Sephora McElroy – Live your Dream

Sephora[1]Emerald Heart Elder, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog a little of her history, where she was then and where she is now.

Moving your life forward sounds simple enough but momentum is often impacted by our issues.

As Sephora says it only needs one step at a time, one after the other. You don’t need to see the whole road, just trust your heart and take that first step.

Do you live in dreams or do you live your dream?

This is the question we all have to answer. It’s a difficult one because I think that most of us have many dreams for our lives, but there are so many buts. I can’t because of this and because of that. First this and that has to be done. We distract ourselves in so many ways. There are the duties and responsibilities we have to undertake. We are tired now and only want to sit on the sofa and watch telly. It’s always something and the days go by, the weeks go by, the years go by and you are at the same point as you always were. You have not come nearer to your dream that you have for your life. You may start to get depressed or you resign yourself to this way of being. Some of us are waiting for something or somebody who is going to do it for us. You wait to win the lottery, you wait to find the rich husband or wife. You wait for somebody or something which will change your life – (I know from what I’m talking).

But it’s so easy we just have to focus what we really want. We speak with people about it, we collect information which we need to know for what we want.  Then we walk one step after the other in the direction we want to go. It’s often not a change from one day to the other – I know we all want it like this. It’s often a long journey. The changes every day are so little that you often don’t realise them.  But when you look back and you see how your life was 5 years ago, what do you see? Is it still pretty much the same? Or are you a bit nearer to your dream? I hope that you can say this. If not, then start now it’s never too late. Just change your mindset and your habits. Go for it. Try things out and overcome your fears of taking the next step. It feels a long way to go,  I know, but as Dave always says you don’t have to walk the path alone. The Emerald Heart Light will help you to walk the path to yourself and to the light in you and one day you will be able to live your dream!

For me I can say, when I look back 5 years it is nearly a different person I look at. I was so much further away from what I want  in life. I was so far away from myself. I was such a dark and unhappy person. I did so many things I didn`t want to do, only because I thought I had to do them, or I need the money or something else. With the Emerald Heart I learnt to follow my passion and to focus on what I really want in my life. I still have to go some way to live my dream for my life completely, and my dreams are always changing as well. But I can say it’s incredible how big the changes have been, although I often forget this in my daily life. But I see it when I take my time and look back. This makes me very grateful for Dave and the Emerald Heart, because I start to be a much happier person. A happy person who loves to try and create things. A happy person who loves to do the work with the Emerald Heart, because there is nothing else I know of which helps you so much in your evolution. In your evolution to live your dream. In your evolution to be yourself. In your evolution to be. In your evolution to be and realise God.

With all my Love and Blessings

Sephora McElroy

Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Lynne Shaw – Proud of the Pioneers

Lynne ShawOne year on and the -Divine Plan- Healing system goes from strength to strength.

-Divine Plan- Originator, Lynne Shaw, tells us of the new developments and successes within this amazing Healing system.

With incredible interest and strong growth, the -Divine Plan-  is on track to be one of the global Healing opportunities of the future.

Read on to find out more.

Dear Ones,

Pink Heart -Divine Plan-This day, 22nd October 2014, marks the one year anniversary since The – Divine Plan – Healing System was gifted to me by Mother/Father God to share with those who were ready.  So many things have unfolded this year, and I would like to begin this piece on a celebratory note.  I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the first intake of students who have worked so diligently since their training to step into the role of Certified – Divine Plan – Healers. They are the first ones in the world to rise to this position. Truly they are riding the wave of time.

Proud of the Pioneers

Let me bring forth the names of these souls who are pioneers of this new paradigm in healing:

Caro Cerbaro
Phil Grant
Ingo Kassuba
Maud Lennkh
Pauline Lloyd
Jenny Murrell
Bettina Neuhaus
Cill Nijdeken
Anita Prasad
Alyss Thomas
Irene Timm

I wish them great joy and growth on their journey with The – Divine Plan – Healing System. I must confess that I am bursting with pride at their accomplishments. I did also shed a tear when I saw their names on The Emerald Heart Website. So amazing is it to me that a year ago this healing system did not exist and now we have the first Certified Healers.

Spreading across the Globe
Mention also needs to be given to those students working towards Certification and for those who have chosen not to become certified but work with the system regularly for themselves and/or friends and family. I am incredibly proud of the students from each class and also their mentors who have guided them through the process of certification.

These mentors and – Divine Plan – Teachers have over the past couple of months started teaching their own classes, and so the journey of The – Divine Plan – spreading across the Globe to all who are ready continues.

My amazing and humbling journey
My journey this year has been both amazing and humbling. I had believed from the beginning that this was now my mission in life, to carry The – Divine Plan – Healing System across the world and tend to it day by day as a Mother does with her child. I felt relieved that I at long last knew my place in the world, as I had never completely felt in alignment with my purpose in life until then.  

Why was this so hard?
Imagine my surprise when I returned back to the United States after the first round of teaching in Europe, to set up the classes in the USA and put together a website etc. that it was just not in my capability to do this. I knew what I needed to do; I just found it impossible to do it. Potential venues closed down, organizers disappeared. I felt like a complete and utter failure because as each day I tried harder and harder, the more opportunities shut down and the more incapable I felt.  My days became filled with the darkness of my lack of self worth and I gradually stopped being able to function.  I found myself in incredible physical as well as emotional pain and questioned what my life was all about. Why was this so hard?  How could I have been given this amazing gift and now not have the vision, capability or strength to carry it forward?

I had to step back
I share this with you not as a confession, but as a lesson in what can happen if you push through with trying to do something that was not meant for you to do. Through consultations with David Ashworth, his Guidance revealed that it was my role to birth this system and teach the first classes in Euorpe, then it was my role to take a step back from The – Divine Plan – and let some other very creative and capable person with a huge love for the healing system step forward.

I was to stand back and support where needed, not get involved with the details of it. As Dave was telling me this, I could feel the truth of it in my heart and I knew I had to let go of the very thing I had been holding on to so tightly. The – Divine Plan – Healing System was not there to give my life greater meaning, I was of service to it and I was now hindering its growth.

Harriët will take my place
In hindsight it is easy to see why it was such a hard process. I was pushing to do something that the Universe did not want me to do.  I knew in my heart who the rightful person was to take my place.  The person who had shown such exceptional belief, conviction and love for the system right from the time it was introduced. It was Harriët Kroon from the Netherlands.  The beloved soul who had set up the very first – Divine Plan – Healing System class in the world, in Amsterdam. The one who had stated at the Emerald Heart retreat that she felt it was her role to bring The – Divine Plan – out into the world. And so it is.

Divine Will
As Harriët takes The – Divine Plan – on its next step, through her leadership The – Divine Plan – will grow and thrive, spreading the Light of The Emerald Heart into the world. Of that I have been assured.

I am deeply grateful to Harriët for being willing to take on this role, and for all the – Divine Plan – mentors, Emerald Heart Elders and my dear teacher Dave who have all given their incredible support throughout this year. Without them none of this would have been possible. I am so happy to be part of an spiritual organization and community that works for the greater good by following Divine Will and stepping up to do what needs to be done.

I hope you get to experience the tremendous joy of The Emerald Heart Light and The – Divine Plan – Healing System some day.

Many blessings to you.

Lynne Shaw
Originator of The – Divine Plan – Healing System
Elder of The Emerald Heart

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Yvonne Hrdy – Emerald Heart Light Earth Healing

Yvonne Hrdy

An important message from the Earth Mother given through Yvonne Hrdy.

Water Healing Ceremony, Earth Healing and a New Essence – Mothers’ Love.

Read on to find out more about this important development and Yvonne’s event on the 18th October.

Emerald Heart Light Earth Healing

Water Healing Ceremony on Saturday, October, 18th

A few weeks ago I once again strongly felt the pain of our Mother, Mother Earth. In her attempt to cleanse and clear herself from all the negative energies and stored emotions she is carrying from we humans, accumulated throughout history, her pain is indeed great, and felt by many of us who are extremely sensitive. I felt that I needed to reach out to Dave to ask is there a way we can help her heal and transform with the help of the Emerald Heart Light.

Dave asked me to step forward and dive deeper into this. Together we have started to write down some Guidance and processes for those who also feel her calling for our help. Within the Emerald Heart, we constantly work with the Mother and are always giving something back and so we decided that we would offer something to you, in order that you also can give something back. It is important to see how everyone takes and very few give back.

Almost immediately, I was given an essence, Mother’s Love, and instructions how to use it. Below are the words Mother conveyed to me when receiving the essence from her Heart to mine.

Why I am writing this to you today?

I am setting up a training day where those who feel called can experience becoming attuned into the Heart of the Earth Mother through the Path of the Emerald Heart Light. You will learn how to connect with her at a deeper level.

The Earth Mother then gave me a date, when to set up the first event, which was the 18th of October. I am told that I will be given the place to assemble nearer the time, and then she will speak through me when we are all gathered in the sacred place that will be opened to us.

TassilolindeShortly after, I was then given the place.

One of the oldest lime trees in Germany, the so-called Tassilo lime tree near the monastery Wessobrunn began to call and so that is where we begin. There is also a sacred spring source nearby and I was also called to ‘heal the water’.

The tree itself is likely to be 600 years old, although legend says 1300 years old. What is known however, is that Duke Tassilo III settled down under a big lime tree at exactly this place in the year 753 to find shelter for the night. During the night he had a vision of a portal in the sky that opened and he saw angelic beings coming down a stairway from heaven to draw water from a tripartite spring source. Indeed, his companion, whom he sent out next day found exactly what he had seen and a monastery was founded.

WellhouseNow, the water in the three pools is not drinkable anymore. It has become polluted through the extensive use of pesticides and artificial fertilizer and I will go there on the 18th to offer my love and gratitude, my prayer and apologies for humanity’s thoughtlessness and destructiveness. I will offer the Essence of Mother’s Love to the sacred waters in that place.

Last night I felt a hard push to urgently share this with you and invite you to tune in or participate in your own way, at your own place or in whatever way feels right to you.

As a confirmation from Mother, this morning I found an email in my inbox that explains that during these same days, the Waitaha, indigenous tribe of New Zealand will perform an ancient sacred water ceremony. The Waitaha are water carriers and ancient wisdom keepers. The ceremony only takes place every 50 years and this is the first time it is being revealed to the public. Many Elders of other first nations will participate and gather to honour the living blood of Gaia as the sacred essence in all life.

Reverence and Respect

I bow in deep reverence and respect to the many wisdom keepers who have held so much sacred space for and in communion with our Earth Mother, while the so-called modern civilization went on in their destructiveness, completely disconnected from her.

If you feel called to participate in this collective wave of Healing Prayers, to send Love and Gratitude to our waters and acknowledge Mother Earth as the living being and Creator of everything on our planet, you can do the following:

  1. You are invited to tune in to my healing prayers                                                               (Event details pdf download HERE )
  2. Visit a body of water (rivers, lakes, the sea) near your place and send your love, gratitude and healing prayers to the waters. If you feel a call to do a little ceremony or ritual, simply follow your heart.
  3. If you want to amplify the level of Love and add the sacred Light of the Emerald Heart to it, which is also here to serve our Mother, you might want to obtain a bottle of Mother’s Love Essence. The liquid light in the essence, together with Mother’s Love, will open your own heart at a deeper level and touch deeper levels of truth in you and thus bring about healing and evolution. You can also be pretty sure that Mother Earth will respond to you in some way. Simply send me an email ( and I can transfer the vibration to you once you have prepared a bottle of pure water. You may also want to wait for a bottle of essence to be sent by post and do your little ceremony later. It doesn’t really matter, it is more important that it comes from your heart. Cost for the essence 25,- EUR plus VAT and postage)

Mother’s Love – By Yvonne Hrdy                                                                            No. 17

Date:              17th September 2014, around 9.20 pm

Details:         A gift received through the heart

Group:           Spiritual Evolution

Keynote:       Amplification of Love


The words that came through my heart as this essence was given are as follows.

My love melts the ice in the heart of man.                       This is all you need to know.

My love nurtures and nourishes you on all levels.         It is all you need to have.

I ask you now to reflect this love back to me for the continuation of our mutual journey. Infuse this bottle of love with the love of your sacred human heart and return some of it back to me and you will be surprised how much we, together with the Light of the Father, will amplify the love in this world.

With my deepest Love and Blessings, in Gratitude,


Instructions how to use it:

Go to a place in nature that speaks to you. Sit down, become still and open yourself to the nature around you. Open yourself to Mother Earth and acknowledge her as Creator of our lives and everything that lives on our planet. When you feel ready and can feel as much love and reverence and respect for her that is possible for you, take the essence to your heart and ‘make contact’, communicate with it and then pour all your love and your gratitude from your sacred human heart into this tiny but powerful bottle of liquid light, amplifying the level of love through this act of giving and receiving.

Give a few drops of the essence back to the Mother first, be it on the soil, into the waters, to a flower or tree and then take a few drops for yourself. Pour then all the love and gratitude from your heart into the nature around you. When continuing with the essence don’t forget to always give a part of it back to the Mother, do not keep it all for yourself.

With Love

Yvonne Hrdy

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment



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Emerald Heart Feedback


There is nothing more satisfying then positive feedback. Here David Ashworth shares with us a number of this weeks top shares.

Please keep your feedback coming in!

We learn from your comments.

A Little bit of this week’s Feedback

The – Divine Plan – Healing System

Dear David,

Thanks for your love and blessings and everything else. It is great to have found an “easy ritual” or possibility like that to illuminate life and be able to step on a spiritual path so effectively. I’m looking forward to walk this path for the rest of my life, at least of this one :-).

Much love from Switzerland


My Solstice Light Transmission Experiences

Dear Tim and Dave,

I had two very different experiences in my two sittings in the Emerald Heart Light Transmissions over the solstice.

The first is too hard to describe in words that coherently convey what happened and do it any justice while the second was more mundane but probably more immediately meaningful for my development. The first sitting began with a profound experience where I immediately had a sort of waking dream. I felt I was being shown the nature of reality and how it was all an illusion. The physical dimension felt wafer-thin with no depth and was just a moment away from all kinds of other dimensions. Then, in my mind, I was walking down my garden and I knew the world was being constructed just beyond the awareness of my physical senses and, with every step forward, more was added so that there was always something for me to “walk into” as it were.

I knew that all I could see was a projection from my heart where I literally created what was around me. The best analogy I can come up with is that of being in a cinema and seeing the flickering beams of light coming from the projection booth that paint a picture on the screen. In this waking dream I could see that Light was shining out into the world from my heart but passing through my fears and beliefs on the way where they acted like shadow-hands making their impressions and being created in the physical world for me to see. However, the physical world and all it contained wasn’t static. Instead, it was being disassembled and reassembled constantly from one moment to the next and done so according to my beliefs. In this way I knew that if I could suddenly shift my consciousness then my experience of the world would instantly shift too. In this way miracles were indeed possible.

Dave explains the above experiential phenomenon from his own visions, in his book The Keys of Transformation

The second session the next day was completely different inasmuch as it was less dramatic but the Light penetrated far more deeply into me then anything else has done to date. I could feel it getting into my heart and stirring things up. Fear was front and centre (surprise, surprise) and the Emerald Heart kicked off a period of intense feelings that will probably keep me busy for a while and, while not terribly pleasant, I am deeply grateful for this Light.

Phil Grant

Divine Plan Healer

One-to-One Shamanic Day with David Ashworth

Hiya Dave, I just wanted to say that yesterday was an incredibly powerful day and I gained a great deal from it. There isn’t many people who would take you up a tree in the rain doing a meditation! I loved it :) Best wishes Dave Take care


One-to-One Shamanic Day with David Ashworth

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Monday it was an absolutely amazing day for me, and since then I have been sitting in the light to practise holding it more. The energy radiating from my own heart at the moment is immense and I have been having a lot of universal healing through the Emerald Heart. It starts building up the minute I sit down and the feeling is that its so, so powerful! I work with it as a substitute for worry ha ha! Finally a shift has occurred!

I feel as though Monday was an attunement to the Emerald Heart and its awesome! So thank you!

Thanks for being such a fantastic channel for this wonderful system you have been chosen for.

With the most humblest of thanks,


Consultation with David

Dear David,

Thank you for another illuminating talk. I am very grateful for your guidance, and I look to the future with great enthusiasm.



The Essence of the Period

Dearest Dave,

Bless you for transferring this essence for me. Thank you for this beautiful gift :-)

The reading encapsulates so much I have been feeling. Just when I felt myself lost, an incredible piece of Guidance comes from you to show me I am on the right path.

Thank you for being such a gift in my life Dave.



The Essence of Grace

Oh Dave I’ve missed you and seeing you with that koala and reading about your connection with this fabulous tree has made my day! It was one of today’s daily gifts which you speak about. Thank you as always for your wonderful words. Am so glad the trip went well for you all.



The Essence of Grace

The essence of Grace comes to me with perfect timing, as essences always seem to do. So thank you for sharing these words on this particular day when I am looking for answers. I had just been writing prolifically throughout the night about an issue which I have had for some time, and unable to resolve because the person I need to talk to has been extremely evasive, due to their own fears! I put the thoughts and feelings from my heart into words on paper instead to help me find peace. I really feel that just seeing that one word ‘Grace’ has answered my questions this morning. I felt it deep inside. Thank you.


United Kingdom

Autumn Equinox Distant Light Transmission

I have to say that the timing for this Distant Light Transmission could not have been more perfect for me as I am going through an intense time of finishing house renovations and putting my house up for sale.

On the first day of the Transmission my mind was running so fast I could hardly keep up with it. My body was in a state of absolute exhaustion with intense aches and pains from so much physical work. As much as I wanted to comfortably lie down under my blanket and receive, my body and mind were resisting like crazy.  As I breathed and set the intention to let go, I felt my hands and feet gradually getting very warm and a sensation of gently heated runny honey entering my temples. This seemed to calm down my monkey mind somewhat.  Everything that was coming up for me at the time started to feel very far away and of much less significance.

The next day I asked to receive the Light of the Emerald Heart, I felt as if I was being wrapped in a cocoon of gentle love. I could feel my hands and feet getting heavy and I felt a pressure on my forehead, then I was gone.  I thought for perhaps twenty minutes but when I looked at my watch an hour and fifteen minutes had passed. It took me a while to come too as I felt very different from when the transmission first began.

The third time I asked to receive the Light I could feel myself going deeper and deeper. I could not move my hands and feet even if I wanted too.  My body was pinned to the bed and I felt the Emerald Heart Light first bringing to the surface and then letting go any remaining anxieties and concerns. Random events were being played out then let go. Events I thought I had forgotten about came to the fore, which was really interesting! Now, nothing seems to matter as much. Everything seems to be much more manageable.  My aches and pains and monkey mind have calmed and dissipated.  I feel as if I can go back to trusting that all will flow rather than feeling that I have to interfere with everything due to my being out of balance.

It really was a very beautiful and profound experience, so different every time. I am so grateful for this opportunity because I am in a place of being calm and centred rather than the stressed out, manic state it was in on the first day that the Distant Light Transmission began.

Name supplied.



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Emerald Heart 10th Anniversary Winter Retreat

puerto-del-carmen fariones lanzaroteAs part of the Emerald Heart 10 year anniversary celebrations, you are cordially invited to join us in January for the Emerald Heart 10 Year Anniversary Winter Retreat, to be held on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

Go HERE to find out more about this special event.

Sun, sea and Spirituality … see you there!

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David Ashworth Teachings – Grace

EHThey say as one door closes, another opens. As we say goodbye to the Guidance of the Period, we say hello to David Ashworth’s Teachings.  Read the latest all new Teachings and find out about the hidden tree, the Bower bird’s nest and the amazing new Essence ‘Grace’.

To read the Teaching in English go HERE, German HERE,  Swedish and Dutch coming soon.

To purchase GRACE,  follow the Paypal links below, or you can order from the Practitioner in the following countries to save time in the post. Contact them directly by email link below – DON’T use the Paypal buttons for this service.

GERMANY  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:

SWEDEN  –  Order through Rosa Hultmann:

THE NETHERLANDS  –  Order through Harriët Kroon:

SWITZERLAND  –  Order through Florence Zumbihl:

AUSTRALIA – Order through Jon Gauntlet:  

GRACE –   £18 – a saving of £2 off usual retail price.

GRACE                      (UK customers) £20.75 incl.p&p
GRACE            (European customers) £21.50 incl. p&p
GRACE                                                       (USA / rest of the world customers) £22.50 incl. p&p


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The Light Transmission portal is now closed.

EHThe portal for the Light Transmission during the Autumn Equinox is now closed. Thank you for those who registered this quarter. The next Light transmission will be during the Winter Solstice over the period of 20th to 22th December 2014.

I’ll leave you with the words of Emerald Heart Elder Tim Dyson on how to move forward  your interest with the Emerald Heart:

Tim DysonMaybe you have taken advantage of the Free Equinox Light Transmission and feel that you have had a good or even profound experience of this beautiful loving Light. Maybe you felt it touch your heart and you might be wondering what now?  How can I take this connection with the Emerald Heart Light further?  How can I use it to further my journey of self discovery and to go deeper into the reasons for my being here. How can I use it to stay with the flow of my own life?

We offer this and much more. We offer the opportunity to align with the Universal Flow through our Essence of the Period which you simply order through the Blog when it is periodically announced. We offer a huge range of Essences and the opportunity to have them programed for your particular issues and fears by our Practitioners.   

The Emerald Heart is a true spiritual Path with steps that will lead you further into your own awakening through personal appointments with Practitioners, attending Gatherings, receiving healing through our own healing system the Divine Plan or attending Being in the Light sessions.

You may want to use the Emerald Heart Light as a tool to help uplift others and we help and guide those that want to take this step because we have walked this Path before them and can see the best way to help them take the steps that enable them to carry and work with more and more Light. To help them develop into the person that they were born to be.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Dyson,
Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment


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