtoverdracht

Tijdens elke equinox en zonnewende is het Hart van Smaragd Licht beschikbaar voor iedereen die dit bijzonder transformerende Licht wil ervaren.

Wat is het Hart van Smaragd Licht?

Het is een Licht dat je hart opent waardoor je de waarheid in jezelf ziet. Hierdoor wordt je meer verbonden met jezelf, en krijg je meer helderheid over en focus op je eigen leven.

Wanneer is de Lichtoverdracht:

Van 19 maart om 01.00 ’s ochtends tot 21 maart middernacht.

Het Licht is er voor jou. Drie dagen lang zonder enige kosten.

We hopen dat je ervan zult genieten.

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen om het Licht te ontvangen, is het volgende:

Registreer je e-mailadres op de Licht Transmissie Pagina van de Emerald Heart BLOG hier: 



La Transmission de la Lumière d’Emerald Heart

Pendant chaque équinoxe et solstice, la Lumière d’Emerald Heart est disponible à travers le monde entier pour tous ceux qui aimeraient connaître cette Lumière magnifique et transformationnelle.

Qu’est-ce que cette Lumière d’Emerald Heart?

C’est une lumière qui ouvre le coeur pour vivre la vérité en vous. Elle vous aide à être plus connecté avec vous-même, avec plus de clarté et vous aide à être plus centré sur votre vie.

Les horaires pour cette TRANSMISSION:

De 1 h du matin du 19 mars jusqu’à minuit au 21 mars à votre heure locale

La Lumière sera disponible pendant 3 journées entières sans frais.

Nous espérons que vous l’apprécierez.

Pour recevoir la Lumière d’Emerald Heart, il vous suffit de faire la chose suivante:

Enregistrez-vous à la page Transmission de Lumière dans notre blog:


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Ian Mills – Change is Upon Us


Is Change Frightening?

For most of us change is a tricky thing to handle. From our microcosmic view, anything we can not foresee the result of, quantify the impact of or not understand from a planning perspective is a contentious issue and opens a Pandora’s box of fear and anxiety.  As human beings we have allowed the subconscious mind to think its way into our hearts with its needs to control every aspect of our lives and using this strategy it thinks danger will never beset us.

Modern life is so crammed full of bright shiny experiences and stimuli overkill that it’s all too easy to become deaf to our inner wisdom. Our connection to the Earth and the Universe as a whole has been disrupted in a way that it is all too easy for us to fall into fear at the slightest sign of change.


article-0-02ec8d55000005dc-835_468x517Change can be very uncomfortable for most of us when the major identifiers of how we see ourselves in a societal way shift. These identifiers may well be the big house, the fancy car, the trophy partner, the large bank account, etc.  Anything that we have used to quantify our level of success and happiness in the world that is not necessary in alignment with our highest good is undergoing a time of rebalance. This of course will create major issues for people unwilling to release the old version of life and step into the new, lighter, healthier, vibrationally pleasing frequencies.   

Attachment will be the very thing that will turn a smooth transitional stream into a violently rocky white water ride, that will ultimately cause us to capsize and then begin the journey again battered and bruised, but with hopefully a little more understanding regarding the cost of attachment. It would be great if we could learn these lessons in this lifetime without having to come back for more white water rides, but I’m feeling that is easier said than done.

Signs of Change

The Earth is going through great changes at the moment, as it shakes off the heavy control of fear that has saturated this beautiful planet for millennia. During this time, we are seeing and will see more amazing things happen.

As I write this article on Sunday 26th February there is a powerful solar eclipse and astrological alignment of which the wise astrologers are saying will announce great changes on our Earth. These changes should be interpreted as a period of transition which is blessing on humanity. Adopting a mind-set of letting go, going with the flow and doing things the easy way will pay great dividends.

Control of Belief

One of the insidious traps that humanity have found themselves in, is allowing themselves, by their loving trusting nature to be governed by wolves who have been able to control and steer all aspects of the human experience. This frequency is now no longer being allowed to have free reign over us. This includes religious conditioning and control of the media.

I believe we need to enter this phase of humanities development with an open mind. Attachment will stop us in our tracks if we let it as we have been so conditioned to accept things that are truly against everything we believe in.


woman-self-loveMore than ever before, this is a time of finding quiet time away from the glamour of the world. To sit and be with yourself. If you can meditate do so, if you do yoga, do it. Take time for self-empowerment and self-love. Listen to what you are trying to tell yourself. Trust that the bigger you and the Universe has a plan for you and will never let you drop.

As more and more truth is revealed, showing us how we have allowed ourselves to be misled at the most fundamental levels there will be anger and rage that needs to be released. This will be dealt with in subsequent Emerald Heart articles. 

If you are finding things hard to handle during these times of change, you may wish to contact an Emerald Heart Practitioner for support and guidance.


With love

Ian Mills

Emerald Heart Elder, Stockholm Sweden

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Emerald Heart Radio Podcast 2


Tim Dyson





For Emerald Heart Podcast 2, Ian Mills and Tim Dyson team up again for another upbeat discussion, offering light analysis of the amazing changes in current affairs across the World. 

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