Feedback from Darshan with David sessions.

13735582_10157438782355227_1987897352746233277_oDavid Ashworth, the original channel for the Emerald Heart Light and founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment has now created an amazing Darshan experience for those looking for a deeper truth of who they are.  

Here are just a few testimonies to these life changing group sessions and distant transmissions.

Read more about Darshan with David and what others are saying about David at his website

Jon Gauntlet, Emerald Heart Evolution Practitioner, Australia – Distant Darshan

Hi Dave,

Happy New Year. Hope you had a fun Christmas.

I just wanted to let you know that Danielle, Kael and myself all took part in Darshan last night. A family affair. We all had different experiences and I’d like to share mine with you as it was quite illuminating for me.

I started sitting on the sofa in a very relaxed state. The sounds of the outside world slowly drifted away and I felt like I dropped through time and space, until I was standing next to an archangel. We walked together down a tunnel of pure white light until we reached the foot of a spiral staircase.

We started to climb this spiral staircase through what appeared to be a multitude of universes. As we climbed my human existence and form peeled away until I was a multi-coloured ball of light floating in a dimension that goes way beyond my human understanding. I felt connected to everything simultaneously and touched a feeling of purity that was very different to my perception of it in human form.

Then I felt a vibration of understanding and communication, but the only way I can describe it is that a voice spoke to me with the following words:

‘Purity of Truth is what you need to achieve. To move beyond the human understanding of truth and purity and step into the higher energetic feeling of purity of truth. To hold the vibration of that Light that is a higher consciousness. To accept the passing of that Light into your Soul. To strip away the human confines and limitations that define purity and truth in a 3rd dimension reality and accept the vibration into the soul of purity of truth from a dimension beyond human perception. Accept this Light and let it flow into your soul and return with it into the human form where the soul will let it shine out to all humanity that desires to feel it.

The only block in the way is the fear of the personality that holds the soul.

Step out of the way of yourself and bring forth a purity of truth from a higher dimension into an earth bound reality.’

Then it stopped and I came back to consciousness in my very comfortable state on the sofa.

Interestingly after the Darshan last night I had a client today and it felt that the whole consultation went deeper but was also clearer. I think she was as surprised as I was 🙂

I thought I’d share this with you Dave. Have a great day.


Nicky, Manchester – 3 Distant Darshan sessions

DARSHAN 1.  When David’s Darshan first started, the energy pushed me right back in my chair, pushing my shoulders and opening up the heart chakra, it then went into my right shoulder, white pulsating light trying to heal. I knew what that was about.

After that it was like having a yoga session! The energy was trying to re-align my body physically with a lot of stretches, all the while pushing my shoulders back again.

Then bright white, pulsating light entered the heart centre and the whole room lit up.

I was shown a lot of blackness in the heart that the light couldn’t shift, so a hammer and chisel was brought in and chipped it away, leaving open weeping wounds all red, hot, angry and sore looking.

The light did try and heal but didn’t get it all. Also I was told to stop swearing! I’m not a habitual swearer, but I have said a few choice words this week, not directly to anyone just in expressing myself. I was told I am entering a period of grace, purity and calm.

I’m going to do some yoga every day this week and have another Darshan session next Sunday. If the light is not concentrating on re-aligning the body, as today, then I will probably have a more in depth experience or I might have a Program with David and finish what was started today.

DARSHAN 2.  This second Darshan (a week later) was a bit different. When the energy came in, it was a big bright, white pulsating heart that I was sat in at first, then it went into my heart and began moving me in a figure of eight. It also made my nose twitch like mad!

The light then went into my right shoulder again and was so painful as it tried to heal me there. Then the light went back to the heart and tried to heal the rawness in there with a soft white light.

Towards the end of the session the light in my heart showed nearly all the rawness gone, probably less than a third left and I was left with waves of purity, peace and love.

I’m going to round this off with a third session next Sunday.

DARSHAN 3.  Well this evening’s Darshan was very interesting. The energy came in and started moving me in a figure of eight again, like last week. It gave me a few stretches then my face became a heart and I sat in a white heart too.

As the energy entered my heart it was almost as if it was all still red raw underneath, so I stopped trying to control it and allowed it to do what was necessary. A white heart with wings started flying around in front of me and flew straight into my heart, which nearly lifted me off my chair, then kind of astrally flew off with me. I felt so much lighter and brighter and all the rawness was finally gone.

Then the pièce de résistance happened!

It was as if David himself had physically manifested in my room standing behind me, his hands on my head and a rush of energy went to my left ankle, which is where I have one patch of skin irritation left. Since my big lesson during the recent weeks, my skin has been clearing up, its taken two weeks and that’s the last bit.

David then had his arms outstretched and for the last 10 minutes I just had waves of complete purity, calm, unconditional love and peace.

Many, many blessings Dave. It was good to see you this evening!


Alyss,  Distant Darshan

Alyss Shares the changes in her Son from Distant Darshan

Dear David

I thought I would offer you some feedback on the Darshan session with my 12 year old son, Joshua. You can of course share it if you wish.

I could feel the energy moving through my heart to him, this is already a natural feeling as a mother but it was intense and somehow or other we found ourselves snuggling up together during the time of the session. He was not very interested in hearing about it beforehand, so I didn’t really say much, and he was watching a film though I wasn’t paying attention to it.

Recently he has been going through changes and big challenges, and has been argumentative and distant, with a stubborn quality, but very soon after the session it was like a switch had been turned on and his sweet, loving, bright nature instantly returned. He has been delightful ever since.

Thank you!
Love Alyss

Anke, from Spain travelled to Munich to receive Darshan blessings

Dear David,

I arrived at the Darshan event in Munich with very mixed feelings, not knowing at all what would happen for me. During preparation we were all sitting on the chairs waiting for everyone to arrive, I could already feel energy coming out of my hands, which was growing in strength.

Before it was my turn to come up and kneel down in front of David, I had a strange feeling: I wanted to open my eyes just to have a very short look at David, it was like a certain longing, just to see him once again, just for a second. But when I opened my eyes, at this very moment I saw my daughter receiving Darshan from him.

Watching this scene, it seemed as if my heart was to explode inside me, so much love and gratefulness I felt for both of them in this very moment. (It was my daughter who introduced me to David and the Emerald Heart Light 3 years ago.)

Receiving my own Darshan I first only felt my heart beating very quickly, but  after some seconds looking into David’s eyes, I felt a certain surprise, which made my heart stop beating so much, and then being seated again I slowly recovered calm, and during  this peaceful feeling, which lasted until everybody had received the Darshan blessing, I saw images of black coloured tablets coming out of my body or head  going up in the air, tablets which had been perforated showing big holes where the wind could blow through. There came the idea that these tablets represented some of my old false beliefs or behaviour patterns, which now had been perforated so that new ideas could be brought into my life. This made me feel very happy and grateful at the same time.

I´m more than sure that this Darshan will help me to gain more and more consciousness about how to be more aware of my own false (not coming from my heart) behaviours gained during many years adapting myself always to other people´s interests.

Thank you so much Dave for this Darshan.



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Lynne Shaw – Welcome 2017

Lynne current

Lynne Shaw shares with the Blog words she received just before this new year. A most pertinent message we feel.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017!

(Spanish translation follows)

WELCOME 2017!!!

This Year Why Not Commit to:


Really listen to your heart.

To your feelings that lie within.

For that is all you truly need.

To direct you, to focus you in your life.


Remember you belong to no one and no one belongs to you.

That you are responsible for no one else’s happiness other than your own.


Unburden yourself from the weight of others’ beliefs about you.

Unburden yourself from the beliefs you have about yourself.

For none of it is true.

You are not your thoughts, beliefs, job, roles, life experiences.

You are beyond those things.


Allow yourself to come from your place of truth.

From your heart, for that is where you truly reside.

Beyond judgement, beyond comparison.


Swimming in the Divine Sea of Love.


Dive in.

Play, frolic and have fun.

For the here and now is our Paradise, our Heaven on Earth.

It is within you and all around you if only you will allow yourself to see and feel.

The beauty that resides within you.


Just breathe and allow yourself to be.


Lynne Shaw, December 2016






BIENVENIDO   AL  2017!!!

Este año por qué no te dedicas a:


Escuchar de verdad a tu corazón

A tus sentimientos que están dentro de ti.

Porque esto es todo lo que necesitas.

 Para encaminarte, enfocarte en tu vida.


Recuerda que tú no perteneces a nadie y nadie te pertenece.

Qué  no eres responsable nada más que de tu propia felicidad


Libérate del peso de las creencias que otros tienen sobre ti.

Libérate de las creencias que tú tienes sobre ti mismo

Porque nada de esto es verdad.

Tú no eres tus pensamientos, tus creencias, tu  trabajo, tus roles y tus experiencias de vida.

Tú eres más que todas estas cosas.


Permita a ti mismo actuar desde el lugar de tu verdad.

Desde tu corazón, porque es allí donde realmente resides.

Más allá de las críticas,  más allá de la comparación.

Nadando en el mar del amor.


Emérgete en el.

Juega, recréate y pásatelo bien.

Porque el Aquí y Ahora es nuestro Paraíso, nuestro cielo en la Tierra.

Está dentro de ti mismo y alrededor tuyo, si simplemente te permites  sentir y verlo.

La Belleza que está dentro de ti.


Simplemente respira y permítete  ser tú mismo.


Lynn Shaw. Diciembre de 2016

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New – Emerald Heart Podcasts


Merry Christmas! … and welcome to the first in a series of the all-new Emerald Heart Podcasts. 

Hosted and produced by Ian Mills with special guest Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, we discuss some spiritual understandings about Christmas and beyond, with some ways of approaching the festive period that we feel will be of help to you.

Included in this show is a lovely Guided Meditation from Tim, that imparts some helpful subtle energetic information. You may wish to use this Meditation again over the Christmas period in which case it begins 29.13 mins and ends at 42.52 mins.

Total show run time 45 minutes.

You can also download this show to your device by right clicking this link and selecting download: christmas-special_final




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Reminder for the December Light Transmission 2016


There is still time to register for the December Solstice Light Transmission.

Registration will remain open throughout the whole event.

The Light Transmission is from 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd December at your local time, where you live.

What is The Light Transmission?

This is a great opportunity for you to experience the Emerald Heart Light as our gift to you. It occurs four times a year at the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The Emerald Heart Light opens the heart and reveals to you the truth of whom you are and why you are here. It gently pushes you towards taking the right path in life, the path you chose before incarnating into this life.

From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd December at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days.

To register for this Light Transmission follow the link below and leave your name, country and email address on the appropriate language registration form.

English speakers:

German speakers:

Spanish speakers:

Swedish speakers:

Dutch speakers:

French Speakers:


With Love and Blessings,

The Elders of the Emerald Heart School

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Our Gift to You – Light Transmission – December 2016


The Emerald Heart Light Transmission

Winter/Summer Solstice

 20th to 22nd December

Our Gift to You

(See below for German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and French translations.)


Light Transmission Tip.

Did you know that as well as receiving the Light Transmission on a personal level for healing and spirit evolution, you can focus the process on a situation or others that you feel would benefit from the love, clarity and support that the Light Transmission offers. 

To switch the focus is easy. The procedure is exactly the same as personal receiving, but with the intent to send the Light to the desired recipient/s or situation from your Heart. 

With Love

The Elders of the Emerald Heart




+ all other english speaking countries

Emerald Heart Light Transmission

During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?
It is a Light which opens your heart. It illuminates the truth within you. It helps you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life mission.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:
From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd December at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:
REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG here:


Emerald Heart Licht-Übertragung


Während jeder Tagundnachtgleiche und Sonnenwende ist das Emerald Heart Licht weltweit für alle verfügbar, die dieses unglaubliche, transformative Licht erfahren möchten.

Was ist das Emerald Heart Licht?

Es ist ein Licht, dass das Herz für die Wahrheit in deinem Inneren öffnet und dir hilft, dass du mehr in Kontakt mit dir selbst kommst, mit mehr Klarheit und Fokus für dein Leben.

Zeiten für diese ÜBERTRAGUNG:

Vom 20. ab 1.00 Uhr morgens an bis Mitternacht am 22. Dezember jeweilige Ortszeit. 

Das Licht wird dir für Drei Volle Tage kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.

Wir hoffen, dass es dir gefällt.

Um das Emerald Heart Licht zu empfangen musst du nur Folgendes tun:

REGISTRIERE dich auf der Seite zur Lichtübertragung auf dem Emerald Heart Blog hier:


La transmisión de la Luz del Emerald Heart

Durante las estaciones de Equinoccio e Solsticio la Luz del Emerald Heart está disponible en todo el mundo para todos aquellos que desean experimentar esta asombrada y transformadora Luz del Emerald Heart.

¿Qué es la Luz de Emerald Heart?

Es la luz que abre el corazón para descubrir la verdad que hay en ti, prestándote ayuda en establecer el contacto contigo mismo con más claridad y concentración para tu vida.

Horario de Esta TRANSMISIÓN:

Desde la una de la madrugada del 20. hasta la medianoche del 22. de diciembre

Según hora local tuya.

En este tiempo la Luz estará disponible para ti gratuitamente durante los tres días enteros.

Esperamos que lo disfrutes.

Para poder recibir la Luz del Emerald Heart lo único que necesitas hacer es:

REGISTRARTE en la Página de la Transmisión de la Luz del Blog del Emerald Heart here:


Emerald Heart Ljusöverföring  

Under varje höst- och vårdagjämning samt sommar- och vintersolståndet är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart tillgängligt över hela världen för alla som önskar en upplevelse av detta fantastiska transformerande Ljus.

Vad är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart?

Det är ett Ljus som öppnar ditt hjärta för den sanning du bär inom dig. Det hjälper dig att komma i mer kontakt med dig själv, ge dig större klarhet och fokus i ditt liv. 

Tider för denna Ljus-ÖVERFÖRING:

Från 01,00 den 20:a till midnatt den 22:a december lokal tid.

Ljuset kommer att vara tillgängligt för dig under tre hela dagar utan kostnad.

Vi hoppas du kommer att ha utbyte av det.

Allt du behöver göra för att ta emot Ljuset från the Emerald Herart är att:

REGISTERA dig på sidan för Ljusöverföring på the Emerald Heart BLOG har:


Emerald Heart Lichtoverdracht

Tijdens elke equinox en zonnewende is het Emerald Heart Licht beschikbaar voor iedereen die dit bijzondere transformerende Licht wil ervaren.

Wat is het Emerald Heart Licht?

Het is een Licht dat je hart opent waardoor je de waarheid in jezelf ziet. Hierdoor wordt je meer verbonden met jezelf, en krijg je meer helderheid en focus op je eigen leven.

Wanneer is de Lichtoverdracht:

Van  20 december om 1.00 ‘s ochtends tot 22 december middernacht.

Het Licht is er voor jou. Drie dagen lang zonder enige kosten.

We hopen dat je er van gaat genieten.

Het enige wat je moet doen om het Licht te ontvangen is het volgende:

Registreer je e-mailadres op de  van Emerald Heart BLOG HIER:


La Transmission de la Lumière d’Emerald Heart

Pendant chaque équinoxe et solstice, la Lumière d’Emerald Heart est disponible à travers le monde entier pour tous ceux qui aimeraient connaître cette Lumière magnifique et transformationnelle.

Qu’est-ce que cette Lumière d’Emerald Heart?

C’est une lumière qui ouvre le coeur pour vivre la vérité en vous. Elle vous aide à être plus connecté avec vous-même, avec plus de clarté et vous aide à être plus centré sur votre vie.

Les horaires pour cette TRANSMISSION:

De 1 h du matin du 20 décembre jusqu’à minuit au 22 décembre
(à votre heure locale)

La Lumière sera disponible pendant 3 journées entières sans frais.

Nous espérons que vous l’apprécierez.

Pour recevoir la Lumière d’Emerald Heart, il vous suffit de faire la chose suivante:

Enregistrez-vous à la page Transmission de Lumière dans notre blog:


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Return to the Divine Self – David Ashworth



Return of the Divine Self  by David Ashworth




There is a lot of noise on the planet at the moment.

In our world there is a lot of change. People are changing their mindsets and other people are going into fear and darkness because of the fear that this change generates within the collective consciousness as a whole. This energetic disturbance creates a kind of ‘white noise’ around the planet and those who are not very strong in their energy systems will become the victims of this noise, drinking it in like a sponge

We are in this fantastic time of change. We have been talking about the age of Aquarius and the opening of various energies and portals, including the 2012 gateway for many, many years. We have seen the battle between the two extremes of light and dark played out in many areas of our world as the unfolding energies of a new age bathe us all.


The universe has a handle on things. Universal consciousness is bringing change because change is needed in so many ways and when change comes there is always a backlash from the consciousness that fears change. Change must be embraced with open arms and the excitement of what is coming next; the unknown next.

Living on the edge is the place where all true spiritual beings live. They are in this world experiencing the great process of change on a daily basis. The Universe often pulls the rug from under their feet to teach them how to respond to a changing wave of energy and learn how to ride that new wave, as a surfer balances on his or her board with the waves crashing around them. They learn balance, and we are now all surfers having this amazing opportunity to ride a great wave of changing times.

If you fear drama and dread, that is exactly what you will create for yourself, but if you have no fear at all, then all manner of great things can fall at your feet.

People are speaking of dark times. There are no dark times, only the darkness of our own fears. Let those fears go and you will rise into the light of expectancy and feeling the great inner joy and excitement of new options and opportunities being played out by the Universe.

Now, if God suddenly appeared and told you that he was the one who is casting the votes through people’s hearts because he has a great plan to change things for the better, then you might listen and not be too judgmental on the processes that are unfolding in our midst at present. But because God has not beamed down and said such a thing, then you really have no idea what is happening unless you are fully connected with yourself and the universe, but separate and protected from the fallout of a collective consciousness that is overloaded with uncertainty and fear.

Return to Your Divine Self

If some teenage hacker accessed the control systems of a country’s nuclear weapons and let one off just to see if they could. Now, that might be seen as a disaster that could trigger a world war because nobody would believe that it was a teenager who had done it, but each nation would blame another. If the death toll was a billion souls, or even three billion souls, most of humanity would consider it to be a great humanitarian disaster. But the universe might be thinking that it needed to save the earth from the out of control virus called humanity that is not addressing the problems of over-population, for example.

If you could look down on the earth and see what is happening from a great distance away, you would see that the whole plan, if there ever was one, is out of the control and nobody is taking any responsibility to even mention the key issues of how to live successfully upon a finite and limited space, like earth, let alone do something about them. So, how do you fix something that is broken?

In the case of consciousness, you clean it up and then the problem fixes itself in the process. You step away from the game of being sheep. You stop watching the news and reading the papers until you can do it impartially, just to inform yourself, but without getting caught up in the emotions of the collective consciousness. There are many agencies that would feed fear to you because it gives them the power to control you, but if you step out of that game altogether and return to your Divine Self, then nothing can touch you and you feel totally safe all of the time. In fact, feeling safe isn’t even in your thoughts, it doesn’t enter you consciousness as it is not an option to be unsafe because you walk in a different world where safety and danger are not even issues. There is just inner peace and tranquility. Yet, it is easy to get caught up again and be angry and it is then hard work to get back into peace and tranquility but the more you practice it, the easier it becomes until it becomes your nature.

When you return to your Divine Self, to inner peace, trust in the universe and love in your heart, sure you can still get run over by a bus, but only because it will be your time to go home and prepare for the next journey. You won’t go before it is your time to go, so there is no point worrying.

The more you can return to your Divine Self, the more light that you will spread into the world without even trying, but if you carry fear in your aura, then you will infect many, many people unknowingly as you go about your daily business. But your light will spread calmness and reason. peace, tranquility and a sense of detachment and well-being, whilst still being a part of the whole. Each time you walk down a street or into a cafe, your light will touch people and help them, even though most of them will not know it. But some will.

Recently I went for an annual blood test and the nurse said to me, “You’re different.” “Yes,” I answered with a smile, without adding anything else. She continued, “I feel the warmth coming from you. It is not common that I feel it, but with some I do.” We then had a little conversation for five minutes and she was really uplifted by being able to share the knowledge of her own sensitivity to those who carry light and of being able to feel the beauty and love in one whose heart is awakened. Light was transferred between us and I have no doubt that others will have benefited that day from her vibration that had been raised by being able to be open about things she would normally have had to keep to herself in her working environment.

Light begets light and darkness begets darkness. Would you rather be in the fear of darkness or the open-hearted expectancy of light? The choice really is yours. We choose what it will be? Don’t allow the noisy collective consciousness to dictate your mood. We are entering the brave new world, and I can barely contain my excitement for the opportunities that will be presented by the universe to those who are ready to receive its gifts.

Darshan with David

For those who are ready to drink in some Light, you can avail yourselves of my world-wide Sunday evening Darshan Transmission.

We can all carry on just as we are, or we can open and fill ourselves with light. In that process, we then bring more light to the world. We play our part in the transformation of humanity and support the planet. There are many, many options and opportunities to drink light into your heart and my Darshan is one of them.

You  can have a look at some of the testimonials on my website. Each week I receive a number of messages of how amazing and expansive the Darshan process has been for people and I share one of these testimonials each Friday to my mailing list.

Last Sunday alone, people joined the Darshan from all around the world! Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland.

All of these people are actively bringing the light into their hearts and then carrying it out into the world as it uplifts and supports them.

I’ve been bringing light into the world for 25 years since my awakening. I’ve been a spiritual teacher for over 20 years. I brought The Emerald Heart Light into the world, and that is what ultimately opened my heart to be able to give Darshan.

We have choices. We can either serve the universe and in that serve ourselves, or we can just serve ourselves. When you bring light into your heart, then you serve all of humanity, the universe and the earth, whether you see it or not.

We choose to walk with light, or we choose otherwise.

Please, if you wish…

Join my mailing list at the website below.

Join my Facebook Friends at David Ashworth.

Like my page at Darshan with David on Facebook

You can Register for Distant Darshan at the website below.

With Love and Blessings.


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Sephora McElroy – When You Feel Attacked


Emerald Heart School Elder from Germany, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog her experiences involving emotional triggering arising from clashes with others and shares her strategies for how she changes state to a balanced, centred mindset  when these situations arise.

When you feel attacked

Sometimes in life we do things that other people do not like and they often react really strongly to them. They try to put their needs first and so do we which causes problems. Often we can talk about our different needs and find a solution in good way. However, this is not always the case as something is triggered in us or in them and there is a big reaction. We can get angry, sad, disappointed – all sorts of difficult emotional states get triggered.

Choices for actions

For me it was mostly anger that was coming up. It was the anger that I had allowed somebody else to lead me away from the right choices for me, to lead me away from myself.  Of course, I had a reaction and didn’t want to allow this. But we have choices about how we act and feel. I try every day to see what is happening so that I don’t go again into my habitual angry reaction, when somebody is trying to lead or influence me in a way that is wrong for me. Often it feels horrible and you really feel attacked by somebody else when they get angry that they can’t get you to act in the way that they want you to. They may even do or say awful things to you. It’s so easy to answer with anger or do something evil back to them and is a tough lesson to learn not to do so.

I have had many situations in my life, when I just went into anger and it was so easy to do so. I still often do so in the very first moment but then I feel what I am doing to myself when I go this way, how much it damages me. I feel really awful. I can feel it in my whole system and in my body how awful this is when I allow my mind to lead me into the anger state.

Way out of the situation

I received many situations from the universe for me to learn how to deal with this, and for sure I am far away from having totally dealt with it. More and more I have this one second where I feel I have a choice which way to go. More often now, I choose to not go the route of anger. I try to see the other person’s needs behind all this, not just to see how the other person is trying to get them met. In this way very often I can feel sympathy for the other person and then it is easier to find a way out of the situation.

Lead the energy

It is not easy but it is important not to give any more energy into a mad situation. Often we magnify the situation; our mind is going crazy with what we want to do to the other person, how can we pay back etc. and we poison ourselves more and more. Try not to give more energy to it than is in it already. Send it back to them, or let it move through. Try to stay calm and try to trust that everything will be fine and that things will work out for you perfectly. You will find out from this kind of mindset – things will work out perfectly for you.

I wish you all the best and a happy life!

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Bensheim, Germany


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