Ian Mills – Who are you?

Ian Mills

Meet Ian Mills, new Emerald Heart Elder, Blog master at emeraldheartlight.com and all round nice guy.  (Well what can you say when you introduce yourself?)

Being used to publishing other peoples’ work it seems unusual to present my first piece for the Blog.

So here it is … short and sweet … hope you enjoy.

Who are you?  Who are you really?

Are you the person you see as you stand in front of the mirror? You are used to seeing that person, used to your tolerances, likes and dislikes, fears and foibles.  Sometimes it feels very comfortable to associate yourself with that person. You like your quirky behavior or your quick temper.  Why is it that you don’t like crowds, or feel drained when you are around people? Are you claustrophobic or have a fear of heights. Do you have panic attacks when you meet new people and stutter when communicating, feeling you’re unworthy of saying anything of interest?

Do you have physical manifestations of stress and anxiety in your life? Headaches, insomnia, indigestion, body pain. Have you bizarre fears that impact your life intolerably, making you shy away from uncomfortable situations in the hope that the feelings you are being alerted to will go away?

If this sounds familiar you are not alone.

Most of us have got used to the wo/man in the mirror only to take the discomfort that goes with that person as a rite of passage.

When you look in the mirror, what you see is you, …… or is it?
The above conditions of imbalance, and there are so many more, are further exasperated by the speed the Universe is pushing everyone at this time. We’ve all worked hard to be on this planet right now, so we might as well make use of the momentum she’s providing. There’s no better place in the Universe to start losing this baggage, than Mother Earth. After all, that’s where we created most of it, so this is where it has to be returned to.

Don’t be defined by your current position or situation. Understand that a balanced, healthy and joyous life is a birthright for everyone, not just for the privileged few.

If you feel that there is something that should not be in your experience and you may have felt that it’s not like you to feel this way or behave in this way, understand that help isn’t far away.

The Past and The Present
I had many of the above symptoms, which I believed was just me being me.  In fact I couldn’t talk as I had a bad stutter from childhood. (Due to self-esteem issues.)

I reached out for help. I got in contact with David Ashworth and worked with him on a number of issues. That was many years back now and the issues in question have been dissolved. I reinvent myself each time I work on my stuff. I look in the mirror and there’s a new version of me looking back.

David Ashworth, through the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, has trained hand-picked Practitioners from a number of countries to take his work out into the world. If you feel you are ready to start peeling off the distorted layers to find the finer you beneath, as I did, then you can reach out and contact one of the Emerald Heart Practitioners in the Practitioner’s section of the Blog, HERE

Each Practitioner brings their own unique skillset to the table combined with the knowledge and wisdom taught to them from their apprenticeship with the Light at the Emerald Heart School. They will be able to look at you intuitively and using special Light techniques at their disposal, help you shed those unwanted issues.

There has never been a better time for positive change.  Reach out and find the next new version of you.

Ian Mills
Elder of the Emerald Heart

A Note from Dave
Ian doesn’t know that I’ve added this piece to the bottom of his article, but in the interests of sharing something about who we are and the path we have walked together, I would let you know that since Ian first contacted me, maybe ten years ago or thereabouts, he has been one of my constant wing men. Always there to help The Emerald Heart in whatever capacity he could.

During this time, he has been constantly exposed to The Emerald Heart Light and even though he can dodge the odd issue here and there, as we all can, the light has never allowed him to rest and become complacent. Ian has gone through many inner transformations and stands in a place of true spiritual courage. Recently, he walked out of his job as that is what his heart was calling for. No new job to go to, but just trusting the light in his heart to take him on the journey that he needs to experience next. This kind of courage comes with the sheer determination to follow your heart, no matter how difficult the scenario might seem that faces you. This is also the kind of courage that comes to you as you open your heart to the Light.

People don’t realise how much courage it takes to allow powerful spiritual light into your heart, for once you do, it will push you mercilessly into becoming the next new version of you, as Ian mentions above.

It is the way he has constantly worked with the Light that has brought him to this place of courage and I am honoured to speak of him as my close and valued colleague and friend and especially grateful for the work he has done for The Emerald Heart.

Thank you Ian and it is great to read your first article as an Elder of The Emerald Heart.



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Australia – Early bird Offer

Harriet Kroon 0019 bEmerald Heart Elder, Harriet Kroon, shares further information about the Emerald Heart and -Divine Plan- events in Australia and reminds those who are are thinking of attending that the Early Bird offers are soon to close.


Today and tomorrow: last Early Bird Fee days!

Australia, here we come…

In four weeks’ time, on 20th and 21st September, David Ashworth and Elder Harriët Kroon will root the Emerald Heart Light in to the Gold Coast, Australia. Thursday 21st August is the last day that you can make use of the special Early Bird Fees for these events. If you don’t want to miss out on this one time opportunity you’ll need to sign up latest by tomorrow.

More people are registering for the Being in the Light session and the – Divine Plan – Healing training, at the sun’s equinox in September. The news about both events is being spread in all kinds of ways. Of course the digital world has been of great use. But also the good old fashioned press is still being useful. Living Now, Australia’s largest holistic magazine which already exists for 25 years, has published details of the Emerald Heart events in the July and August issues and the September issue will feature them once again.

Emerald Heart Practitioner Jon Gauntlett and his wife Danielle, who live in Australia have printed wonderful flyers and are spreading them in the Gold Coast area. Every Saturday Danielle sells Crystal sun catchers and gem stones on a local market and also offers the Emerald Heart flyers on her table.

How can you help?

Even if you don’t live in Australia you can help promoting these Emerald Heart events. Facebook and LinkedIn are of course ideal to make friends and family members Down Under aware of the Emerald Heart opportunities in their country.

And what about your contacts in Asia and New Zealand? For these people flying to Australia is a lot easier than to Europe or the UK. For them too it is a one-time opportunity to experience the powerful and beautiful Emerald Heart Light at the Being in the Light sessions with David Ashworth himself. Or maybe they will feel called to attend the Divine Plan Healing training so they can work with the Emerald Heart Light for themselves or others.

If you would like to give a hand in promoting the Emerald Heart events in Australia, please contact me for flyers, digital documentation or other information at hello@harrietkroon.com.

Early Bird Fees

To be able to make use of the Early Bird Fee option you need to contact me ultimately tomorrow by phone +31 203 201 162, by What’s App or text at +31 646 45 87 63 or by email at hello@harrietkroon.com. Of course you can still attend if you decide to sign up later.

Being in the Light and Body Consciousness Session

When: Saturday 20th September from 2 to 4.30pm.

Venue: Time4Yoga, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

Exchange: Early Birds $120.-. After 21st August $135.-. This includes one personal Emerald Heart Essence.

The – Divine Plan – Healing training

When: Sunday 21st September from 9.45 to around 6pm at the latest.

Venue: Time4Yoga, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

Exchange: Early Birds $800.-. After 21st August $890.-. This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 3 Essences.

Discount on both events

The exchange for both events is $999.-. The Early Bird fee is $900.-.

That’s all about the Australia events up till now. Wishing you a lovely day!


Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Healing Mentor & Teacher



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Florence Zumbihl and The -Divine Plan-

Florence[1]Meet Emerald Heart Elder Florence Zumbihl. Florence runs a successful practice in Reinach, Switzerland and shares with the Blog that its not only the body, energy system or consciousness that can benefit from healing.



The -Divine Plan-

I would like to share with you an experience with the – Divine Plan – Healing System to show you that there are no limits as to what you can do in sessions. The only limitation in how to use The – Divine Plan – Healing System is your mind. It is an amazing, powerful and simple healing system.

Thank you very much to Lynne Shaw, she has brought me to this idea, to work on this issue. The Universe had given me several signs to change my private home and to move close to my practice. I witnessed several Divine Plan sessions with the Issue to find a new home in Reinach and at the same time to find a new tenant for my old home.

It was an experiment, because I didn’t know if it really works. So I witnessed several sessions for myself with this home issue. People who heard that I was looking for an apartment in Reinach told me it will be very difficult to find something. Reinach is a very popular community close to Basel with  easy access to public transport and close to the highway.

I followed my intuition and really one morning I saw the ad for my new home. A lovely appartment, in walking distance to my working place. Also with a tramway station nearby. I immediately called the landlord and 3 hours later we met there in front of the building. The apartment was very bright, on the top floor, close to heaven.  From the very first moment I liked the apartment very much, but I needed time to decide. A few days later I went to have a second look and then I knew it will be my new home. So I  sent the application form and I knew there were several people interested in this place. On Friday, 13th June (a full moon day) I received the e mail from the landlord that they want me as their new tenant. Everything went very fast, on 18th June I had the keys to my new apartment and finally moved in at the beginning of July. Most people around me were really surprised that I moved so quickly to Reinach. It is easy – let go and let God do the work.

On Friday 13th June, I already had some interest for my old home and already the first lady who came to see it, wanted to rent it. I was really guided and the – Divine Plan – worked so well, that I had a new apartment and the new tenant for the old place on the same day.

After moving to the new place I recognised my deep connection with the Emerald Heart and the Universe. I was really overwhelmed. I realized that the staircase in the building is green, which is not a usual colour for a staircase. The first evening sitting on the balcony I watched the clouds and saw wonderful cloud beings. It was a welcome from the Universe to show me being at the right place.

I am deeply grateful to have such a wonderful tool like The – Divine Plan – Healing System to work with. I encourage you to be creative in choosing your issues for a  Divine Plan  session. There are no limits.

Would you like to learn The – Divine Plan – Healing system? You can contact one of the Divine Plan Teachers around the world, you find us at:   




I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Florence Zumbihl

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Mentor & Teacher




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Yvonne Hrdy – Resentment

Yvonne HrdyThe Elders Posts have so far given us great information and tools to help unlock our highest potential.

This week, Emerald Heart Elder Yvonne Hrdy, continues in this vein as she shares with the Blog, how held resentment can negatively impact our lives. Yvonne explains how the feeling can manifest and offers simple strategies to help release these toxic emotions.


Letting go of Resentments

One of the biggest ‘energy killers’ in our lives – besides fears of course – are resentments or holding on to resentments and grudges towards others. Resentment is an emotion that is often less visible in our lives, other than anger for example, and sometimes it can even stay hidden from our own self-awareness for a long time.

It’s a low-vibrational energy, like thick and heavy streams that cover your cells and close down your heart. It poisons your inner being over time while you sub-consciously wait for things or persons to change on the outside. It holds you tied to the story of your past, to incidents that happened or did not happen, and prevents you from moving forward in your evolution.  It hinders you from feeling joy and happiness in your life and holds you from creating the life you would love to create in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The God-Consciousness which tries to express itself through you all the time gets distorted in its creation, as resentment rises to the surface and turns into a rather destructive energy that then causes harm to yourself or others.

It can be as simple as you withdraw from others and cut off communication, or that you hold yourself back in what you have to give to others or humanity. Or it can become so extreme that it turns into hate and a desire for revenge as we can see in a number of global conflicts at the moment.

Indeed, this is what this kind of energy does over time: it builds up, as a perceived or experienced hurt that could not be expressed openly for different reasons. Maybe you could not cope with the depth of the hurt of the emotion, or that you had put yourself in a dangerous situation maybe. If you keep these feelings inside, and if you are somebody who tends to direct emotions towards yourself it can almost make you implode and create severe pain and diseases over time. Or the energy keeps growing inside, like a monster behind closed doors, and seeks itself a valve once the pressure has become too big to erupt as volcanic-like destructive forces, directed towards others in order to destroy.

And of course, there are all kinds of shades in between these two extremes: be it that you develop a somewhat bitter or cynical personality over time or you silently start to judge or despise others. Another kind of behavior as a result of undissolved resentment is what I call ‘shooting between the cracks’. Often spiteful remarks about others or placed directly at others with the intent to make the other feel bad. Most perfidious are those actions and comments that are wrapped as compliments for example. Well, usually you can feel very well that it is not meant as a true compliment.

I definitely had to learn a lot about resentment in this lifetime and I am still refining my awareness. I have experienced it from both sides, as perpetrator and recipient.

There is usually a hurtful experience that often comes along with a sense of injustice and/or sense of humiliation. The hurt cuts deeply into the system but cannot be expressed openly the moment it happens, be it because of its depth or because more hurt or humiliation is being anticipated.

Since I started to walk a path of self-development and transformation and since a number of years, now a true spiritual path with full commitment, I learnt to let go of a lot of anger, resentment and sometimes even hate towards others, myself and the Universe and I learnt to untie myself from the past and my limiting patterns.

What I am experiencing quite often is a kind of fine-tuning process. The more of the ‘rougher patterns’ dissolve the more the Light can illuminate the hidden nuances within one’s behavior. Like a diamond that is slowly emerging from all the polishing work. It feels like a deep, satisfying pleasure when I discover one of those not-so-pure streams within actions that have been carried out with best intent or knowledge, but do carry an ounce of this resentment energy towards God and the world, or whomever, and prevent me from creating the highest vibration of love I am able to. These are moments of gratitude because when you see it clearly it means you have a fully conscious choice and it is so much easier to make a decision for love instead of destruction in this specific moment.

Here are a few strategies that helped me to let go and maybe you find these helpful too:

Allow yourself to feel the hurt and the pain

Resentment is not a primary emotion, there is always pain or hurt underneath. When you feel resentment, sit still for a moment and go inside and allow yourself to feel the pain underneath the resentment. As I said above, it usually results from hurt that was accompanied with a sense of injustice and humiliation and it can date back very far, sometimes several lifetimes. But the story is not important; to release the locked emotion is important. So, just feel inside: Don’t you feel valued, respected, loved, seen or treated with justice for example?  Allow yourself to feel it, allow the energy to shift and then give yourself whatever it is you need.

What am I supposed to learn from this?

We might like this fact or not, but everything that happens in our life is being given by God and is a learning experience for us.  When you don’t feel loved it might be that you chose to learn to love yourself first. When you don’t feel respected it is because you need to learn to respect yourself first. When you don’t feel seen it might be because in this lifetime you chose to learn how to make the step and step out of your closet and let your essence shine into the world. Or, sometimes things might happen to put our ego back into shape again so that we learn about humility, patience or compassion for example.

Find out why you hold on to resentments

If you have difficulties to let go of the past, explore why you would rather choose to hold on to this destructive emotion. It can be as simple as having a Fear of Letting Go or something deeper. For example Fear of the Future, when you let go of an old story that consumed much of your energy; Fear of Stepping into my Power, Fear of Taking Responsibility for my Life, Fear of Speaking Up, Fear of Showing my True Self, to give just a few examples.

Let go, give thanks and celebrate

Once you have discovered the reason(s) for your resentments, just let them go with thanks and happiness.  Give thanks to the person or situation through which the resentment was triggered in order to point you into the right direction to something that had not been whole yet within you.

Give thanks and make clear to yourself that you don’t need the resentment anymore, because you have learned what you felt you needed to learn.

 Forgive, what needs to be forgiven and especially don’t forget to forgive yourself for having been in a seemingly ‘victim situation’. Forgiveness does not mean to deny or to make smaller severe transgressions. It rather means that you untie yourself from the past rather than having your life defined by a hurt that had happened to you.  And last but not least: celebrate! You have just made another step on this journey to inner freedom.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy,

Elder of the Emerald Heart

Munich, Germany.

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Latest Guidance July 2014 – Creating the Space

The latest Guidance from David Ashworth is now with us. I wonder how many people will create the space to read this now. Take 10 minutes out from your busy daily schedule and just sit, read and soak up these words from the Universe. Its a reassuring feeling to know that you have all the answers you need if you just take the time to listen. 

What’s more, an amazing new Sentinel Essence called RE-CONNECTION was given for this Guidance period.

To read the latest Guidance in English, go HERE

For the Swedish translation, courtesy of Rosa Hultman, go HERE

For German, thank you Yvonne Hrdy, go HERE

For Spanish, thank you Anke Weymann, go HERE

For Dutch, thanks to Corien Mechielsen, go HERE

To purchase RE-CONNECTION,  follow the Paypal links below, or you can order from the Practitioner in the following countries to save time in the post. Contact them directly by email link below – DON’T use the Paypal buttons for this service.

GERMANY  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:  yvonnehrdy@hotmail.com

SWEDEN  –  Order through Rosa Hultmann:  hulta_rosa@hotmail.com

THE NETHERLANDS  –  Order through Harriët Kroon:  hallo@harrietkroon.nl

SWITZERLAND  –  Order through Florence Zumbihl:  florence@florence-zumbihl.ch

AUSTRALIA – Order through Jon Gauntlet:  jonnyoz66@goowy.com


RE-CONNECTION –   £18 – a saving of £2 off usual retail price.

RE-CONNECTION                                        (UK customers) £20.75 incl.p&p
RE-CONNECTION                               (European customers) £21.50 incl. p&p
RE-CONNECTION                                    (USA / rest of the world customers) £22.50 incl. p&p


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Harriët Kroon – Earth Links

Harriet Kroon 0019 bHarriët Kroon, one of the new Elders of the Emerald Heart, shares a little about rescue / repair techniques used by Emerald Heart Program Practitioners to support their clients.

David Ashworth received many cutting edge techniques to help deal with the multitude of displayed client issues when he was setting up the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

Harriët, like all of our Practitioners, came to the Emerald Heart as a client and was so moved by the result of the work she had done, chose to be a Practitioner to share these benefits with the World.

Ever heard of Earth Links?

On the spiritual path we all reach moments in which we feel and know: I need more grounding. This is an indication that you need a deeper connection with the earth to be able to move forwards. If you are a healer, light worker or even a light carrier the support of Mother Earth is essential for your work. Without the support of The Mother, you cannot manifest the inspiration that The Father offers you.

Many, many years I have searched for grounding. Years of practising qi gong, frequenting acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapists and body workers, whatever I tried, from dancing salsa to graduating at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in the long run nothing helped to stabilize my grounding. Was it my astrological sign (Gemini) that kept me imprisoned in the air? I reached a state of utter desperation, about to give up life. Then one day I heard about Earth Links. Earth Links? These two words hit me so hard that I immediately knew I had to find out about them.

My Emerald Heart Practitioner at that time, Yvonne Hrdy from Munich, explained to me that David Ashworth, the founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, had discovered Earth Links many years ago and his Guides had shown him how important they were for helping us to become whole. ‘David is able to see far beyond the Auric levels,’ she told me, ‘he looks right into the consciousness of people. By doing so, he found that in some people some of their “connection channels” with Mother Earth are not working as they should. This is usually caused by one or more traumatic events or too much emotional pressure. Earth Links hardly ever repair themselves and that is why these people keep on having trouble grounding.’

Guess what? Two of my four Earth Links were missing. My Identity Channel had been disconnected since I was 3 years old and my Creation Channel had detached some 7 years ago, whilst at the Barbara Brennan School. It made me furious that all my previous teachers didn’t have a clue about Earth Links.

I felt there was no time to lose. I wanted my life back. But my whole energy system was in such a mess by not having had the support of these two Earth Links, that it took me a year in this repair process alone. What is undone decades ago, cannot be redone instantly. I had to give up my impatience to be able to surrender to the pace in which my energy system could handle its recovery.

Once I began working with the advanced teachers of The Emerald Heart, I first took a number of Emerald Heart essences to balance my system out and make it strong enough for the reunion with the first of my missing Earth Links. Then it took another half-year to be able to reconnect the second missing channel. Separated or disconnected Earth Links need to be reconnected first. As the energy from Mother Earth then begins to flow into them, they need time to become strong and robust again. It’s like having had a broken leg. After the bone is set, you can’t immediately walk upon it. David refers to this process as ‘developing your energetic stamina’ to hold the power again. Recovery takes time. Right now I am still in the process of repair, but I can feel my Earth Links becoming stronger and my connection with the world improving.

The whole repair process was induced by Emerald Heart Light Programs. Step by step – without overwhelming my delicate system – my ‘new’ Links fed me a bit more with the loving and nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Every day again I felt my grounding into the Earth Mother deepen. And still, day by day I regain a bit more energy and – more important – joy in life.

Looking back, the Earth Links’ repair evoked a paradigm shift inside of me. I now live my life, instead of constantly being in survival mode. I can also see now that the universe threw me into this lack of grounding situation so I could be my own Guinea pig. I have experienced many issues and problems associated with the loss of Earth Links, and through this experience, I can now help others. As an Emerald Heart Practitioner I recognize and understand what my clients go through. The health misery I lived in for years, was nothing other than a blessing in disguise now I have this inner knowledge from my experiences.

Having had teachings about and personal experiences with Earth Links, I can now explain that we all have four of them. Their names relate to their psychological meaning. We all have an Umbilical Channel, an Identity Channel, a Grounding Channel and a Creation Channel, which feed into and attend the Root Chakra. Every Earth Link feeds your system with a certain quality of earth energy. If one Earth Link has become separated, you lose 25% of the energy your system needs, in order to be healthy and whole. Two missing channels means you have lost 50% of the nurturing, which Mother Earth wishes to support you with, etcetera.

Now what about you? Have you been wobbly for years? Do you have a constant sense of floating? Do you experience deep tiredness? If so, why don’t you get your Earth Links checked? It’s easy. Any Emerald Heart Program Practitioner can do it. Check http://www.emeraldheart.co.uk/practlist.php and make an appointment with the Program Practitioner you feel drawn to. We all work by phone and Skype, so it doesn’t matter where we (and you) are situated in the world. We might be able to help you.


I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.


Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart & Emerald Heart Practitioner

Divine Plan Healing Mentor & Teacher


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Emerald Heart Light to Australia


The Emerald Heart Light

Visits Australia


For the very first time in Australia:

  •  Being in the Light and Body Consciousness session with David Ashworth
  •  Divine Plan Healing training with Harriët Kroon and David Ashworth

 Asia, New Zealand and Australia

For everyone in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, don’t miss this opportunity. This is your chance to experience The Emerald Heart Light and train personally with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light.

Both events will be offered during the Australian Spring Equinox, on:

September 20 and 21, 2014.

With special Early Bird Fees!


1) The Being in the Light & Body Consciousness Session

When: Saturday afternoon 20 September, from 2 – 4.30pm.


  • In a Being in the Light session with David you will ‘bathe’ in The Emerald Heart Light, stimulating your heart to open at a deeper level. The mind, being very strong, tends to dominate other aspects of our consciousness, especially heart consciousness. The mind does this in the process of feeding its own existence, as if it is something separate from you. Therefore, the gentle separation of mind from heart is a key element in The Emerald Heart Teachings and is essential to allow the heart to open and expand its consciousness.


  • Without this slight separation, the mind and sub-conscious use deeply embedded fears and patterns to prevent the evolution of your consciousness. The heart then finds it difficult to open. As you work with the Light, it shows you your inner truth and how these fears and patterns limit your creative existence. You may then enter various Emerald Heart Light processes to dissolve these fear patterns from your life.


  • The Body Consciousness section of this session is a kind of attunement process in which David’s heart will open the consciousness in your heart. He will then guide your heart in opening your body to its own rhythm. This allows the body to awaken its own consciousness and perform its own tasks, rather than it being dictated to by the mind. This has masses of personal development potential, such as developing physical focus, exercise routines and flexibility of movement.


  • Bring a bottle of water to receive a transmission of Emerald Heart Light for your personal evolution and individual growth at the end of the session.



2) The -Divine Plan- Healing training

When: Sunday 21 September, from 9.45am – max. 6pm.  


  • This 1 Day Training will be life changing. You will step into a completely new Healing Paradigm, in which the healer moves into being The Witness. During -Divine Plan- Healings the healer gets out of the way of the healing process and witnesses God doing the work upon the client. It is an amazingly powerful yet simple healing method.


  • You will receive a personal attunement from David Ashworth, which opens the Path of Light (an Emerald Heart Light process) into your heart and also connects you to the core of Mother Earth. Once initiated, this grounding process may continue to unfold for up to 3 years, developing your energy system to hold more light.


  • After the 1 Day Training you will enter your life changing Growth Period of 3 months. By entering the training, you will commit yourself to 3 sessions with your mentor, one session after each month. This is to support you in your growth and to answer possible upcoming questions. During the Growth Period, you will practise – Divine Plan – Healings on yourself, family members and/or friends. Your mentor will be Harriët Kroon from The Netherlands. Mentoring sessions are charged at AUD $100.00 (excl. VAT) per hour. Harriët charges only by the minute, so you can tailor your call to necessary questions or longer if you choose. 


  • The -Divine Plan- Healing training can be attended by absolute beginners and professional healers alike.


  • You will receive 3 Vibrational Essences, 2 to work with clients and 1 for your personal evolution. For more information about The – Divine Plan -, see www.emerald-heart.com and hit the healing tab.


Early Bird Fees up till 20 August 2014:


1.  For the Being in the Light event: AUD $120.00. After 20 August AUD $135.00. This includes 1 personal Emerald Heart essence.

2.  For the – Divine Plan – Training: AUD $800.00. After 20 August, AUD $890.00. This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 3 essences. 

3.  For both events: AUD $900.00. After 20 August AUD $999.00.  This includes your manual, your personal initiation and 4 essences. 

Note: in case of cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the complete fee. In other cancellation situations you will be charged 30% administration fee.

Location and Venue:

Yoga studio. Time4Yoga,

3/68-70 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4220.

Public transport wise it is accessible by bus or taxi. As for accommodation we would recommend staying in Burleigh Heads as this is the closest suburb to the venue. It is a tourist destination so there is a vast amount of accommodation with prices varying a lot.


With almost 20 years in development, this is the first training in Australia of this amazing new healing system. Built on the foundation of The Emerald Heart Light.

Why listen to your mind when your heart is calling you?


Organisers:  Harriët Kroon, Jon and Danielle Gauntlett

For more information and registration, contact Harriët Kroon:

Email:  hello@harrietkroon.com                                    Cell Phone:  +31 (0)6 46 45 87 63


For More Details:

Website:       www.emeraldheart.co.uk

Blog:              www.emeraldheartlight.com

Emerald Heart Radio via the Blog


Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/emeraldheart

Twitter:        @emeraldheartlight

Youtube:      dashworthteachings

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