Harriet Kroon – 13 Moons Course

Last chance to join the 13 Moons of Transformation

365 Days of bathing in the Emerald Heart Light

This coming Saturday the 28th of February is the last opportunity to sign up for the brand new online course ‘13 Moons of Transformation’. From Sunday onwards, the Universe will start preparing all participants energetically, so you will be ready by the next New Moon (20th of March) to start your transformational journey.

04  13 Moons Looping original

When David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, shared that his Guidance had given him a new course for busy people, my heart jumped. A distance course for those who have busy lives is so fitting for this era! Many busy people want to work on self-transformation, but simply lack time to do decent trainings, let alone writing or practising assignments at home. The 13 Moons of Transformation cycle is the perfect answer to their problem.

It couldn’t be easier

In the 13 Moons of Transformation you will bathe 365 days in the Emerald Heart Light. To receive this Light the only thing you will need to do is take three drops of an Emerald Heart essence, three times a day. That’s it – it couldn’t be easier. Each New Moon you will receive 1 High Vibrational Essence of Liquid Light by post (13 in total, which covers the yearly moon cycle). Together with these essences you will receive Teachings and Targets by email. David Ashworth will channel these in the moment. Also, Elder Yvonne Hrdy will support with distance New Moon meditations, free to attend for all participants.

I am really looking forward to starting this one year cycle. The continuous bathing in the Light for 365 days is such an enriching opportunity – I experience The Emerald Heart Light as an extremely supportive power in my life.  Every time I take three drops of essence, I immediately feel the Light responding.  It helps me in letting go of stuff that I no longer need and it also supports me through difficult times – to me the Emerald Heart Light functions like the Perfect Lover J.

A spiritual and experiential journey

David has already received Guidance about the first months of the 13 Moons of Transformation. The first New Moon (the 20th of March, also the Equinox) will be the start of Inner Cleansing, the second will be called Preparation and the third moon will begin to open you at a deeper level. By taking the High Vibrational Essences of Liquid Light that come with these targets, you will enter a spiritual and experiential journey. This one year course will open your heart more and more, and bring you in contact with your deepest longings, life purpose and your true potential. The intake of the 13 Liquid Light essences will raise your vibration considerably, which will inevitably break unhealthy habits and negative patterns.

Even though the start date of the 13 Moons of Transformation course is the 20th of March, you will need to register by the end of February, this coming Saturday. This is to give the Universe time to prepare all participants energetically for the start of their transformational journey.

I am ready to bathe 365 days in the Emerald Heart Light, to have my heart opened at a deeper level and to step more and more in my true potential. Are you ready too?


  • No experience with the Emerald Heart Light is needed. The course is for beginners and adepts alike.
  • Once this year cycle has started, you cannot enter anymore. Do not miss out on this opportunity.
  • The exchange incudes all essences, packages and postings.

Exchange: UK £ 598.00 or the local equivalent.

More information: http://emeraldheartlight.com/13-moons-of-transformation/

How to register: please sign up with the Elder in your country or your own Emerald Heart Practitioner. If you work with David, please sign up with him.

Wishing you a wonderful journey! I look forward to reading your feedback.


Harriët Kroon,

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment



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Rosa Hultman – Sacred Friendship

ERosa Hultman1merald Heart Elder, Rosa Hultman, shares with the Blog the process surrounding bringing her ‘Sacred Friendship’ Essence into the World.

Fascinating reading Rosa.

Becoming more heart-conscious and upgrading our awareness is the foundation for waking up to who we really are. It requires raising our vibration so that we can transcend the matrix of fear that governs our mind and subconscious, thereby allowing the heart to open and expand its consciousness, step by step, to the point where we become one with the dimension of Love.

So in order for the heart to open, the minds grip and dominion needs to diminish and every time we are touched by the Light of the Emerald Heart it stimulates our hearts to open at a deeper level bringing evolution to our consciousness.

As the Light of the Emerald Heart opens our hearts we are stimulated by the Light and by our hearts to experience different things, many of which are new to us and many that might even be challenging at times.

One of the ways to bring light to our hearts is by taking Emerald Heart Essences, bottles of Liquid Light.

I would like to share with you my journey of creating an Emerald Heart Essence which I am enabled to do as an Elder of The Emerald Heart.

The Birth of The Sacred Friendship Essence

I attended Dave Ashworth’s first retreat at Buckland Hall in Wales in 2010. A most amazing and transformational retreat where the participants learnt about the consciousness of trees and I went home quite intrigued by what we had been taught. A couple of weeks after coming home from this retreat I woke up one morning with an urge to go to an old oak tree not far from my home. I jumped into the car and with me I brought an essence bottle. It was with awe that I brought the bottle to the tree and sat down in silence waiting for the vibration and signature, a gift of the tree, to be given.

On the way home I was given the name of this essence – Sacred Friendship, and I was urged to bring the essence to a National park. I brought it in my pocket when strolling along the path through the woodlands. I have to say I was very curious about the name and I was thinking about this a lot, when I started to notice that every time I met someone on my walk, my heart made a bounce and it felt like it was hit by an electric shock. To begin with it felt quite disturbing and I got a bit worried but after a while it felt like my heart was starting to glow and peace and tranquillity was settling in my heart.

Coming home I did as we had been taught at the retreat, and the mother-essence was created.

I learnt that my experience of a bouncing heart being hit by electric shocks was the essence showing me how it works. This was for my knowing how it works on and affects the heart when taking it, and for me trusting that the subtle consciousness was now part of the water in the bottle.

Some time later the reading came, and it related to my experiences during the walk. 

Sacred Friendship.  This essence has a signature that stimulates sacred friendship, founded upon deep inner spiritual connection between people. It is a signature that stimulates in creating a spiritual resonance between close spiritual friends that join together with open minds and hearts, bound together to the Love of Christ. Through this deep inner spiritual connection exchange of sparks of Light can occur, enabling Divine grace to act through the Light communicating itself, using us a vehicle.One could say by taking this essence we serve as a midwife to the Divine Feminine giving birth to the Light in dweller in us.  

Hollow tree

The Old Hollow Oak

This essence and its signature has matured in my heart for 4,5 years, until this last one of David’s retreats, when the circle was closed and it was born into the Path of Light, becoming an Emerald Heart Light essence.

I brought this essence from Sweden to Lanzarote. I gave the mother essence to David and I could feel in my heart the minute he took it into the Path of Light and did his work on it. It was an amazing experience that brings me to tears, this moment when writing about it.

All participants on the retreat were given this gift from the old oak tree in Sweden, a tree that is actually dying. I went there the day before flying to Lanzarote bringing the original essence bottle putting it in its dying arms, where it gave a last gift to us – “it will reveal something hidden within us”.

It is amazing to see how the Light stimulates us into different things when working with it, like stimulating us to go out in nature bringing back gifts in the form of essences. It is also amazing to behold such a gift from nature being taken to another level, being infused with the Light of the Emerald Heart by the only person that at present is able of doing that; the originator of the Emerald Heart Light, David Ashworth.

For all of you reading this, this gift from the old oak tree is for all of you. It is available for all of you through the Emerald Heart essence bank, to stimulate your hearts to open at a deeper level bringing evolution to your consciousness.

Just send an e-mail to hulta_rosa@hotmail.com

Rosa Hultman,  Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

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Yvonne Hrdy – 13 Moons of Transformation – New distant online course starting March 2015

Yvonne HrdyElder, Yvonne Hrdy, shares with the Blog more about the amazing 13 Moons of Transformation Online Course.

This powerful, transformative, yet simple course is for everyone, novice and expert. Even if you have a busy lifestyle this course is for you.

13 Moons of Transformation – New distant online course starting March 2015

An amazing Spiritual Journey to unlock the Beauty of your Heart

04  13 Moons Looping original

For translation in German click here:


The following poem of Hafiz, one of my favorite poets, found its way to me a few days ago, on a beautiful full moon evening:

The moon came to me last night…she said: “The sun has been my faithful lover for millions of years. Whenever I offer my body to him, brilliant light pours from his heart. Thousands then notice my happiness and delight in pointing toward my beauty.”  ~Hafiz

The mystic Sufi poets knew how to touch the heart and that the mysteries and beauty of life and God can only be experienced through the heart. In fact all of us are here to unlock the beauty of our hearts and let the Divine Consciousness that we are shine into this world. If we allow this to happen we will constantly raise our vibration and uplift and empower each other on this Divine Journey into Oneness. Some call it Spiritual Evolution, some call it Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Enlightenment or Realizing your True Self.  It doesn’t matter, it is just words.

This true deep longing to unlock your true potential

Maybe you feel this true, deep longing as well? The longing to discover the deeper beauty of your heart? The longing to unlock your true potential and live an authentic, truthful life from the heart, a life of love and joy, instead of simply trying to survive? 

If this is the case then we offer you a most simple but incredibly powerful way to do this through our new 13 Moons of Transformation Online Course.  This starts on the New Moon of the Spring Equinox on March, 20th.

Supported by the gentle feminine power of the moon cycle, you will receive a vibrational Essence of Liquid Light with each New Moon (13 in total), accompanied by a monthly target and further Guidance and Teachings on how to unlock your potential and true gifts and overcome the fears and patterns that prevent you from living the life you came here to have.

Even if you lead a busy life this course is for you

No extensive, time consuming spiritual practices, no travelling, no expensive costs. For only around the cost of a cup of coffee per day, through your daily intake of your Emerald Heart Essence over 13 moon cycles you will bathe in the Light of the Emerald Heart.  This Light will penetrate the deeper aspects of your consciousness, dissolve the darkness – like old energies and fears – that limit you and open your heart at a deeper level. Your vibration will rise continuously and you will begin to see the deeper truth of your life. You will also have the opportunity to partake in regular New Moon meditations and quarterly Light Transmissions from wherever you are located.

The only thing you need is the intent to overcome your limitations and trust the feelings of your heart (your mind cannot resolve the question whether to participate or not, it will only trick you into all kinds of inner struggle and excuses). You may even feel the Light already in your heart now through some kind of movement, feelings of excitement or just knowing the truth of it?

You will benefit from this course whether you are new on the Spiritual Path or to the Emerald Heart, or whether you are an experienced Practitioner in any spiritual field.

This course will only be offered once a year, so do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

How to find out more or sign up

Curious? Check out the course details here:  http://emeraldheartlight.com/13-moons-of-transformation/

Should you have further questions you may also want to check out our Gatherings and Events page for introductory events or contact an Elder.

Tim Dyson, London UK, timdyson@talktalk.net

Yvonne Hrdy, Munich Germany, yvonnehrdy@hotmail.com

Rosa Hultman, Tranås Sweden, hulta_rosa@hotmail.com

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam Netherlands, hello@harrietkroon.com

Sephora McElroy, Frankfurt Germany, sephora.mcelroy@gmail.com

Ian Mills, Stockholm Sweden, ianmills61@gmail.com

Lynne Shaw, New York, lynne1_s@yahoo.com

Florence Zumbihl, Basel Switzerland, florence@florence-zumbihl.ch


If you would like to sign up please contact David Ashworth on dave@davidashworth.com

or one of the Elders listed above. If you are already working with an Emerald Heart Practitioner, please sign up with them.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy

In the name of David Ashworth and the Elders of the Emerald Heart

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Florence Zumbihl – Trauma Release for Babies and Children

Florence[1]Emerald Heart School Elder, Florence Zumbihl brings forward another amazing gift from the stable of the Emerald Heart Light. This new gift, Trauma Release for Babies and Children was revealed at the Winter Retreat in Lanzarote in January and was met with great enthusiasm and  interest.

Read on to find out more…

Trauma Release for Babies and Children

Dear Ones,

On a wonderful sunny day in September 2014, meditating at my favourite place in the nature, Guidance gave me a wonderful teaching to bring into this world. I feel very honoured and blessed to have received this amazing, heart touching gift from God.

My new teaching is the ‘Trauma Release for Babies and Children with the Emerald Heart Light’. I introduced my ‘Baby’ at the Retreat in Lanzarote. This teaching has been given especially for the highly sensitive babies and children of this new age. We had no child at the Retreat, so I did the healing session with one of my colleagues. As soon as I started the healing session, the Light passed very deeply through the Aura, the chakra system and physical body. During the healing I was taken into the womb of her mother during pregnancy and received pictures and emotions of the child. The session took about 30 minutes and I closed the session to bring my client back into this moment of time, in the here and now. The client needed some time to completely come back.

The child/client was very grateful for the deep healing session and I was aware of a change in her energy system, her heart and her consiousness. Some Traumas had manifested in the physical body and she could feel the relaxation within her mandibular joint and a release of physical pressure.

The participants of the Retreat who witnessed the healing all received the healing at the same time and went through deep processes as well. Some of them shared that they had physical sensations and pain which had gone. Another attendee shared that she was taken into her own birthing process to the moment as she left the birth canal where she took the very first breathe of this life. One woman came to me and told me that she felt the Light like a Laser going through her neck which released a trauma. I received many feedbacks that they were all touched very deeply in their hearts.

The mother of my child/client was together with us in the same room and she went through a very deep process. She needed much more time than the others to come back and we all were able to see her change in all the different levels of her human being. Since the healing has taken place, mother and daughter are much more heart connected.

Guidance has given me this teaching to heal the traumas and fears of the children and to bring Light into the sacred connection within mother and child. It is a very deep process and I will start to give courses for Step 1 in May 2015. The course will take place in different countries. I speak several languages so I can hold the course in English, German and French.

If you would like a session for your child or if you are already a Healer, a Practitioner or a therapist and would love to be trained in Emerald Heart Trauma Release, please contact me on florence@florence-zumbihl.ch or visit my website to read more about me www.florence-zumbihl.ch

Florence Zumbihl, Switzerland.

Elder of the Emerald Heart

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Sephora McElroy – Finding your Essence at the core of your Being

Sephora[1]Emerald Heart School Elder, Sephora McElroy, shares with the Blog events that took place during the Emerald Heart Lanzarote Winter Retreat. We all had a great time and wanted to stay longer in that wonderful landscape.

Read on to find out more …

‘Finding your Essence at the core of your Being.’

This was the theme for this Retreat – Finding your Essence!

It sounds  very easy, finding your Essence, but we are often so far away from our Essence because of the programs and fears that we have within us. We are doing many things which are far away from our Essence only because we think we have to do it, we have to earn money for our living, etc. but what we forget is when we are in our Essence and living it, then the rest will flow by itself.  This week on Lanzarote was all about finding your Essence at the core of your Being.

We began on the Sunday evening with a nice coming together dinner with a lot of laughter and fun. Monday morning the process of finding our Essence was started by Dave with a couple of quotes from the book ‘Jesus untouched by the Church‘.  Dave explains them in such a brilliant way, so we can all understand the deeper, inner meanings of them better.  He always lets us sit with a few questions, which really help you to come to the core of everything. Like, “Who are you at the deepest level?” You, the reader, may wish to sit with this question as well, so you can benefit from some of the work we did at this Retreat.

The Tuesday was all about deepening the experience of connecting with your Essence. The teachings from Dave are always so powerful and deep and his words go straight to your heart.  When he says things like:

 “Love is the core of your being and truth is Love.”
This goes directly to your heart and you absolutely know and feel it is the truth. How does this happen that you feel it so strongly in the heart? It is the amazing Light that Dave shines into you through his words. We also journeyed into the heart of an old Volcano so that we could enter into the shamanic process of working with the elements to deepen the experience of feeling the truth in our hearts.

Thursday was about ‘Recognition and Celebration.’ Recognizing and celebrating your Essence in yourself, and we all started to see the Love and Joy, which is in us all. It was heart opening to see everyone in the room going through inner transformation.

On Friday, our theme ‘Identification and Completion.’ We began to identify with our Essence and really feel it within our hearts. It was such a gift being on this retreat with this gorgeous group. We all came to our Essence and now it’s about bringing it into our daily lives. I wish good luck to everybody with it and if you are starting to struggle, you know where the Emerald Heart Elders and Teachers are. Please remember the amazing teachings Dave gave us from the book VISION about not being able to walk the path alone. Pleaese get in touch so we can help you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

The Elders Step Forward
This retreat was very special. It was the 10th Anniversary of the Emerald Heart Light and Dave’s last retreat in this way, so the Elders of the Emerald Heart stepped forward to present parts of this Retreat.

On Monday afternoon we had a powerful Divine Plan Group Healing session with Harriet Kroon and Ian Mills. On Tuesday Rosa Hultman presented her Emerald Heart Yoga and her powerful Gong to the group. Yvonne Hrdy guided us on her wonderful new moon meditation and then constructing a lovely medicine wheel on Thursday.  Tim Dyson led a very funny laughing Buddha Meditation, which helped us to lighten up the energy, and a stamina exercise in bringing us up a little mountain behind the Retreat Center, which helped us to get out of our comfort zone and embrace our spiritual warrior essence. On Friday afternoon Florence Zumbihl presented her Emerald Heart Trauma Release for Babies and Children. As we had no child there, I offered to be the ‘surrogate’ for this.  I have to say it had a very big impact on me and my Mom, who was also present at the retreat as well. So I suggest to all Moms, help your children as early as you can with the Light of the Emerald Heart and you will help them to avoid loads of struggle in life. Everyone in the room went into a very deep healing process as Florence carried out her demonstration.

This was a short summary of the Retreat.  You can never put into a few words what happens on such a deep level, but I hope you get a little glimpse of this experience.

Future Events With Dave
LONDON – March: Dave will be facilitating a Being in the Light session on the 20th of March.   Please contact Tim Dyson at timdyson@talktalk.net for more details.

GERMANY – May: Dave will also be coming to Germany in the middle of May to hold a Masterclass for Practitioners. All healers are invited as observers and may bring case studies for consideration. This gives a great opportunity for you to see and understand how The Light of The Emerald Heart illuminates the deepest truth within your clients. Please contact me, Sephora at sephora.mcelroy@gmail.com for more details.

Lots of Love to all of you.
Sephora McElroy
Elder of The Emerald Heart

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Tim Dyson – Being Together in the Light

Tim DysonEmerald Heart School Elder, Tim Dyson, shares with the Blog some of the different ways that we offer for coming together in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

There has never been a better time to experience the Emerald Heart Light. Treat yourself in 2015 to a life changing experience.



Being in the Light Together

I love coming together with others in the Light of the Emerald Heart. It has a wonderful cosy feel of togetherness. It feels like we are enveloped together in something loving, soft and white with all the hard edges, the jarring feelings we normally feel in the world smoothed off. Sometimes it reminds me of when, as a group of kids, you build some kind of den and all sit in it together creating a feeling of just being together in a special way without adults. Of course, now we are adults but it captures something of that sense of magic.

We offer various ways to come together in the Light, all of which are very worthwhile, from regular Gatherings in people`s homes, to Being in the Light workshops, to our annual retreat in Lanzarote which i have been  very much looking forward to.  All of these are slightly different ways of using the Light with different emphasis and obviously over different lengths of time but all involve that magical sense of coming together within the Light, experiencing it together with others with a similar positive intention.  All create the effect of feeling connected to each other within the warm and loving embrace of the Light, becoming one heart.

So check our events tab, have a look at what is going on and come along to something that we are offering, you will be pleasantly surprised by how making a small effort and investment in yourself in one of the ways we offer the Light to you will bring you many rewards that far outweigh what you have put in. On March 20th I am organising a Being in the Light evening workshop with Dave Ashworth the Founder of the Emerald Heart School.  Dave has not led a Being in the Light Session in London for a long time due to other teaching commitments and demands on his time so this event will fill up quickly. Places are reserved by contacting myself on timdyson@talktalk.net to arrange payment etc.

 The Light honours action takers and those that through their intention to grow step forward into it. I have held regular Gatherings for a long time now, where we mediate, talk and share and I am even now still struck by the change in the faces of those attending. Often they arrive stressed from work, agitated and not at ease but after a period of time sitting in the Emerald Heart Light they start to smile and shine and leave looking happy and uplifted. When I hear the excuses and rationale from some who don’t attend regularly but know the value of doing so it saddens me but we all make our choices and as the old saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink.”

If you resolved at New Year to make positive changes to your life start acting on this now before another year has sailed by and you have still not taken the action you promised yourself that you would. I wish you all a bright shiny 2015 in which you find the courage and determination within yourselves to take those important steps in your self development that you keep intending to take.

Love, Tim

Elder of the Emerald Heart


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Yvonne Hrdy – Welcome 2015

Yvonne Hrdy

Yvonne Hrdy shares with the Blog a thought provoking piece regarding the ever upward cyclical motion of evolution. With nothing staying constant these days, these are certainly exciting times.

Welcome 2015 – An energetic outlook

We are already in the middle of the year 2015 – this is at least how it feels. Indeed the New Year already began after the winter solstice, which marks the deepest night of the year and the return of the light.

The incoming energies of the new solar year could already be felt in November and therefore the advent season. This is often a time of silence and contemplation in many countries, but did not feel ‘silent’ at all.  It was filled with activities to bring the old year to a closure and make plans and start initiatives for the New Year.

Resurgence of the New Year 2015The energies that are available for this are massive. Time is accelerating even more and things manifest more quickly than we were ever used to before.

One sentence keeps popping up when I tune into these energies:

“Bringing things together in a new way.”

You might for example notice that dreams, visions or the field of interests you had when you were a youngster or maybe even a child start to come back into your life and begin to manifest in you or in your life now. Passions or things that gave you inspiration and inner contentment in past years may appear again on your radar and want to be lived now or expressed through the God-Consciousness in you. You might also find that previous areas of work come back to you. These might be activities you had already left behind as you moved on in your professional and spiritual development.

This is however, not about going back in time or turning the Wheel of Time backwards. It is rather that these things are coming back to you on a new level. Imagine a spiral where you return to the same point again as you move forward on your path, but each time you reach the same point on what seems to be a circle, you have actually reached a higher level. As you have developed and so has Creation and the vibration of the Universe as a whole, you have now gained a different perspective. Your heart has developed further and you will see new ways of how to tackle these things. Ways you could not see before; not express in the same depth or handle with the same profundity.

Of course these things have been happening already for a while but my feeling is that 2015 will be an important year for this.

It might feel to you that finally what is you as a whole, your whole essence, might come together and can be brought into this world now. What felt fragmented before, maybe over lifetimes, and felt like split parts of your soul can now merge and join in a new way; a higher, more integrated version of yourself. Inner splits can be healed now and inner separation that might have kept us stuck in ‘either/or’ conflicts and thus prevented us from moving forward have the chance to dissolve now. This might relate to simple yet big questions like ‘spiritual’ vs. ‘material’ life, ‘masculine’ vs. ‘feminine’ energy patterns, ‘fun’ vs. ‘work’. Or something specific that has been driving you for a long time. A true spiritual development has of course always been about becoming your Self and dissolving these alleged contradictions that exist only in the mind. But the energies of the New Year will especially support you in this area so that you might be able to see new ways and opportunities to express more of what you are, for your own development and the benefit of others.

So, stay open in your heart and your mind for new ways of doing things and hopefully you look forward to another exciting year.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Article in German: http://yvonne-hrdy.com/2015/01/05/energetischer-ausblick-auf-das-jahr-2015/


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