Jon Gauntlett – A Chat With God

A Chat With God

The early hours of the morning is usually the time that God calls you if he needs to have a chat with you. It is often this way so that you absolutely know that someone has woken you up early for a reason. That’s what happened to our Emerald Heart colleague Jon Gauntlett down there in Australia a few weeks ago.

Jon and I recently had a deep consultation where I told him some deeper truths about his life and where it was headed and the message was that he needed to make some changes. To follow this up, God woke him up at 6.34am on 20th April 2015 to confirm what was said.

Jon would like to share this message with you all as it very much speaks to the whole of humanity as well as himself in particular and we can all do well to learn from this sharing.

Dave Ashworth

Guidance for Jon Gauntlett:                                          20th April 2015, 06.43am

Jon website


This was a conversation I had with God, which occurred after I woke from a dream where I had been visited by one of my deceased uncles.

God spoke in a language that I could understand and relate too. He may not speak to everybody in this way, but probably in a way that they would understand. I am writing this down in the way he spoke to me.


“Do not resent that which get’s you where you need to be, embrace it and if you do not like it find a way to move on from it. Follow your art, passion, and creativity. Everyone has this but they supress it, or allow it to be suppressed by others, and then they resent what they do. How they live!!

Then comes frustration, anger and hate, CANCER!!! You eat yourself alive!! You literally eat yourself alive because you supress your art, your love for yourself and the world. Cancer is eating yourself alive because you can’t, or wont, take part in the fruits of the world. You can live in the Garden of Eden but you choose not to. The world is riddled with cancer by those who are supressed. Hate, war, global cancer, all caused by suppression. Art, creativity, truth, love and humility is supressed.

Be one of the sparks that changes this. Be life. Choose life!! But remember humility!!! Be humble because when you allow the human frailty of ego to take over you lose all sense of reality. You lose sight of the objective, which is to alleviate suppression and thus alleviate suffering.

Do your thing and allow others to do theirs. In peace, understanding and friendship. Art is art, science is art, talking is art, spirituality is art, writing is art, and so on and so on. So long as it does not supress others. Suppression is not art, because then it becomes greed, power, corruption, destruction, manipulation, hate, war, and so on!!!

What is your art? Find it and live it. This is your spirituality, your faith, your love and your TRUTH. You know what it is! Take it out into the world and bring Light and Love. You are Light and you are Love. You are one of the few people on earth right now who can carry the CHRIST LIGHT to it’s full potential!! Here I will make a distinction between accessing the Christ Light and carrying the Christ Light. Every human on earth right now has access to the Christ Light. In fact they all have a piece of it embedded in the core of their Heart Space and they just have to open up to it in order to receive the Truth and Wisdom of it. However, not everyone is evolved enough to carry it to it’s full potential once they have accessed it. Not yet anyway. But there are those who can and you are one of them. You are an Ancient Soul from way back in the mists of time, as you would understand it, created long before this planet earth was created. You can carry the full potential of this Light but you need to wake up fully first. You are not asleep anymore but you are not fully awake either. You are floating in-between and you have the capability to go either way. Your choice!!

Chuck religion out of the window. It serves no purpose, as it is a form of suppression. People have manipulated it in order to control other people. But keep FAITH!! All religions were originally based in faith but were corrupted by man. Buddha knew this, Jesus knew this, and Mohammed knew this. All the great Souls who have walked on Earth knew this. They came with humility to Teach and Guide, to be the spark of Love and Light and to bring their art to the world. They were not meant to be worshipped!!! None of the great Souls who have ever walked on planet Earth were meant to be worshipped. They were not gods. They were walking the Earth in order to try and help humanity Evolve to the next level of its existence. The frailty of the human ego has used and abused the legacy of these Souls for it’s own ends.

You are the Light so don’t abuse it. You are here to bring your Light to the world and by doing so you will shine it on others and they will be lit up and they will step out of their own suppression and they will make their own art and they will give to the world and they will find love and they will find life and they will live life in their Truth, in peace with others!!!”

Teach them Humility!! Be Humble!!!

“Don’t give in to that sense of your own self-importance, as many who carry a great Light do. You are never the only one to carry a Light. Never!!

When the teacher gives in to the frailty of the human ego they are lost and the teaching stops and the Light goes out. Until forgiveness and humility is once again attained.

Follow the teachings of the Light not the teachings of the ego!! See through the bull!! Step out of the shadow and become the Light!”

Is this real? I am questioning a sense of reality now.

“It is real. Two thousand years later in your perception of time. Jesus isn’t your saviour now, the Christ Light is. Jesus ascended and the human form of Jesus is gone. The soul of Jesus can still be called upon for Guidance and the Light of Jesus still shines for those who wish to access it. The wisdom of Jesus is still available and always will be. But Jesus is not going to return in human form, as many humans would like. Although other Teachers will walk the Earth and bring Light for all to access.

Right now humanity has been given the gift of the Christ Light again. As I said before it is within everyone to access. Not just within one human being as happened in the time of Jesus. Since the time of Jesus there have been other Souls who have carried aspects of the Christ Light in order to help humanity evolve. Two such people were Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King. Although there have been others before them and since them. Now you, along with others, carry the Christ light.”

But I don’t want to die young like those people.

“No one said you had to. Many who have carried the Christ Light have lived to old age. Not all were famous, not by your definition of famous. Many enlightened Souls have walked this planet that no one, who didn’t know them, could name. But that is not for you to worry about. Just step out of your own suppression and create your art. Be the Light. Live in humility and what will be will be. Or give into your suppression and eat yourself alive.”

That’s a head spin.

“Yes, it is a head spin. But you are not your head, you are your Heart!! Get creative. Clear the space, make the space safe, create in the space. Do it for yourself and do it for others!!

Blessed be is a term people use. How about ‘Be Blessed’. Time for a subtle change. Everyone deserves to be blessed, if only they would allow themselves to be. Time to push for a raising of the Global Vibration. Time for Evolution. Time for humanity to stop wallowing in it’s own dirt. Time to kick the devil up the arse and say enough is enough. The devil hates Truth and Humility. It can’t stand in the Light of Humility. Being humble is very underrated. Just look at the world around you. Time for a change.

Do you find it strange that we are talking about being humble when you are living in one of the most ego driven parts of the world? Look at the beauty of the planet that surrounds you then look at the shallowness of the human ego’s that surround you. It’s topsy-turvy. You give a human natural beauty and all they want to do is destroy it and create artificial beauty. You give a human the ability to choose a long humble happy life, and they choose an ego driven, arrogant, pretend happy life that often ends in cancer. Humanity is eating itself alive!

Look at your planet. You are given the Garden of Eden and you turn it into the planet of shit. Who kills their Mother? Humans do! Time for change. It’s gone on long enough. It’s time for the planet to be re-balanced and re-aligned. When Jesus said ‘The poor shall inherit the Earth’ he was right. It’s about to happen but you can re-read it as ‘The humble shall inherit the Earth’.”

I thought it was ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’?

“The Bible has been re-written so many times to accommodate the whims of the human ego. As have most religious books and doctrines. All re-written in order to support the suppression going on at the time. Don’t get caught up in the analysis of a book written by humans. It’s the Teachings of the Christ Light brought through Jesus that are important and the true deciphering of them. The words in a book are not meant to be taken literally, they are meant to be interpreted for the Evolution of humans. But humans don’t need to read religious books in order to access the Christ Light. As has already been stated the Christ Light is within everyone. People just need to open their Hearts. Allow the Heart Space to blossom, allow it to open enough to be touched by my Light and in return be touched by the Energy of Mother Earth.”

Be humble and you’ll get better!!

“Change!! Be the change and people will see you and change by your example. People, who know you, don’t see you as some freaky nut. They actually quite like you and respect you. As you live the change that is coming they may, just may, follow your example. And so it begins. The change. In yourself and in others. You are not the only one getting this. All across the world right now a few enlightened souls carrying the Christ Light have woken up and connections are being made. Energy!! You will recognise them if you see them. If they can hold the Light, the Humility, then change will occur. Support them if you see them. You know what is right. Don’t be afraid to do what is right.

You know you are going to have to re-read all of this and re-write it out so you can understand it. Then you are going to have to bring the information of humility to the world.”

New Teachings!

“Oh dear that’s a challenge for you. But go on you can do it.

The old world is about to fall apart, so be part of the new. You really are going to be surprised by what you see in the near future.

Completely insane humans control the world, as you would define it. And I really mean insane. But change is coming.

It is good that we got your attention and that you listened and wrote this down. Well done. Finally!! You listened!!”

You said we as opposed to I?


I and I

I Am what I Am

I Am

We and I, does it matter?

Yin and Yang, Male and Female, Female and Male, Light and Dark, Dark and Light, Positive and Negative, Negative and Positive, Yang and Yin, Yin and Yang, I and I.

Think about it.

We are I and I. I and I is oneness with the Energy of all creation. You are one with me and I am one with you.

Think about it.

Journey to the Centre of your Soul and sit with me and then journey back out again to this human reality you live in.

Find the tools you can work with and shake off the shadow of self-pity and self-consciousness. Let go of the last bit of entity consciousness that is hanging on. Cut the cord and let it go. Don’t be afraid. You are the Light, so shine. Heal your Mother Earth and heal Her people.”

When should I start all of this?

Now!! You can start where you are. Then you’ll move and you’ll carry on. And you’ll keep carrying on and we will support you. I am your Life, your Light, your Protection, your Sustenance and I will Guide you, I will look after you, and I will Support you. All I ask in return is that you do the work of the Light and that you do it with Humility.

Have Courage!!”

Jon Gauntlett
Emerald Heart Program Practitioner

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Lynne Shaw – Victory!

Lynne ShawElder and Teacher of the Emerald Heart School, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog how she overcame an unexplainable need for excessive eating.  Maybe someone you know has an issue that is seriously impacting their life. If so, check out the practitioner listings at .

Victory! A Lifelong Fear Dissolved

Ever since early childhood, I have had a thing about food. It was an obsession. Whatever I ate was never enough and I would regularly steal food. It could be from the school tuck shop, my brothers’ chocolate Easter Eggs. I’d even steal the meat off our dog’s bone. It didn’t matter how often I was caught with chocolate smeared around my face, biscuit crumbs in my bed, or a bright red face and burning mouth as a reaction from the green chilli I had mistaken for a piece of green pepper. This compulsion to over eat permeated throughout my life.

My Shadow Side
Deep down I believed that I was a glutton. That I partook in one of the seven deadly sins. I was ashamed of this shadow side of myself so I absorbed all the feedback that I got from people and books about my being out of control around food. Amongst the more spiritual perspectives, I was told that I must be disconnected from Mother Earth, that is why I feel the need to constantly feed myself, or that I must be trying to fill myself up from the outside when really I need to nurture and fill myself up from the inside. Other more direct responses included the need to discipline myself and stop being so greedy.

Buying into The Feedback
I bought into this feedback, because I could not imagine that there was any other reason for this out of control behaviour. However, these explanations did not help with my craving to eat. My eating just got more and more secretive.

My Fear of Starvation
Recently, when David Ashworth was looking into my heart and into my energy system in fifth dimensional reality as is done in an Emerald Heart consultation, he could see what was troubling me. It was my Fear of Starvation.

Needing to Dissolve The Fear
Of course, as soon as this was brought to light, everything fell into place. No wonder I had been in this obsessive place with food for so long. When I think of how hard I have been on myself in the past, it was such a waste of my time and energy. For when you have a fear like this driving you, there really is nothing else you can do until you dissolve the fear.

My Joy and My Regret
I am so grateful that after being on a Wheel of Light Program, this behaviour has ceased. My system is calmer and I am able to relax. Food is a pleasure rather than a compulsion. I just wish that I had reached out for support from the Emerald Heart Light on this issue sooner. It would have saved me so much heartache.

Learning To Reach Out For Help
Learning to Reach out for Help is one of the Universal Laws. It is essential to our success on the Spiritual Path.
At times we resist doing this because we feel that reaching out is a sign of weakness and we have to sort it out ourselves, or perhaps we are too embarrassed to share.

Do you ever resist reaching out? I really do encourage you to share.

Of course, it is also important to ask for help from someone who can truly see the issue. If you ever need assistance, please remember that the Emerald Heart Light is a Light that Illumines the Truth. It can set you free.

With Love and Blessings,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

New York, USA

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Tim Dyson – Emerald Heart Essences are Spiritual Food

Tim DysonEmerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Tim Dyson, certainly gives us food for thought in his latest Blog contribution.

If you have ever wondered what an Essence actually is or have never quite understood what goes into these little bottles of liquid Light, then this is a must read.

Emerald Heart Essences are Spiritual Food
I’ve worked with the Emerald Heart Light in various ways for a long time now, first as a client and then as a Practitioner. Sometimes I am not the quickest to catch on, but it dawned on me at a certain point that the essences that we use are food for me. They nourish me with exactly the subtle vibration that I need. They are High Vibrational Liquid Light and so it is maybe no big surprise but it took me until the Practitioner training to begin to understand each essence I take is High Vibrational Liquid Light that is tailored exactly for me for my optimum growth.

Each Essence is Unique
Each essence has something in it that is uniquely given for my personal growth and transformation. Where is it given from you may ask? It is given by the consciousness of the light to each person who takes an essence that comes through an Emerald Heart Practitioner. Even the Practitioner who gives it to them has no idea what this subtle mystery aspect of the essence contains and they don’t need to know. The Practitioner only needs to know which essence has the right frequency of vibration to fit with what you need at that particular time and what we can call the ‘mystery aspect’ is added as that essence is given to the client.

The Twin Aspects of an Essence
What this alludes to is that there are two aspects to our essences. Like all essence ranges there is the particular vibration of each essence, and each essence is designed to open up certain aspects of your consciousness. So for example, the Extreme Courage essence helps to trigger the vibration of courage in you whilst dissolving the vibration of fear. It lifts your courage above your fear, is perhaps one way we could put it. In this sense then each essence does what it says it will do and if you purchase one impersonally via a shop or on line then that is what you will get.

The Second 50% Does the Most Important Work
However, when you work with a Practitioner this is where it gets even more interesting for 50% of the essence is essentially empty space. When the Practitioner gives the essence to the client, this empty space becomes programmed with a vibration that is absolutely unique for that person and is determined between the Higher Self of the person and the subtle consciousness of the light which we could call the Higher Consciousness of the Universe. This second aspect of the essence is the 50% that will do the most important work of transformation for the person that receives it.

A Unique Spiritual Process
This supremely advanced spiritual process that takes place through Practitioner and client in this way, is made possible through the inner workings of the Emerald Heart School that were established by David Ashworth the Founder of the School. As such, the inner workings and spiritual laws of the Emerald Heart School are a reflection of the advanced state of David’s consciousness, and were established by him in such a way that all Emerald Heart Practitioners are automatically working with them.

It should be pointed out that whenever an essence is programmed for you individually by a Practitioner or Divine Plan Healer, that essence will contain the mystery aspect whether it is during a one to one consultation, an Emerald Heart Gathering, workshop, retreat or courses that we offer.

Those of you who have worked with the Practitioners and the essences will already know how powerful they are, but by opening up about this aspect of essence work, this might help you to understand why. Those of you who haven’t yet worked in this way might we hope, feel inspired to do so.

Love & Blessings,

Tim Dyson

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
London, England

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Florence Zumbihl – Creating Your Own Power Place

Florence[1]Florence Zumbihl shares how she found an amazingly peaceful location where she has created her personal place to connect deeply with nature.


Since walking my spiritual path I am more and more connected with nature and love walking and being outside. There exists many power places over the whole planet and there you always see people meditating, finding balance and boosting their energy. Have you already been to such a place?
Maybe they are too far away or you live in a city where there are no such power places, but you can create your own. It can be in your own home, in your garden or somewhere in nature where you feel drawn too. I live in a city with 18’000 habitants and we have a wonderful nature reserve.

Following the heart
One day, walking on the main promenade in the nature reserve, I followed a small path, which guided me to the river. At the beginning of the path, a tree with the sign of a heart welcomed me. I went further down to the water and some stones in the river caught my attention. I was deeply attracted by this wonderful place. It was very peaceful, surrounded by trees and I could observe the ducks and birds. I felt great stillness within and that something magical had drawn me to this spot. Since this day I go regularly to this place and meditate, sometimes I only sit there observing the trees, the flow of the river or the ducks. Meditating regularly at this place has built up an incredible energy and a deep connection. Once I also witnessed a Divine Plan Healing session for myself. At this sacred place I also receive Guidance and amazing signs from the Universe. On 20th March 2015, I started the 13 Moons course there, accompanied by all the elements, the new moon and the solar eclipse.

Flo1Becoming one with Mother Earth and Nature
At this fabulous place, I am one with Mother Earth and Nature and it is like I am in another dimension. Even the animals come very close to me and a few weeks ago I was very lucky to see a beaver swimming by. If you wish to have such a place, you can create it yourself.

How do you create your own power place?
I encourage you to go outside, it can be in a park, a forest, up in the mountains, at the edge of a river or it can be the beach if you live close to the sea. See if your heart is taking you to a place that feels right for you. Now it is summer it is a pleasure to go outside. If you choose a place visited by many people, you can go early in the morning or in the evening at dusk. As soon as you find this magical place, you can meditate every time you go there. The meditation builds up the energy and the connection between you and this place can grow. If you are not used to mediate, but attuned in a healing system, then you can practise self-healing for example.

Flo2Do you already have your own personal power place? I would love to hear from you how you found it.

With Love and Blessings,

Florence Zumbihl

Elder of the Emerald Heart
Basel, Switzerland

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Phil Grant – Hosting my first Emerald Heart workshop

Phil GrantPhil Grant from Great Britain only trained as an Essence Practitioner in February of this year and has shown immense courage in putting together his first Emerald Heart day long workshop. He didn’t allow his unworthiness issues to deflect from what his intuition was leading him to do. He held his nerve and taught a very successful workshop in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

 Maybe this will inspire you to find your own courage.

Moving Away From Stress
The title of the day was “Moving Away from Stress and Towards the Real You” and the gist of it was to help the participants to:
1. Understand the nature of stress and how it largely comes from our issues that create thoughts that can lead to the feelings of powerlessness, loss of control and overwhelm that so often underpin stress.
2. Understand themselves more deeply and help them to recognise the aspects of themselves that create their stress.
3. Appreciate the importance of balancing the mind with the heart and the need to balance “doing” with “being”.
4. Realise that stress reduction automatically comes from following a spiritual approach to life and from opening their hearts and knowing the truth of themselves and their issues. What better way to begin to do this but with a day in the Emerald Heart Light?!
All this was done through a mixture of exercises, discussion and guided meditations that I had written especially for the day.

Resistance To Opening The Heart
I offered the workshop on the 30th of May in Woodmancote, England. The Emerald Heart Light was clearly helping those that came, and during one meditation, some were shown their resistance to opening their hearts, especially to themselves. All reported gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and several reported never having meditated so deeply before. One meditation really resonated with one of the participants as the Light revealed a very old memory in her and then moved this old energy through her, releasing her from it as she no longer needed to hold on to it – a very important moment for her. Another participant experienced great stillness (an unusual occurrence for him), simply by allowing his attention to become absorbed in a simple object held in his hand.

The Start Of A Process
This day in the Emerald Heart Light was just the start of a process because at the end of the day I gave each of them a bottle of the essence Creation from the Sentinel range to take away with them. I had programmed each bottle specifically to work on an issue that each person had identified and chosen to work on. This meant that the Light would continue to unfold in them for a further 6 -7 weeks after the day itself.

Opening The Heart
I had been guided to select the Creation essence about a week before the workshop. This essence is about opening the heart within and allowing the God-consciousness within the heart to speak more freely within one’s life and it felt perfect for the day. I’m really looking forward to discussing with them how things have unfolded in the month or so following the workshop.

It was a big day for me too as it was my first workshop for the Emerald Heart with, I hope, many more to come. I’ve done workshops before but not in this way and it was a wonderful experience and yes, the Light did bring up things for me to work on too (there’s always more to do). Once more I was shown that one can be ready to move forward even when one doesn’t feel ready and that it takes trust to take a step forward in these circumstances.

Getting Exactly What We Need
Workshops and retreats are a great way to take big steps forward because we are away from our home-comforts, routines and relationships that can serve to keep us stuck. When combined with the Emerald Heart Light we always get exactly what we need to take the next step – we just have to decide to take it.

Love & Blessings,

Phil Grant, Henfield, Great Britain

Emerald Heart Practitioner
Divine Plan Healer


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Yvonne Hrdy – Awaken Your Female Spirituality

Remember the Sacredness of your Womb

Yvonne HrdyYvonne Hrdy offers a 1-Day workshop for women to remember their own sacredness and reconnect with the power and wisdom of the womb. She shares about her own journey and how she came to offer workshops for women about female spirituality. 


Read the German version of this post on Yvonne’s blog here:                                           


The yearning of the female soul

Do you sometimes have the feeling that despite all the work you are doing on yourself there is still a part missing, that you have not connected with yet? There is this longing in you, beyond words but deeply engrained, and you cannot really name it?

It might be that you long for a deeper connection with the Mother through your womb and its female power and wisdom. It is an important part of female spirituality and our current level of disconnection contributes a lot to suffering and diseases on all levels.

My Own Journey

Until I had started to work with the Emerald Heart Light I was disconnected from my spiritual identity as a woman and I could not access my true life purpose. The Light took me on an ever-unfolding journey into my purpose here on Earth and who I came here to be. The Consciousness of the Divine Mother started to speak to me and took me on a profound journey into the womb of the Mother, which was both painful and rewarding. I started to feel complete and found this ‘resting place’ within myself; a place of peaceful tranquility where there is no fear, no pain, no need, no striving. When I am deeply connected with this place within myself it is easy to tackle life and face whatever my journey presents to me.

Healing the wounds

Through my work with women, I recognized the extent of disconnection from the womb and its deeper wisdom. I recognized how much still needs to be healed first, both collectively and individually, before we can fully access this place within ourselves and birth this new feminine consciousness fully. Women forgot about this most sacred part within themselves: the Holy Womb, the physical seat of the Divine Feminine in all human beings.

The Call of the Mother

The Mother is calling to us now to remember our sacredness, to return our hearts and womb to her and start to live from this sacred connection in deep alignment with the Universal Forces. It will be firstly through the women that she can return to our lives. We have to take the lead and the responsibility for this.

The Workshop

In this 1 Day Workshop we will come together for healing, sharing and teachings to remember and reawaken the sacredness of our womb and start to move beyond blockages and limitations. We will bathe in the Emerald Heart Light and the gentle feminine Light of the Divine Mother to open into our deeper truth and move beyond the story of suffering. It will be the beginning of an exciting journey as working with the Divine Feminine has its own pace and cannot be forced.

You will journey into your deepest longings and start to reconnect with your innate female power, its wisdom and infinite healing capacities.

It is my desire to help you regain the love, wisdom and creative powers you hold within you. If you feel called, I welcome you warmly in the name of the Mother.

The workshop in Munich on 25th of July will be in German, the workshop in Amsterdam on 11th of October in English. All details can be found here.

With Blessings and Love,

Yvonne Hrdy, Munich, Germany
Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Channel for the Divine Mother

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June Solstice – Light Transmission


There is still time to register for the June Solstice Light Transmission.

Registration will remain open throughout the whole event.

The Light Transmission is from 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd June at your local time, where you live.

What is The Light Transmission?
This is a great opportunity for you to experience the Emerald Heart Light as our gift to you. It occurs four times a year at the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The Emerald Heart Light opens the heart and reveals to you the truth of whom you are and why you are here. It gently pushes you towards taking the right path in life, the path you chose before incarnating into this life.

Life’s Distractions
During life, we get distracted and often end up going from slightly off course from our chosen destination to going totally in the wrong direction. Is your life on track? Does it feel like everything is flowing and that you are in sync with the Universe and your Life Plan? Or do you feel that some things need adjusting? Well, more often than not, things need adjusting because of errors of judgement we make when navigating life in general, even if it is saying that you will do something for someone when you know that it doesn’t feel right.

Life is nothing more than a series of lessons, learning to live totally in the flow of why you are here. This does not mean learning to live totally in the flow of why someone else’s journey impacts yours. It is about learning boundaries and being fair to you and serving your life mission first.

Healing yourself first
When we become healers, for example, it is natural that we want to help others, as that is our mission. It is important, however, that we put ourselves first and ensure that our life is in the right place before we practice our art. Putting yourself first is about ensuring that your life is as perfect as it can be and you are in the best condition possible before you try to assist someone to fix their life.

The Light Transmission is an opportunity to experience the Light and allow it to bring to the surface any imperfections in your life. Allow the Light to show you, through your feelings, how your life feels. Does it feel perfectly in balance, or does it feel like there are a few things that need attention?

From 1.00am on the 20th to midnight on the 22nd June at your local time.

The Light will be available for you for Three Full Days.

To register for this Light Transmission follow the link below and leave your name, country and email address on the appropriate registration form.

With Love and Blessings,

David Ashworth and the Elders of the Emerald Heart School

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