Sephora McElroy – Awareness


Emerald Heart Elder Sephora McElroy shares with the Blog a timely reminder of the consequences of losing the focus on who we are.


Awareness Today

Do you, like me, find it hard to stay in balance? It can be such a challenge in these times.

We go so far away from nature and from ourselves, we get disconnected from everything and the outer world is so hectic. It really is a task to stay connected with yourself and to do what you want to do. To find your path and your passion and to follow it.

Not to get too distracted from your daily life is a tough call. To stay connected with yourself and with Spirit is sometimes not so easy. I just experienced it myself. I was doing really well, I found my way to stay in contact with the Universe and myself through Yoga and Meditation and the Emerald Heart. But then on top of my normally busy life, I moved house. I found a wonderful place to live, but it was an incredible amount of work to move. And so I lost my way of looking after myself. I stopped doing Yoga and Meditation and was working 24/7 and getting more and more unbalanced and angry. Finally physical illness followed and my work went downhill too.

My Fall out of Paradise

It was a journey of only a few months from being at the top of everything, to then being in hell. It felt like I had fallen out of Paradise. It was an important message for me to look after myself. That I had to be my number one priority. Nothing else mattered.

Don’t fall out of Paradise as I did. Take care of yourself. Don’t think of everything/one else, but do the things that are good for you and try to balance it with some introspection. Take the time to look into yourself, to sit still and connect with God. In the stillness you will find answers and peace. If you want, you can take an Emerald Heart Essence to deepen your connection to the light. And don’t make the same mistake I did. I know all these things are good for me but I forgot to do them, to help myself.

Gradually I am finding my way back. It’s an everyday task to take care of myself – not to be too lazy or to make other things a priority.

Paradise is in you and nowhere else. So go for it and take care of yourself!

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Bensheim, Germany

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Rosa Hultman – 13 Moons of Transformation

Rosa Hultman1Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment Teacher and Elder, Rosa Hultman, unveils her new range of Essences and gives more information regarding ‘The Black Light’ and how it will be included for those who wish to share it in the exciting New 13 Moons of Transformation Course.

13 Moons of Transformation

The first 13 Moons of Transformation Course is coming to completion and each and every one of us who has taken this journey, has experienced change. For myself, being an Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and one of the teachers of this course, the Light has pushed me to let go of so much I no longer needed both on a mental as well as material level. In the wake of letting go I have opened up for my deeper consciousness to align more and more with this amazing, blazing Light and as Tim said in his last Blog article – we start to become the Light and the Light starts to become us.

The birth of The Wisdom of Sophia Emerald Heart essences
Through this process of becoming the Light, my heart has opened to such an extent that a new range of essences has been born; the Wisdom of Sophia essences. The first in the line of those new essences is a mother/daughter range – called the Rose Mary line with currently 6 daughter essences and a mother essence.

The Essences are birthed by the Divine Mother
The Wisdom of Sophia reveals unlimited feminine powers and the Emerald Heart essence range Wisdom of Sophia contains those unlimited powers. This range of essences has several layers and originates from the source of Lightless Light, and it is being nurtured and birthed by the Divine Mother. Thus this essence range carries the signature of the I AM, the “I” the Eternal Father. The “am” – the power of the Father to experience himself – this is through the Mother.

– “The one cannot exist without the other, the one cannot become whole without the other”.

The signature of the I AM is a light the Emerald Heart School has come to call “ the Black Light”.

Guidance announced the birth of the Daughters as follows:
As you can see we have presented to you essences from a mother – daughter line. They are presented from a mother – daughter line as they are the daughters of Life´s longing for itself. These are essences from the Rose Mary line. You will hold this line in your heart but it is not of you. There are to be no attachments and the reason you are now ready to carry this gift is your humility and awakened heart-consciousness. You have to nurture your daughters in order to give them life. You have to carry them in your heart basking them with the Light of your soul and the Light of the Emerald Heart. But remember that though they are your children, they are not yours. They do not come from you, they come through you and though they are with you they do not belong to you. When they are ready to be born, the mother, the Holy Rose will emerge and you will know.

The upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation 2016 starts in April
To more and more become the Light implies that the consciousness of the Elders is to a greater degree reflected in the Emerald Heart Light. With regard to the upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation course that will be held by the Elders, the different levels of God-consciousness reflected through each and every one of them, will be held available for anyone that decides to participate. Like the Wisdom of Sophia, the “Black Light”, – the I AM a vast transcendent cosmic awareness, filled with bliss and power arising from the source of Mother.
Guidance is given to introduce the Wisdom of Sophia essences and the “Black Light” in the upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation but this does not mean one has to sign up with me to gain access to the “Black Light”. It is reflected in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

So my request to you all today is:
Give yourself the gift of 13 Moons of Transformation

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Rosa Hultman, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Tranas, Sweden


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The All New 13 Moons Course

123The first 13 Moons Course began in 2015 and turned out to be a sensation. It was a powerful catalyst for change and a successful experience for all participants.
We now take this forward and offer an *ALL NEW* 13 MOONS COURSE for 2016 in the knowledge that it will offer an amazing transformational experience for those willing to embrace it.

Read on to find out more.

13 moons The Emerald Heart Light

– 13 Moons of Transformation –

Welcome to the 13 Moons Course. A 12 month journey of Spiritual Transformation, commencing on the New Moon on Thursday 7th April 2016.

An online and experiential Journey delivered by email, offering you Heart opening opportunities and True Inner Transformation, for the Spiritual Seeker who leads a busy life.

Inner change and transformation is all about finding the hidden beauty and potential within you. As the Light peels away the inner layers, you may begin to really understand why you are here in this lifetime, or what is blocking you from your true flowering. You may begin to see patterns of self-sabotage and start to overcome them as your vibration rises and your chakras begin to glow with light. You may connect with your deepest longings, your life purpose and your true potential.

The Universe will pour the light into you each month with a new essence of ‘Liquid Light.’ Each bottle will last you around 28 days. There are 13 bottles of Liquid Light in all, one for each New Moon! Many people have experienced profound transformation after just one bottle, imagine what the Universe has in store for you with 13? It will be the most amazing journey.

Dynamic, Simple, Effective

This brilliantly simple but powerful course has been given by The Guides of The Emerald Heart Light through Spiritual Teacher, David Ashworth. It is especially suitable for those who lead busy lives and think that they don’t have time for spiritual work. You only need a few seconds a day to enter into this journey, it is so easy.

Many people think that you can’t bring about deep change within yourself without working very hard and dedicating a lot of time to your spiritual path. This is not true. The Universe doesn’t expect you to sit in a cave with a Guru for 30 years any longer, as there isn’t enough time! We need to awaken now! Therefore, The Guides of The Emerald Heart Light offer us a one year Spiritual Journey, working with the natural power of 13 Moon Cycles to bring you transformation. You won’t have to wait long to feel the inner changes. You may even feel it in heart as you read this information. Once the Liquid Light reaches your heart, you may feel some movement within the first few days, and most certainly within the first month.

What participants from the 2015 cycle are saying about the Course:

“…Attending the 13 Moons of Transformation course has been the best investment yet in my life.”

“The 13 Moons has helped deepen my spiritual life and practice, enabling changes that have been both subtle and profound.”

“…The core of my being is more at peace. I have more patience and am able to accept things as they come…”

“…I have many moments when I feel joyful for no particular reason, for the opportunity to be myself in this lifetime, and everything around me sparkles.”

If you feel drawn to join us for this amazing Year of Transformation, please click the link below for more details and information on how to register.

New 13 Moons Course 2016

With love

The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Tim Dyson – Embracing Change

Tim from FB

New Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Tim Dyson, updates the Blog with the latest news regarding receiving the torch of leadership from David Ashworth and his views at becoming Principal of the School.

Embracing Change
Some of you will have read the article from Dave explaining that he has now handed the role of Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment to myself. No doubt some will of felt saddened by this as Dave moves on in this way. You might also be wondering what this means for the School and for yourself and even if you should stay involved in whatever capacity you currently are.

I don’t know what changes it will mean for the School, but I do understand your concerns for I have my own attachment to Dave and my own questions around what is the Emerald Heart without Dave and this is what I came to.

“I am the Light and the Light is me.”
Dave needs to move on, to be unencumbered, to be free and I totally understand and respect this. It is a courageous Teacher that can let go of that which they have created, but then that is Dave. It is important to remember though, that Dave is the Original Channel of the Emerald Heart Light as well as the Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and he will always be both of these things. The School will always be imbued with Dave’s light and energy for Dave’s consciousness is reflected in the Emerald Heart Light just as the Emerald Heart Light is in large part a reflection of Dave’s consciousness. They are essentially one and the same thing as highlighted in Jesus’s teaching ‘I am the Light and the Light is me.’ We can see then that even though Dave will become less and less present in person regarding the day-to-day running and guiding of the School, he will never be entirely absent. It is also important to point out that Dave is still offering private consultations and will, I expect contribute Teachings from time to time.

Making the Light our own
It is rather different for the rest of us as we came to the Light after it had been brought down or channelled into the earth realm by Dave. For us, when we work with a Light over a long period there is a process that takes place through which we start to make that Light our own, in other words we start to become the Light and the Light starts to become us. Over time our deeper consciousness will align with the Light becoming more and more at one with it. This will be true for all of the Elders and active Practitioners to one degree or another, as well as for active students.

Another point to bear in mind is this, as more and more people are guided to the Emerald Heart through the various initiatives that we offer and the School grows in size, there is a good chance that they may never have heard of Dave. Like you were, they will be led to the Light looking for help with their particular problems and for effective ways to change and grow and will not have developed an attachment to Dave in the way that us the ‘old guard’ have.

Allowing the Light to guide
So where does that leave yourselves? Where does it leave me? Am I deserving of the role of Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and will I do a good job of it? Well none of us know how things will develop and for myself I can only try to maintain a position of humility and allow the Light to guide and work through me. I hope that we can continue this journey together.

I wish you all a joyous and peaceful New Year.

Love and Blessings,

Tim Dyson, Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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Harriet Kroon – New Year’s Eve or Old Year’s Evening?

Harriet Kroon-0096-1

Traduction en Francais: en bas. French Translation below:

Elder Harriët Kroon wonders how to mark tomorrow evening, the 31st of December. Should the night be celebrated as the last evening of the year or as the herald for the New Year? The outlook of some clients showed her the way.


Harriet: Grotemarkt, Haarlem, Netherlands 27/12/15

New Year’s Eve or Old Year’s Evening?
Tomorrow will be the last day of 2015. In my mother tongue Dutch we call the last evening of the year Old Year’s Evening (Oudejaarsavond), but the English speakers call it New Year’s Eve. What’s in a name? The English wording invites me to celebrate the last evening of the year with my focus on the future: a new year, full of new opportunities to learn, love, laugh and live my truth. On the other hand, the Dutch naming Old Year’s Evening invites me to use the last evening of the year to evaluate the past 365 days: what did I do, what happened and what has the Universe reflected back to me? The difference in connotations made me wonder how to celebrate tomorrow evening, the 31st of December 2015.

Two inspiring clients
Recently I had two clients who made me realize how important it is to keep reminding ourselves of our achievements, instead of only focussing on what we would like to happen in the future. One is a lady of about 50 years old and the other a teenager. They each were on a Light Program of 4 months to repair damages in their energy systems and to work on some personal issues also. Every month during this period, they each had a follow up consultation to check how they were progressing and to see what issue we could address next. Their similar way of dealing with their progress struck me.

In each follow up session both the lady and the teenager were not able to acknowledge the amazing results we had achieved. The disappearance of feelings of anxiety; the remarkable changes in unhealthy behaviour patterns; their feelings of being more grounded and centered; their stronger sense of self; the positive feedback from family members who all witnessed these great changes – it was all passed over. They both could only focus on what they still wanted to work on.

Being happy in the now
I know being on the spiritual path of self-development can be quite a journey of speedy transformation. As soon as we are freed from old and painful stuff, the next layer of ‘darkness’ can open up in an instant, begging for cleansing. Our systems can be so immensely eager to let go of all that does not serve us any longer, that we easily forget to acknowledge what we have just achieved and give thanks. If we only focus on what we still would like to clear or change in ourselves, we forget to be happy in the now. In order to be able to feel satisfaction, to be proud of ourselves, and to have a sense of moving forward, we need to acknowledge the steps of personal growth that we have just accomplished.

My two clients, so different in age but so similar in their eagerness to move forward that they forgot to be happy in the now, made me realize how I want to use the last evening of 2015. To be able to celebrate the New Year on its Eve, I will first need to close off the Old Year by looking back. I will start New Year’s Eve by embracing the Dutch word Oudejaarsavond. At Old Year’s Evening I will celebrate what I have learned, what made me laugh and love, and what I was able to contribute to the world in 2015.

The tiniest ones also count
No matter how difficult our lives can be, each day we all learn something on our path of personal growth. Every new day we are offered opportunities to learn, laugh and love. And so we are offered opportunities to celebrate new achievements, no matter what size they are, the tiniest ones also count. Old Year’s Evening is a splendid opportunity to celebrate all the steps we have made in our personal development. And then a sense of pride and fulfilment can fill our hearts – to me that will be the turning point where Oudejaarsavond melts into New Year’s Eve. It is from that moment onwards that I will be able to fully embrace and celebrate the dawning New Year, fully confident of the things to come.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and loving 2016 on behalf of the Elders of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and its founder, David Ashworth.

With Love,

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elder of the Emerald Heart

Harriet Kroon-0096-1

L’Ancienne Harriët Kroon se demande comment marquer le coup de la soirée de demain, le 31 décembre. La célébrerons-nous comme l’ultime soirée de l’année ou comme l’annonce du nouvel an ? L’attitude de certains clients lui a montré la voie à suivre.


Harriet: Grotemarkt, Haarlem, Netherlands 27/12/15

Réveillon du Nouvel An ou Soir de l’Ancienne Année ?

Demain sera le dernier jour de 2015. Dans ma langue maternelle qu’est le néerlandais, on nomme la dernière soirée de l’année “le Soir de l’Ancienne Année” (Oudejaarsavond), mais les anglophones l’appellent “le Réveillon du Nouvel An”. Qu’y a-t-il dans un nom ? D’une part, la formule anglaise m’invite à célébrer la dernière soirée de l’année avec mon attention portée sur l’avenir : une nouvelle année pleine de nouvelles opportunités d’apprendre, d’aimer, de rire and de vivre ma vérité. D’autre part, le terme néerlandais “Soir de l’Ancienne Année” m’invite à utiliser la dernière soirée de l’année à évaluer les 365 jours écoulés : Qu’ai-je fait, que s’est-il passé and qu’est-ce que l’Univers m’a reflété ? Cette différence de connotations m’a amenée à m’interroger sur la manière de célébrer la soirée de demain, le 31 décembre 2015.

Deux clientes qui m’ont inspirée
J’ai eu récemment deux clientes qui m’ont fait réaliser combien il est important de nous remémorer constamment nos accomplissements, au lieu de nous concentrer uniquement sur ce que nous voudrions qu’il se passe dans le futur. L’une est une dame d’environ 50 ans et l’autre est une adolescente. Elles étaient chacune sur un Programme de Lumière de 4 mois pour réparer des dommages dans leur système énergétique et pour aussi travailler sur des problèmes personnels. Au cours de cette période, elles ont chacune eu chaque mois une consultation de suivi pour constater comment elles progressaient et pour voir quel autre problème il convenait de traiter par la suite. Leur façon similaire d’approcher leur progrès m’a frappée.

Dans chaque session de suivi, ni la dame ni l’adolescente n’ont été capables de reconnaître les résultats formidables que nous avions obtenus. La disparition des sentiments d’anxiété ; les changements remarquables dans leurs modèles néfastes de comportements ; leur sentiment d’être plus ancrées et centrées ; leur sentiment du soi renforcé ; les retours positifs des membres de leur famille qui ont été les témoins de ces grandes transformations – tout cela était passé à la trappe. Toutes deux ne pouvaient faire autrement que de se focaliser sur le travail qu’il leur restait encore à faire sur elles-mêmes.

Etre heureux dans le moment présent
Je sais qu’être sur le chemin spirituel du développement personnel peut tout à fait être un périple de transformations rapides. Dès lors que nous nous sommes libérés de choses anciennes et douloureuses, la couche suivante d’« obscurité » peut s’ouvrir en un instant, nous suppliant d’être nettoyée. Nos systèmes peuvent avoir tellement soif de lâcher prise par rapport à tout ce qui ne nous sert plus que nous en oublions facilement de reconnaître et d’apprécier ce que nous avons juste accompli. Si nous ne portons notre attention que sur ce que nous souhaiterions encore purifier ou changer en nous, nous oublions d’être heureux dans le moment présent. Afin d’être capables de ressentir de la satisfaction, d’être fiers de nous-mêmes et d’avoir le sentiment d’avancer, nous avons aussi besoin de reconnaître les pas que nous venons d’effectuer dans notre croissance personnelle.

Mes deux clientes, tellement différentes en âge mais si similaires dans leur empressement d’avancer qu’elles en ont oublié d’être heureuses maintenant, m’ont fait réaliser comment je voulais utiliser ma dernière soirée de 2015. Pour être capable de célébrer la Nouvelle Année le jour de son réveillon, j’aurai d’abord besoin de refermer l’Ancienne Année en regardant en arrière. Je commencerai le Réveillon du Nouvel An en embrassant le mot néerlandais « Oudejaarsavond ». Au Soir de l’Ancienne Année, je célèbrerai ce que j’ai appris, ce qui m’a fait rire et aimer, et ce que j’ai pu apporter au monde en 2015.

Les plus petites choses comptent aussi
Peu importe combien nos vies peuvent être difficiles, nous apprenons tous chaque jour quelque chose sur notre chemin de croissance personnelle. Chaque jour qui se lève, il nous est donné des opportunités d’apprendre, de rire et d’aimer. Et il nous est donc donné des opportunités de célébrer des nouveaux succès, quels que soient leur taille, les plus petits d’entre eux comptent aussi. La Soirée de l’Ancienne Année est une opportunité splendide de célébrer tous les pas que nous avons effectués dans notre développement personnel. Et un sentiment de fierté et d’épanouissement peut alors emplir nos cœurs – pour moi, cela sera le point tournant où Oudejaarsavond se fondra en Réveillon du Nouvel An. C’est à partir de ce moment-là que je pourrai totalement embrasser et célébrer l’aube de la Nouvelle Année, pleine de confiance sur les choses à venir.

En vous souhaitant une année 2016 pleine de bonheur, de santé et d’amour au nom des Anciens de l’Ecole de l’Illumination du Cœur d’Emeraude et de son fondateur, David Ashworth.

Avec Amour,

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Ancienne du Cœur d’Emeraude



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Seasons Greetings


With Love

The Elders of the Emerald Heart

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David Ashworth – Tim Steps Up

David Ashworth 1


David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light and Emerald Heart School Founder, shares with the Blog, new developments that are happening within the Emerald Heart School.

Dear Spiritual Seekers,


Some of you may have noticed recently that Tim Dyson is now Principle of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and you may be wondering has Dave been bumped off or hidden in the cellar, or even been transported to Australia, as the British Government used to do with undesireables in the old days, not so long ago.

Well it is none of those things, I am happy to say, but I did feel that someone should say something about the changes.

The only way anything lives is by feeding it and giving it what it needs. I may have been the one who was chosen to bring The Emerald Heart Light into our earth realm, for the Earth Mother as well as those of us who wish to transform ourselves and open our hearts with and to the Light. I was also the one who founded the School so that the Light had a platform. During this journey of almost eleven years, we have taught many people many things about the nature of evolution. Some have trained as teachers and some have even become Elders of the School.

The School has been fed with all the right ingredients and is now a growing and thriving being in its own right. It is established, strong and continues to grow with those interested in reading the teachings.

So, the Universe decided that it was time for me to go, to leave the Elders to it, so that they can continue to grow within the Light that is The Emerald Heart and Tim was the right person to take it forward as leader of the pack, ably supported by Lynne Shaw (New York and Colombia), Ian Mills (Sweden), Florence Zumbihl (Switzerland), Harriet Kroon (The Netherlands), Yvonne Hrdy (Munich, Germany), Rosa Hultman (Sweden), Sephora McElroy (Frankfurt, Germany). As you can see, there is a strong international foundation that anchors the Light into our world.

It has been an incredible journey that began in September 2004, when my Guidance asked me to close the door and walk away from my amazing healing practice. Once I had walked away, wondering where I was going next and what I was going to do, I was then given The Emerald Heart Light in January of 2005 and a new journey of inner transformation began.

So, things have gone full circle and I am again being asked to walk away, but this time I have left behind the most amazing gift to humanity and our Earth Mother – The Light of The Emerald Heart, and I have left it in safe hands.

Here I am again, wondering where I am going and what I will do next. Until things become clearer, if ever, I will continue to work with a few clients, do some Shamanic Earth Healing and write, bringing certain things up to date to complete the foundation of my work that can be left and carried on by others.

I may even be allowed to write the odd piece for the Blog, if I behave myself.

In the meantime, it is my great honour to pass the baton to Tim Dyson, who has been my close companion on this journey for many years, as have some of our other Elders. I wish them all a continued and interesting journey of unfoldment as they learn to carry the Light into the world.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings to you all for this New Solar Year, 2016.

Dave Ashworth

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