The 13 Moons of Transformation

04  13 Moons Looping original

Introducing an exciting brand new Product from the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

Welcome to the 13 Moons Course. A 12 month journey of Spiritual Transformation, commencing on the New Moon at the Spring Equinox,       20th March 2015.

Read about this sensational course here:


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December Solstice – Connect with the Emerald Heart


The Emerald Heart Light Transmission 

(See below for German, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch translations.)


During each Equinox and Solstice, the Emerald Heart Light is available across the world to those who wish to experience this amazing, transformational Light.

What is The Emerald Heart Light?

It is a Light which opens the heart to the truth within you, helping you to become more connected with yourself, with more clarity and focus for your life.

Times for This TRANSMISSION:

From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd December at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days without charge.

We hope that you enjoy it.

To receive The Emerald Heart Light, all you need to do is:

REGISTER at the Light Transmission Page on the Emerald Heart BLOG here:


GermanEmerald Heart Licht-Übertragung

Während jeder Tagundnachtgleiche und Sonnenwende ist das Emerald Heart Licht weltweit für alle verfügbar, die dieses unglaubliche, transformative Licht erfahren möchten.

Was ist das Emerald Heart Licht?

Es ist ein Licht, dass das Herz für die Wahrheit in deinem Inneren öffnet und dir hilft, dass du mehr in Kontakt mit dir selbst kommst, mit mehr Klarheit und Fokus für dein Leben.

Zeiten für diese ÜBERTRAGUNG:

Vom 20. ab 1.00 Uhr morgens an bis Mitternacht am 22. Dezember jeweilige Ortszeit.

Das Licht wird dir für Drei Volle Tage kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen.

Wir hoffen, dass es dir gefällt.

Um das Emerald Heart Licht zu empfangen musst du nur Folgendes tun:

REGISTRIERE dich auf der Seite zur Lichtübertragung auf dem Emerald Heart Blog here:


SpainLa transmisión de la Luz del Emerald Heart

Durante las estaciones de Equinoccio e Solsticio la Luz del Emerald Heart está disponible en todo el mundo para todos aquellos que desean experimentar esta asombrada y transformadora Luz del Emerald Heart.

¿Qué es la Luz de Emerald Heart?

Es la luz que abre el corazón para descubrir la verdad que hay en ti, prestándote ayuda en establecer el contacto contigo mismo con más claridad y concentración para tu vida.

Horario de Esta TRANSMISIÓN:

Desde la una de la madrugada del 20. hasta la medianoche del 22. de diciembre

Según hora local tuya.

En este tiempo la Luz estará disponible para ti gratuitamente durante los tres días enteros.

Esperamos que lo disfrutes.

Para poder recibir la Luz del Emerald Heart lo único que necesitas hacer es:

REGISTRARTE en la Página de la Transmisión de la Luz del Blog del Emerald Heart



Emerald Heart Ljusöverföring  

Under varje höst- och vårdagjämning samt sommar- och vintersolståndet är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart tillgängligt över hela världen för alla som önskar en upplevelse av detta fantastiska transformerande Ljus.

Vad är Ljuset från the Emerald Heart?

Det är ett Ljus som öppnar ditt hjärta för den sanning du bär inom dig. Det hjälper dig att komma i mer kontakt med dig själv, ge dig större klarhet och fokus i ditt liv. 

Tider för denna Ljus ÖVERFÖRING:

Från 01,00 den 20 till midnatt den 22 december lokal tid.

Ljuset kommer att vara tillgängligt för dig under tre hela dagar utan kostnad.

Vi hoppas du ska ha behållning av det .

Allt du behöver göra för att ta emot Ljuset från the Emerald Herart är att:

REGISTERA dig på sidan för Ljus överföring på the Emerald Heart BLOG here:


Hart van Smaragd Lichtoverdracht

Tijdens elke equinox en zonnewende is het Hart van Smaragd Licht beschikbaar voor iedereen die dit bijzonder transformerende Licht wil ervaren.

Wat is het Hart van Smaragd Licht?

Het is een Licht dat je hart opent waardoor je de waarheid in jezelf ziet. Hierdoor wordt je meer verbonden met jezelf, en krijg je meer helderheid over en focus op je eigen leven.

Wanneer is de Lichtoverdracht:

Van 20 december om 01.00 ’s ochtends tot 22 december middernacht.

Het Licht is er voor jou. Drie dagen lang zonder enige kosten.

We hopen dat je ervan zult genieten.

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen om het Licht te ontvangen, is het volgende:

Registreer je e-mailadres op de Licht Transmissie Pagina van de Emerald Heart BLOG here:


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The End – The Beginning

EHA powerful ending and a new beginning beckons. David Ashworth outlines with this Teaching and update, the changes going on within himself and the Emerald Heart.  Amazing new things are opening up within the Organisation and the future truly looks bright.  

                                 Read Daves Teaching and update here:

                                   For the German translation go here:

To purchase The End – The Beginning ,  follow the Paypal links below, or you can order from the Practitioner in the following countries to save time in the post. Contact them directly by email link below – DON’T use the Paypal buttons for this service.

GERMANY  – Order through Yvonne Hrdy:

SWEDEN  –  Order through Rosa Hultmann:

THE NETHERLANDS  –  Order through Harriët Kroon:

SWITZERLAND  –  Order through Florence Zumbihl:

AUSTRALIA – Order through Jon Gauntlet:  

The End – The Beginning  –   £18 – a saving of £2 off usual retail price.

The End – The Beginning                              (UK customers) £20.75 incl.p&p
The End – The Beginning                     (European customers) £21.50 incl. p&p
The End – The Beginning                                                                                (USA / rest of the world customers) £22.50 incl. p&p


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December Solstice 2014 – Tips for the Light Transmission

EHThe wheels of time have turned again and the December Solstice is nearly with us. As with previous quarter days, the Emerald Heart Light will be freely available over this period to use. The December Solstice will fall on the 21st this month and the Emerald Heart Light will be available for 3 full days over the Solstice from 20th to 22nd December. The only exchange we ask is that you subscribe to the Blog for email notifications. We will publish a page to register in the very near future.

On previous occasions we received great feedback from those who registered and sat with the Light and had requests to explain how to benefit from the transmission. In response a few of the Elders have provided tips of how to get the most from this event.

Read on to find out how they work with the Light over these periods.

Elders Rosa Hultman, and Sephora McElroy share their thoughts on why it is beneficial to partake of the Light Transmission at this time:

“There is a certain coziness about the Winter Solstice Light-transmission that, to me, is similar to coming home. There is so much to experience of inner peace and tranquility. To me, this is the best time of the year to allow the Light of the Emerald Heart to open my heart to receiving Christmas and for perceiving the Christ spirit in my own heart.”  

”The time when the light transmissions take place, around the Solstices and the Equinox’s is always very special.   It’s a time when there is a change in the energies and with the support of the Emerald Heart Light transmission, it’s easier to flow over this period into the next vibration. It’s unbelievable the long term impact these transmissions have. Go and try them yourself, feel the light and see what difference they can bring to your life.”

Elders Yvonne Hrdy and Tim Dyson share how they prepare to receive the Emerald Heart Light and give an insight into their experiences

“I usually start the day with a morning meditation and close it with an evening meditation. So during the Light Transmission days, I love to take ample time in the evening hours to receive the Light.

Sometimes I have a specific intent or request about what should be transformed or dissolved. Sometimes I just want to receive and allow what needs to happen, simply asking to bring me deeper into TRUTH. I hand over to the Light and my Higher Self, you might say.  I usually prepare a little altar where I light a candle, have an Emerald Heart Postcard, take an Essence (this is not compulsory, but deepens the process), speak a prayer to honour Dave and thank him and the Light for this Blessing. Then I lie down and let go. 

In the beginning, when I started to work with the Light, I had great difficulties to let go completely because of the high vigilancy in my nervous system. Through taking part in many sessions my consciousness ‘learnt’ over time how to let go and experience deeper states up to a total separation from my waking consciousness to allow deep transformation to happen.”

“I normally manage to make time each day of the Distant Light Transmission to get into a place where I can allow myself to receive the Light.  I do this by having the intention to receive it. I lie down on my sofa and let everything drop downwards, my energy, my weight, all tension, I let it just drop downwards to the back of my body until I start to feel very heavy and grounded.  At this point I normally become aware of the Light coming into me and slowly building up until I can no longer keep my eyes open. I start to feel like I am floating in a very soft all encompassing bright Light. 

I drift for a while and then go somewhere very deep, as my mind cannot maintain any control over the experience any longer. When I come around again usually about 1 hour later, I feel different, extremely soft, peaceful and settled inside and my mind very still and smooth like a still lake.  I lie like this for a while just enjoying the feelings.”

In case you were concerned about receiving the Light correctly, Sephora reminds us of an important point:

“It’s not important how you experience the light, it’s working and working on you anyway, just allow it – then the light brings the wonder.”


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Ian Mills – Final Retreat for David Ashworth as front man

David Ashworth – Light Warrior

Dave Ashworth








Those who read Dave’s Blog post last Wednesday may have been surprised that this up and coming retreat in Lanzarote in January will be his last heading up the Retreat.

Who is Dave?

For someone with such amazing gifts, Dave is a very feet on ground kind of person. Anyone who meets him will tell you the same thing, that he is a humble, likeable, wise, empathic, down to earth man. Underneath this immediate persona is an energetic powerhouse of Universal cognition. A soul driven by seemingly inexhaustible energy to help evolve the consciousness of humanity.

Feeling safe to open the heart

The foundation and groundwork that Dave has laid down during his career has been phenomenal.  His work speaks to those who are ready to carry this mantle further.  As someone said, you can only heal others when you have healed yourself enough to do so. I see one side of Dave’s work is to heal the Teachers and guiding ones so they can stand in their own power and begin to uplift others.

The other side of Dave’s work is a little more all-encompassing. To ground the Light of the next epoch into Earth. One of the realizations that Dave has lived with for a while is that his work is ahead of his time and it will be future generations who will benefit. 

The Old

Over millennia, a harsh patriarchal system has parasitically embedded itself within our mindset, harming the planet and closing the hearts of humans. Love had become a cliché, a once existing ideal that was only for fairy tales.  This is now changing as Earth ascends through 4th and 5th dimensions and as Earth ascends, so too will her sentient beings, including you and me.

The New

David’s work is assisting this ascension process. The massive job of grounding the Wheel of Light and Emerald Heart Light into Earth makes it possible for other unique enlightened frequencies to be born in the future.

It’s all about the heart. Did you know that the heart is the first organ to develop in a baby in the womb and the heart has its own brain?

This is where Dave’s work really kicks in. Dissolving deeply held subconscious fear, enabling us to open ourselves to our higher reality and as we do so, assist in the awakening of others. To put in social networking speak, ‘The Light goes viral’. It’s very hard to quantify the overall effect of the great (heart) awakening, but it’s happening all around us. Things are changing subtly, sometimes massively and I’m proud to be part of Dave’s team in assisting this process.

First Meeting

My first meeting with Dave was quite unusual. We talked initially, because of a stubborn spirit in a haunted apartment of an ex-girlfriend of mine, New Year’s Eve 2002. I had read ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel the Light’ a book Dave published in 2000, concerning energetic protection for Healers and recognized the signs in this woman’s apartment, as mentioned in the book. Dave and I hit off straight away and I am proud to say have been friends and colleagues since then. 

Amazing Work rate

To give an understanding of everything that Dave has done in the past 15 years would and has filled many books, so here as I see it is, a summarized version of this achievement.

  • Dave, a successful Guided vibrational healer, having a busy practice with a long waiting list, listened and trusted his inner guidance and closed his practice to await a great venture.
  • May 2002 received a vision of The Wheel of Light and was told by Guidance that he will develop it. A transmission of energy from another realm carrying its own consciousness that has the ability to unlock human consciousness and potential. Much work in the testing and development stages.
  •  November 2002, Essence Programs. Dave was driven to source six ranges of essences totaling over 100 individual essences from sacred sites around the world. The Essence program given by Guidance was a way of harnessing and focusing the Wheel of Light energies and packaging them as an evolutionary tool.
  • 2005. The birth of the Emerald Heart Light. Again given first as a vision so powerful that Dave couldn’t sleep for a fortnight. A Light that unlocks and opens the heart (your deeper conscious awareness.) Again, much development and testing.
  • 2006 The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment was founded to bring practitioner students into the Light to begin working with this in their practices with their own clients. Many core teachings were developed at this stage, to pass on to others ready to hear the message. Training courses evolved and an efficient structure put in place to enable students to progress through the school. This enabled students to begin working immediately as Hosts of Gatherings, then Essence Practitioners and after completing training, as a Program Practitioner. Then development continues onto Teacher and Elder and beyond, continually unfolding.
  • Development of the Elder Group as a means of deeply grounding the Light and perpetuating the Teachings for the continuation and development of the Emerald Heart. Grooming the Elders as the Light Carriers and Teachers of the Emerald Heart Light. 
  • Writer of 6 books
  • Co-host of the Emerald Heart Radio show with Alan Cox, broadcast on Paramania Radio.
  • Pioneer, Host and Organizer of amazing Emerald Heart events, such as the Being in the Light Sessions, the quarterly Light Transmission Sessions, where the Light of the Emerald Heart is broadcast on the solstice and equinoxes and the Emerald Heart Retreats that take place every year.
  • Working behind the scenes ensuring the Emerald Heart has a strong foothold in the World by continually improving on line presence, advertising and market penetration.
  • … and much, much more!

In sharing the Emerald Heart Light exciting new developments are opening up through the Elders, who will be sharing how new ways of working with the Emerald Heart Light will transform its delivery. These developments are hot on the back of the new – Divine Plan – Healing system, which will also be available for group healings during this Winter Retreat in Lanzarote.

In Dave’s words it’s time for the Elders to spread their wings and fly with the Light.

This is the last opportunity to experience a retreat with Dave. We really hope to see you in Lanzarote!

If you are interested in booking a place for the retreat, please contact Harriet Kroon at


Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.



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David Ashworth – The Lanzarote Retreat 10 year Celebrations

puerto-del-carmen fariones lanzarote

David Ashworth’s Final Retreat, January 2015

Celebrating 10 years of the Emerald Heart Light

Did you ever wish to participate in a retreat led by David Ashworth? Well, it’s now or never. The upcoming Winter Retreat on the sunny volcanic island of Lanzarote will be his last one. Dave explains why.

I’ve been on the path a long, long time since my awakening. I’ve unlocked countless hearts to the beauty of Light and enjoyed a brilliant career of bringing ever new spiritual concepts into the world. But now it’s time to slow down and put my feet up a bit. I’ve been driving the Light forward relentlessly and now I’m handing it over to The Elders.

After being given The Emerald Heart Light ten years ago this coming January, this most recent part of my journey has been just as phenomenal as the first ten years. I constantly unfold into ever new layers of Light and each step is wonderful and magical. I have been so fortunate to share this magic with others. Each day I am helping someone somewhere in the world to open their heart to the inner truth and their lives are transformed.

The introduction of new courses

Retreat centre1The Universe is moving me sideways now though. The Council of Elders has been formed and they will continue to carry the torch after I have moved on. Since the formation of The Elders, the Light has been pouring in to their hearts in response to their courage to step forward. Each of them is now receiving their own fantastic new gifts to bring forth into The Emerald Heart School. In Lanzarote, we will be introducing some of the new spiritual process and courses that have been given to The Elders through the Light of The Emerald Heart.

We all finish at some point. Some of us just drop dead whilst we are in the midst of our work, but I have been given the choice, either slow down, pass it over and continue to have a bit of fun with the Light, or bear the consequences of not heeding the Guidance. It’s amazing how quickly your time runs out. Life is oh so short, but guess what? You’re back before your know it!

I look forward to seeing old friends

So, this is the final retreat that I will lead and I look forward to seeing old friends as well as meet some new ones, as you help us all celebrate 10 years of The Emerald Heart Light and the great things it has brought and continues to bring forward in the healing of humanity and our Earth Mother. For those whose hearts are opening and seeking Light, there has never been anything greater than The Emerald Heart path. It shows you the truth at every step.

This retreat is a Great Way to Start Your Year… full of Light with the blessings of the sun on your face and setting your course in the right direction to open your heart even more.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth


Retreat dates: 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd of January 2015 (21st is a day for yourself)

Where, what, how:

Costs: £540.00 for four retreat days, payable to The Emerald Heart School Ltd. This will include daily transport, essences and lunches during the retreat days. Just to be clear, this fee is for the retreat only, and is additional to your flight and accommodation, which you will arrange yourself.

Questions and registration: Harriët,


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Yvonne Hrdy – Winter Season

Yvonne HrdyYvonne Hrdy, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, gives us her take on the winter season.

Do you usually feel SAD this time of year?  … well Yvonne has some tips for you.


Winter Season = Winter Depression? – How Emerald Heart Essences can help you

Here in the northern hemisphere another year is coming to completion as we are heading towards the winter solstice. The trees are still wearing the leftovers of their colourful garbs, but the days are getting shorter and shorter and some days are just presenting the whole range of shades of grey without any sunlight.

Personally I like this time of the year: the time of contraction, where nature comes to a rest to revitalize.  We have time to bring things to completion, there is time to contemplate on the achievements and learnings from the past year and set the course for the new year which for me starts already with the winter solstice when the days start to become longer again.

Especially this year I can already feel quite strongly the energies of the new year coming in. There is a buzz and a sense of excitement and activity in the air, and the energies of the old and new year seem to be more intermingled than ever before.

However, many people suffer during this time of the year, when the light fades away. Not many have re-learnt yet to live in alignment with their own rhythm and the rhythms of nature. Many seem to be trapped in the madness of commercialism which seems to be at its peak before Christmas. Many seem to be even more disconnected from their heart during that time of the year. And many simply are afraid to become silent as nature does and go within, as they are afraid of their own darkness and fears.

Vibrational Essences for your Self-Empowerment: The Extreme Essence range by David Ashworth

An easy way to brighten your days and continuously release and dissolve the darkness within is the use of a specific range of Emerald Heart Essences:  the Extreme Essences created by David Ashworth. These bottles of high vibrational essences are pure liquid light and have the ability to touch emotions at a depth that goes beyond everything I had ever experienced before I discovered them some years ago. They bring about lasting change from deep within and can be used on a daily basis by everyone.

Within this range you find 5 Essences of the category Negative Neutralizers which help to unburden you from emotions such as anger, despair, fear, hate and sorrow. And, my favourite ones, 5 Essences of the category Positive Enhancers which encompass the emotions courage, happiness, hope, joy and love and will help you to amplify the energy of these emotions in your being. You don’t necessarily have to feel down or depressed to use a Positive Enhancer to benefit from their magic.

For a full and really interesting read about these essences please click here: You can purchase the essences directly through the ‘Buy’ buttons or from any Emerald Heart Practitioner in your country:

If you are unsure which essence(s) would help you most, please contact a Practitioner. We will be able to help you. Personally I always hold the full range of Extreme Essences in stock. And if you care to spoil yourself or your loved ones with a special Christmas gift this year, these are truly a great investment!

I wish you a joyful winter season and send you my Blessings and Love.

Yvonne Hrdy Munich, Germany
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

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