Tim Dyson – A Problem Shared

Tim from FB

Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog the importance of sharing with others and why it becomes so vital as we progress on our spiritual path.

‘A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved’

As is the case with many old sayings, there is so much truth in this one for a whole variety of reasons. As spiritually inclined people or ‘seekers’ we tend to view things energetically and if we look at this saying we can quickly perceive several things.

When we have a problem, we tend to become quite literally consumed in it. We lose sight of everything else and go round and round in our minds generating more and more difficult emotional states. We lose sight of everything outside of our own difficulty and problem. We could be walking in a beautiful place in nature, but in this state we barely notice our surroundings as we generate increasing levels of troubled and all consuming energy.

When we open up to someone else about our problem, this connects us to something beyond our own internal state; it connects us to the energy of another human being. As we unfold our tale of woe to them it allows the energy to unwind until at a certain point we start to feel internally quieter and calmer. In this state we might see a solution or something the other person says might offer one, but at the very least we start to feel better as we let go of some of the pent up energy we have been carrying.

From Separation To Connection

As spiritual seekers we strive to let go of ego but in the going round and round with the problem we are in a state of separation. We can’t feel or connect with anything or anyone, we feel ourselves as separate and alone. In sharing with another we recognise our connection to other living beings and our reliance on them to aid us on this path called life. In sharing, we acknowledge our need for others and this humbles us. It has the potential to awaken in us gratitude for someone being there for us. It gradually leads us out from our crazy minds and back to our own hearts.

The Unworthiness That Gets In The Way

Often people feel that no one wants to hear their problems and of course we all need to develop boundaries that work for us, but I’ve encountered so many spiritually inclined people over the years who hide very effectively their darkness and their light through a lack of sharing. Many believe that you have to always work things out yourself, that to reach out to another for help is weakness and they would rather suffer alone than acknowledge this perceived weakness. Many are lonely but don’t want to face this truth preferring separation than to risk rejection. I can see myself in all of these ways of being and although I have come some way with these issues I know I have much further to go. It really just involves taking a small risk of rejection but surely that is better than suffering alone and isolated.

Taking The Time To Get To know Each Other

In sharing our troubles we expose ourselves and reveal much about ourselves. In allowing others to share their problems with us we get to know them. In learning to share generally, not just our problems, we discover their fears, dreams and hopes as they discover ours. We allow ourselves to be, to a certain degree, vulnerable. We stop hiding our darkness and our light. We let the world start to see who we really are.

The Light That Reveals Truth

The Light of the Emerald Heart is a high vibrational evolutionary light and as such it won’t let us get away with hiding away in our old patterns of secrecy, of denial, of lack of sharing. It will, over time take you to a place of having to share and for some of us this can be challenging. In my own experience the benefits of learning to live a more heart centred, open and connected life, one of true sharing, is worth facing my fears for.

Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
London, England

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Ian Mills – Unwelcome Guests

Ian Mills-1

Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart, Ian Mills, shares with the Blog an experience he had recently that quite literally woke him up from a long sleep … This then begs the question “Is your life experience really yours?” If you feel you are being unexplicably challenged or held back in areas of your life, there may be a hidden reason.

The Hidden side of life

Life is never quite what it seems. I am a firm believer that as individualizations of Source, life is supposed to flow for us. Admittedly, we all have separate issues to work through and learn from and these lessons can take a considerable time for some, often many lifetimes.
There is another side to life that isn’t mentioned in mainstream health information. Your doctor will not pick this up as a reason for illness and therefore we see chronic and mental health issues filling hospitals. Crime and inhumane behavior spiral in society when this particular issue is swept under the carpet and not addressed. Prisons become filled to capacity and even the prisoners themselves can’t account for their behavior.

Entity attachments

According to research, one in three people will have some form of entity attachment. These beings range from what we may call psychic debris, thought forms and projections to a more damaging conscious being that can make your life a total misery and you will most likely not know they are there.

Of course you cannot see these entities as they generally take up house in your energy system. Those with psychic vision, shamanic skills, such as the Emerald Heart Practitioners who are trained to work in the 5th dimension, are able to perceive these intruders with their heightened awareness.

The premise is the same though. We are food for these beings and the darker ones, the demonic entities can steer the host into actions that promote feeling unbalanced emotions, which they then feed from.

My Experience

Working with the Emerald Heart Light certainly assists in making it uncomfortable for these beings to dwell within us. Increased Light is not welcome or attractive to them and can force these beings out to be dealt with. The Light being the catalyst for the being to make themselves known.

As a Light carrier, an Elder of the Emerald Heart, I am working in the Light 24/7 which does wonders for continually highlighting the next layer of issues to work through.
The Light revealed some ancient darkness in me that I had carried since Atlantian times. This was all linked to a lesson which through Guidance, I finally understood in this lifetime. In understanding that, this situation revealed itself. I have always had issues of social anxiety at differing levels of intensity and this situation was stimulating that fear in me. It was a feeling of like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

The darkness was easily removed and I now feel a totally different person, finally waking up after all these lifetimes.

Reach out for help

So to cut a long story short, working with the Emerald Heart Light is a great way to reveal the truth in you, on all levels. If you have that nagging feeling something is wrong or you are stuck, don’t be ashamed to reach out for help.

I would recommend reading David Ashworth’s book, ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel the Light’ as an indicator of who and how these beings work.

With love

Ian Mills, Stockholm Sweden
Elder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart-

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Meet the Elders


The Emerald Heart Blog proudly presents The Elders.

Find out a little more about the eight Emerald Heart Elders, a brief synopsis of who they are, the work they are drawn too, their website details and contact information.

Introduction by Emerald Heart School Founder, David Ashworth

Read more here: http://emeraldheartlight.com/the-elders/


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Yvonne Hrdy – The Third Super Moon

Yvonne Hrdy

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Yvonne Hrdy, shares with the Blog her experiences during the Super Moons period and brings new understanding to the process of clearing the clutter, both inner and outer.

The Third Super Full Moon – cleaning and cleansing
How is everybody doing? As I am writing this, we are already bathing in the energies of the third super full moon in a row and when you read this, full moon night is just behind us, but we are still in her energies.

Coming out on the other side now
It might be good to re-read Dave’s post from the beginning of September (link to: http://emeraldheartlight.com/current-guidance-2/dave-ashworth-super-moon-and-the-equinox-light-transmission/) to remember what phase we have been moving through and give yourself a pat on the back while you are cleaning up the last bits and pieces from this energetic ‘storm’.

No doubt, it was an intense time where many old energies, emotions and one or other life time patterns were brought to the surface again, maybe at a much deeper level. It was painful to see how many people became victims of their emotions and were controlled by their energies rather than allowing them to pass through. Observing this increased my gratitude for the Light and Dave’s work as it enabled me to see how much I have moved on in the past years through working with the Emerald Heart Light.

Seeing the progress
Many things were thrown at me as well. Some situations felt like déjà-vu and repetition of childhood events. It was fascinating and rewarding to see how I was now able to respond quite differently to the situations presented to me.

Since starting to work with the Emerald Heart Light there is this inner core that is continuously growing, expanding, my true self, unbreakable and independent from outside circumstances, love, compassion, silent joy, bliss and gratitude; in peace and at one with all that is.

Of course I am not always there, but the moments where I disconnect from my true self are becoming fewer and fewer.

Clearing and cleansing – within and without
Lately I have had to do a deep clean in my apartment as I brought pantry moths through infested groceries into my house. It is something I had never seen before and it was quite scary and for sure a nuisance; but on the other hand I found it so symbolic for the phase we are moving through: We are all required to let go of what does not serve us any longer, to travel lighter and lighter, physically and energetically.

I was told that when you have these moths in the house you need to throw away every item of food and anything else that can potentially be affected, as this is the only way to get rid of them. It forces you to turn every single piece in your house upside down, look at it, clean it or get rid of it. It couldn’t be more symbolic of the energies of the moment where everything is being turned upside down and reviewed.

Instead of being grumpy about having to do this deep clean, I decided to surrender to the situation and see what it would bring up. I am not a materialistic person or a ‘hoarder’; in my small apartment this wouldn’t be possible anyways. Yet it is startling to see how much stuff we still accumulate. There is this tea in the further corner of the cupboard we forgot about, the special cereal from South America we always wanted to try and then never did because we don’t have the right recipe at hand; the super-healthy spelt pasta we don’t eat because we prefer our regular, normal pasta; the selection of cook books that are never being used but we don’t want to give them away because they were birthday presents and so on. However, when we don’t use things they become dead, stagnate energy, which doesn’t serve anybody.

Changing the mind-set
I realized how bad I felt about throwing food away. In my childhood I went through a few years where money was so short you didn’t throw food away. I was able to see how awful it felt to give something away that was given to me as a gift and which meant a lot to the gift giver. However all these things, not having been used either, had become dead energy, as with all things that can’t flow.

With the continuing acceleration of the Universe it becomes more and more important for us to have the courage to let go of everything we do not really need or use. As I do not necessarily need to repeat such an experience, I have decided to make much more use of the new initiatives that are emerging in our city such as food sharing and non-profit exchange platforms for goods. Through this I can let go of things easily and know there might be somebody else who wants it or can make use of it.

Wishing you all the best, with Love and Blessings,

Yvonne Hrdy, Munich, Germany
Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Harriet Kroon – Be Careful What You Wish For

Harriet Kroon 0019 b


Harriët Kroon shares an experience she had during a delayed train trip in Europe. She explores if people are able to trust the Universe and how often bad luck is not what it seems.

Recently I attended a Chi Kung retreat in the south of France with a couple of other women from The Netherlands, where I live. We wanted to stay a day longer than the training, as travelling back immediately after the intense week would be a bit much. We set the intent to treat ourselves to an extra warm and sunny day and were all very disappointed when the additional night could not be booked.

The retreat was full on and our rooms and washing facilities very basic. Our train back to The Netherlands was scheduled at 2pm, straight after the closing circle. After we had all carried our heavy suitcases into the station, our train was announced as being one hour late. This hour was exactly the amount of time that we had to change trains in Brussels. It was interesting to see how we all dealt with our worries.

Trusting the Universe
A immediately collapsed into acute exhaustion and lost all the energy reserves that she had built up during the retreat. B became overwhelmed by a million worries. C went into fear of losing control and could not stop calling her partner whilst D became completely numb. To my own surprise I went straight into a surrendering mode and said: “I am sure the Universe will take care of us. In the worst case scenario we book a hotel in this town and take the train tomorrow.”

I was even enjoying the idea of a sunny afternoon outdoors instead of in a train full of sweaty bodies. To my surprise my trust in the Universe had a triggering effect on the others. The idea of having to stay another night in France turned A’s face ashen. B got grumpy. C called her partner again, this time in a demanding, military voice. D was about to jump in another train to get to Paris where she would have had to change her transportation 5 times to catch the next train to Brussels. At that moment we heard our train announced again. It would be 2 hours late.

C was my biggest teacher
I could only think of one thing: I was not going to let the boost of energy that I gained by doing 7 days of Chi Kung leak away by worries, fear, anger or grumpiness. I was going to trust the Universe. Don’t all things happen for a reason? I disconnected energetically from the ones who threw me most out of balance and had quite a pleasant trip to Brussels with D who had shifted into a giggly mood. C spent her trip trying to find travel solutions via all kinds of apps on her mobile phone. Of course, the railway company would provide these solutions once we arrived in Brussels, if there were any.

C was my biggest teacher, though. By watching her behaviour, I witnessed how I was until a few years ago. It was through her anxiety and fear of losing control that I realised how much I had grown spiritually. By working with the Emerald Heart Light on a daily basis, I had to learn to let go of my plans. Every day, the Universe provides me with all I need. Of course I need to work and earn my living, but the Universe decides what happens and when. Often bad luck is not what it seems, if we are able to see beyond the pain it triggers in us.

A four star treat
We arrived in Brussels at 11 pm, far too late for our connection. Whilst we were promised a free hotel room, C was still stressed and distrustful, again calling her partner for a sense of safety. The train company provided us each with a 4 star bedroom, an abundant breakfast and a free travelling ticket for the next day.

Even though my travel companions did not have any urgent matters at home, their focus was on getting back as soon as possible. B left at 6 with the first train in the morning, neglecting her breakfast, C left as soon as possible after eating freshly baked croissants and a tasty fruit salad. I could not believe my friends: the sun was shining and we were in the beautiful city of Brussels! I told them I was going sightseeing and would travel back later that day. Both A and D gazed at me with big eyes and uttered their thoughts: “Is this possible? Can we enjoy this? Should we not worry?” Ultimately they burst out in laughter and followed me through the streets of beautiful Brussels.

Ask and you will receive
The sun was as hot as in the south of France, we had a delicious salad at the most gorgeous Grote Market, and we had a good laugh. A took the opportunity to buy souvenirs for her daughter and at the end of the afternoon we had a smooth journey back. The Universe gave us the extra day we had wished for, but in another shape. How often are we able to receive its gifts when they come in another form or at another moment than we had planned? It is the Universe that decides how it will fulfil our longings. Ask and you will receive. You might get a four star treatment.

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Sephora McElroy – Contact

Sephora[1]Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog a simple technique that in this stressful world we live in, can make interaction with others a much deeper and more satisfying experience.

Are you a person who has ease of contact with others, or do you have difficulties? If you have difficulties, why is this? When I speak about contact I don’t mean a brief chat or small talk. I am speaking about truly being in contact with someone else, being really connected to them.

We are nowhere really
I find that often life is so busy, we get very stressed about organising things, being here – going there, but we are nowhere really. We are not truly present in situations or in our contact with others. We are physically there but not with an open heart and mind, not connected. We are in our own tunnel. We think of what happened to us yesterday or what we have to do tomorrow, but we are so seldom with our thoughts in the here and now. We don’t make time for the now, for the situation we are in in this moment or for the other person we are talking to in this moment. This causes problems for ourselves and with others, causing endless misunderstandings along the way.

Check yourself every minute a day
Even though I recognise this, it is still not easy for me to do better. But when I see that I’m heading in the wrong direction, I try to hold on for a second and rethink my thoughts and actions. That’s why it’s so important to hold on for a little second and check yourself every minute of the day. Ask yourself: “Where am I at at this moment?” What are my thoughts doing? Am I in the present moment; am I with this other person completely? And if not, don’t get angry with yourself, just try to do better next time and little by little it will become a new habit. A better habit and you will feel much less stressed and more connected with yourself, with nature and with other people.

I wish you all the best for this journey.

With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Bensheim, Germany

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Lynne Shaw – After the Blood Moon

Lynne Shaw

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Lynne Shaw, gives us some food for thought as to why some may feel challenged after the amazing Super Blood Moon we witnessed recently. Astronomical cycles and allignments have much influence over the way we feel. Lynne shares her ideas to help us get back on track if we feel a little jaded or out of balance after this event.

Are You Feeling Super After The Super Blood Moon?

It has been quite an energetic ride over the past couple of weeks. Intense energies began to build over the Autumn Equinox and increased with the Super Blood Moon.
All eyes were on this incredible event and it really felt like a moment in time to celebrate. It has been wonderful to see beautiful images of the full red moon across the globe and I so enjoyed witnessing the event itself.
However, when the moon turned red, I felt a sense of awe but I also had a sense of feeling unbalanced. I had an awareness that things were being churned up in the fiery darkness. This made sense to me, as we have to go through the darkness in order to return to the light on our spiritual journey. Of course this was literally represented through the eclipse. However, I can honestly say that I am not feeling Super after the Super Moon.

How the energies may be affecting you
It may be that things have churned up for you too. It may be that you are super sensitive to the energies of this time which although are not as intense right now, are still with us.
You may have felt this physically through waves of energies pulsing through your body, or perhaps as headaches or fluey type symptoms. You may have experienced this emotionally, through old memories or people from earlier in your life popping up. Perhaps some unfinished business has been stirred up that you are being offered the chance to deal with, or perhaps it is an ongoing issue that you are being given the opportunity to see in a different light. Our shadow selves, those parts of ourselves that we wish to hide from others because they may not be ‘nice’ are also coming out to play so we can acknowledge them, own and integrate them.

How can I feel so lousy after this beautiful and widely anticipated event?
In a way it feels really challenging to be in this uncomfortable state after the Super Blood Moon. So much has been written about it being a turning point in humanities’ consciousness and spiritual awakening. Some had even stated that it marked a time of ascension where thousands would disappear from the planet through the Rapture.
Now clearly there was not a mass exodus from this planet, but the notion that we would be brighter and lighter after this event has been planted in the psyche of those who are interested in such spiritual occurrences. So when you do not feel brighter, lighter and lovelier immediately after the Super Blood Moon, you may feel that there is something wrong with you, but this is not at all the case.

Move through rather than resist
As the moon was plunged into darkness it did stir things up for us and we are merely moving thorough them. The key is to allow it. Rather than resisting that which is coming up for you or for those around you, just try and observe and move through by bringing your attention to what you are feeling and how you are responding to it.
It may be that others actions are out of kilter as they are going though their stuff also, so please be gentle with yourself and those around you who may be really challenged too.

This too shall pass
I really recommend resting when you can, taking time to be out in nature, taking hot baths with Epsom salts to release that which you no longer need on a physical and emotional level and journalling.
Like the eclipse, this too shall pass and we will all be lighter and brighter but we need to face and move through the gift of our darkness. We just need to be patient with ourselves and others.
If you find that you are getting stuck or are overwhelmed by things, please know that we at the Emerald Heart are always here as spiritual guides if you need. You can find us at:

Much love and bright blessings to you all!

Lynne Shaw

Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

New York, USA

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