Latest Guidance July 2014 – Creating the Space

The latest Guidance from David Ashworth is now with us. I wonder how many people will create the space to read this now. Take 10 minutes out from your busy daily schedule and just sit, read and soak up these words from the Universe. Its a reassuring feeling to know that you have all the answers you need if you just take the time to listen. 

What’s more, an amazing new Sentinel Essence called RE-CONNECTION was given for this Guidance period.

To read the latest Guidance in English, go HERE

For the Swedish translation, courtesy of Rosa Hultman, go HERE

For German, thank you Yvonne Hrdy, go HERE

For Spanish, thank you Anke Weymann, go HERE

For Dutch, thanks to Corien Mechielsen, go HERE

To purchase RE-CONNECTION,  follow the Paypal links below, or you can order from the Practitioner in the following countries to save time in the post. Contact them directly by email link below – DON’T use the Paypal buttons for this service.

GERMANY  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:

SWEDEN  -  Order through Rosa Hultmann:

THE NETHERLANDS  -  Order through Harriët Kroon:

SWITZERLAND  -  Order through Florence Zumbihl:

AUSTRALIA – Order through Jon Gauntlet:


RE-CONNECTION -   £18 – a saving of £2 off usual retail price.

RE-CONNECTION                                        (UK customers) £20.75 incl.p&p
RE-CONNECTION                               (European customers) £21.50 incl. p&p
RE-CONNECTION                                    (USA / rest of the world customers) £22.50 incl. p&p


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Harriët Kroon – Earth Links

Harriet Kroon 0019 bHarriët Kroon, one of the new Elders of the Emerald Heart, shares a little about rescue / repair techniques used by Emerald Heart Program Practitioners to support their clients.

David Ashworth received many cutting edge techniques to help deal with the multitude of displayed client issues when he was setting up the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

Harriët, like all of our Practitioners, came to the Emerald Heart as a client and was so moved by the result of the work she had done, chose to be a Practitioner to share these benefits with the World.

Ever heard of Earth Links?

On the spiritual path we all reach moments in which we feel and know: I need more grounding. This is an indication that you need a deeper connection with the earth to be able to move forwards. If you are a healer, light worker or even a light carrier the support of Mother Earth is essential for your work. Without the support of The Mother, you cannot manifest the inspiration that The Father offers you.

Many, many years I have searched for grounding. Years of practising qi gong, frequenting acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapists and body workers, whatever I tried, from dancing salsa to graduating at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in the long run nothing helped to stabilize my grounding. Was it my astrological sign (Gemini) that kept me imprisoned in the air? I reached a state of utter desperation, about to give up life. Then one day I heard about Earth Links. Earth Links? These two words hit me so hard that I immediately knew I had to find out about them.

My Emerald Heart Practitioner at that time, Yvonne Hrdy from Munich, explained to me that David Ashworth, the founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, had discovered Earth Links many years ago and his Guides had shown him how important they were for helping us to become whole. ‘David is able to see far beyond the Auric levels,’ she told me, ‘he looks right into the consciousness of people. By doing so, he found that in some people some of their “connection channels” with Mother Earth are not working as they should. This is usually caused by one or more traumatic events or too much emotional pressure. Earth Links hardly ever repair themselves and that is why these people keep on having trouble grounding.’

Guess what? Two of my four Earth Links were missing. My Identity Channel had been disconnected since I was 3 years old and my Creation Channel had detached some 7 years ago, whilst at the Barbara Brennan School. It made me furious that all my previous teachers didn’t have a clue about Earth Links.

I felt there was no time to lose. I wanted my life back. But my whole energy system was in such a mess by not having had the support of these two Earth Links, that it took me a year in this repair process alone. What is undone decades ago, cannot be redone instantly. I had to give up my impatience to be able to surrender to the pace in which my energy system could handle its recovery.

Once I began working with the advanced teachers of The Emerald Heart, I first took a number of Emerald Heart essences to balance my system out and make it strong enough for the reunion with the first of my missing Earth Links. Then it took another half-year to be able to reconnect the second missing channel. Separated or disconnected Earth Links need to be reconnected first. As the energy from Mother Earth then begins to flow into them, they need time to become strong and robust again. It’s like having had a broken leg. After the bone is set, you can’t immediately walk upon it. David refers to this process as ‘developing your energetic stamina’ to hold the power again. Recovery takes time. Right now I am still in the process of repair, but I can feel my Earth Links becoming stronger and my connection with the world improving.

The whole repair process was induced by Emerald Heart Light Programs. Step by step – without overwhelming my delicate system – my ‘new’ Links fed me a bit more with the loving and nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Every day again I felt my grounding into the Earth Mother deepen. And still, day by day I regain a bit more energy and – more important – joy in life.

Looking back, the Earth Links’ repair evoked a paradigm shift inside of me. I now live my life, instead of constantly being in survival mode. I can also see now that the universe threw me into this lack of grounding situation so I could be my own Guinea pig. I have experienced many issues and problems associated with the loss of Earth Links, and through this experience, I can now help others. As an Emerald Heart Practitioner I recognize and understand what my clients go through. The health misery I lived in for years, was nothing other than a blessing in disguise now I have this inner knowledge from my experiences.

Having had teachings about and personal experiences with Earth Links, I can now explain that we all have four of them. Their names relate to their psychological meaning. We all have an Umbilical Channel, an Identity Channel, a Grounding Channel and a Creation Channel, which feed into and attend the Root Chakra. Every Earth Link feeds your system with a certain quality of earth energy. If one Earth Link has become separated, you lose 25% of the energy your system needs, in order to be healthy and whole. Two missing channels means you have lost 50% of the nurturing, which Mother Earth wishes to support you with, etcetera.

Now what about you? Have you been wobbly for years? Do you have a constant sense of floating? Do you experience deep tiredness? If so, why don’t you get your Earth Links checked? It’s easy. Any Emerald Heart Program Practitioner can do it. Check and make an appointment with the Program Practitioner you feel drawn to. We all work by phone and Skype, so it doesn’t matter where we (and you) are situated in the world. We might be able to help you.


I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.


Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Healing Mentor & Teacher


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Emerald Heart Light to Australia


The Emerald Heart Light

Visits Australia


For the very first time in Australia:

  •  Being in the Light and Body Consciousness session with David Ashworth
  •  Divine Plan Healing training with Harriët Kroon and David Ashworth

 Asia, New Zealand and Australia

For everyone in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, don’t miss this opportunity. This is your chance to experience The Emerald Heart Light and train personally with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light.

Both events will be offered during the Australian Spring Equinox, on:

September 20 and 21, 2014.

With special Early Bird Fees!


1) The Being in the Light & Body Consciousness Session

When: Saturday afternoon 20 September, from 2 – 4.30pm.


  • In a Being in the Light session with David you will ‘bathe’ in The Emerald Heart Light, stimulating your heart to open at a deeper level. The mind, being very strong, tends to dominate other aspects of our consciousness, especially heart consciousness. The mind does this in the process of feeding its own existence, as if it is something separate from you. Therefore, the gentle separation of mind from heart is a key element in The Emerald Heart Teachings and is essential to allow the heart to open and expand its consciousness.


  • Without this slight separation, the mind and sub-conscious use deeply embedded fears and patterns to prevent the evolution of your consciousness. The heart then finds it difficult to open. As you work with the Light, it shows you your inner truth and how these fears and patterns limit your creative existence. You may then enter various Emerald Heart Light processes to dissolve these fear patterns from your life.


  • The Body Consciousness section of this session is a kind of attunement process in which David’s heart will open the consciousness in your heart. He will then guide your heart in opening your body to its own rhythm. This allows the body to awaken its own consciousness and perform its own tasks, rather than it being dictated to by the mind. This has masses of personal development potential, such as developing physical focus, exercise routines and flexibility of movement.


  • Bring a bottle of water to receive a transmission of Emerald Heart Light for your personal evolution and individual growth at the end of the session.



2) The -Divine Plan- Healing training

When: Sunday 21 September, from 9.45am – max. 6pm.  


  • This 1 Day Training will be life changing. You will step into a completely new Healing Paradigm, in which the healer moves into being The Witness. During -Divine Plan- Healings the healer gets out of the way of the healing process and witnesses God doing the work upon the client. It is an amazingly powerful yet simple healing method.


  • You will receive a personal attunement from David Ashworth, which opens the Path of Light (an Emerald Heart Light process) into your heart and also connects you to the core of Mother Earth. Once initiated, this grounding process may continue to unfold for up to 3 years, developing your energy system to hold more light.


  • After the 1 Day Training you will enter your life changing Growth Period of 3 months. By entering the training, you will commit yourself to 3 sessions with your mentor, one session after each month. This is to support you in your growth and to answer possible upcoming questions. During the Growth Period, you will practise – Divine Plan – Healings on yourself, family members and/or friends. Your mentor will be Harriët Kroon from The Netherlands. Mentoring sessions are charged at AUD $100.00 (excl. VAT) per hour. Harriët charges only by the minute, so you can tailor your call to necessary questions or longer if you choose. 


  • The -Divine Plan- Healing training can be attended by absolute beginners and professional healers alike.


  • You will receive 3 Vibrational Essences, 2 to work with clients and 1 for your personal evolution. For more information about The – Divine Plan -, see and hit the healing tab.


Early Bird Fees up till 20 August 2014:


1.  For the Being in the Light event: AUD $120.00. After 20 August AUD $135.00. This includes 1 personal Emerald Heart essence.

2.  For the – Divine Plan – Training: AUD $800.00. After 20 August, AUD $890.00. This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 3 essences. 

3.  For both events: AUD $900.00. After 20 August AUD $999.00.  This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 4 essences. 

Note: in case of cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the complete fee. In other cancellation situations you will be charged 30% administration fee.

Location and Venue:

Yoga studio. Time4Yoga,

3/68-70 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4220.

Public transport wise it is accessible by bus or taxi. As for accommodation we would recommend staying in Burleigh Heads as this is the closest suburb to the venue. It is a tourist destination so there is a vast amount of accommodation with prices varying a lot.


With almost 20 years in development, this is the first training in Australia of this amazing new healing system. Built on the foundation of The Emerald Heart Light.

Why listen to your mind when your heart is calling you?


Organisers:  Harriët Kroon, Jon and Danielle Gauntlett

For more information and registration, contact Harriët Kroon:

Email:                                    Cell Phone:  +31 (0)6 46 45 87 63


For More Details:



Emerald Heart Radio via the Blog



Twitter:        @emeraldheartlight

Youtube:      dashworthteachings

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Guru Purnima Full Moon, Saturday 12th July

Dear Friends of the Emerald Heart,

Wishing you all a wonderful Full Moon evening today. I hope, other than here in Munich where it is rainy and cloudy, you will be able to see her tonight.

The Full Moon in July is always a special full moon for the spiritual student, in the Indian tradition at least. It is called ‘Guru Purnima’, the ‘full moon of the guru’ and is the day to honor and give gratitude to your teacher and strengthen your bond, your connection and open your heart even further to the Light that is guiding you in your evolution.

So, I would like to take the opportunity to honor and give thanks to Dave for paving the way for us and anchoring the Emerald Heart Light here on our planet. I bow and give deep thanks to the Light of the Emerald Heart for being here for us and guiding us from our darkness into light.

I have laid my life at your feet to be at your service and I will do my very best to allow you, Divine Light, to work through me to uplift and empower humanity.

I bless myself with the Light of the Emerald Heart and I bless all of you today, dear fellow travellers, and would be honored if you’d feel called to receive this full moon blessing of today.

Maybe you feel called as well today to stop for a few moments; a few moments of silence and gratitude; to connect and open your heart towards the Light.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy
Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Lynne Shaw – Living in the Now

Lynne ShawEmerald Heart Elder, Lynne Shaw highlights the importance of living in present time.

The understanding that ones thoughts in the present moment create ones future experiences is fundamental to creating a future experience that one desires.

Lynne shares tips on how not to get caught up in the drama of everyday life and to just be in the now, for futures sake.

Dear Ones,

Each and every moment we have on earth is a gift; it is our responsibility to choose how we experience this gift. A lot of this is dependent upon where we place our focus of attention. Do we take time to give thanks for all our experiences in life even for those that challenge us? Or do we spend our time focusing on others, believing that if so and so will change this that or the other about themselves, then our lives will be so much better? Are we placing our attention outside of ourselves, rather than understanding that the world we live in functions through Universal Laws, one of which is The Law of Reflection? It is guaranteed that the way we feel about ourselves will be reflected back to us by the words and actions of other people and the events that we attract. How we feel about ourselves and our lives at any given moment is the energy that creates our future. So does it not make sense for us to take care of the real creator of our lives, ourselves? To understand ourselves at a deeper level so we can cultivate a place of joy and peace within? Do we take time on waking to be grateful that we are alive, for the air we breathe, the water to bathe in and drink, the food to nourish us? All of which are given to us unconditionally by Mother Earth. Or do we just hit the ground running in the morning, getting caught up in what needs to be achieved throughout the day?


Lately I have caught myself being less and less in gratitude and more and more distanced from the present moment and myself. The present we can experience in every moment if only we allow ourselves the opportunity to feel, breathe and be mindful that all we have is that moment. The past is gone; the future is not yet with us. Yet more and more I find myself being distracted by goals, concerns and responsibilities, so my joy in life has started to diminish somewhat. Life has become a series of actions to take and tasks to complete. That is how I appear to be getting through the day, crossing things off my list. Somehow I have allowed myself to periodically check out of my life and check into the world of past and future events. I had no idea how much I had started doing this until I began to engage with my feeling of lack, a discomfort about being alive. Somehow I have allowed the grey noise, the static to take over. Even my joy of being in nature and with my loved ones has diminished, as I have become less and less present to the experience, less and less present with myself. I have allowed my mind to take over.


The only person responsible for my life and the quality of my life is myself. So it is time for me to bring back the joy. I can do this by creating space for myself. By stopping my endless multi – tasking. No more taking my smart phone to the bathroom with me! I can take time for myself to enjoy the simple pleasures and steer my thoughts back to really engaging with these experiences. I can give thanks for all that life brings. I can make a personal commitment to having fun. To take time to call and see friends, make time for myself, and make my life, not my list a priority. I commit to enjoying this glorious life before it passes me by. Each day is a glorious opportunity to practice this. To live an extraordinary life by cultivating and growing my garden of joy. I wish you every happiness and encourage you to let go of your lists, be in the present, and grow and tend to your own inner garden of peace and joy.


Many blessings,

Lynne Shaw, Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Rosa Hultman – Att upptäcka min inre verklighet / Discovering our Inner Reality

Rosa HultmanEmerald Heart Elder, Rosa Hultman shares a heart to heart message with the BLOG. Understanding and integrating ones shadow is a tough process, but Rosa highlights the absolute necessity of taking that challenge.

Scroll down for English.


Mina Blog artiklar kommer ur mitt hjärta och de talar till ditt hjärta. För det är bara ur hjärtat vi kan kommunicera sant med varandra. Det jag skriver kommer djupt inifrån och jag vaknar ofta upp tidigt på morgonen med några ord ringande i öronen som jag lärt över tid är viktigt att skriva ner. Dessa ord är som frön som gror och växer som ett ofött barn. Det kan hända att jag lägger till ett och annat ord under denna mognadsprocess men vad som än händer så slutar det alltid med att jag känner ett inre driv att föda fram någonting i skrift. Allt jag skriver är en del av mig men det är också en del av dig. Det är min själ som talar till din själ och det jag skriver reflekterar min utveckling, mitt uppvaknande och mina lärdomar av hur mitt inre gör sig hört, vilket alltihop har kommit som ett resultat av mina möten med dig och från att leva mitt liv i Ljuset från the Emerald Heart. Det är i Ljuset från the Emerald Heart jag nu kan komma ihåg vem jag är, där jag nu vaknar upp och känner min koppling till det Gudomliga och till insikten att jag förberetts för att hjälpa och upplyfta mina medmänniskor. Jag högaktar och sänder min kärlek till alla er som läser mina ord, för dessa ord är också era ord. I era tysta böner har ni bett mig skriva dem. Ni har bett mig ta er hand för att tillsammans bilda en cirkel av kärlek runt jorden. Det är denna förenande kraft som får mig att reflektera över och dela med mig av mina insikter till er. Att skriva ger mig kraft. Att dela med mig av det jag skriver får mitt hjärta att sjunga! 

Att upptäcka min inre verklighet

Från att befinna mig på en spirituell väg och från att ha arbetat med Ljuset från the Emerald Heart sedan 2008, kan jag skriva under på att det krävs mod för att ändra fokus och börja titta inåt. Till att börja med kan det vara riktigt skrämmande att stå ansikte mot ansikte med ens inre verklighet. Vi tvekar och hittar på alla möjliga ursäkter för att undvika att öppna den här dörren till vårt eget sinne, för på en djupare nivå är vi väldigt medvetna om att det inte finns någonstans att gömma sig när vi är fullständigt ärliga mot oss själva och Jajjemän! Det är skrämmande att ta fullt ansvar för det som händer en i ens eget liv.

När vi är fullständigt ärliga mot oss själva, så avslöjar vi beteende och övertygelser vi lärt oss att förneka. Vi tvingas möta vår djupaste osäkerhet och våra djupaste rädslor. Vi måste titta på och erkänna programmeringar som kontrollerat och motiverat oss sedan tidig barndom. Vi måste utforska alla grundläggande antaganden som bestämmer och styr vårt handlande. Vi tvingas titta på hur vi beter oss i förhållandet till andra. Vi måste konfrontera det vi tror vi är, varför vi befinner oss på den här planeten och det vi värderar högst i livet.

Jag vet från egen erfarenhet att det är mycket svårare att möta ilskan och sorgen I min inre verklighet än vad det är att intellektuellt analysera något jag definierat finns utom mig. Inuti ät jag ensam med min förvirring och mina försvar. Det enda jag har är att med hjälp av min vilja anta utmaningen. Det är bara jag som kan titta inuti mig själv. Det är bara jag som kan känna igen och aceptera min styrkor såväl som mina svagheter. Jag och endast jag måsta lägga det förflutna bakom mig och lyssna till och följa min inre guidning. 

Det är inte möjligt att delegera den här uppgiften av inre arbete till någon eller någonting annat. Det handlar om eget inre arbete. Du måste själv ha disciplinen att göra det som krävs för att öppna ditt hjärta till dig själv. Du kan svika dig själv och söka den inre friden och glädjen genom makt och prestige eller genom materiell tillfredställelse, eller genom att lämna vägen för någonting ditt sinne lurar dig är bättre, men inget av detta är lösningen.  Du blir en förlorare och innerst inne är du medveten om detta.

Det djärvaste steg vi kan ta under en livstid är att i fullständig ärlighet titta på den inre andliga beskaffenheten på våra problem, men det är väldigt få som har modet att ta detta steg. Att ta detta steg och gå vägen kräver mod eftersom detta är en väg där ditt mörker kommer att avslöjas och det är bara mängden mod som avgör hur långt du är villig att gå.

Det bästa med det hela är att på den spirituella vägen belönas vi för varje steg och genom denna process hittar vi kraften och styrkan vi bär inom oss. Att växa spirituellt får oss alltid att hitta friden, glädjen och kärleken vi sökt, utom oss själva, inom oss själva. Att växa spirituellt får också såväl män som kvinnor att knyta an till det högsta uttrycket av feminine kraft – skapelsen själv – och med denna spirituella växt kommer förståelsen att genom att högakta den kreativa essensen i kvinnan, det ädla i modern och de feminina aspekterna av Gudomligheten kommer vi att upptäcka heligheten i allt levande. 


Så min uppmaning till er alla idag är att ta ett djärvt steg, därför att det är vårt inre tillstånd av medvetande som skapar vår yttre verklighet.

Sluta fokusera på alla andras problem och ta det djärva steget att titta på dina egna rädslor och osäkerheter.

Sluta upp att vara ett offer.

Ta ansvar för ditt eget liv och dina egna projektioner.

Då och endast då kommer vi att kunna lösa våra kollektiva gemensamma problem. Då och endast då kommer vi att gå från att leva i våra huvuden till att leva i våra hjärtan. Då och endast då kommer vi att upptäcka vårt förhållande till moder Jord och den gudomligt feminina principen.  

Livet ger var och en av oss möjligheter så att vi kan växa och bidra till världen på ett unikt sätt. Genom att dela dessa ord tar jag tillfället i akt att få kontakt med dig. Må du få lyckan att inse att den du är, kan göra skillnad. Må vi alltid komma ihåg att varje ögonblick ger oss en möjlighet till förändring så att vi kan transformera oss själva och världen genom att känna kärlek i våra hjärtan. 


Jag välsignar dig med Ljuset the Emerald Heart / Rosa


English translation:

My Blog articles come from my heart and speak to your heart. It is only in the reality of the heart that we truly communicate with each other. It is in the vibration of love that we really hear what we are saying to each other. My writing comes from deep within me and I often wake up in the morning with some words ringing in my head and I have learnt over time that I need to write these down. These words are like seeds that grow and mature like an unborn child. It might be that I add more words during this process of growth but whatever happens, it eventually comes to a time when I feel an inner pressure to give birth to the writings. Everything I write is a part of me but it is also a part of you. It is my soul speaking back to your soul and my writings reflect my growth, my awakening and my lessons of self-empowerment that have come as a result from my interaction with you and from living my life in the Light of the Emerald Heart. It is in the Light of the Emerald Heart that I can now remember who I am, that I am awakening to my connection with the Divine, and that I am prepared in turn to serve and uplift others. I honor and send Love to all of you reading my words, for these words are your words too. In your silent prayers you asked me to write them. You asked to join hands and create a circle of Love around the world. It is this unifying force that moves me to reflect upon and share my insights with you. Writing moves me into my power. Sharing what I write creates joy in my heart!

Discovering our inner reality

From being on a spiritual path and from working with the Light of the Emerald Heart since 2008, I can relate to the fact it takes courage to shift our focus inward. It is initially frightening to face one´s inner reality. We hesitate and find every possible excuse to avoid opening the door to our own mind, as we know on a deep level there is no place to hide when we honestly look at ourselves, and – Yes! It is scary to take responsibility for what is happening in one´s own life.

When we honestly look at ourselves, we uncover behaviours and beliefs that we have learned to deny. We are forced to face our deepest insecurities and fears. We must see and acknowledge programs that have controlled and motivated us since our early childhood. We must examine the basic assumptions that determine and guide our actions. We are obliged to look at the way we behave in relationships. We must confront our own belief systems about who we are, why we are here on this planet and what we value most in life.

I know from my own experience that it is much more difficult to face the anger and sadness in my inner reality than to intellectually analyse some issue that I have defined as “out there.” Inside I am alone in my confused and defensive mind. I have only my will to accept the challenge. It is only I who can look within myself. It is only I who can recognize and accept my strengths, as well as my weakness. I and I alone must put the past behind and hear and follow my inner guidance.

It is not possible to delegate the task of inner growth to someone or something else. There are wonderful people with wonderful tools to help you along the way but you and only you must do your inner work. You must have the discipline to do whatever it takes to open your heart to yourself. You can sell out and attempt to get inner peace and happiness through power and prestige or material satisfaction, but that is not possible. You would be the looser and deep within you know it.  

The boldest step we can ever take in this lifetime, is to honestly look at the inner, spiritual nature of our problems, but few people have the courage to take this step. Taking the step and walking the path takes courage, as it is a walk where your darkness will be illuminated and the amount of courage will be what determines how far you are willing to walk.

The good news is that our spiritual path offers us rewards every step of the way and in this process we will find our power and strength within. Spiritual growth always leads us to find within ourselves the peace, happiness and love we have looked for outside ourselves. Spiritual growth also connects both men and women with the highest expression of feminine power – creation itself. With spiritual growth comes the understanding that by honouring the creative essence of woman, the nobility of the mother and the feminine aspect of the Divine, we will discover the sacredness of all life.


So, my request to you all today is to take a bold step, because it is our inner state of consciousness that creates our outer reality.

Stop looking at everybody else’s problems and take the bold step to look at your own fears and insecurities.

Stop being a victim.

Take responsibility for your own lives and your own projections.

Then, and only then can we collectively begin to solve our common problems. Then, and only then will we move from living in our heads into living in our hearts. Then and only then will we discover our relationship to Mother Earth and the divine feminine principle.

Life gives each of us opportunities to grow and to make our own unique contribution. In sharing these words I am seizing one precious moment to connect with you. May you be blessed to know that who you are can make a difference. May we always remember that every moment offers each of us a chance to transform ourselves and the world by feeling love in our own hearts.


I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

 Rosa Hultman

Elder of The Emerald Heart


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Sephora McElroy – Am I ready?


The Elder group has just expanded and  four new energies and viewpoints have been added to the Emerald Heart mix.

First off, meet Sephora McElroy from Germany, making her first contribution for the Elders Notes. A frank and open message to which I feel in response to her question, the answer is a resounding ‘YES.’

Am I Ready?

This is the question which I would answer with my mind – of course I am ready and I want spiritual and personal evolution and I really want to open my heart for other people. But do I act like this in everyday life? And it’s sad, but the answer is no, I don’t.

So often I react rudely or respond to others with sharp words, especially to my dear ones. I push them away and they just want to help me. I really want to apologise for my bad behaviour. I do not open towards other people, because I’m full of fear and do not trust them, which means I do not trust myself, which means in the end I do not trust God.

What I want so much, is to live full of Love and in freedom. I push so much away through my actions. I’m in a dilemma. I have been living in this dilemma, my whole life or even in more than one lifetime. The truth is that I have no courage to try to open up. I had glimpses occasionally of how wonderful it can be to be really open and full of Love for others. Everything feels all right then and you feel like you are in heaven, so connected with everybody and everything – it’s just heaven. But why is it so hard to hold this state in my day-to-day life? Why am I so cruel to other people, especially to my dear and near ones?

The answer is, there is still so much fear inside me. The Light of the Emerald Heart helps me to illuminate this fear, so that I can see more and more of my habits and which effect they have on my life. I see clearly that it’s me who holds myself back from a happy life. When you have seen this clearly, then you have the opportunity to overcome the fear and the issue, and bit by bit your life changes and you can become yourself more and more. This is, what it’s all about – becoming the person who you really are – without fear.

Dave always says  ‘You cannot walk the path alone’, and again I saw how right he is. You need others to help you illuminate your fears and issues and your dark side, and again you need the others to help you through each issue. I am just so grateful for a teacher like Dave and a spiritual group like the Emerald Heart people, which all help me to illuminate and work through my issues, so that I can grow and leave the darkness behind. And that is when I know – I am ready!

With all my Love and Blessings

Sephora McElroy

Elder of The Emerald Heart


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