Our Gift to you – September Equinox 2016 Light Transmission

EHThe Equinox Emerald Heart  Light Transmission is due to commence 21st September. For a full 3 days you can experience the Emerald Heart Light and understand how it works within you to support, empower and uplift you.

The only exchange we ask is to register for the transmission at the Emerald Heart Light Blog and in doing so you will receive the Light Transmission for 3 days and email notifications of future Blog posts.

Instructions on how to receive the light are included on the Registration page. There are 6 language options available.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to have elevated soul time with yourself at this auspicious time of year!

Registration links below.

English speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3sC

German speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3gj

Spanish speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3sM

Swedish speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3sG

Dutch speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3sJ

French Speakers: http://wp.me/P1TEQN-3sP


With Love

The Elders of the Emerald Heart

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September Equinox 2016 – Emerald Heart Light Transmission


The Emerald Heart Light Transmission

Autumn /Spring Equinox

 21st to 23rd September 2016

Our Gift to You

(See below for German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and French translations.)


Emerald Heart Light Transmission

During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?
It is a Light which opens your heart. It illuminates the truth within you. It helps you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life mission.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:
From 1.00am on the 21st to midnight on the 23rd September at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:
REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG here:



Emerald Heart Licht-Übertragung

Während jeder Tagundnachtgleiche und Sonnenwende ist das Emerald Heart Licht weltweit für alle verfügbar, die dieses unglaubliche, transformative Licht erfahren möchten.

Was ist das Emerald Heart Licht?

Es ist ein Licht, dass das Herz für die Wahrheit in deinem Inneren öffnet und dir hilft, dass du mehr in Kontakt mit dir selbst kommst, mit mehr Klarheit und Fokus für dein Leben.

Zeiten für diese ÜBERTRAGUNG:

Vom 21. ab 1.00 Uhr morgens an bis Mitternacht am 23. September jeweilige Ortszeit. 

Das Licht wird dir für Drei Volle Tage kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.

Wir hoffen, dass es dir gefällt.

Um das Emerald Heart Licht zu empfangen musst du nur Folgendes tun:

REGISTRIERE dich auf der Seite zur Lichtübertragung auf dem Emerald Heart Blog hier:



La transmisión de la Luz del Emerald Heart

Durante las estaciones de Equinoccio e Solsticio la Luz del Emerald Heart está disponible en todo el mundo para todos aquellos que desean experimentar esta asombrada y transformadora Luz del Emerald Heart.

¿Qué es la Luz de Emerald Heart?

Es la luz que abre el corazón para descubrir la verdad que hay en ti, prestándote ayuda en establecer el contacto contigo mismo con más claridad y concentración para tu vida.

Horario de Esta TRANSMISIÓN:

Desde la una de la madrugada del 21. hasta la medianoche del 23. de septiembre

Según hora local tuya.

En este tiempo la Luz estará disponible para ti gratuitamente durante los tres días enteros.

Esperamos que lo disfrutes.

Para poder recibir la Luz del Emerald Heart lo único que necesitas hacer es:

REGISTRARTE en la Página de la Transmisión de la Luz del Blog del Emerald Heart here: 



Emerald Heart Ljusöverföring  

Under varje höst- och vårdagjämning samt sommar- och vintersolståndet är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart tillgängligt över hela världen för alla som önskar en upplevelse av detta fantastiska transformerande Ljus.

Vad är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart?

Det är ett Ljus som öppnar ditt hjärta för den sanning du bär inom dig. Det hjälper dig att komma i mer kontakt med dig själv, ge dig större klarhet och fokus i ditt liv. 

Tider för denna Ljus ÖVERFÖRING:

Från 01,00 den 21 till midnatt den 23 September lokal tid.

Ljuset kommer att vara tillgängligt för dig under tre hela dagar utan kostnad.

Vi hoppas du kommer att ha utbyte av det.

Allt du behöver göra för att ta emot Ljuset från the Emerald Herart är att:

REGISTERA dig på sidan för Ljus överföring på the Emerald Heart BLOG har:



Emerald Heart Lichtoverdracht

Tijdens elke equinox en zonnewende is het Emerald Heart Licht beschikbaar voor iedereen die dit bijzondere transformerende Licht wil ervaren.

Wat is het Emerald Heart Licht?

Het is een Licht dat je hart opent waardoor je de waarheid in jezelf ziet. Hierdoor wordt je meer verbonden met jezelf, en krijg je meer helderheid en focus op je eigen leven.

Wanneer is de Lichtoverdracht:

Van  21 september om 1.00 ‘s ochtends tot 23 september middernacht.

Het Licht is er voor jou. Drie dagen lang zonder enige kosten.

We hopen dat je er van gaat genieten.

Het enige wat je moet doen om het Licht te ontvangen is het volgende:

Registreer je e-mailadres op de  van Emerald Heart BLOG HIER:



La Transmission de la Lumière d’Emerald Heart

Pendant chaque équinoxe et solstice, la Lumière d’Emerald Heart est disponible à travers le monde entier pour tous ceux qui aimeraient connaître cette Lumière magnifique et transformationnelle.

Qu’est-ce que cette Lumière d’Emerald Heart?

C’est une lumière qui ouvre le coeur pour vivre la vérité en vous. Elle vous aide à être plus connecté avec vous-même, avec plus de clarté et vous aide à être plus centré sur votre vie.

Les horaires pour cette TRANSMISSION:

De 1 h du matin du 21 septembre 2016 jusqu’à minuit au 23 septembre 2016
(à votre heure locale)

La Lumière sera disponible pendant 3 journées entières sans frais.

Nous espérons que vous l’apprécierez.

Pour recevoir la Lumière d’Emerald Heart, il vous suffit de faire la chose suivante:

Enregistrez-vous à la page Transmission de Lumière dans notre blog:



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Sephora McElroy – Unseen Diamonds

Sephora[1]Emerald Heart Teacher, Sephora McElroy shares with the Blog her way of finding time for living in the moment. Dont miss out on the opportunity to experience these moments of personal freedom. 


Moments in between are the unseen Diamonds

Are you doing the same as many of us? Life is busy; there are a thousand things to do. You have a lot to do for work, the children must be driven here and there and, and, and …
We are rushing from one thing to another and even when it’s nice things, like meeting a good friend or going to the cinema, to sports or something else, we are just fitting things into our busy schedules. We are rushing through things without really being with them, we are not in the moment, we are already thinking of the next thing that we have to do. We are not in the Moment at all.

The Moments in between are lost

Not being in the moment is not the only thing we’ve lost, we’ve also lost taking our little quiet moments between the things we have to do. The moments in between when we look at our life and look at what just happened, to see how blessed we are. To see the beauty of our life. To see how inspiring the last talk with a good friend was and be grateful for it. Or to see how blessed we are to have such a great meal.  To see how your kids mature and become their own person with their own distinct personality. There are so many good things in our lives. But often we don’t see them, because we are rushing over them.

Where we set our Focus this is what we will see

We only tend to focus and linger on the bad things that have happened or are happening in our lives.  We often don’t allow ourselves to linger with our thoughts on the nice and good things. But these are the real Diamonds. And when we manage this we manage to uplift our vibration and when we uplift our vibration then we magnify the chance to bring more good things into our lives. And so we create more and more a happy life.

Remind yourself

This is an everyday challenge – remind yourself where to set your focus and remind yourself to take your little time outs in between, to see the beauty of this world, to see the beauty of your life. If it helps, put little post it notes in your home, office or car that help to remind you to create a happy life.

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Bensheim, Germany

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Lynne Shaw – Making a Difference

Lynne currentEmerald Heart Teacher Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog her strategies to leading an authentic life, one filled with gratitude, contentment and positivity.

We all have our righteous moments and Lynne offers insights around projecting our views upon others. We rarely understand what path the Universe has asked a person to take and presuming we know the answers for another can be misguided. 

How Can We Really Make a Difference?

It all comes down to living an authentic life. One that is true to our heart, which is our own inner compass.  Not really caring about the opinions of others or the accumulation of external goods.  The only person we can please is our self and it is important to appreciate and validate that our version of pleasing ourselves maybe very different from those of others.

Minding Your Own Business

It may sound simple, but an important principle is to mind our own business.  This is also a way of saying, “Don’t force your view of the world onto others.” Of course, it may at times be important to express our opinion when asked, or to assist someone who may be in distress, but there is a need to be able to recognize when something is our responsibility or when it is best for us to walk away. In an age where the loudest voice is often the only one to be heard, it is wonderful to be able to lead by example by agreeing to disagree where differences of opinion occur and it is important to still recognize the humanity of someone who does not share the same opinion as we do. Winning an argument does not make us any greater or lesser than the person we have been conversing with. At the moment people are being swept away by tidal waves of political opinion and it is so important to stay centred within ourselves.  To be the ship that stays upright in any situation.  We also do not know peoples’ karma and it is important to remember that the Universe has a plan for us all no matter how bizarrely it may sometimes seem to unfold.

Knowing How Powerful Your Thoughts and Words and Actions Are

Being conscious that what we think or say has consequences. Each thought form and word carries a particular energy, either positive or negative. It would be so beneficial if we all took responsibility not to fire our frustrations or negative thought forms onto anyone else.  For this negativity, particularly when bound up with emotions of hatred, envy, resentment and jealousy, can actually create damage in someone’s energy field if they are for any reason in a vulnerable state when the negative thought form is directed into their energetic field.

Having a Willingness to Evolve

Through acknowledging that we all move through difficult emotions as part of the human condition, we can train ourselves not to stuff our thoughts and emotions down when they feel uncomfortable. We can deal with them ourselves or through reaching out to get the guidance we need. This will ideally prevent our emotions from being expressed inappropriately, which makes a huge difference to our self and those around us.  Having the willingness to face the choices you made at the end of each day and if things do not feel comfortable to you, knowing that you have a new day to make amends and make different choices to step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Finding Contentment and Gratitude

Living a life without hurting yourself or others, filled with contentment and gratitude for all you experience really does make a difference. You become a beacon of light attracting more positivity into your world.

I wish you many beautiful moments on your journey as you continue to make a difference in our world!

With love,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Queens, New York USA


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Tim Dyson – Feedback

Tim Dyson

Emerald Heart School Principal Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog his views on the importance of feedback and offers a little more understanding around why it is so helpful to share. 

Strike while the iron is hot and never underestimate your own experiences. They are worth sharing!

The Thing About Feedback

I am one of those people who used to groan inwardly when asked for feedback although since working with the Emerald Heart, I have come to understand how helpful and important it can be and have been able to put much of my resistance in this area to one side. 

Why Do We Ask For Feedback?

Sometimes, we at the Emerald Heart School do indeed ask for feedback. Often times from a client, in order that we can feel into how what we have set up for them is unfolding. This is especially true when undertaking serious energy system repair work or entity removal. It is actually very hard to work with a client who won’t give feedback when guided to do so, as they are essentially sabotaging their own process.

Sometimes, we may ask for feedback after a workshop or retreat and most recently we have asked for written feedback from the Darshan events with Dave. When we ask for feedback it is for a good reason and I can absolutely assure you that it is not because we are looking for some kind of ego massage. It may well be because we ourselves are attempting to understand something new that we are working with. With the recent Darshan events it has been in part so that we can get a feel for the range of responses to this Blessing from the Heart of God into your own Heart. When we are presenting something new, be it a new way of running a workshop or retreat, a healing or Being in the Light session or a Blessing, it is through your feedback that we can fine tune things and ensure that you receive the best and most effective experience that we can deliver to you.

The Benefits For You

I know that we all have busy lives and it is not that we want to add to your workload or burden you in any way, but we also know that it is beneficial for you to give us feedback. It reinforces what has hopefully been a positive experience for you as an individual.  It aids this experience to unfold further for you in a smooth way. It gives you the opportunity to share maybe something difficult that has come up for you that might of been too difficult for you to share at the time in front of others or has come up afterwards . Through sharing our difficulty in this way it allows the energy of it to begin to be released and healing to occur. Your feedback may help us to see ways to do things better, that work more effectively for you.

Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot

I know from my own experiences what often happens. Often we think, oh I will do that later but after a couple of days – the moment is pretty much gone. Our energy and focus is back with our day-to-day life stuff and it feels too late then to do it, if we even remember about leaving feedback by this point. Understanding this, I always try to write it later on the day of the event or the next day when what I am writing about is still fresh and present in my consciousness.

I hope you have found this a helpful explanation and it might be useful for you to consider two Universal Laws – You Cannot Walk This Path Alone and the Law of Reflection, both of which feel pertinent here for yourselves and for us.

Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson

Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

London, England

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Ian Mills – The Sun


IMG_2083Emerald Heart School Elder Ian Mills, shares with the Blog his understanding of the role of the Sun in our solar system and how when we maximise our own connection to this fiery giant, great physical and spiritual benefits can be obtained, for ourselves and the Planet.



The Sun

Our Sun is very much more than just a fiery globe, hanging in the sky, warming our solar system and allowing us to indulge ourselves. We often hear that our so called primitive ancestors worshipped the Sun and immediately dismiss this as if they were quaint superstitions of less developed folk, but when we scratch the surface of this subject, we open a proverbial can of worms.

It doesn’t take long to realise that all major religions have heavily borrowed or stolen in its entirety a sun worshipping system and repackaged it for their own  purposes. The Son of the Sun must be the most re-enacted myth in her-story.

What is the Sun?

Those with spiritual sight will tell you that beyond the disk of golden light, the Sun is a gigantic Spiritual Light generator of the purest highest level. It is also a gateway to and from the Creator.

I have often wondered why God is depicted as a man and part of the reason is obviously the re-write of sacred texts from the harsh patriachal take-over of Divine worship, but also it may be that the Sun penetrating the Earth and fertilizing everything that its light touches is a very masculine quality. In return the Earth mother dances her dance of receptivity and creates a safe and nurturing environment for her children to live.

The Meaning of Life

Its safe to say that in this respect the purpose of all life on earth is to become a bridge between the Mother (earth) and the Father (sun), symbolized by the pairing together to produce offspring.

We could say that we are divine antenae and as such our key purpose is to bring Spiritual Light to the Earth Goddess so she may transmute this into a sun earth light energy fusion. The Sun needs to feel the connection with ’his’ planet too so this is without doubt a 2 way flow. That way the Father Sun feels Mother Earth and visa versa. This sacred dance of connectivity is absolutely vital for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the Earth.   


Our ancestors knew of this divine connection and practiced an understanding of this wisdom, but over time the knowledge became corrupted and every possible attempt to re-write history and separate us from the Sun Earth connection has been made.

A key way of stopping us waking up to this understanding is steering culture and medical knowledge.












The Sun as DNA rewriter

Much has been spoken of in the mainstream press of how bad sunlight is for us and that we all need sun block and sunglasses as protection from these potently dangerous rays. This information, may actually stop us from getting our necessary fix of health promoting sunlight.

I am not advocating laying in the sun for hours getting burnt. Obviously care needs to be brought to how much exposure your skin is used to. Healthy exposure without slapping on gallons of chemicals that will all end up being absorbed through the skin and into your internal organs, is the way forward.

The more regular sun exposure we have the more the Sun will communicate with us at a DNA level. Each Solar flare can be seen as a Solar download for all beings within his domain. The ascension process that Earth is rapidly passing through is supported by the Sun. Through the Sunlight we receive new genetic instructions that is actually transforming the very basis of who we are.

Being in the sunlight enhances the awakening process. The Health giving properties of the Sun, grounded by the Earth Mother is a potent recipe for health, vitality and spiritual awakening.

Outdoor activities are very important at this time, but as they say, ’Everything in moderation.’

Have a great SUN day every day.

With love,

Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment,

Stockholm, Sweden


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Sephora McElroy – Pain


Emerald Heart Teacher Sephora McElroy, shares with the blog her strategies for dealing with a period of acute physical discomfort she was experiencing. There is always a good reason why things change around us and Sephora recommends some key things to think about during these periods.


Pain and I’m speaking here about physical pain, is a tough teacher. Pain comes in different degrees.  There is the pain you feel, but you can just ignore it and go on with your things and there is the pain you feel that is tough, but it is bearable. Then there is the pain where you are in absolute hell, the pain which is all consuming and you can’t think of anything else. When you are in this pain for just a moment it is already bad, but when you are in this kind of pain for weeks you start to go crazy.

What can you do, when you are in this kind of pain?

I Started To Think I Would Go Mad

When I was in such a state because of my disc and joint problems, I started to think I would go mad. I could not sleep for weeks, I couldn’t concentrate anymore, and I just wanted it to stop. I would have done anything, but it did not leave. I was in so many different states of mind. It started with my feeling really angry, I kept asking why me and why is it so awful etc.?

 I went on to blame the doctors, why can’t they do anything about it and why did not they not discover it earlier, then it wouldn’t have been so bad? Then I came to the point where I just begged GOD, to please help me with this and take it away. I asked what it is behind it, why do I have to be in such pain?

But sometimes there is no obvious reason and sometimes we don’t get the answer, as to why we have to go through this, maybe we are sometimes not meant to know. However, this makes it even more difficult.

Learning to Trust

From my experience, the only thing that we can do is trust. Trust that it will go away, trust that all will become okay. Try to bring your mind into a calm state and breathe through it.  Just keep going and try not to panic. If you panic, try to calm down and focus on the little things, what is the next thing to do.

Look at your life. If you find something, which doesn’t feel right for you, even if it is only the slightest little thing, change it, as it can all contribute to the cause of you being in such a state.

Of course we should reach out for help, for help on many levels, from the doctors, from the Emerald Heart and if you want, other healing modalities. But in the end it is your mind which is causing the biggest problem, as it always does, but especially with the pain. Change your mindset then you change your life!

I wish you all the Best and not much pain!

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Bensheim, Germany

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